Law Enforcement In North America Sick

Normally, stories like this one out of Georgia sarcastically goes under the banner of 'Heroes' but given its upsetting nature it deserves a different title and consideration.

It's rather disconcerting the frequency of 'no-knock' raids by police in the U.S. often resulting in unnecessary deaths of innocent people.

Something is wrong with law enforcement if a judge signs off and a police chief gives clearance for these raids.

To me it's incompetence leading to criminal acts of trespassing and murder.

Not death in the interest in protecting and serving but plain old murder.

Recall, that according to the article, the police took the word of a criminal and proceeded to attack an innocent man with NO CRIMINAL HISTORY. What does it take to show up at the door and knock?

No wonder people want to keep their guns and cops want to confiscate them.

It makes  little sense that as police forces militarize politicians take dead aim at gun control against law-abiding, free citizens.

The people who fight tooth and nail protecting the 2nd amendment are, to me anyway, 100% in the right.

The police are breeding suspicion among the people. This can't be good for communities across the country.

I ask, given the nature of how these no-knock invasions sometimes go down:

Cui Bono?

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