Destroying Business = Destroying Communities

Case in point is Chicago and the Logan Square Kitchen saga sadly shows.

The irony of course is bureaucrats rape the productive to pay their salaries and 'bennies.'

Zina Murray makes an important point often missed or lost: Entrepreneurs observe society and look to find a viable business as well as solve whatever economic malaise grips a place. The value of entrepreneurship is immeasurable on so many levels.  Yet, bureaucracies, armed with little black books filled with codes, look to over burden and decimate them with regulations.

It's nuts.

I'm gonna say and keep saying it.

Cities don't die because of free enterprise.

They die because of bureaucratic zealotry.

Empty storefronts have as much to do with bureaucracies as natural economic realities.

Batgirl Suddenly In The Spotlight - For The Wrong Reasons

Batgirl teaches Batman a lesson about : “Same job, same employer means equal pay for men and women.” →


Superheroes don't get paid.


Remind me why labor boards are even needed again?

Right. Koch, Bush, Jews, evil greedy capitalism and minimum wage.


I wonder if Pelosi or Hilary get paid less than their counterparts. Don't answer. It was meant to be rhetorical.

So. Batgirl is the leitmotif for the left now?
The recent DC Comics 'controversy', I have no problem with this cover:

The people doing the squawking, as usual, probably don't even read comics and understand much of it anyway. But it's always a loud minority of baboons who shriek.  If you claim to be a fan you're not complaining as you understand what's a stake. Namely censorship. 

Apparently it's just fine when men superheroes are threatened like this.  If anything, depicting Batgirl in this way shows exactly that she's part of the club. You want 'equality'? Here you go. Equality of risk. It's not pretty being a superhero. Welcome to the club pal and gal.

Just like in sports where many non-sports fans who couldn't tell the difference between a football and a puck come out and offer their views on the New England Patriots, concussions and other issues that afflict pro sports. And it shows in their comments.

I'm surprised they haven't gone on a Redskins-like crusade to have Batgirl's name changed. After all, girl can be viewed as misogynistic or something these days.

We're nothing but shrill, skirt raising, pearl clutching susses now.

Hold Cops For Killing Dogs

This is getting sickening and twisted.

"A California man is demanding police accountability after an officer fatally shot his service dog in the head.

Ian Anderson of San Diego told The Huffington Post he was sleeping in his home when officers pounded on his door at 5 a.m. Sunday over a domestic disturbance call. The 24-year-old man said police had the wrong house."

Incompetent and humane (and sometimes chicken shit and murderous) morons.

Police are dead wrong on this one. They have no defense and no excuse.

I have no idea what has changed in police culture and training but people should demand change.

Make them accountable.

Simple as that.


I Should Be Dead By Now

Boston Herald Cover Says It All

Back when Obama sent soldiers to rescue Bergdahl there were people who wondered why he would do so for a deserter.

Over a year later it's been confirmed Bergdahl was indeed a deserter.

So. Now we assess the decision and the trade; just like we do in sports.

Can anyone with a straight face now claim this was the right thing to do considering the U.S. released some really bad dudes and soldiers lost their lives bringing his sorry butt back?

If Obama's negotiating skills bring him to such decisions, can he really be trusted to make a deal with Iran?

Think of this for a second. Iran is the leitmotif of Mid-East politics. The Americans had no diplomatic relations with a country whose terrorist tentacles reach all corners of the globe.

Moreover, you can't deal with Iran by ignoring or even chastising Israel - to say nothing of sophomorically meddling in their affairs. Israel voted for Netanyahu and that was a clear signal of where they want things to go and Obama would be wise to consider this reality.

They have every right to have a say in the matter; especially given the Obama administrations dubious foreign policy record.

Obama is embarking on something that makes me wonder if it's above his pay grade so to speak. I have yet to see any shred of evidence he's up to the task to have the United States of America entangled with Iran and Israel.

Worse, he seems willing to antagonize Israel (as he's done with allies like Poland in eastern Europe) to get what he wants.

More on 'Smart diplomacy' in my Daily Round up coming up.


Daily Round Up


What a crock of shit.

"For those hoping global warming will bring more opportunities for a summer barbecue, there may be disappointment ahead - climate change is likely to make steaks and burgers far less appetising.

In a major report on the impact of global warming on food, scientists have concluded that the quality of many meats and vegetables is due to decline at temperatures increase..."

These people.

/shakes head disappointingly.


The Pope Joan conspiracy.


Impress your friends and family by citing statistics from World of Meters!


The interesting Census Designated Place of Point Roberts.


Question: What do you think would happen to you if you admitted to raping a woman? You'd obviously lose your job, family and friends, right?

What happens to cops who do it?

They get to keep their jobs and their family and friends probably act as apologists for them because heroes and 'really are good guys.'

Then they wonder why citizens are increasingly skeptical and respect for police is eroding.


Humans can truly be wretched creatures.

"A 26-year-old pregnant woman in Colorado, spotting a Craigslist ad for baby clothes, drove to the home of the woman who placed the ad. When the pregnant woman arrived on Wednesday, she was beaten and stabbed by the 34-year-old woman who lives there, police said. The attacker then did something nearly unimaginable: She “removed” the fetus from her victim’s body, according to police in Longmont, Colo..."

 Evil is what it is.


So I get this pamphlet in the mail from the elected NDPer in my riding - I still can't believe people who are in business voted NDP because 'change' - calling for a $15 minimum wage. It's almost as if they're deaf to the criticism against it. There is ample evidence and studies showing how minimum wage actually hurts the very people it aims to help - namely youths and low-income workers.

In Seattle and L.A. it's already have negative ramifications for small business. One would think just another failed progressive idea driven more by feelings and ideology than logic and business reality. But one would think wrong. To the progressive the business that fails to adapt to their schemes are actually 'failed businesses' to begin with. To them, it takes a bad businessperson to not be able to adjust to skyrocketing costs imposed on them outside market mechanisms - i.e. political interventionism.

No seriously. This is what they believe. They're so deep into their ignorant bliss they invent shit like that.

Of course businesses will still open despite all the hurdles. That's what people do. We advance. It doesn't mean we're all we can be though and it certainly doesn't mean it's right.

Oh. Still another variant of this demonically irrational thinking is 'it's okay because some other business will step in and take the place of the one that closed.' Don't laugh. A bureaucrat told me exactly this once upon a time.

It never entered that idiot's mind that these are real life people - humans as it were - operating these businesses. People with families. People who employ other people. People who pay all sorts of taxes to cover all sorts of unnecessary luxurious programs to soother our pampered and excessive wishes.

When the store closes these people are still on the hook for whatever loans and debts they may have incurred. You think they have the luxury of having a progressive politician in their corner looking to 'forgive' their debts like student debts?


The unseen impact on the local economy seems to not matter.

The $15 hour wage is so outrageously arbitrary and illogical I don't know where to begin to dissect it.  In my business alone, it would probably lead to me closing my doors because it would represent too much of a jump in costs. I can only charge what parents are willing to pay and in Quebec things, as you know, are a tad askew. It's right out of a spooky fairy tale where costs and prices are so skewed by the government.

If wages go up most places pass it on to the consumer. A tiny, small portion of self-righteous assholes will claim to 'willingly' pay more as long as it pays a 'living wage.' Blah, blah.

Personally, I call bull shit on this too. If there's anything we've learned about progressives is they don't generally practice what they preach. They just preach and expect someone else to pay. The rest of us rational economic beings will not pay anything for something. In the case of daycare, it's a little more trickier if not dangerous to the extent we don't have options since there are all sorts of regulations preventing us from doing what's responsible for the business - like reducing staff because of ratios as one simple example.

I was asked to offer my insights to an organization that will present these concerns to politicians.

Bah. Enough of this rant. Bunch of low-grade, know-nothing, smug left-wing interventionist dopes and idiots.

"Oakland minimum-wage hike puts child caregivers in a jam - San Francisco Chronicle  Child care centers operate on razor-thin margins — thinner, even, than those of the restaurant industry — and many are lucky to wind up in the black at the end of the year. A restaurant can raise prices to meet the new cost of doing business, but child care operations have limited flexibility. Both the state-funded programs and their private counterparts are bound by strict state ratio requirements, which mandate that a certain number of employees be present with the children each day. “That’s one of the unintended consequences” of Oakland’s Measure FF, the November ballot measure that raised the city’s minimum wage from $9 an hour, said Richard Winefield, executive director of the nonprofit child care referral service Bananas. A lot of (centers) are run on very narrow margins, and when they increase the hourly rate on their employees, they need to pass that on in tuition costs, so families need to fork over more money. Winefield says that in most cases, parents waiting for a subsidy make a few dollars a week above the cutoff for state welfare, but are still “very much in need.” Doutherd keeps track of the many painful testimonials from these parents, some of whom can’t keep jobs because they have no one to look after their children. Because they don’t have employment, many are also unable to find housing, she says. Charlotte Guinn, whose home day care center is entering its 20th year in downtow." 


Sometimes I wonder if this is what they want:

The comments are oh so delicious. Filled with the usual derps, apologists and tu quoques about America being poor too or some shit.

Never change Youtube commenters.

"Venezuela cannot be considered third world since its allied with Russia look up the definition of what it means to be third world moron."
/face palm.


"U.S. Central Command's Gen. Lloyd Austin told Congress Tuesday that more than 8,500 ISIS fighters had been killed in the U.S. campaign in Iraq and Syria.
As a result of U.S. and coalition airstrikes, and recent gains by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, ISIS "has assumed a defensive crouch" in Iraq. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was also on the defensive in Syria, Austin said in testimony to the House Armed Services Committee."

Not bad.


Forever Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik has died at the age of 89.

The son of Czechoslovakian immigrants, Bednarik was one of the last true great two-way players performing as one of the most feared linebackers of his time and an outstanding center.

In all his ferociousness, that's Bednarik standing over a knocked-out Frank Gifford of the New York Giants. Gifford would not play for 18 months due to the concussion suffered in what has been described as the greatest hit in history. I remember first seeing that hit in the 1980s on Sports Illustrated's 'Crunch Course' VHS video. I was subscriber at the time and got it as part of a gift from SI. I still have it somewhere.

More on Bednarik (including the hit) here. Worth the time if you're a football fan and especially an Eagles fan - like me.


Daily Round Up

Who is John Titor?


Quebec infringed on...that's getting to be the norm here. Maybe that should replace 'Je me souviens'. I never cared for it much anyway. It's been so long I don't even know what we're supposed to remember!


The Supreme Court ruled that Loyola has the right to teach Quebec's mandated (and silly) ethics and religion class from a Jesuit perspective.


I have no problem with this because parents choose to send their kids to Loyola because it's a private Catholic institution. How bureaucrats think they can break this voluntary action and think it's proper is beyond me.

It really is sickening to have to grovel before the government to exercise our own damn rights. 

Good for Loyola.

Freedom of choice and religion prevailed before our paternalist interventionist state.


The race is on to see who is gonna be the bigger bigoted buffoon in the Parti Quebecois in all its magnificent hickishness. 

Pierre-Karl Peladeau opted for a more modern take on Jacques 'Black Jacques Shallaques' Parizeau's 'money and ethnic vote' from 1995. A timeless classic in the realm of PQ insularism; boundless in its parochial tin-pottery; mostly because Jack was probably tipsy when he said it.

Read more here.

There's nothing to clarify. It's how they roll.

As I've noted here in the past, they're just a despicable bunch of badly dressed nationalists.

Of course, it's always the fault of les autres. 


Onto more enlightening matters.

Evaluating milk and its substitutes (though Malk - which is packed with Vitamin R - was not reviewed) at Science-Based Medicine.


Obama wants to make voting mandatory.

Stagnant idea from a stale progressive mind. When fresh out of ideas, just mandate or coerce more taxes.

Nothing new here.


Oh, look it's our favorite progressive tyrant Tanya Cohen back with more of her insipid thoughts on freedom of speech. She's the pop-tart of modern intellectualism.

Cohen is a clear case of an individual lucky enough to spew her misleading gibberish packed with lies and one-sided nonsense on a website.

I'm not interested in breaking her inane article because there's too much to dissect but I did find this interesting:

"Do Americans have no idea how ironic it is for them to call their country “the land of the free” when it doesn’t have any kind of law against hate speech?"

It's not ironic at all. It's exactly the point and actually reveals America to be superior to all the other so-called civilized nations she so strenuously placed on a pedestal. 

The only extremist I see is Cohen and I demand she be removed from...wait. I will not become my enemy!

I'd better stop here before I throw my lap top against the wall and damage my lovely poster of Satan.


However, that being said, people like Cohen who happen to have a forum to express their views are being challenged quite vociferously and eloquently (for the most part) by people in the comments threads.

Thankfully, plenty of people are not buying the snake-oil their selling as is the case with the melodramatic tactics of feminists on campuses.


When the civil war for free speech ends and the forces of good emerge victorious, all the people who stood by either watching or who were on the wrong side of fence will claim they fought for the good guys. Just like every Frenchman fought in la resistance.


Sowell offers more insights on minimum wage - the killer of jobs for the underclass.

"...At an angry meeting between local small business owners and city officials, the local organization that had campaigned for the higher minimum wage was absent. They were probably some place congratulating themselves on having passed a humane "living wage" law. The group most affected was also absent — inexperienced and unskilled young people, who need a job to get some experience, even more than they need the money.

It is not a breakthrough on the frontiers of knowledge that minimum wage laws reduce employment opportunities for the young and the unskilled of any age. It has been happening around the world, for generation after generation, and in the most diverse countries.

It is not just the young who are affected when minimum wage rates are set according to the fashionable notions of third parties, with little or no regard for whether everyone is productive enough to be worth paying the minimum wage they set."

"...Low-income minorities are often hardest hit by the unemployment that follows in the wake of minimum wage laws. The last year when the black unemployment rate was lower than the white unemployment rate was 1930, the last year before there was a federal minimum wage law.

The following year, the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was passed, requiring minimum wages in the construction industry. This was in response to complaints that construction companies with non-union black construction workers were able to underbid construction companies with unionized white workers (whose unions would not admit blacks)..."

But sophisticated and civilized Europe does it!


Results don't matter. It's the (pseudo-compassionate) thought that counts.


Daily Round Up

Most popular beers by country chart.

Canadians love to (inexplicably) poke fun of American beer yet Budweiser is the #1 choice here.

We're funny that way.


Documentary on Italian-Americans on PBS.


Hipster doing...well watch.

Then they wonder why they can't pay their school debts and expect other people to cover it.


Not that anyone remembers my posts on medical tourism dating back four or five years.

But that Canadians flee to the U.S. for medical treatment is not only not new but a matter that points straight to the heart of our failing and dated universal system - which is not free for the millionth time.

Once again from the top until it sinks inside thick skulls. You pay for it through your taxes levied against your income.

Now. For the amount you pay (not that they ever produce you will a bill) do you feel you get bang for your buck?

I'm not gonna rehash the third-rate conditions of our public hospitals.


Free movement between the UK, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand?

How's about we create a true free-trade and movement zone with the United States first? You know, that massive juggernaut Canadians with an inferiority complex love to bash and with whom 87% of our economy is tied to.

They call Canada America's Hat or America Jr. The more academic among us prefer the term 'branch plant society.'

I just plain like  'our daddy'.  

Quote winner:

"I was in Cuba for a recent holiday. I am a big fan of Castro for standing up to the US, but the US embargo has kept Cuba in third world conditions. Though I like Castro, I would not want to live in Cuba in those conditions.

Cuba does have a nice climate and is admirable for standing up to the US for 56 years, but has paid the price for that.

On the other hand Cuba has more spine than Canada."

Wrong. Chummmmmp.

Never mind that Castro torturing and imprisoning people has NOTHING to do with the U.S. embargo.

Cuba has always had trade relations with Europe and Canada during those 56 years. You know, those other rich capitalist economies.

Communism and Castro are what turned Cuba into a shit hole.


Ever notice how the most ardent Canadian nationalists anti-Americans are American draft dodgers?


The next great revolution in education will come out of the United States and Canada will copy it.

Take this to the bank.




William F. Buckley: “A Liberal is someone who is determined to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature for you”

After the ATF abandoned its plan to ban certain ammos Democrats turned their attention to, well, ban ammo.

Remember when liberals laughed at people who said 'what's next banning ammo?'

Most progressives live in urban centers and don't own a gun. They don't hunt or use one for target shooting. So they don't give a shit what their actions do to others. Just like how minimum wage fucks over the young.


So to them it's really a 'it doesn't affect me' and 'duh, guns are for bitter clingers' scenario.

Which makes them, of course, full of shit paternalists.


Why does Obama think it's a good idea to meddle in the affairs of another country going through an election?

And what did it get him in Israel? A landslide majority in Israel for Netan-YAHOO! That's what.

Naturally, he didn't call Netanyahu to congratulate him because this is how Obama rolls. How he fights for what's "right".

Obama has absolutely no grip on his foreign policy.


Tory backbencher Larry Miller. Saying what many think inside.


The extremists backed up by government power at the EPA are cracking down on backyard BBQ's,

Too much time. Too much money. A perfect combo for too much tyranny.


Fall of the West reason 48576667 courtesy of Everyday Feminism.

They like the word 'critically' a lot.

I don't think it means what they think it means.


Alright. Enough of my extremism.


Daily Round Up

American schools.

Maliciously ruining young lives one at a time with 'zero-tolerance' zealotry:

"At first blush it sounds like an open-and-shut school disciplinary matter in a zero-tolerance age:
Some schoolchildren claim another student bragged about having marijuana. They inform school administrators. An assistant principal finds a leaf and a lighter in the boy’s knapsack. The student is suspended for a year. A sheriff’s deputy files marijuana possession charges in juvenile court."

For. The. Children.


Is Barack Obama The Messiah?

Still a good site to visit once in a while.

To remind how stupid people can be in their hero worshiping cultish behavior.

PS: If you entertained the question for, say, a millisecond you're the worst kind of pimple. 


Remember when the left alleged Palin's rhetoric led to that shooting in Arizona a couple of years back?

Civil discourse and all that jazz.

Funny how they don't feel the same way about Obama and Holder during Ferguson. To me, what they did - advocate for one side of the story - was far more irresponsible and dangerous.


Anti-semitism is anti-capitalism.


Snippets of T.C.:

Last month I was at my daughter's portfolio night at school. She was showing us her work and came upon a story she wrote. By the end of it she wrote, 'To sum up, he's a derp.' At which point my wife looked on with a nervous grin while I stood pretty much with face in palm.

But boy was I proud.

As if that wasn't enough to make a grown man with an immature mindset proud, today she told me we should invent a drink called 'Mountain Derp.'

She also likes to rework ads. For example, she reconfigured Scotia Bank's 'You're richer than you think' into 'you're poorer than you think' and Rothenberg and Rothenberg's 'You deserve more' into 'You deserve less.'

Her nine year-old mind is fast and furious with the quips; quite the eccentric, articulate and creative kid. Needless to say, public school isn't fitting her right.



A universal prescription drug plan could reduce total spending on medications in Canada by billions and cover everyone at an affordable price for taxpayers, health policy researchers say.
Canada is the only developed country with universal health insurance coverage that does not also offer universal prescription drug benefits.

Those developed countries being Europe. And in case you haven't noticed, a continent with muted growth, appalling tax rates and restrictive labour laws, increasingly incapable of paying for their generous welfare states.

Saving billions, by the way, means we'll spend double that in prog-speak.

Of course, once it becomes too expensive like anything else run by the government the researchers will say, "IT WAS JUST AN ACADEMIC SUGGESTION! You're the morons who listened to us!"

Universal food is right around the corner because everyone has a right to eat.


Poland prepare for battle fearing Russian invasion.

"...For evidence of how much President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has jangled nerves and provoked anxiety across Eastern Europe, look no farther than the drill held the other day by the Shooters Association.

The paramilitary group, like more than 100 others in Poland, has experienced a sharp spike in membership since Mr. Putin’s forces began meddling in neighboring Ukraine last year.

Thirty students took an oath to defend Poland at all costs, joining nearly 200 other regional members of the association — young men and women, boys and girls — marching in formation around the perimeter of the dusty high school courtyard here. They crossed Polish Army Boulevard and marched into the center of town, sprawling in four long lines along the edge of St. Joseph’s Square.

Gen. Boguslaw Pacek, an adviser to the Polish defense minister and the government’s chief liaison with these paramilitary groups, marched with them. He has been making the rounds in recent months of such gatherings: student chapters like this one, as well as groups of veterans, even battle re-enactors."

Perhaps their fears are warranted, what with WWII still fresh in their minds (and who could blame them having been fucked over by Russia, Germany and Austria over the years) and how the Obama administration has treated Poland, but it's an improbable scenario.

Attacking Poland means attacking NATO.

And when you attack NATO it's basically a Bat-Signal sent to the United States.

Not even an incompetent Obama administration would be ignore such an act of aggression.



"The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office. "

He didn't mention this on Jimmy Kimmel.


Take a break. Have a mint julep.

Recipe here.



Cross-dressing ISIS cowards.