Self-Entitlement Of The Other Kind

I admit I'm a bit of a sports junkie - not as bad as some I see around me but still rather engaged to a point.

The one thing I hate about sports are the owners.

I know we here at T.C. central rail against left-wing twats and their 'give me free shit because I deserve it and it's good for society because the children and data' deservedly get lampooned and harpooned with words, but corporate bums are no better. They're one and the same in terms of the psychologically behind getting tax payer dollars.

It's probably worse among owners because they literally must feel they're the only ones who truly deserve getting other people's money mostly because they privately have so much of it. Never mind some happened upon the money, or others merely lucked out, they just feel, you know, smarter.

However, there's nothing smart about shaming and strong arming government's into giving them money to build sports stadiums and arenas.

If they're so sure of their project (and honestly, no one know for sure anything will work. Business plans are as useful to me as a used kleenex), then let them plump down the money or make arrangements with their banks to finance their projects.

I sure as hell don't believe any company deserves any taxpayer dollars or subsidies to drive their objectives. Nor do I necessarily buy into it 'creates jobs' argument especially if the money goes into trendy places, say, green companies who more often than not either close up or run major losses.

Put it to you another way. Would you give money to someone who fails spectacularly no matter how smooth they talk? Would you personally invest in a company that shows it has no earnings?

I know I wouldn't. Yet, the government sees wisdom in giving money to proven losers in loser industries.

In the long-run, these losses or interest payments add up negatively on the economy I reckon.

Alas, I'm not a Top Man so how can I possibly understand things like the 'greater good', right?

If you can't stand on your own two feet then you don't deserve the money is all I'm saying.

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