World Looks To America On ISIS

Watching nations consider their options in the fight against ISIS is a textbook example of how the world talks but in the end waits for American leadership.

And this is where things usually get messy for America. Their bound to displease allies on whatever course of action they select. We've seen this play out time and again. The world wants America to bud out but they want them to bud in. Meanwhile, domestically the United States is dealing with a war-weary public which is probably why Obama is bypassing Congress because he knows Americans don't want another fight.

In the case of Turkey, they took their concerns to NATO but let's face it, NATO may as well be a mask for the United States. They were really talking to the Americans. Unfortunately, they're talking to an administration that can't even bring itself to admit publicly and conclusively that they're at war.

I'm somewhat surprised if not disappointed by Turkey's position. I thought for sure they would not tolerate ISIS on their borders yet despite their fighting abilities seem to be dithering waiting on joint efforts from other nations. Turkey's position and the general confusion of the Obama administration don't bode well for both.

Meanwhile, the Kurds courageously fight on with so little.

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