Cops Won't Help If They Feel Threatened

You know it's a sad state of affairs in media when Cracked.com has to get to the facts and truth of a story.

In the media, it will be Heroes! Not so much in real life.

And this is why NEW MEDIA including blogs and the Internet is so severely crucial. They can't control things so easily.

Cops won't do anything:

"This rampage might have continued, were it not for Gelman's last victim, Joe Lozito, who enthusiastically disagreed with being stabbed. He fought back and wound up teaching his attacker a lesson with the educational power of fists. We reached out to Lozito to learn what it's like to be a real hero instead of just playing one on Xbox, like the rest of us..."

Read this rest in link. Really good story and further proof Americans who want to protect their 2nd amendment rights are not extremists. 

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