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"Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax?" asks idiot http://bit.ly/1vZQH5Q

Rolling Stone fact checker doing her part to shame Reason magazine's Robby Soave who had the temerity to, you know, fact check and investigate like a professional in the UVA story.

Keep it up Jezebel. You provide us crazy males with wonderful kooky stories.

Twitty Tweet

This minor inconvenience is brought to you by a major injustice.


Notice the presumptuous, arrogant nature of this statement.

I suppose the possibility of this shut down not being minor to others doesn't enter the minds of protestors.

Perhaps this person needs to ask themselves a simple, basic human questions: What if a child is sick and is in need of care? What if someone is stressed and needs to deliver something on time? What if someone is tight for time for work? What if someone wants to get to their family before a certain time?  What if they have a dying loved one?

What if your actions has a negative impact on another person's life? Do you want to willingly take part in obstructing the everyday lives of private citizens?

There are other ways to get a message across and lemme tell you, if I was in traffic it would turn me off to the protests.

And by the way.




Quote Of The Day

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." —Barry Goldwater

Poem Of The Day

Justice has been rerouted
From present to future tense.
The law is so in love with itself
It’s forgotten common sense.

Ogden Nash

Christmas Gift Ideas

Does it shit 'Pot of Gold?'


Get over it Mr. Ngoc.

Dalhousie University Investigates 'Gentleman's Club'

  • cansail63
The thought police will be next
Hope you are referencing the thoughts of those who belong to this violence against women 'club'~ because those of us who denounce this type of violent though and gender attacking rot don't need our thoughts policed.

And it goes right over oneperson's head missing the point. What a miserable take on things.

cansail63 has it right. It is oneperson's side that will create a thought police.

Fall Of The West Reason 495578643

I've kicked around in my head which country was leading the fall of the West. Every country has done its part. From Germany's Nazi regime, to Italy's archaic legal system to Scandinavia's luxurious dependence on the welfare state, to Russia's authoritarian aggressiveness, to its collective disturbing undercurrent of racism to stagnant economic growth and excessive hand outs to France for, well, being France. And so on.

But if I had to pick one it would be the United Kingdom.

The nation that gave us Locke and the idea of providing liberty to all is but a shell of its former self. It no longer adheres to any of its classical liberal heritage. The news out of Britain is not encouraging these days. Rotherdam, for me, was a tipping point.

And then there are the 'we must prevent things for your own good' rules bureaucrats impose on free citizens.

"Brighton and Hove City Council is closing parts of the beach to deter people taking part in the annual dip on December 25.

The decision was made after council officials met with members of Brighton Swimming Club - the 
group that has organised the annual swim every year since 1860.

Health and safety chiefs fear a repeat incident of a swimmer who needed to be rescued after getting into difficulty near the pier in October.

They also cite the death of a Hastings woman who died during a Christmas Day dip in 2012. 
Margaret Tuppen, president of the swimming club, said: "It is a shame to break tradition.
"I do moan about health and safety sometimes, but the conclusion of the meeting was that it can be quite dangerous - especially when drink is involved."

Ironic, for a nation that clings to tradition I'd say.

And way to go for not fighting for your event Margaret. Alas, she's just a product of a beaten down citizenry at this point. They've got no fight left.

I wonder how far behind North America is because this policy disease has spread here.

Give everyone a helmet, hire every person with the brain of tin foil for the bureaucracy and be done with it already.

U.S. Turns Comfyballs Away

Americans are lucky to be so well protected by their masters:

"It is the nation that gave us Baseball, the film Dodgeball and the South Park song Chocolate Salty Balls - but it appears the United States is not ready for a men’s underwear brand called Comfyballs.
The Norwegian company Comfyballs applied to release its product into the US market earlier this year, but the country’s patent office refused to trademark the term, ruling that the brand name was “vulgar”.

Or SNL's famous 'Sweaty balls' sketch with Alec Baldwin.


Land of the free.

Home of the brave now specifically refers to bureaucrats protect Americans through prevention.

Fret not my American friends, same problem up here.


Let's Not Overthink Cuba

In a previous post I expressed agreement it America's decision to reestablish connection with Cuba.

My basic presumption was provided the United States help Cuba along towards a freer society and economy.

But this is Obama we're talking about here. So enlightened leadership won't be forthcoming. Do you see any signs of enlightenment in their weak stories about racism particularly Michelle?

Still. I think conservatives are spending a lot of time trying to understand his motives (he's a progressive and may very well be helping the destitute Castro brothers out now that their Utopian cousins and Sugar Daddy in Venezuela are economically imploding). Not that they don't make valid points.

Alas, in the grand scheme of things it won't matter.

I bet even Obama himself doesn't get this part.

That is, he just unleashed the power of the invisible hand.

Vermont Dumps Single Payer

Say what you want about Vermont - rustically weird, lotsa derp on environmental issues and food labeling for example. On the other hand, taxes are low and they have one of the least restrictive gun laws in the Union - but they're fiscally responsible.

So it didn't really surprise me Governor Shumlin didn't bite on single payer due to 'ballooning costs.'

No shit.

Quotes From Australia

Australian derp is as good as any in North America and the UK:

“Beheadings occur routinely in Game of Thrones. And no complaint has been laid. Why then all the fuss?” – ABC favourite Bob Ellis following the taped slaughter of journalist James Foley.

“In NZ we are very worried about a potential influx of Australians, you know, escaping heat waves and lack of water and infectious diseases.”University of Otago climate scientist Simon Hales.

“It demonises people.” – Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson would prefer that we do not refer to terrorists as terrorists. 

“Do you want death or do you want coal?”Greens leader Christine Milne.

“They planned their work day around their afternoon yoga class. They wore thongs and shorts to work, occasionally had a snooze on the couch after lunch.” Louise Evans recalls her time at the ABC.

Boy, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation sound like a remarkably idiotic bunch. We should compare notes with the CBC.

As Red Foreman used to say, dumbasses.

Idiot Salon Girl

Instead of feeding people with your bull shit, racial verbal diarrhea in the back drop description of an Apple commercial, how about you take care to not be a selfish little twat taking up space on public transportation?

That's the real irony here. That she feels compelled to sprawl her crap in a place she knows other people use along with her.

That, my friends, is the definition of a pseudo-intellectual, whiny narcissistic idiot.

Her name is Britney Cooper and her ilk are taking up too much space. Both on the internet and public transportation.

Salon produces some of the most idiotic stories written by some of the most idiotic people.

It's quite a remarkable study in utter stupidity really.

Ruble Rubble

Seeking Alpha:

"On the streets, there were signs that Russians had lost faith in their currency after watching how their incomes and savings got decimated. Bid-ask spreads of 20 rubles began appearing at some exchange offices where they offered to sell dollars for 85 rubles but would only buy them for 65 rubles. IKEA furniture stores and other “hard asset” retailers saw a burst in activity as folks were trying to convert their rubles into whatever else they could before these rubles lost their value entirely, and before retailers could catch up with price changes."

Profile In Utopia

Whenever you read someone inserting the word 'utopia' in their discussion quietly close down the browser and walk away.

Utopia is one of those code words used by the left and it usually ends up meaning 'Gulag'.

Since utopia is unattainable it's bound those who yearn for it will turn to coercive action to achieve this myth. In the process, it becomes a monstrous exercise in social engineering both benign (e.g. laws for own good and the collective) to the aforementioned grandiose (murderous) schemes of socialism.

Just look at the profile of a 'social justice warrior'. They are neo-jacobins bent on carving their own little piece of utopia; mostly through doxxing*, bullying, censorship, lying and hysteria. They DO NOT tolerate anyone outside the collective tribe.


Fuck yeah!

*Mainstream media has taken to 'outing' someone's personal information. During the height of the hysterical anti-gun campaign, newspapers in New England published the addresses of pro-gun advocates. The NYT also has been known to do so against those who do not support their agenda. Actors have also taken to this disturbing activity. Rosie O'Donnell has done it.  Doxxing is mostly used by the authoritarian left.

Capitalize Cuba And It Will Prosper

Let's quash this in the bud.

Not surprisingly a collection of quarter-twits and dimwits and dumbwats are making the usual subtle anti-capitalist noise about the potential of Coca-Colinization of Cuba in the aftermath of yesterday's to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba.

Case in point Fox's Shep Smith:

Last thing the Cuban people need is a 'Taco Bell' and 'Lowe's?''Ruin' Cuba? Is he shitting me? Cuba is already ruined for all intents and purposes.Smith is channeling his inner Justin Trudeau I see.

Fox is a conservative organization. It goes to show how deep progressive derp runs. Which is why I stand by my belief it's progressive thinking and policies that's currently directing the slow downward slide of the West. I digress.

Communist Cuba is a hell hole. It's only 'beautiful' in the areas designated for tourists and most people don't move from their little all-inclusive paradises to explore what communism has done to the island. And if they do they don't seem to connect dots very well. They just shrug their shoulders and head back to paradise. After all, what do they care? They'll meet and mingle with some locals and declare it's not so bad!

But if you sit and ponder, you realize it is exactly that bad. That Cubans put on a brave face and smile is not proof they're happy. How can you be happy always looking over your shoulders wondering in fear if a friend or neighbor is spying on you waiting to report you to the authorities? How can you be happy rationing food? Literacy? One of the most over played cards in the progressive tactics of turning a blind eye to Communist propaganda. Ditto health care. I went to a pharmacy in Cuba. Hard to be one when you're not stocked properly with medicine. Entering a bank in Cuba is like entering a prison there were so many guards. It's not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.

I don't know why progressive defend Cuba so much except to conclude they're pampered, elitist twits.

Cuba is a segregated island keeping tourists in one hand where they have access to things Cubans don't have and destitute Cubans on the other. While Westeners bask in the glory of the Cuban sun, Cubans hang around...waiting and wasting under the dark clouds of communism.

Yeah, communism bad but...McDonald's!



Quick word on the notion the embargo didn't work.

Cuba maintained trading with Canada and the EU. Not exactly poor countries capable of providing Cuba with everything it needed.

So the notion that Cuba is poor because of the American embargo is nonsense. Sort of like how we used to hear America was 'starving' Iraqi children even though Iraq still was trading with the EU. Whatever, the Americans didn't send, the Europeans could easily fill in the demand.

The problem lies elsewhere.

I'll let you guess.


Call Mark 1-Plumber

In Syria.

"A local plumber is being flooded with phone calls — and some threats — after a picture of one of his old company vehicles being used by Islamist militants in Syria was posted on Twitter."

Well, the Middle-East sure could use a plumber if you know what I mean.

New Era In U.S.-Cuba Relations

For once I agree in principle with Obama.

Cuba now has a chance at not being such a regressive shit hole with beautiful people and beaches.

Once it does, maybe we'll be spared stupid articles about Cuba from The Nation and the elitist progressive-derp  Katrina vanden Heuvel. The less countries they can profile the better. For the children.

Among the most remarkable suspension of reality effort I've ever read. Truly grating and awful. Cuba will one day rise again and it will be no thanks to people like her.

Imagine being the sort of person who supported or worse admired Castro. Pathetic.

Fall Of The West Reason 4255979483

Cleveland Police Union Boss Is Scum

I repeat police union boss Jeffrey Follmer in Cleveland is scum.

"How about this: Listen to police officers' commands. Listen to what we tell you, and just stop," he said. "I think that eliminates a lot of problems."

"I think the nation needs to realize that when we tell you to do something, do it," he added."

If this isn't proof there's a malaise among cops I don't know what is.

Yeah right asshole. A 12 year-old was a threat.


I don't get the argument 'if you obey they won't kill you'. Even if you disobey it should not result in death.

Philadelphia Stings Democrats

Interesting how it's usually Democrats caught and arrested.

"A former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge surrendered Thursday on bribery and other charges in what prosecutors described as the "first, but not last, results" in a revived state government corruption investigation.
Seth Williams 
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams 
Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who took over the investigation this summer after Attorney General Kathleen Kane opted not to prosecute for a variety of reasons, also strongly suggested there will be more cases to come.
"This investigation was not dead on arrival. It is definitely not over. And it is most certainly moving ahead with a full head of steam," Williams said during an 11 a.m. press conference from his Center City office.

The former judge, Thomasine Tynes, was one of five elected officials - including four sitting legislators - who were caught on tape between 2010 and 2012 taking cash payments from a confidential informant posing as a lobbyist."

Sony Shamelessly Appeases North Korea


No Delay Exams For Thin-Skinned Precious Snowflakey Law Students

Seriously. This is getting stupid and the students on campuses across North America are on their way to jumping the shark. If this is the future of intellectualism just pull the curtain down on the West.

Thankfully, progressive Oberlin College (not exactly a conservative/libertarian bastion) is having none of it. If only Colombia had the same set of mature balls.

Read Della's derpy, childish, letter. And then she contends the professors response is 'violent'.

Some piece of work.

Buffoons At University Of Michigan

Prince George Succumbs To Scientific Quackery

Humans are weird.

One one end, they fear creationism and global warming skeptics are example of anti-science. Yet, they seem to accept anti-vaccine and fluoride pseudo-science.

Take the town of Prince George, British Colombia.

They voted 10 000 to 8000 (roughly) to remove fluoride from their drinking water.

Democracy over reason and scientific fact!

That's not democracy. It's just plain stupidity rooted in baseless science.

I guess they did it to defeat the communists and Nazis.

Quote Of The Day

"“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”"

Obama, 2012 responding to Romney in 2012 debates after the latter asserted Russia was a geo-political threat.

Smartest man in the room.

Life Of Conundrum

Honored with some free time and perusing through my PVR listings, my wife (I think) recorded Life of Pi - or as I've come to call it 'How the fuck do I get these fucking animals out of my dingy' -  and so took the plunge - excuse the pun.

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you waiting for a review?

None is forthcoming.

Taliban Find Way To Be More Depraved

126 people - mostly children - murdered in a school.

It is time to Pakistan to take out the garbage.


Remember when the media and the left laughed at Romney about Russia during the debate?

And remember his stance on the Taliban during the debates when he pretty much eviscerated The Oracle?


'Smart power' is asking people to 'empathize' with the Taliban as Hilary did.

And she's fit to run a nation?



Mike Lupica Is A Liar

And his pants are on fire.

I'm stunned that he decided to go full blown asshole liar in this article.

To purposely deceive his readers about the difference of semi-automatics and fully automatics to push his anti-gun zealotry is nothing short of astounding.

I know. Standard MO for liberals. Take a subject other progs are ignorant about and further cloud it to confuse their minds.

This is what assholes do.

And for the record. Adam Lanza used a standard fucking semi-automatic (read a RIFLE) that has been for sale in North America for 100 years. It's your standard hunting rifle. Let's not get into shot guns as they're another type of long-gun. Let's keep things simple and slow for the ignorant liars.

Notice, moreover, the shameless tactic of appealing to emotions by posting pictures of some of the children killed.

Not only is Lupica and his editors (and they're far from the only ones perpetuating a lie and myth about guns) liars they're shameless jerkoffs with no honor.

The ends justify the means trumps facts and truths.

Yes. I will call out anyone like him for what they are whenever they keep up this lie.

Just go on youtube. There are no shortage of videos explaining the differences in guns.


Unfortunately, it doesn't begin and end with Lupica.

Some parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook want to sue the manufacturer as well as the distributor of the gun for "negligent entrustment".

I let you read and stew on that for a moment.

One can only hope a judge throws this and the lawyers out on their sorry asses for attempting such a stupid shtick.

Let's fuck with a person's livelihood despite not breaking any laws.

Warren Smokes Big Pipe

Elizabeth Warren - not surprisingly - is a heroine to the progressive left.

Why not? She's a shady woman with dubious claims mixed in with a mediocre background who says all the right populist bull shit derp. She pumps her fist, she uses the word 'hammered' a lot and promises to unrig the rigged system.

She essentially is fabricating her own myth and they can't get enough of it like a porn star a load of cum.

Castro Wins An Award

Tax Collection Schemes In Philly Remind Of Mob Tactics

Notice what this poor shmuck is going through.

If they're allowed to do crap like this and then turn around tell citizens 'too bad you fucked up now pay up even though you don't ow it' woe to the citizens indeed. Fine. He didn't follow procedures properly but how does two wrongs make a right here?

Tax collection is a gigantic confiscatory ring we'd call organized crime if it weren't a branch of the government.


Banner Year For Liberal Lies

Liberals really had a good year lying. 

Of course, the piece de resistance was 'if you like your plan you can keep it.'

Could Vesuvius Destroy Naples?

Not Just About Mount Vesuvius

Grand Jury Discredits Witness In Wilson Hearing

Not The Same

Cleveland, Staten Island and Ferguson not the same.

Again, these people couldn't care less about justice for all or else we'd see the names of Hooks, Thomas and Guerena (the Marine killed by a SWAT team) alongside those others.

Personally, Brown and Martin don't deserve to be martyred like this. The kid in Cleveland and Garner are far more disturbing. But to racists like Sharpton and Jackson and that ilk, they don't count.

And if these people are preventing other citizens from getting on with their lives. Arrest them.

They no right to disrupt the lives of others.

Nip This In The Bud

The perverse notion that Obamacare equals more freedom has infiltrated and poisoned minds.

If you're performing intellectual gymnastics to somehow make this triangle fit into a square, then I submit you're in need of a refresher course on negative and positive rights. It's astonishing at the depraved ignorance on full display especially on the left with regards to what liberty is.

I'll let the Tweets speak in response to the obscene and absurd White House claim, 'To me health insurance is like freedom'.

So who was stopping you from buying insurance? It was a product on the market available to all. Instead, you traded this freedom for a paternalistic option where the government dictates what you will be covered for and how much you need. You know, one size fits all.

Other than that, to me, this thinking is straight out of the communist playbook.