Time For Teachers To Stand Up For Students

I've not been impressed with teachers.

From the onset, they've been the biggest proponents of keep schools closed while advocating remote learning. This was lest out of concern for the well-being of children (if it were they'd consider the negative impact on their development to which they play a role) and more out of personal concern. Which is understandable.

But of all the group of people who should assert some critical thinking it would be teachers.

For years we've been hearing about the hard work they do and that their work never stops. Teacher's unions have made sure the public is hammered with this as they demand to be viewed as professionals while striking for better wages.

Education is just politics by other means now and we see this clearly in North America during this pandemic. 

The claim officials and education are 'following science' is laughable. They're following the bad science that confirms their fears.

And children are paying the ultimate price. They're the ones being disproportionately harmed by all this. 

Not once have I heard people ask about the children. Not one Helen Lovejoy.

It's about me, myself and I.

There was a chance for teachers to really stand out and be leaders. Their usual complaints had fallen on deaf ears with the public in recent years. In the United States, public education is so poor I think it's another form of child abuse. We fare barely better up here.

On 9/11 the men and women serving police and fire departments selflessly ran into danger to certain death. 

Here was a chance for teachers to speak out for children. Instead they protested claiming the government was using them as 'guineas'.

Had they followed the literature from Europe they'd see there's low transmission from children to teachers. That schools are safe to operate without the useless, mind-numbingly terrorizing measures. They had a real chance to show the public their mettle when it counted most and failed.

Courage. Now please. 

Coronavirus Over Reaction: The Die Is Cast?

It's time to talk about precedence. 

The real battle has only begun and that's the fight to untangle all the disinformation and bad science that drove governments and people to panic and enact draconian measures some of which have never been tested or tried in history.

New strains of viruses surface every 10 or 20 years (think Hong Kong and Russian flu) yet we've never shut down economies or quarantined healthy people. The odd part about the lockdown - among many irrational reasons - is that we forced people to stay in. Where viruses do their most damage. We told people not to go outside. Which is what we should have done.

Then we jumped on this ridiculous mask parade to 'stop the spread'. I've discussed this ad nausem here and will just reiterated that can't be proven and masks don't work based on randomized, controlled studies. New studies have not been able to refute the large body of evidence that concludes this fact.

On two fronts the public was misled through endless propaganda, ads and medical practitioners who pimp out pseudoscience. 

Not sure how? Don't have the interest or time to read the studies? It's ok. one way to know there's no science to back up their claims is just observe how they talk. They always rely on emotional lingo as opposed to hard scientific facts and data. The other useful thing to remember is to look for words like 'may' or 'can' or 'could' or 'suggest' in media article. As in , 'masks may lead to herd immunity'. 

The main bad precedences we've set - both rooted in bad science - are the lockdowns, masks and contact tracing. The trifecta of a civil liberties abuse. Even the WHO didn't recommend these measures citing they're not necessary and impractical.  Why they switched deserves and demands an explanation. We know the WHO is a complete mess now influenced by China. The question is how do we deal with this relationship moving forward?

And now we know they don't work.

We've never gone this far  before. We've never outright ignored established like we have.

This is troubling onto itself but we continue to double down. All we're set to accomplish is to psychologically traumatize and anger people. 

Is this the 'new science' where every single season we mask up, social distance, divide our world with plexiglass and shut down?

It's irrational superstition. It's embracing the fog of fear.

We've misread the data and misapplied measures every step of the way and still officials project with failed models. It was nothing but a panic. What happens if we have a mild flu fall? They begin to scare people for the winter? They should not be letting people live like this. It's not a life waiting around in masks for a vaccine.

The virus is simply not as lethal was first thought. It's indeed racing towards behaving like the flu and other coronaviruses. I don't even know if it met Koch's Postulates. Has it been isolated and determined it causes Covid-19?

A virus doesn't care about policies. We've scapegoated and destroyed industries only to now shift towards homes (which always was and always be the mains source of transmission as we know from the common cold and flu). Do officials back off? Nope. They threaten to come door to door. The choose to shadow box with a virus that's likely been swirling since August of 2019 and we've probably have more resistance to it than we think. It's just putting the finishing touches in the living room where it plans to hang out for good. So we'd better learn to accept and live with it - sans vaccine.

The pure nonsensical behavior of Australia, the UK, the United States and Canada (led by Quebec and Ontario) is going to be studied for years to come. 

They stole people's right to a living. Ontario now has curfews. Even the way masks are used in a community setting if one cares to observe carefully condemns it to failure as all randomized, controlled studies have always warned. It's a challenge in medical settings imagine in society at large. In other words, it has no impact at all because in order for it to work you need to NEVER touch it, dispose of it properly in a biohazard built unit, be in constant use, and with over 80% compliance.

On what planet are all this public officials to think this is remotely feasible? 

How does any of this make sense? 

Once this settles, the true work begins. Disentangling the mess the media and public officials have made. We will have to work hard to ensure we avoid such dramatic responses. We need to be wiser next time around.

Nor should they be able to get away with any kind of 'what we didn't know!' excuses. We can give them March and maybe April. But once the data came in they refused to evolve with it and insisted on doubling down acting like it was still March. By that point, it was sheer fear and incompetence driving their irresponsible decrees. 

History must drop the hammer on them for it.

We're at the Rubicon. Let's not cross it.

*Depicted. Dr. Vera Etches Medical Officer of Health for Ottawa. An image of hysterical pseudoscience personified. If she behaves this way, then it's no secret why we're mired in this rut. 


Depiction of public officials at work:


Teachers/ pidddy


The Pandemic Is Over; A New Crisis Has Emerged: The Rise of the Police State

Highly distressing scene from Germany. A doctor protesting the country's restrictions was arrested prior to addressing the crowd.

The government is now out to threaten people.

From the comments:

It's just to flatten the curve.

It's just 6 feet. It's just a mask. It's just non-essential businesses. It's just 2 weeks. It's just to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. It's just restaurants and bars. It's just until the numbers of cases are reduced. It's just a few months. It's just a little inflation. It's just until we get a vaccine. It's just to let others know you're safe to be around. It's just a blood test. It's just a few job losses. It's just a little microchip. It's just an app for your phone. It's just so you can leave your home. It's just so you can travel. It's just so you can vote. It's just groups larger than 6. It's just so you can enter a grocery store. It's just after 10pm. It's just another 6 months. It's just our liberty, being taken away, piece by piece, and it's just according to plan. If you think these "lockdowns" and restrictions are about a virus, you haven't been paying attention."


I'm pleading to people: WAKE UP. The cases are driven by a lot of false positives. The virus is not as lethal as perceived.


Canada's Approach Is Wrongheaded And Doomed To Fail; UK Tries Unreliable Mass Testing Based On Bad Science. What can go wrong?

All it will accomplish is to continue to install fear and angst in people.

This virus is not lethal and restrictive measures will NOT work.

An Open Letter from Belgian doctors and citizens that worked. 

Canada needs to mobilize. Trudeau, Ford and Legault are running Canada into the ground based on BAD SCIENCE.

Their thinking is backwards. They claim excessive measures will stop the spread and therefor avoid lockdowns to keep the economy going.

Lockdowns should not even be considered a viable strategy at this point.

What they're on the path to doing is to continue the slaughter of civil liberties and economic activities. In other words, their thoughtless actions will have the opposite effect.

People. If you haven't seen enough from the first round of lockdown madness and its horrible impacts you need to pay closer attention.


And what worries me is the precedence being set here. We need to reign this national psychosis in. The coronavirus is simply not dangerous enough for us to lose everything we've built in terms of our freedoms and our economic health. Equally troubling is the negative consequences to our overall intellectual and mental health.

They have lit a match and set our civilization ablaze.


Case in point is the UK's mad plan to test 1 million people a day even while acknowledging the test will produce massive false positives. 

"All tests generate some false positives and . The consequence of high false negative rates are most serious in symptomatic people who can transmit disease while  become a problem when individuals and their contacts have to self-isolate unnecessarily. Even with a specificity of 99%, government proposals to do ten million tests a day, will generate tens of thousands of false positive results, causing unnecessary but legally enforced isolation of both cases and contacts with potentially damaging consequences for the UK economy and for civil liberties."

It's a national tragedy waiting to happen as per BMJ and other sources. They're experimenting on people and we should all be concerned for what's about to likely happen in the UK.

A nation with a proud scientific legacy has now fallen to superstition and panic.

Canada would be wise to whistle past the grave. Ignore any policy ideas from the UK. It's human poison. A majority of Britons support the lockdowns. They can't be helped at this point. 


Lack of transparency is a feature here in Canada. The difference between American and Canadian transparency is at least in the USA it's all in the open for the most part. You just have to search it out or ask for it. Not perfect but you can get a lot of information. Even during the Coronavirus it's much easier to gain access to readily available information.

It's much more of a challenge in Canada. It runs like a private old boys network and you ain't in it. 

Both countries have obscene corruption levels and it has been allowed to go on unchecked. Perhaps it's time for a reset. But it only starts when people become aware and care.

And so it is with the vaccines. We just don't have enough information to make an informed decision. There's not only a lack of communication between state and citizens but a lack of trust as well.

This is bound to foster skepticism and cynicism.

They've bungled every step of the way for the pandemic with measures that had little impact on the spread but a massive one on the society at large that had nothing to do with the virus.

They continue to be blinded as they pour extraordinary energy and resources into a virus that is simply not lethal. 

A survival rate well north of 99% does NOT demand these continued draconian 'concepts'.

And my guess (and hope really) is for the virus to weaken to a point where the vaccines may not even be necessary. 

Our governments have conditioned people to believe in the vaccine. This is foolish.

But foolish people make decisions.

We can but hope the damage is limited. 

Or Roy Rogers comes in and saves us all.

Yipee ki-yay motherfuckers! 


Quebec Foolishly Edges Back To Failed Strategies; Legault Pummels Quebec With Hysterics

All I asked for Christmas is to live in a place where it was governed by people who wouldn't hang out with the wrong crowd emulating their habits.

What do we get?

A government that copies the wrong places. 

We have no been able to extricate ourselves from the idea this virus is like March. 

It isn't.

Since March the virus has changed its character and course.

But what do you expect from a public Health Minister who attacked with lies an expert like Dr. Rosenberg?

Everything they said to discredit Dr. Rosenberg was political bull shit.

Legault, Dube, Arruda.

The faux-calme cavalier manner to which Legault speaks is troubling. His social engineering machinations is an exercise in futility and one on which could seriously damage the psyche of a people.

Masks are the ultimate symbol of submission. One rooted in a foul merger of false virtue and bad science.

These three people are irresponsible public servants laying the tracks for more draconian measures. Trade-offs that WE KNOW have had drastic and tragic consequences.

Legault is treading a very fine line at the moment as the science doesn't back up his micro-managing of life. Th bottom line is this virus is not a lethal virus and really doesn't justify the continued state of hysterical fear the government keeps playing and preying on. 

Legault should perhaps lay off the cavalier manner in which he casually inserts words like 'CONCEPTS' not NPI measures. That latest 'concept' being 'bubbles' to public officials.

I can't stress enough how foolish it is to threaten the well-being of a society based on junk science and 'what if' scenarios.

This is quackery. Cases onto themselves DO NOT justify the latest demands we stay home if not necessary. This is how we got into this mess in the first place! 

The idea we're just going to continue this imbecilic charade indefinitely hoping the vaccine comes is just about the most irresponsible and unwise thing you can do! Is the government giving pause to the possibility the vaccines may not work or come any time soon? Are we not better off to just keep going and  not conditioning people to think the vaccine will 'save' the day?

Now they have resurrected the 'flatten the curve' line. Remember that? 15 days to flatten the curve? California still hasn't opened PLAYGROUNDS.

They didn't give us back our lives which shouldn't be theirs to take to begin with. They stole our liberties. DON'T FALL FOR IT AGAIN.

I have lost confidence. 

Folks. It's time for peaceful civil disobedience. They won't stop. They've invested too much into this strategy. They're too arrogant to pivot or think with any courageousness. All they know is to compel and dictate. And they do that because they are clueless. Enough of this.

JUST LOOK AT THIS GRAPH and try and tell me they're justified. This looks suspiciously like, well, flu season. I could be wrong:

We're on a Zero-Covid path. Which means loss of civil liberties.

I hold out the birth and science will eventually prevail but in the meantime I get the feeling it will be a fight and more stress and angst is on the table.


This is wisdom: Who in Quebec speaks this way other than doctors who are silenced by Les Ordres des Medecins? Dr. Rosenbeerg has and look what happened. Dr. Weiss is another. We need more. And quick.


Daily Derp: Belgium Pivots. Rationally Drops The Masks; Makes Hospitalizations Key Metric Not Cases

Wow. Three derps in a day! 

This is interesting. Former Chief Science Officer Dr. Yeadon declares pandemic over.

"In a stunning development, a former Chief Science Officer for the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says "there is no science to suggest a second wave should happen." The "Big Pharma" insider asserts that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are being used to manufacture a "second wave" based on "new cases."


Pandemics in visuals. 

SARS Cov-2 isn't #1.


From Belgium via Alex Berenson:

"Some specifics:

No mandatory masks in most spaces. "It is useless to make masks compulsory anytime, anywhere." No limits on "professionally organized" gatherings. Hospitalizations, not positive tests, will be the main metric. Never thought I'd say this, but bravo Belgium!"

Bravo indeed. Thank you Belgium!

Canada. It's time to do the same. No excuses. Belgium has decided to follow the science.

Daily Derp: They're Blinding Us With Science

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when this blog has to provide people with scientific facts the government won''t.

Now the new shtick these shysters are peddling is 'cases rising among the youth'.


This is what a virus does. This is precisely what protects the elderly and other people. A virus infecting the young and healthy means more robust immunity.

We already jeopardized our collective immunity through draconian lockdowns and measures. And they're about to repeat the same error again.....and probably again after that. Until the incompetents realize the damage they've caused.

They've already ruined the psyche of the elderly. Now the media, politicians and health officials want their pound of flesh by dragging the kids into this.

All to try and 'show' they know what they're doing.

Cases are ups. Whoopee! Hospitalizations are down and may increase but won't be extended. Deaths are hugging the X-axis.


Mother Teresa comes in with her daily dose of dreary Doom: 

"The short-term forecasting models predict that there will be between 150,780 and 155,795 cases in Canada by Oct. 2, and between 9,220 and 9,300 deaths." 

She predicted there would be 22 000-40 000 deaths by April.

Tam is using, once again, these damn fucken models to make this projections.

And even if it hits those numbers, so what? AGAIN, if hospitalizations and deaths are low, this represents a tiny fraction of the population! With it, we may even get more immunity!

The incompetence is astonishing. 


This may have something to do with it. Tam is a creature of the WHO.

"Since 2001, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been actively promoting its ability to manage global health security. Recent events such as the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and the 2014 Ebola outbreak have, however, led to questions being raised about the WHO’s abilities and extensive calls for the organisation’s reform. This chapter examines a series of mistakes and the structural, cultural, political and epidemiological factors that contributed to the WHO’s mishandling of the first pandemic of the twenty-first century and the world’s largest ever outbreak of Ebola. The chapter then concludes by examining the reforms currently being implemented to strengthen the WHO’s global health security capabilities and what these signify for the future."

"...Collectively, these mistakes suggest a risk-averse, reactionary bureaucracy and one highly protective of the organisation’s reputation. To date, there is little indication that this mind-set has changed."

"....Within this context, it is also unreasonable to expect the WHO to never err again. The IO, ultimately, comprises individuals, and as Oestreich () observes, ‘[p]eople are quirky, unpredictable, and unique’. Events such as disease outbreaks are often permeated by pervasive uncertainty, and while they do oftentimes create political space for change, as Ottersen et al. () have also noted, the ‘policy windows’ for implementing change can be brief. Converting the organisation’s culture to adopt an ‘emergency mind-set’ is unlikely to be accomplished quickly, principally as reforming bureaucracies can be a laborious, tedious process."

Nothing changed as we just witnessed.

And Tam brought this mayhem to Canada.

Worth a read. 


The British have shown they're up to the task of dishonouring their proud scientific heritage by counting to insist on depraved and discredited lockdowns (every that occurs from now on, Johnson is responsible for) and other impractical measures that won't work. Now they're about to go into PCR testing overdrive.

BMJ warns this is a bad idea.

"False positives become a problem when individuals and their contacts have to self-isolate unnecessarily. Even with a specificity of 99%, proposals to do 10 million tests a day will generate many thousands of false positive results, causing unnecessary but legally enforced isolation of both cases and contacts with potentially damaging consequences for the UK economy and for civil liberties."


Interesting finding on households in Scotland and SARS-Covd 2.


No deaths on college campuses and hardly any hospitalizations.

Daily Derp: Following Science Off A Cliff

I looked at Canada's case to death trajectory. 

I started on March 15 the first day we began recording. I then followed in one-month blocks.

I looked at Canada's case to death trajectory. 

I started on March 15 the first day we began recording. I then followed in one month blocks. Here's what I found and won't surprise anyone here but it's always worth putting it down like this.

March 15: 244 cases; 1 death. .41%

April 15: 27 046; 903. 3.3%

May 15: 73 401; 5472. 7.5%

June 15: 98 776; 8146. 8.2%

July 15: 108 475; 8798. 8.1% 

August 15: 121 652; 9020. 7.41%

September 22: 143 649; 9217. 6.4%

Notice cases are going up while total number of deaths have dropped as well as at the death rate. 


Mask fanatics. 


Probably the best video you'll see about this tired and worn out mild epidemic.


Justice Department identifies New York, Seattle and Portland as places that allowed violence to take place.

Some funny politics memes. And by funny, I mean making fun of Bumbling Biden.

More evidence emerges in the Weiner saga. 

Probably one of the most disgusting stories you'll read about Biden and how Democrats operate.

His big, arrogant mouth cost the lives of Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden.

Remember how much they bragged about that? Him and that other guy Barry.


Dr Heneghan of CEBM: Low circulation, low risk. Covid-19 is now seasonal.

Be vigilant.

No need for masks.


But don't expect science when Justin gives his Throne speech. Imagine that. A man so disgraced and filled with scandals is going to give a 'road map' out of this mild epidemic. He's going to blind us with science.

I wouldn't let Justin read me a map out of Vermont, let alone lead the country out of this.

The only thing I want to hear is him resigning.

*Update. Payette read the speech. Two of the most discredited members of Parliament speaking for the country. This government must fall.


Meanwhile, some study in Ontario predicts deaths with rise to 7500 by January in the province. It currently sits around 2300.

Forming policy based on predictions is what got us in the mess and needs to stop.

Remember when Tam said we could see 22 000-40 000 deaths by April?

How she's still holding her job is beyond comprehension.

Here we are in September, and media is still reputing on these idiotic models.

Deaths won't rise to 7500.

The peak of this virus's lethality has long since passed. It already did it's damage in the spring and now it's infecting the young and healthy where the survival rate is well north of 99%.

Just on a basic logic level the model makes no sense. I suppose it's assuming the winter will be brutal but this virus seems to like the dampness of late winter/early spring weather.

There's but one way to handle this now. Go on with your life and measure it like we do influenza.

We've done everything we could. Keep encouraging social distancing and hand washing. NO RESTRICTIONS. NO LOCKDOWNS. NO MASKS. 


Canadian woman who tried to kill Trump from Laval. Where the heck did she get ricin?

Interesting that the criminal jerk offs who run Twitter kept her lunatic Tweets threatening to kill him up (and others like that) but censored Trump's Tweets.

I truly hope Trump knocks that punk Dorsey on his ass.


Open letter from 1700 medical professionals and nearly 400 citizens asking the Belgian government to follow the actual science.

It's preposterous we have to beg public health officials to knock it off.


I have a (dormant) Fall of the West segment that covers these sorts of stories .

It's not surprising the people behind the 1619 Project don't stick to their intellectual principles because, well, the project never had any. It was just a flimsy, piece of revisionism rooted in race. 

Academia has been infiltrated and assaulted by far left dogma and identity politics. We've known this for quite some time. I forget where I read this (Pew?), but at one point in the 1950s and 60s, the ratio  of Democrat to Republican professors was in the area of 2:1 or 3:1. Now it's 12:1.

Another field that has fell to special interest and corruption is science. Big pharma has its tentacles in reputable journals.

And with it, like academia, threatens the very core and integrity of such publications.

The way I see it is we're going through a hysteria and Dark Age at the same time. This explains the bad science policy in full gear at the moment.

Very unwise and foolish people control policy. 

One can only hope that as they fall, a new period of enlightenment can be relaunched.

One can hope.


LA Times catches up with the times. Here's a Scooby snack.

WhY cOMe sWEEdin fiNITH wiT dA CoROna?


What to expect from first generation vaccines.


Masks make no difference in Minnesota. And Nashville: 

Know where else they make no difference?



Pennsylvania court joins Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois in declaring lockdowns illegal. Sadly, it also ruled mail ballot votes can still be counted three days of the election. It raises concerns this could tip the state for Biden. Philadelphia is ground zero for voter fraud.

In any event, hopefully Galati can do the same for Ontario. I believe there are Quebec lawyers who planned to challenge the government but haven't heard much yet. Galati is definitely at the forefront.


At least Van Morrison is on our side.


The virus doesn't care about your shitty restrictions.


Some information on where we're at with the virus.

Christian Dube's Misrepresents Dr. Rosenberg

Add Dube to the list of CAQers spewing disingenuous information.

This is where we are on the 2020 timeline. Where the government SILENCES actual experts.

We're in a situation now where the government is now actively censoring dissenting opinions from experts.

Quebec is acting very much as you'd expect from it. They make the case for why I'm jealous we don't have a Second Amendment. Legault thinks he's so fucken smart thinking he's fooling people. He's not even a good liar.

It's a complete sham and farce.

Let's break into the Dube's false attack on Dr. Rosenberg. Read the blood boiling idiocy here. 

Here's Rosenberg's quote

"Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, former executive director of the Jewish General hospital and president and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services Network of the West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS) has just said that Covid-19 is similar to the flu virus in both danger and risk of transmission. He also mentioned that, while Covid-19 is particularly dangerous to the elderly with pre-existing conditions, the flu targets the very young as well as the very old. The Jewish General is the province's primary Covid-19 treatment center."

First off, the vast majority of deaths happened in government long-term facility homes. The sheer disaster of what happened can't be over stated. Nor do we really know if alleged Covid deaths were ever tested. Sante Publique prevented people from performing autopsies on loved ones.

It's also worth mentioning the protocol for reporting cause of death was changed by the WHO.like they did with the definition of what constitutes a pandemic in 2009.  

Officials don't speak of excess monthly deaths in Canada is no different than in past years. If they did, it would expose the lies they're peddling.

I will be looking into all deaths for 2020 to ascertain what the excess death is.

Dude made a false claim when he Covid "can leave survivors with long-term health consequences.

All viruses offer this risk. It's not a justification for the measures in place. 

Dube goes on to conflate and misrepresent Rosenberg's over all point. He wasn't saying it was symptomatically the same nor did he compare the two. All he said is they both similarly pose danger (fact) and risk of transmission (fact).

"It is clear that COVID-19 is much more severe than the seasonal flu," he said on Radio-Canada's Tout un matin Tuesday.  As time moves on, this statement looks more and more dubious. At the moment, it does pose a greater overall danger but it's also now seasonal. Dube is talking as if the virus has the same force as it had in March when we know from the deaths it isn't the case and likely in low circulation and on its way to becoming a seasonal virus not necessarily more or less dangerous as influenza.

"COVID is unquestionably much worse than a bad flu season," McGeer said, but noted Canada's influenza death rate is kept in check by vaccines. 

In 2020 it is, will it next year as we learn to cope to it and perhaps build antibodies and T-cell immunity?

As for the vaccine, that's the government playing up its fear campaign to make sure people remain afraid. But SARS Cov-2 is actually reaching flu like numbers without a vaccine.

Picture Covid as a meteor that was observed coming from space. On its descent it looks like it will crash and leave a hole in North America but instead breaks apart thanks to earth's atmospheric defense and ends up being a pebble crashing with a light thud. That's the virus. In March it came in like a meteor only to peter out. The cases are no different than cases for any other virus now. But the government weirdly continues to operate on the notion we're still in March.

This was made clear when Dube said Covid has killed 68 Quebecers per 100 000. This is true but a classic case of playing with statistics.

First, deaths by SARS Cov-2 in Canada is 23 per 100 000. It's 22 for influenza.

Second, 68 is a TRAILING figure. As in, it's already baked in. Looking at past figures don't tell us anything about the current situation. That's why it's critical to examine the numbers now and what it means moving FORWARD. If you notice, deaths have come off since June and not likely to reach those seen in the spring. That was an anomaly. 

One menacing tool of deception the government loves to use are 'projections' based on models. Because we've seen just how reliable that has been, right? Not just during the pandemic (remember when Tam said Canada could see 22 000-40 000 deaths by April? We're at 9200 in September and a vast chunk of those came in nursing homes. 

And he's flat out wrong. The data is indisputable. 

"In countries like the US, the UK, and also Sweden (without a lockdown), overall mortality since the beginning of the year is in the range of a strong influenza season; in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, overall mortality is in the range of a mild influenza season."

Sweden SCHOOLED the world and laugh at Dube.

Context people. Work with me.

Legault told a reporter to stop watching CNN. Good advice.

Maybe he could do his part in stopping to spread fake news.

What The Government Is Doing Should Anger And Infuriate Us; Draconian Measures Have Cost LIVES

Time to shine a light on what politicians are doing to us.

I'm hearing and reading many heartbreaking and emotional stories about the rise in suicides, children anxiety rising and people struggling to accept wearing a mask for a long period fostering fierce resentment. There are no shortage of reports on domestic and child abuse, families losing businesses and people not getting timely medical attention.

The tragedy?

It's all unnecessary and self-inflicted.

By way of government and public health officials.

They have, like sociopaths and arsonists, lit our societies ablaze with their irresponsible, anti-sicence, anti-human measures.

The incompetence is astonishing.

I'm at the point I can't stomach watching them go before the TV to talk, scold and spew lies like blathering buffoons. 

They have stolen months from our lives. And continue to rob us of our humanity.

If you think any of them follow measures they've imposed on you. Please stop being a fool and a useful idiot.

Here are some of the leaders who continue to guide their citizens through bad science. These are the true 'recalcitrants':

Boris Johnson

Angela Merkel

Sophie Wilmes

Emmanuel Macron

Pedro Sanchez

Justin Trudeau

Doug Ford

Francois Legault

Gretchen Whitmore

Andrew Cuomo

Sophie Wilmes

Charlie Baker

Gina Raimondo

Phil Murphy

Jay Inslee

Mike De Wine

Tom Wolf

Tim Waltz

J.B. Pritzker

All breakers of science.

Here in Canada, Health Canada refuses HCQ to be administered on patients while Sante Publique in Quebec gives out dubious orders among them not permitting people to perform autopsies who died in long-term facilities. All deaths were deemed to be Covid-19 deaths.

They're not alone. There are plenty of other leaders and health officials across the West (and they know who they are) who are equally culpable.

Their actions constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

Time for them to account.


Meanwhile, we gotta listen to slow pokes like Doug Ford scold people wondering if they have to go for brains scans as he attends a wedding free of his own restrictions.

Hypocritical is an understatement. 

Words can't describe.

Just look at their actions.


It's simple.

You're for the mask: Pseudoscience.

You're against the mask: Science.

The only uncooperative people I see in the room are the ones peddling and pimping plexiglass and masks. 


Historic Peace Deal Signed

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel lead and brokered by the United States, have signed a historic peace deal.

2020 continues to provide landmark events both challenging and uplifting. 

Donald Trump continues to defy the odds. For four years he's been targeted by a cynically mischievous Democrat party and irresponsible and partisan media. He has endured an investigation and impeachment rooted in lies and fabrications pushed through by corrupted politicians.

Yet, he managed to steer the country into one of its greatest post-war economic growth, ushered in landmark criminal and tax reform (and with a second term possibly immigration reform), refashioned the global trade network where nations are encouraged to look after their own interests and not those of international agencies and of course the historic peace agreement.

The big winners here is the Middle-East. They can but benefit enormously and have given themselves a chance at continued success and prosperity as opposed to friction, hate and conflict.

Who wouldn't want in on this club? 

I heard it remarked that these countries weren't at war with Israel as a way to downplay the deal. Except all Arab nations never recognized the right for Israel to exist. So this is indeed a monumental shift in attitude. It says Israel isn't going anywhere and it's time to cooperate in peace.

The biggest loser is, of course, Iran. It remains a theocracy of hate and funder of terrorism. It is a destabilizing force in the region. The Arab nations felt betrayed by Obama's Iran deal. Israel saw it as a threat to national security. That deal had little offer except theatrics and enhance Obama's  (as of yet he has not commented on the deal. And with good measure. His legacy looks even more empty now. But he does have vapid BLM/SJW Tweets up.) flimsy image as a peaceful President. 

Now, Iran find itself encircled again. It will be up to them to decide moving forward what they want for their country. Alas, this will only happen when the regime topples. Russia remains its only ally.

Finally, the Palestinians. The ball is in their court. Either they sue for peace or they continue on as a client state of Iran. They can continue on with their regressive violent stance that will achieve nothing. Or they can come to the table with honour and do right by their people.

The choice is entirely theirs to make.

Now. It says in the Bible if the Jews and Arabs ever made peace the end of the world is near.

We'll see.

Covid-19: It's Getting Worse....The Response That Is; Quebec And Ontario Are Leaders Of Stupidity

And now goggles and face shields are back in vogue.

Panic. All they do is panic.

Living a life trying to avoid infection is not a life.

It's irrational and depressed hysteria. 

Live your life.


The other day I was talking to my mother. She's living in primal fear.

As I listened to her, the more my anger with government and health officials grew.

These emotional terrorists have destroyed the psyche of the elderly (in the USA people in nursing homes have stopped eating because seeing family members through a window without embracing them was not a life worth living.We went from one extreme to another in failing them to over-protecting them. Both are resulting in deaths. On top of that, if they do get infected, doctors aren't allowed to administer HCQ) and are now invading schools to smash the minds of children.

Zoomschooling is going to be a disaster. Already we're hearing about anxiety levels rising for children while teachers sometimes don't show up. It's also worthing noting Zoom isn't perfect too as a piece of technology. 

Every single person who has has a hand in this sordid mess is a psychological abuser.


Tools of superstition pimped and peddled by buffoons and ignoramuses.

"We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic." NEJM.

People are being lied to about this being scientifically sound. 


It's always heartening when a doctor confirms what Ive been saying here. 

Governments are doing a huge disservice to people by encouraging this 'no new normal until a vaccine' line.  It's best to wisely prepare people to accept learning to cope with the virus. And by cope, I mean without the impractical and odious measures.

We've already traumatized people enough to the point of disgrace.


"Leslie Waller from the health department asks, “This isn’t going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor’s Office?"

“Correct, not for public consumption,” writes senior advisor Benjamin Eagles.

A month later, the health department was asked point blank about the rumor there are only 80 cases traced to bars and restaurants.

Tennessee Lookout reporter Nate Rau asks, “The figure you gave of 'more than 80' does lead to a natural question: If there have been over 20,000 positive cases of COVID-19 in Davidson and only 80 or so are traced to restaurants and bars, doesn’t that mean restaurants and bars aren’t a very big problem?"

Health department official Brian Todd asked five health department officials, "Please advise how you recommend I respond. "


Speaking of useless and lying scumbags. Doug Ford is an idiot. 

Already this sad excuse of a leader called people 'yahoos' for daring to protest (BLM protests were allowed to go ahead), now he asked the other day if young people should go for 'brain scans'.

Ford is still clinging to the idea it's March and is ham fisting a political agenda based on fear mongering. 

It's a bit rich that this jerk off tells people to social distance and wear masks when he was part of some bug wedding on September 8.

People. Wake UP. The media and its pals in government are lying right to your face. 

Let's look at a couple of examples.

Headline from CityToronto:

"70% of cases of people under 40. "

This is a meaningless statistic deliberately put out to foster fear. That's all it's good for.

It provides no context. To anyone who paying attention, they'd know that this is, you know, what viruses always do. And that while cases go up for this demographics, hospitalizations and extended stays remain low because the vast majority of healthy people get through it. Moreover, and more important, deaths have essentially flattened.

There is NO JUSTIFICATION for what Ontario and Quebec are doing. They are NOT following science with any kind of proper context.

All they're doing is using fear and terror through coercive force.

Quebec, once again, shows how pernicious a place it can be. Less a leader, this province is a copy/paste place. That is, it looks at what other places are doing and copy it - but worse.

Genevieve Guibault and Arruda in particular have become the face of this obscene incompetence.

They get in front of the cameras and instead of leading like adults, they fear monger and scold like petty tyrants. Robocop and Dr. Doom wagging their fingers fat on incompetence.

Force is the last refuge of scoundrels.

Didn't you hear? The cases are going up because YOU'RE not listening to these morons! It's not because the virus is just doing what it's supposed to do. Nope. These buffoons actually believe these measures can and will work!

My bet? If you were to remove masks (leave social distancing aside because I don't want to scare people. One thing at a time), the cases still go up. And there's no way to determine if 'we don't have masks it would go higher'. My suspicion is based on hard data, the masks have ZERO MEASURABLE impact on anything except to piss of people, lower morale and for Legault to steal money from people through fines. The province boasted it issued 2100 tickets thus far.

Arruda now is shooting his mouth off warning he's going to cancel Christmas.

What a low character man. This is a HEALTH DOCTOR. I wouldn't go see this guy for a wart let alone a serious ailment.

This is where we're at in 2020. All this education. All this money pumped into a civilization to produce....a political class that all it can muster during a pandemic is to spread fear, lies and superstition as they drag out a hysteria.

Horacio the Grinch:


Some Raw SARS Cov-2 Versus Influenza Data

Quick, raw statistical data comparing influenza and pneumonia with SARS-Cov-2.

In 2018, Health Canada reported 8511 deaths attributed to influenza/pneumonia translating into 23 deaths per 100 000 population.

To date in 2020, Canada has recorded 9210 deaths related to SARS Cov-2. Or 24 deaths per 100 000 population.

Here's the breakdown by age group for deaths caused by influenza/pneumonia:

U-1: 15

1-4: 14

5-9: 4

10-14: 4

15-19: 6 

20-24: 6

25-29: 8

30-34: 18

35-39: 22

40-44: 39

45-49: 51

50-54: 127

55-59: 166

60-64: 281

65-69: 316

70-74: 538

75-79: 702

80-84: 1147

85-89: 1821

90+: 3226

The case/death graph for SARS Cov-2 are going into two different directions much like we would see during flu season.

We also know influenza is deadlier to children than SARS Cov-2 with 43 deaths from U-1 to the 15-19 demographic. There are no known cases of deaths for children under nine years-old for Covid-19.

It's also dangerous to people in all age groups whereas SARS-Cov 2 is particularly focused on an older demographic afflicted with co-morbidities. 90% of all deaths are in the 60 and over demographic with a vast majority of those usually afflicted with a co-mobordity (underlying medical issue or condition). 

SARS Cov-2 poses a significant risk to the older portion of the population much like influenza, however the latter tends to strike all age groups. It's important to keep  this mind to avoid allowing for outliers to dictate or distort perception. For example, an individual dying from Covid-19 who was 30 and other wise healthy is not the typical profile of someone dying from this virus.

This is why it's important to contextualize the numbers whenever the government says cases are going up. 

Cases going up doesn't mean it's a bad thing. We're testing more with 6.6 million tests conducted at last count with a 2.1% positive rate. And even at 2.1% we don't know really how accurate they are.

Meanwhile hospitalizations (for now) are down and deaths likely to remain low if European trends are a reliable indicator. We're much more better prepared. Focus should be on early detection and treatment. Cases go up, but the average age as dropped as well. Young and healthy individuals have a high survivability rate above 99%.

If we'd apply the same way we're treating Covid-19, we'd likely never leave our homes - vaccine or not.

In the United States, for the 2018-2019 flu season, there were 35.5 million cases with a further breakdown by age here. Is there an Influenza case count? 

While outbreaks can occur in restaurant settings, it is not the main driver. Long-term facility centres and hospitals are the main settings with most cases.  Which brings up the question of trade-offs. If the majority of cases are from those two settings while other settings like restaurant and bars are low, what's the cost of focusing on small outbreaks associated with them by limiting or shutting them down? Particularly, with unemployment and other economic consequences. 

This encapsulate well why Canadians need to begin considering the trade-offs for the continued suppression policies of provincial governments. Is one death more per 100 000 justify lockdowns and living in fear? 

Finally, in Canada, here's how death by illness (2018) shapes up:

Cancer: 83 400

Malignant neoplasms: 79 536

Disease of heart: 53 134

Cerebrovascular diseases: 13 480

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 13 290

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 12 998

SARS Cov-2: 9200

Influenze and pneumonia: 8511

Diabetes: 6794

Alzheimer's: 6429

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 3811

Still support restrictions? Do the measures seem disproportionate to the threat?

It's ok Horacio. You can knock off the tough talk about Christmas. No one wants to see a Grinch steal Christmas. The science and facts are simply not on your side. You can cry and squawk about cases but doctors are increasingly speaking out. Dr. Weiss at the Jewish said exactly what the head Italian doctor said: No lockdowns because it was be devastating and the hospitals can handle this phase.

"Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, former executive director of the Jewish General hospital and president and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services Network of the West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS) has just said that Covid-19 is similar to the flu virus in both danger and risk of transmission. He also mentioned that, while Covid-19 is particularly dangerous to the elderly with pre-existing conditions, the flu targets the very young as well as the very old. The Jewish General is the province's primary Covid-19 treatment center."

End of discussion. End of fear.

In Belgium, a country hit hard, over 1700 medical experts and almost 9000 people have signed an open letter asking the government to stop with the lies.

Governments should be encouraging Canadians to learn to live and cope with the virus. The idea we're living to avoid getting sick until a vaccine comes is impractical, unnecessary and threatens our collective overall quality of life on what it means to enjoy our existence.

This is what leadership is. To be courageous. Not succumb to fear. Public officials have failed us. 

If we don't get a handle on this hysteria soon, I'm really concerned what the fallout could be.