America Is In Good Hands

The President never misses a chance to reward unqualified hacks.  Ron Klain's job as Ebola Czar (I thought the CDC was supposed to take care of this) will consist of doing jack shit while doing his best Chip Diller impression of 'all is well'. Did I mention Klain has ZERO qualifications for the job?

Which brings up this quote:

"President Obama said he hugged and kissed some of the nurses in Atlanta who had treated the patients with Ebola. Man, Obama will do anything to get out of that job right now."

- Conan O'Brien, October 16, 2014

As an aside, Lord, I do I hate the term 'Czar'.


Speaking of hacks and goofballs, Biden's son gets a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for drugs.

Ironic given his father is one of the most notorious faces of legislating draconian drug laws as part of the war on drugs that has destroyed the lives of countless people and done precious little to help, well, anyone let alone communities.


  1. Biden's son got an administrative discharge. This is what is given if they do not want a stink made about it... lots of them were handed out during the Vietnam war.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. Someone was telling me a 'dishonorable discharge' can be a pretty bad 'sentence' and I mistook it for having happened here.


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