The Wrong Mindset Drives Policy


And here I am filled with all sorts of old fashioned notions of that part of life is to take care of family members.

What is this nonsense of needing to be compensating -worse demanding society subsidize - for what is the most basic of all actions that maintains our civility? I hadn't realized parents could be seen as economic tools.

If you can't take care of your parents you have bigger problems.

Everyone has a 'my struggle' story these days. Well, mostly on left-wing rags like Salon.

Know what else I think?

People like this - in this domain - tend to defraud the state all the time. Be it through hours they submit or in my industry for home daycare, use it for a chance to 'improve' the house.

Then they have the temerity to complain or strike for more money from taxpayers.

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