Bill C-36 Anti-Prostitution Laws

Every once in a while Canada likes to assault the Charter. And so it is with Bill C-36.

What part of 'voluntary adults entering a contract in mutual consent' don't people get?

What a confused piece of draconian legislation the Conservatives have presented. On social policy, Harper's conservatives worry me a tad.

It's straightforward. If two people want to have sex and exchange money for it how does that ruin your life? It's an act that's going to happen anyway so why in the world do the conservatives want to take the antiquated position of punishing it? It deprives prostitutes sex workers the right to a living.

Still better than the USA but unfortunate nonetheless. The USA has obscene laws on its books that having nothing to do with liberty. Alcohol, sex and drugs first among them. In the USA, somehow it's been deemed okay for law enforcement agencies like the DEA to bang down doors without warrants to catch druggies often killing and imprisoning a bunch of folks - sometimes wrongfully - in the process ruining (sometimes innocent) lives and families in the process. Real 'normal'. 

Go catch REAL bad people guys.

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