No Sympathy Here

So a few firemen (six to be exact) were fired today for their part in the storming of City Hall back in August.

You ain't gonna get me to spare a tear for them.

Look. I'm all for people sticking it to the state but if they're gonna do something like this then they best be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Heard a left-wing ideologue on the radio today mock her conservative counterpart for not being compassionate enough for people losing their jobs.

He responded like any reasonable person would by suggesting if you do the crime, be prepared for the repercussions that follow. They knew their actions were illegal. Did they believe they were above the law? That they were indispensable members of society? Everyone is replaceable. Everyone.

The former socialist NDP candidate spent 30 minutes making one poor excuse after another questioning if they should lose their jobs going as far as to project by saying 'who hasn't made mistakes'?

Listeners were - justifiably - having none of it. In fact, very few people sympathize with them.

I certainly don't react this way.

It was a typical bull shit progressive stance.

Let me rephrase it. If you or I stormed City Hall what do you think would happen?

We'd likely be thrown in prison.

The way I see it, these guys got off light.

Know what else? Enough of this fireman, police hero bull shit. Too many of these guys get off for crimes they commit; crimes that if committed by citizens would result in jail time.

Know what else? I'd have the cops physically remove those stupid protest stickers off of their squad cars. Cars WE the taxpayers paid for.

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