Heroes Of The Middle East

The Kurds, largely thanklessly, have been fighting derelict and morally bankrupted, violent religious fanatics for decades. One could be excused if they felt good guys never seemed to want to fight on behalf of what is just and honorable in the region leaving it to others.

Now we're beginning to see people mobilize and fight back ISIS in the form of guerrilla groups like White Shroud who claim they've killed as many as 100 militants (terrorists).

"But they're not the only group fighting Islamic State. According to the watchdog, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, White Shroud is one of several small groups that are killing Islamic State fighters whenever the opportunity arises.

Other groups calling themselves "Phantom Brigade" and "The Brigade of the Angel of Death" exist, said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Observatory."

Go get 'em.

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