Yellowknife Can Assassinate The World If It Wants To

From Vice:

"The Northern Canadian territories often get written off by all of us as a frigid tundra of nothingness. But it’s probably about time we start paying attention to the situation up there. Yellowknife is currently sitting on 237,000 tons of arsenic—enough to kill the entire human population of our planet a few times over...."

Arghhh! Run for the hills!

"However, with a crumbling infrastructure and increasing concern about leakage into the local water supply, the time has come to do something about it. Now that it is 2014 and the Canadian government is older and wiser, they have finally come up with what a reasonable solution to our minor poison problem: They are going to freeze the 237,000 tons of arsenic trioxide underground—for all of eternity.
“How can we ever ensure that human systems are going to continue to keep something that requires rather sophisticated engineering and monitoring to function forever, that’s just crazy,” argues Kevin O’Reilly, an activist with Northern Alternatives. “We can’t even remember how the pyramids were built 5,000 years ago. How can we know that 5,000 years from now, if there are even people on this planet, that they are going to know what to do to keep this stuff frozen? That’s just irresponsible.”

Know what's irresponsible? Not grasping history and trying to draw analogies from it.

That we've become far, far, far more sophisticated in our communications and language skills as compared to past civilizations means nothing to this guy. It's as if he thinks we still possess the same mindset as the Egyptians and never evolved from that point. I wouldn't worry about it too much as we can leave behind a 'know-how' manual I'm pretty sure.

Total deranged these people are.

From the comments:

"And for useless gold of all things. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people and their obsession with an almost worthless element such as gold?"

Yeah, it does seem 'irrational' doesn't it? But guess what? It has a perceived value among people and countries. It's a hedge against currency and gold is seen as hard collateral.  Why they settled on gold is not the point. They 'could' have chosen some other metal I suppose but they didn't.

So go ahead and call it useless. It's useless to you. If you want to change it, then propose it and see how you do and get back to me O-kay, Jo-Jo?

It's like the left never grow wise beyond ten years old or something. 

America's Contradictions

Being instated as an archangel, Satan made himself multifariously objectionable and was finally expelled from Heaven. Halfway in his descent he paused, bent his head in thought a moment and at last went back. "There is one favor that I should like to ask," said he.
"Name it."
"Man, I understand, is about to be created. He will need laws."
"What, wretch! you his appointed adversary, charged from the dawn of eternity with hatred of his soul -- you ask for the right to make his laws?"
"Pardon; what I have to ask is that he be permitted to make them himself."
It was so ordered.
-- Ambrose Bierce

What I find interesting in the BLM case in Nevada is the fact Bundy is grazing on Federal land, the Federal government owns the majority of land in the Western part of the country,  and that he's engaging in an act of civil disobedience. People will argue the merits of this action until they're purple in the face but let me add one thing. The Feds do a good job of breaking down doors and turning peaceful citizens into criminals applying any of the endless number of laws almost incoherently and in an ad hoc manner. Yet, MILLIONS of driver's licenses are being handed over to ILLEGAL aliens in the United States.

There's something drastically wrong - intellectually, politically and morally - with this picture.

No. It's not the same as being anti-immigrant. It's being fair (a word the government just loves using with no ability to actually execute) to citizens (native and immigrant alike) who have earned their right to have the privilege of having a driver's permit. These are symbols of being part of a community - legally.


Epic Take Down Of Bully: Casey Body Slammer

Mother to that kid in the video who was slammed to the ground.

Your snowflake clearly was the bully.

Good for Casey.

Although he could have hurt that kid worse than he did. Apparently, he broke his knee cap.

The little twirp was lucky.

Bloomberg: Thus Spoke Narcissus

I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

Michael Bloomberg is rivaling Paul Krugman on the insufferable scale. What an arrogant, paternalistic boob. 

But I thought money in politics is evil. I mean, Koch is about to take over the universe, right?


As long as $50 million is spent by the 'right' people for the 'right' causes all is good.


Fall Of The West Reason 94595996

They say California is a trailblazing, progressive state. Not from where I sit on Heed History Hill.

In fact, I can't help but consider California as a flaky state completely unhinged on its quest to control, well, things.

Los Angeles science teacher Greg Schiller was suspended by school administrators for "supervising the building, research and development of imitation weapons."

Adding they 'looked dangerous.'

Lotsa shit looks dangerous. My Lord, send those boobs back to school for crying out loud. 

The reaction is Medieval stuff. In their quest to be 'progressive' they're actually reactionary.

Apparently, he coaches Fencing. You mean that sport with sabres? Doesn't that look dangerous?

/taps Triple H sign.


Every fucking day I thank my uncle had the sense to put a side-by-side rifle in my hand when I was 13.

He said, 'every man should know how to be proficient with one.'

In my day - shakes fist - kids climbed rope with no mats, we played sports for keeps and were encouraged to play to win, parents governed their own kids, bullies were challenged and we fought, we listened to Joan Jett and the Black Hearts singing 'I love rock'n roll' in the school yard; none of this Miley Cyrus shit, and did everything with no helmets.

Today, we have a bunch of fucking pussies who have off loaded their responsibilities to a horde of bigger fucking twats. 


Criminalization Is Not Always A Rational Choice

First rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club is you don't forget the first rule.

First rule of protecting yourself on the Internet is don't post racy pictures of yourself to anyone. Second rule is don't you ever forget that simple act of self-preservation.

Criminalizing revenge porn is as unwise as it is impractical and silly. But that's what you get with top-men and statists, their only solutions to evolving social behaviors is to criminalize it; just like their only suggestion to fix the economy usually begins with more taxes.

Yes. Let's put some 17 year-old jerk-off in jail because some naive girl sent him naughty pictures and he was idiotic enough to post it without her consent. Let's leave her off the hook for being patently stupid though.

Politicians and people who support them just don't learn.


Spanish Town Mulls Over Name Change; No Kidding

You mean to tell me they have lived with this name all these years? Says a lot about where they stand on, you know, racism.

What's the matter with them? Too much paella in the diet?

How does this conversation even begin?

First Man (scratches his head): Manuel I think maybe it's about time we change the name of our town?
Second Man (cutting cheese): Why what's wrong with it, Raul?
Raul: I mean, Kill Jews? Doesn't that strike you as dated?
Manuel: You a Jew lover or something?
Raul: No, no. Don't get me wrong. I think they be foul what, with their smoked meat and bagels. It's just that, it doesn't feel very Christian of us.
Manuel: Fine. Fine. We'll take it to the other 60 families. We'll see what they say. Take it from there. Come. I want to show you something.
Raul: What is it?
Manuel: It's the Running of the Jews. A tradition in Kazakhstan...

From UPI:

"Frankly it doesn't surprise me that there's a village called Kill the Jews, though it's pretty disgusting that it's taken them till now to think it might be a good idea to change it,” a Jewish American living in Spain told the Guardian. “There's a casual racism in Spain that no one here seems to notice but which is quite shocking to an outsider. People say 'he's a bit of a Jew' and stuff like that and no one seems to notice. Plus Spain is in complete denial about its Jewish and Muslim history."

Spain is home to about 12,000 Jews, compared with 290,000 in the U.K. and 478,000 in France."

Roughly 118 000 in Germany and 18 000 in Italy.

Of Taxation In The United States

Love the name of this site: America's independent, non-partisan advocate for overburdened taxpayers.

Notice that half the country on the bottom end pay little or no taxes.

Meanwhile back at the Stale Cave, Obama has proposed a whopping 442 new taxes since 2009 according to Americans for Tax Reform.

If that's not a sure sign of decadence I will have to ask to be informed on the matter.


Of Game Boards

Monopoly and its anti-capitalist roots.

Originally conceived as The Landlord's Game by Elizabeth Magie.

Meanwhile back in Poland....

If there is one country (alongside Vaclav's Czech Republic) that has taken the lead in explaining to the world the evil's of communism it's Poland. At every turn the Polish hold no punches in dealing with their disdain for communism and the Western dopes who still defend it.

After all, unlike progressives who live in nothing but comfort in the West, Poland actually experienced it.

As the West continues its strange, mad descent into adopting more and more socialist-socialized policies while insisting on believing it's doing it 'right' the Poles, thankfully, hold no such romantic arrogance in their thoughts.

For that, we should be grateful to Poland.

Poland expresses its pride for having kicked to the curb defunct ideologies like communism on many fronts and through several mediums including having devised a game board.

From Der Spiegel:

A Polish research institute has developed a board game to teach young people about life under Communism. In the game, which is inspired by Monopoly, players must wait in endless lines at stores for scarce goods. For added realism, they have to put up with people cutting in line and products running out -- unless they have a "colleague in the government" card. 

I already know what I want for Christmas, honey.

It's called The Waiting Game.


Campus Reform Through Discrimination

Bernie Sanders Takes Reid's Coo-Coo Stance On Koch Brothers

I've been down this road before having linked to who are the major donors in American politics and lo and behold the unions are. And the unions give to which party again, Bernie?

Lemme help you with that. What, you say? No, no you can keep your sandals on.

Biggest donors from 1989-2014 from opensecrets.

While 92 of 156 donors gave more to the GOP, the top heavy hitters gave their share to the Democrats.

While in 70% of the top 10 individual donors gave to the Democrats.

So let's knock the bull shit off. If you're gonna rail against the Koch brothers, have the decency to mention Soros.

Koch believe in a classical liberal America. Big deal. If you don't like it, challenge them with facts instead of hysteria.

Anyway. Sanders chimes in with assertions pretty standard among progressives:

"For the Koch brothers, $80 billion in wealth, apparently, is not good enough. Owning the second largest private company in America is, apparently, not good enough.  It doesn’t appear that they will be satisfied until they are able to control the entire political process.

It is well known that the Koch brothers have provided the major source of funding to the Tea Party and want to repeal the Affordable Care Act."

Not to say nothing, but they have a pretty good case as to why they may want to repeal the ACA. 

As for the presumptuous projection of 'nothing being good enough' for them, well, that's none of Bernie Sanders fucking business. It's not my, his or anyone's place to judge how much is enough of anything for other people. 

Some people are more ambitious than others. Some individuals have drive and that inner-engine never stops. I know the left can't understand this feature among some of our fellow humans, but it's a reality. 

They seem to have a huge problem with this lot. All this amounts to, when you scratch it to its primal end, is envy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

U.S. Treasury: Mobsters In Drag

One of the signals of a decaying empire is how a government collects taxes and how it treats peaceful citizens.

In the United States we're seeing before our eyes an aggressive government bullying citizens under various departments including but not restricted to the IRS, EPA, AFT and recently BLM in Nevada with the Bundy ranch. 

Now the U.S. Treasury department is going after people for debts they didn't know about left behind by their parents. In this story, 37 years later.

Congress quietly passed this bill in 2011.

Obama is protecting the deadbeats and cronies. Not the working middle-class worker (and honestly, if you're an American worker I can't understand how this is not obvious by now) and productive class.

I thought Obama and his gang of cronies were out to protect the middle-class; that they were going to stop them from being hammered by a rigged, godless system?

Where is Elizabeth Warren anyway?


They don't give a shit.

But Isn't Harper The Bully?


But Trudeau - a Liberal - says all the 'right things' with a hint of passione and panache (to his base anyway). No wonder the CBC is silent on a bullying suit by Christine Innes against Trudeau. It's their boy.

But I thought such declassse tactics are for right-wing extremists!

At this point, swing voters who were uncertain about Trudeau should have seen enough by now. He's a gaffe blunder. If they think he'll 'learn on the job' I would argue no he wouldn't and that they should look down south to see what thinking along these lines gets you.

True, slim pickings among the parties but opting for Trudeau is a vote for amateurism. At my age, I don't feel watching an on the job program. The Liberals cynically went for the name (over Marc Garneau) and they have to sink with it. As for Freeland, Lord oh Lord, she's Elizabeth Warren North minus the claim of Native blood.


Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Arrested and thrown to the ground for....walking on the wrong side of the road and not heeding the orders of a policeman.

I mean come on! Doesn't she know she should heed the orders of the policemen? Doesn't she respect the fact they want to get home safely?


Here's how the police chief spun it:

"The motorcycle has a patch on both sides of the gas tank. It's black and white and says 'Whitehouse Police,' and has red and blue lights on it," Whitehouse Police Chief Craig Shelton said. "So you have to take it for what it is. Do you think he's a Whitehouse police officer? Why would you think he's someone impersonating a police officer?


If the leadership thinks so stupidly presumptive and displays a remarkable aptitude for being tone deaf imagine the lower ranks.

We have badges and lights lady! I mean, come. ON!

Right. Because people haven't impersonated cops or doctors or nurses or firemen in the past.

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?

Not sure how progressives have convinced themselves that somehow Democrats and Republicans 'have switched sides' on matter of race but given their penchant for revising history in their favor, this act of historical contortion isn't all that that surprising.

History seems to always start today with them. And tomorrow today again and again...and again.

From the History News Network:

During the Senate debates on the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, it was revealed that members of the Democratic Party formed many terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan to murder and intimidate African Americans voters. The Ku Klux Klan Act was a bill introduced by a Republican Congress to stop Klan Activities. Senate debates revealed that the Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.
History reveals that Democrats lynched, burned, mutilated and murdered thousands of blacks and completely destroyed entire towns and communities occupied by middle class Blacks, including Rosewood, Florida, the Greenwood District in Tulsa Oklahoma, and Wilmington, North Carolina to name a few.
- See more at: http://hnn.us/article/3554#sthash.0dvQbbk8.dpuf
Reminds me of a story.

Once long ago, a brother was having dinner with his family declared at the table 'I have always cleaned the dishes in this house!' This assertion was immediately challenged. "That is quite the lie,' the sister replied. :Whenever we asked your hand for help, you were always the first to leave the kitchen. I know, because it is me that has always washed the dishes.'" But the brother, sly and sleek in the art of deception, was having none of it. 'Well, I do remember doing it. Besides, you don't do it anymore."

The sister could only sit in stunned silence. She gathered her thoughts and replied, 'There are but two of us at the table. Who did the dishes yesterday? "You. But I meant to do it." "And the day before that? "You. But I was not feeling well." "And the day before that?" "You. But I was late for work." "And the day before that?" "You. But I was promised help." "And the day before that?" "You. But I was planning on doing it later in the evening when we were asleep."

"So tell me, brother, how is it you've 'always' done the dishes when you haven't even done this past week?"

"It matters little.What matters is I believe it. And you can't prove otherwise besides words."

"Will you do the dishes?"

"I'm too insulted to do so."

And he walked out.

Democrats Playing Hollow Race Bait Game

It's almost as if for Democrats/leftists/progressives history starts today. Tomorrow will be marked by a new history while today's history is to be forgotten or rewritten.

Alas, history - the clear, thick spinal chord of facts and reality - usually manages to find its way to the truth. And the truth is Democrats and race history have lived an uneasy existence. Attempting to 'flip' or 'trade up' with the Republicans today is just an act of desperate deception.

From History News Network.

Lisee's Reversal

Heard on the radio last week that there apparently was a riff between Jean-Francois Lisee and Pierre Drainville - co-writers of the Charter now in the dust bin of obscure history where it belongs.

Lisee has already distanced himself from Drainville as it's been reported he never really had a problem with the displaying and wearing of religious symbols in public.

Which begs the question, why did he even bother ruining his reputation if this be true? Why did he "close ranks" and put his name to such a travesty of a charter that had little value to it? The two of them even took their nonsense to the New York Times ridiculously comparing their position on secularism to Thomas Jefferson!

The Parti Quebecois, shabby and second-rate in appearances and thought, have always been a fractured lot. Lisee turning on his compatriots is only further prove there is no honor among thieves.

As I listened, all I can do was think of The Godfather and the 'you can act like a man' scene with Johnny Fontaine:

Lisee could have acted like a man.

Instead, he chose to play the divisive role.

Reluctantly Seeing The Failure Of Obamacare

So. How are progressives rationalizing the failure of Obamacare?

Huffington Post and its commenters offer some thoughts.

I have to be honest, I think it's unfair of us to ask doctors to take a cut and possibly have to downsize from the 7 series BMW to the 5 series BMW.  

Yawn. Envy. What else is new?

"In other words, it's just like having insurance BEFORE the ACA- unpredictable, with every insurance company trying to screw you.
Yet another reason to join the rest of the freaking developed world with universal healthcare."

There it is. Just like we all know higher taxes to them means 'screwing the rich,' universal health was always the end goal.

Why they chose to not say this from the beginning is probably what hurts their argument in the end.

Nothing as settling as unsettling thought.