Quebec Road Etiquette Fail

My informal, anecdotal study regarding common road etiquette in Quebec has led me to giving the province a 'C-'.

It would be a failing grade - that is, 'F' - but I figured there are some conscientious drivers out there who gave me hope but like intelligent and wise voters who are actually informed, they're in the minority.

Worse, Quebecers can barely be bothered to follow simple urban rules like doing a complete stop at a school intersection.

It's bad.

Really bad.

Heck, just my walk to school with my daughter reveals a couple of incidences of people not taking a deep breath to observe it's a school cross walk. I'm not joking, the brigadier chews out two or three people a week.

Worse, the drivers actually argue back!

But Quebec wants more bike paths. Suuurrre. The last thing this place needs is more chances for Quebec drivers to hit their targets.

In my view, this is not a naturally green place. The bikers are all too quick to give the finger and the drivers don't have the patience to let joggers and cyclists cross an intersection.

The concept of pedestrian right of way is a suggestion - nay a nuisance - here.

These are my thoughts having now cycled and jogged over 100 times since March. I've had at least a dozen run ins all of which were not even close to being my fault. Not only that. On the bike/walk paths, we see more Quebec sans politesse as people seem ignorant of the concept of 'keep right'. Or bikers flying down the path sometimes yelling at joggers thus startling them for no reason.

Not impressed.

Come to think of it. I give us a 'D'.


Quick word on self-centered drivers who drive 25-30km/hr in a one-lane 50 zone either barely doing stops or excessively observing them but speed up as soon as a yellow light comes on. Same with people clogging up the left-lane on highways strolling along at 60 on a 100 zone. There's no excuse. None. It's a passing lane.

Fuck you. Fuck you with a rusty nail especially if you're young and doing it on purpose.

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