Fool me once, Shame On You

Fool me twice....you know the rest.

I can't for the life of me understand how anyone could still believe a single word uttered by public officials.

That they actually buy into 'if we lock down for four weeks we can have Christmas!'

It's beyond a level of naiveness that's actually dangerous.

To be this foolish is a greater threat than the virus itself.

In order to buy into this nonsense pimped by virologists and other experts is to accept that somehow they know it takes 'four weeks' to do what ever they expect the virus to do. 

Of course, the idea is it will slow down the spread but little else. What happens on day 29?

The problem with these declarations is they're actually open-ended decrees. It's just that politicians aren't forthright about it.

Take Legault here. On October 1 he decreed no one can go into anyone's house and ordered restaurants and gyms be shut. Cases still shot up and it's unclear if these measures had any impact. Based on data and studies I've read, it's likely they did not. What they did do is put a lot of people out of work and created an atmosphere of bitterness.

He told the people, in his usual faux-calme tone that we'd all pull together for 28 days! It's now 60 days in.

And now he can't be bothered to continue stringing people along and said it would be another 30 days.

And then another.

He's the master of the bait and switch. In other words, a weasel. 

His sidekick clown Arruda, after maliciously agreeing to mask children knowing damn well masks don't work, had the gall and audacity to say it was 'temporary'.

That's how low they think of people. 

It's all arbitrary. It doesn't work. 

He just doesn't have the humility and courage to admit it. Francois Legault would rather deceive than be honourable.

He has a political career to protect. For whatever that's worth at this point. All these idiot politicians are positioning themselves to be 'heroes' when this weak-ass virus finally peters out. 

I sure as hell won't be voting for him. 

How stupid and weak are people to not begin to question this kind of arrogant incompetence? Why are they still buying into 'if we could just only listen to muh authority'? These same 'compassionate' people have no problem sending in the police to bust up someone's life in some macabre sense of self-righteousness.

It's virtue porn at this point. They probably masturbate to watching someone get arrested on TV for mysteriously putting their sorry ass life in danger.

To those of you who support lockdowns, you're a willing participant in this social malaise. You're the one lighting more matches to the fire. 

You're no good. So take all your stupid propaganda slogans and shove it up your ass and take the mask and shove it up the asses of public officials in one gigantic gross gangbang. 

As for the media. Less than useless. They're completely neutered and of no help.

So it's up to us to demand society look at the collateral damage.

Just on starvation and lack of cancer treatments alone we're talking not tens of thousands but tens of millions who will die.

All in the grotesque notion of piling all efforts into saving one life.

It's patently asinine and absurd.

Irresponsible and immoral.

When this nightmare ends (and by nightmare I mean the measures), and we start to take stock of the damage, it will become obvious of the destruction caused.

At that point all public officials must be held to account.

These are the people who are banking on the vaccine to bail them out. They have foolishly set up the situation so that it became a means to an end when in reality they should have never done that.

But because they're gutless cowards they staked it all on a vaccine.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Did they for one second ever think of this? I'm not so sure because they don't seem have caught up with the key metric of excess deaths or trade-offs.

Now, if they have half the brain and leadership they claim to have, they pay close attention to the protests and rising violence and start to pivot because it could happen here. But I don't expect this with egotistical people. 

These people have been wrong every step of the way and in the process ruined lives unnecessarily because they allowed fear and psychopathy to reign.

Criminals and fools rule over us.

Faustian Deal: Covid Tests - Or Vaccines - To Live Free?


You will see. This academic will reveal itself to be the great frauds in medical history.


View the world at the moment as a battle between national sovereignty and international oppression.

Millions upon millions of people are protesting. Lawsuits are being launched. 

Media and social media are deliberately suppressing all this. 

You normies out there. You logically thought if you abided first for 15 days to flatten the curve which stetted to well over 100, and then for another 28 days after a short reprieve which is already over 60, need to see this for what it is. They won't stop unless YOU tell them to. 

We must all stop complying to these illegal decrees. The best we can do is a combination of limiting movement (by choice), social distancing, work from home scheduling, shared common courtesy. Masks fall under a choice of common courtesy. 

No lockdowns or mandatory masks. Those are FUTILE, ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL.

We can all do our small parts. First among them is to remain vigilant and INFORMED. Know the data. Second, boycott companies that are compelling tests (which can lead to mandatory vaccines just to live) to use their service. Airlines have begun this nonsense including Air Canada. I'm more than willing to sit air travel out until this utter hysteria passes. 

The people are rising.

Tomorrow is a full moon.

We will prevail.



The Constitution Could Deliver Trump Victory

Don't know how closely people are following the election aftermath but while the media continues to pretend Trump has no chance while framing it as though he's the one committing fraud, his Constitutional challenges have turned out to be genius.

I do think Trump can prevail. He challenged on the right grounds. Powell and Wood are attacking a different cat altogether. It won't be a 'ok you caught us let's go on' scenario. They want people to go to jail over the election fraud.

Has anyone noticed Biden and Harris have been laying low?

I reckon all eyes are on Pennsylvania. 

Stay tuned.

Are We In A False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic?; Canadian False-Virtuousness and Selfishness

Looks like it.

And it's all linked to the faulty PCR testing. 


Unfortunately, Canadians seem to still be deluding themselves. They're 'willing to do their part' by letting others pay the price. How many of them own 'non-essential' businesses? How many will be able to continue to go on with their lives and still get paid while they stupidly mask up pretending they're making a difference?

To think this way is to be thoughtless, inhumane and arrogant. You are NOT a hero.

YOU are the selfish ones. YOU are the cowards.

The Repeat

Journalists 1935: Stalin a-okay! Better than than the rest!

Journalists 2020: China a-okay! Better than the rest!

Pic Of The Day: Starring Caveman Ford

Doug want bone!Where to my bone!?

From the 'Pointless Zero' collection.

'It's Just A Mask!'

No it isn't.

Toronto Police Sides With The State

Protect and serve the state.

That should be police who carry out illegal decrees.

Remember police. The Nuremberg trials determined 'doing your jobs' is NOT justification to cause harm to fellow humans. If you knowingly do something that is doing no harm then you're immoral. 

100 cops deployed to arrest one restaurant owner who does NOT pose a public risk (the science does NOT support Doug Ford who is being manipulated by white coats) is an abomination.

Go do some real work.

We're part of a terrible experiment now gone wrong. If you buy into the casedemic, then you're ready to accept all draconian assaults on free peoples. But you leave violent BLM rioters alone?

How is this justice and honour?

The rest of us now can but watch in utter despair and shock at the injustice and inhumanity of it all.

All of Canada has lost a piece of its soul during the Skelly incident. I'm afraid it's about to get worse. This was obviously theatre to send a message. That's what thugs following illegal decrees do.

Stop being useful idiots police.

'What did you do today honey?'

'I busted up a man's life for trying to provide for his family'.

Shameless cowards.

Citizens Of The World: Wake Up. Government Doesn't Need To Mandate Vaccination

All they have to do is force businesses and schools to do their dirty work.

That's how the mask scam worked. They didn't coerce people, they threatened businesses. It was a backdoor mandate. 

'Of course you're free not to wear one!' But no entrance!'

So no more public school. No air travel. No grocery shopping - ironically all PLACES THAT ARE NOT DRIVERS OF OUTBREAKS. 

This is how evil it has become.

And notice. They've already planned it out. Notice the talk about how this 'casedemic' is going to apparently stick around. Just long enough to keep the fear going to stick a needle in people's arms I reckon. Legault is already pimping out stupid art where the vaccine represents 'hope'.

It's grotesque.

We have to start filing lawsuits to get access to the information they keep from the public. It wouldn't surprise me we'd uncover a deep cover-up like what we're seeing with the election fraud in the U.S.. 

The vaccine IS the Dominion voting machine scandal for what's looking more and more like a fabricated casedemic.

It's all a scam to sell vaccines.

The lockdowns. The masks. The cases. The constant pumping up of fear. It's all to soften people up. 


I'm no fan of calling citizens idiots. Politicians yes but not people. But I gotta say, if you're still buying into this hysteria, you're an idiot. 

The Convoy Protest In Quebec Underway

An auto convoy along Quebec's highways starting from different cities will converge on their way to Quebec City to protest lockdown measures in the province, in Canada and around the world.

People are getting fined and arrested for having the temerity to want to live and work under the guise of 'public health'. The suspicious part about this is they're willing to beat down people for masks, what happens with vaccines? Canadians need to ask these questions now. 

If you support lockdowns or 'Covid Zero' schemes, you're part of the problem and contributing to misery. Covid  isn't a death sentence. THE MEASURES and all the experts peddling it are.

Once again, as we deny kids a normal life piling onto them because terrified fools living in fear want to keep everyone else scared to get cases to zero, we're not considering the COLLATERAL DAMAGE this is causing. At this point I can but conclude some people have good intentions but are misguided but the officials that push this should know better and I can but conclude they're acting with malice. It's psychopathic behaviour. That included obviously, Legault and Ford as well as Arruda, Williams, Trudeau and Tam. The Big Six who should either resign or be investigated because I've yet to see a single shred of evidence for their measures. 

Saying 'one death is too many' is insane babbling. They keep talking how this is going to go on and on. It only does if you keep watching them and the news. You MUST inform yourselves. Legault, Ford and the media are misleading people and not putting things in context and perspective.

There's a lot of growing angst and worry out there about what's in store because these so-called leaders aren't communicating well because they're cowards and incompetent. Instead of coming out to address these concerns, they allow it to fester and deepen.

Which should make us all skeptical of their plans. 

Just a complete breakdown of leadership. 

Courageously flip this damn script back into normalcy.

Remember, public authorities do NOT CARE about you. They care about POWER AND CONTROL.

Stop being obedient. Listening to them will be your downfall. Think of the world you may bequeath the next generation.

Follow the events on Bright Light News.

Good luck to all!




Ban All Public Officials And Officers

Here's an idea.

Since public officials have shamelessly and without proof put people out of work during the holidays, there has to be a way to make them pay for the misery they caused.

Restaurants and gyms have paid a huge price as we know (don't get me going what we did to kids). Some as Skelly in Etobicoke have been brave enough to fight back but the police are all too ready to enforce these 'laws' (which really are just illegal decrees from dumbasses) but we're still waiting for others to step up and defend their rights to earn a living.

I wish them luck.

But when we hopefully do get back to normal (and that's the next great big fight), restaurants should deny service to all public officials and officers when they reopen.

It would make these past eight months of psychological terror almost bearable if I ever see Valerie Plante, Francois Legault, Genevieve Guibault and Dr. Bad Boy Horacio Arruda are asked to leave an establishment.


Covid-19 Reveals The Values And Empiricism Of The Enlightenment Is Dead

For those of us looking on in horror at the response from public officials and people falling so easily for fear propaganda, it became painfully obvious early in the pandemic that our responses weren't going to be factual and evidence based. Passion over rode reason.

The second the 'save granny' and 'the economy is just money' and other empty platitudes and tropes entered the lexicon, I had to resign myself to the fact nothing was going to be rational and public policy was going to be based on panic.

When you're not of clear, sound mind, you will not be able to stoically and scientifically assess risk giving way to incoherent and arbitrary policies which end up being exercises in futility.

Masks for example are a direct result of fools acting like they follow science.

We're in the eye of the hysterical storm now. The pathos (emotion) is what drives the narrative. It's what keeps media alive and what humans respond to: Wear a mask, save a life.

No amount of proof will sway a person from this because, well, look at that statement. Daring to inject an objective analytic to it will earn you scorn.

We can but sit, wait and watch in dismay as government do what it does best: Make thing worse. Only in the mind of bureaucrats and public officials does robbing people of their right to earn living, depriving them of their humanity while beating, stealing and scaring them into submission for the 'greater good' make any sense.

Covid-19 revealed to me everything that made the West what it is, is dead.

Compounding this monumental collapse in logic and reason, is the suppression and censorship of those voices offering a flickering hope of sound science on social media.

We're on the run from the mad tyrannical mob with their pitch forks out to slay Asymptomaticstein.

No, no. You have it backwards. You shouldn't be laughing at the Middle-Ages. You're playing out the part. If you wear a mask thinking it 'saves a life' don't you get it? You're the one engaging in superstition.

No Australia Is NOT A Success Story

 It's a monumental failure.

Bill Gates Is An Asshole Who Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Life Or Humanity

Caught your attention?

Gates is doing the rounds peddling his faux-humanist bull shit.

He was an asshole at Microsoft and he's an asshole now.

A leopard does NOT change its spot.

Gates peddles vaccines for MONEY and PROFIT.

That's where the money is.

There's no money in any other deaths like there is with vaccines.

It's the perfect product to promise a world in fear to promise hope.

To every single billionaire in the world.

Stop being evil.

If you care so much, FEED THE WORLD with actual food.

Ah But there's no money in that. To do so would be truly rewarding. 

But Gates wants population control. He doesn't want to save the world. Him going on The Daily Show with that 'what me evil? act only cemented my distaste and distrust for the man.

Fucken jerk off.



Tedros Is A Marxist Terrorist

Who now heads the WHO.

He's not a doctor.

But he is a pig.

He's telling us no return to normalcy even with a vaccine? That it's not about the virus but climate change?

No terrorist is going to steal MY FUCKEN LIBERTY.

The fight is on.

All of you. Look at me.


I stand by to fight for FREEDOM.


Be ready!

Who Are The Criminals? Denying People The Right To Work IS THE CRIME

With Etobicoke closing down and arresting the owner of Adamson BBQ, Canada is officially in a terrible place.

We're being terrorized by medical bureaucrats at the moment who keep telling us the apocalypse is right around the corner. Notice how since March they've done nothing but string us along? Dr. David Williams wars cases in Ontario could reach 9000 per day by the end of 2020. Tam said 7500 deaths. If neither of these predictions happen, not only should they be FORCED TO RESIGN, I want a criminal investigation opened.

What are they going to do? Stretch it another 31 days to the end of January? And so on?

It's shocking how Canadians keeping swallowing the lies and propaganda.

Do you not see incompetence and malice when you see it?

People who cheer on the owner being arrested and thrown in jail because 'muh public safety', for once in your lives, THINK about what you're condoning.

By what standard of logic or morality do you permit a situation where you can earn a living but support actions that deny people the same right? 

No amount of  masks virtue signalling will get you out of this one.

First off, you're accepting decrees as law. You're allowing for the state under specious scientific data to deny a person's right to earn a living. 

Second, you're engaging in will blind ignorance. There is NO DATA that show gyms and restaurants are main drivers of outbreaks.

This is just as criminal as believing we need to test asymptomatic kids even though the SCIENCE shows this is not necessary.

Do you notice a pattern here? You're being manipulated and lied to.

If you cheer this on, you're the actual Brown and Black shirts. You're the ones who would have turned Ann Frank in.  The owner of the restaurant? He would have been out saving Jews.

Because he has courage.

And you are cowards.

Newspapers With Close Ties To China

Under various cooperation agreements, struggling Western media newspapers have entered a Faustian Deal with China.

Best to keep this in mind if you digest most of your information from legacy media. Which I strongly recommend against.

Papers who work with China closely are household names: 

The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro The Washington Post, The York Times, Reuters, Associated Press (the paper that ordained Biden President-Elect), and even The Wall Street Journal. As well as papers in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Australia. 

This means these papers can't trusted to report the cold hard truth about China and even the virus. China can indirectly censor and then peddle their propaganda under 'paid content'.

Sleep with one eye open. Know thy enemy.

The misinformation social media fights? 

It's right there.

Daily Derp: Some CoronaDerp. Legault's Magic Bullet: Extortion

I can't be the only one who has noticed petty tyrants extorting the people.

The only thing keeping people in line with Legault's pernicious and futile measures is the threat of him locking down society and the economy.

I do not trust him.

When a man resorts to psychological terror and extortion, we consider this illegal and criminal.

So why are we tolerating this from Legault and other politicians?

Do people still not grasp their measures hinge on specious data? That they refuse to disclose where they get their information and evidence?


That we still cling to the false notion of asymptomatic spread. This is one of the most evil lies perpetuated on civilians. The data does NOT support asymptomatic spread as a main driver.

Once people realize this, the government's position and narrative crumbles and the preposterous justification of closing restaurants and gyms with it.

Yes, I am asserting Francois Legault is lying to the people of Quebec. And he sounds like he's about to give people a lollipop for being good comrades and not oppose him. 

He has set up a fractured society not unlike Salem where people armed with pitchforks hunt for witches.

Except here, it's the asymptomatic boogeyman.


One life too many!

Yet, we never said that when Islamic terrorists (remember them?) murder Westerners.

At the moment, we're under attack on multiple fronts. One, the CCP is on the march. Two, clearly Islamic terrorists have been reactivated. Both seek to take advantage of the West's utterly stupid position of bowing to the virus shuttering its societies up. Three, as noted, the casedemic where governments are increasingly assaulting civil liberties under the guise of public health.

Add in this the election fraud that took place in the United States and we have ourselves a global and cultural war.

There's no denying this is what's happening.

The West are fools. Useful idiots. Masked up and refusing to face Islamic terrorism for fear of being called racists will only wake up the lions.

John Kerry - one of the most failed, mediocre and foolish statesman in North America - the Paris Accords help to stem the rise of populism. Which means, John Kerry will keep you in corona-fear, bend to China and continue to placate Islamic terrorism. Essentially, the same predictably boring and nonsensical approach his boss Barry pimped. 

These people are precisely NOT the leaders we need at the moment.

Donald Trump is. It was Trump who kept the Middle-East at peace. It was Trump who isolated the trouble-making Iran. It was Trump who wiped out Isis. It was Trump who forced China to negotiate trade deals in good faith. It was Trump who saw China was trying to reshape the global system in their (COMMUNIST) image.

Donald Trump had true courage to stare these serious threats down. 

And that's a fact.

If Biden manages to steal the election, judging by his cabinet appointments, things are about to get worse.


Joe Biden did NOT get 80 million votes.

Get your head out of your ass.


The Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling, took the right course of action by siding with the right to assembly and religious freedom. For the love of God, this should have gone 9-0. 

But this is where we're at.

As for Fredo's brother.

I think Andrew Cuomo’s excessive irrational rule are the actions of a man with a guilty conscience.

He’s trying to compensate for the nursing homes fiasco. 

His own private Tell-Tale Heart. 


People shockingly think this way. 

Check this jerk off. He's a bioethicist. So, let's not laugh too hard. These are people who find ways to justify murder. 

Pant shitting tough guy this Arthur Caplan. For a virus with a 99.96% survival rate. Are we now to carry vaccination booklets or worse - digital ID now? All for this stupid virus?

Like I said, I have no problem if the wrath of God - or something simpler like a woodchipper - comes down and mauls these people's souls. 



China Pushes For QR Code System; We're At War

Phase 1 was to launch the coronavirus on the world.

Phase mark and track everyone on earth.

If this happens Chinese communism will defeat American republicanism and democracies of the West.

It doesn't need to be. The problem is we have too many treacherous turncoats. The situation is quite serious.


That election fight in the U.S.? It's more than just about America.

It's a proxy for WWWIII with China.

Biden and the Democrats are friendly to China.

Trump is not.

Pick a side.

Don't believe me?

Here you go.

Legault Continues To Mislead On Masks

He's some piece of work this man. He delivers his arbitrary decrees in a  self-righteous tone that traverses into the insufferable.

It's like the largest RCT study on masks from Denmark never happened.

A study that showed they have no measurable impact.

It's up to YOU people to realize it and pressure public officials to remove this futile measure.

Wake up.

Oh can you all just please WAKE UP.

Bio-ethicists are gearing up to justify making the vaccine mandatory. 

The fight starts now.


MDs Of The Day

If I wasn't so busy and lazy I'd make this a common feature.

First up, some douche bag who is a CNN shill named Dr.Mike Varshavski - the so-called 'sexiest doctor alive'.

Whatever. That should be a dead give away. I wouldn't let him treat my wart. So he joins Dr. Arruda on this.  

Anyway. This clown has been a major pimp for masks including for children. And what does he do when no one is looking? Well, he's partying in Miami with chicks on a boat.

Without masks and social distancing. I reckon the former is for kinky play and the latter had a whole lotta social intimacy.

He's just another scumbag hypocrite who deserved to be thrown over board. 

The Cuckster.

With a bad case of TDS.

Jeremy is some sort of Troubadour. 

"Jeremy Faust MD MS (ER physician)


This is my mask. 

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My mask is my best friend. 

It is my life. 

I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my mask is useless. 

Without my mask, I am useless."

You got that last part right.

There you have it.

Two knucklehead MDs proving you can be smart but lack wisdom.

Both show masks are, well, useless. 

The David Rockefeller Foundation: The People Behind Lockstep

Who are these people? Well, it seems like they're the ones who are the creator of 'lockstep'. Lockstep is tied into the Global Reset. It's basically what we see across the West with the evil, futile and unscientific measures they push. 

Check this bone-chilling take:

"But as we said in April – when we first released The Rockefeller Foundation’s National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan – testing is the only way out of our present disaster, and it will remain the case until a vaccine or effective therapeutics are widely available."

Erm. No. Stop testing. NOW. We know the PCR testing is a FRAUD.

Consider the gaslighting. They talk about like they care about the poor and inequality but then turn around and pimp more testing. In doing so, they find more cases. This leads to more lock downs and more jobs lost. In turn, more money for billionaire companies like Amazon. Then....more poverty. They're literally trying to create the exact thing they decry.


We must know the source in order to launch The Great Pushback.

Time to scrutinize foundations like the DRF.

As for Canada, I call for a FULL INVESTIGATION of what exactly people have died of. I want to see their 'evidence' for their idiotic lockdowns. I want to see the science and data behind the masks.

Time we force them to disclose all INFORMATION.

Enough of this false alarm.


The Covid Scam In One Pic

Here you go.

And I notice a few sob stories on Canadian media seem staged as well.

One victim had excellent make-up while 'suffering' in a hospital. 

I don't know, but I'm starting to think this is all an orchestrated fraud being perpetuated on the people of the world.

I'm also stating to question if people died of something other than Covid. Remember, the majority of people during the Spanish flu died of bacterial pneumonia.

I don't know what the autopsy protocols are but I'm pretty sure many weren't performed.

We're only told it's a Covid death.

Is it though?

Time to start the Great Pushback. 


With the Portuguese courts deeming PCR testing unreliable and thus declaring lockdowns based on it are illegal, Italy is set to challenge the authorities as well.

Keep it going.

We must expose that the PCR is not scientific - like all these measures.

Even more so with the masks. I'm nothing a lot of kids walking to school in these stupid things. It's cold now and winter is starting to dig its heels. Those masks will become bacterial traps as kids will inevitably reuse the masks as they play outside. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

I hope the won't be the case but if diseases skyrocket I would hope and expect lawsuits start to be filed in Canada too. It's time to put an end to this.

I listen to doctors on the radio continuously tell us from the a medical perspective what this virus is. They take the stern position to the point of insufferable nagging we need to live this way for months still. One said maybe even until the end of 2021. Sure, if we have a life by then.

We know the risks. Now it's our decision to make. This idea that someone is responsible for someone else is pernicious. Officials have done all they can do without deepening draconian measures (see Australia. Or New Mexico doing the unconscionable and shutting down grocery stores) everywhere I look and read I see social angst and disorder.

It's the holidays now. We don't need to be lectured anymore. Everyone needs to back off from one another now.

This is the greatest false alarm in history.

If Biden Wins; Georgia Must Be Held

Expect a return to mayhem in foreign policy. Iran has signalled it is pleased with Biden. This means the peace forged by Trump with the Arabs and Israel to keep Iran in check will be erased. Obama's failed 'doctrine' will once again bring uncertainty to the region.

Trump's foreign policy was excellent and his reset with China was the correct move. The CCP is the enemy and should be treated as such. 

Biden is set to grant amnesty to millions of illegals and with it the opening of borders during a health crisis while still talking of a mask mandate.  He has already stacked his team with old treads.

More worrisome is the aim to 'fundamentally change' America. 

Americans may have miscalculated on this one.

This is why everything must be done to ensure the Republicans hold Georgia. If they lose the Senate, I don't even want to think about what the Democrats will do to this country.


What If You're Wrong?

We hear the term the 'the science is settled' a lot. A phrase almost exclusive to the modern left. That and 'right side of history'. The two are sometimes linked. If you accept that climate change is settled then you will be on the right side of history.

It's a simplistic piece of nonsensical jingoism but it works in their minds I guess.

One of the guiding force that has always made up part of my philosophical and psychological profile is self-doubt. This constant rattling of doubt kept me in my lane through four words: What if I'm wrong?

I could never be cemented into any one thought, belief or thing. It's just not who I am. Whenever I do try to, it never feels right. Heck, sometimes a comment I made in the day or in a chat debate eats me up!

Such is the quest for truth. It never ends and the more you read and know the less you understand or just come to accept sometimes you, well, just don't know.

Nothing is written in stone and little is ever settled.

If they say that then they have an agenda and some snake oil to sell. 

This is what I'd ask the 'Co-captains' of social media industry: What if you're wrong?

The reason you censor is because you have a belief system. And that belief is accepted to be settled in stone. Or else why bother to shut down differing opinions and views, right?

Humans aren't infallible. It's what keeps us alive and evolving. 


Failure is a more natural part of the human experience than success (depending on how you define each but I trust we can ballpark this here based on our own personal anecdotes and experience and likely all arrive at a similar end point).

One of the most famous 'failures' during his life was Van Gogh. Edison probably failed more than he succeeded. The list of writers who failed before succeeding - those that were lucky - is so long I can't name them here.

In a similar vain, Mozart didn't just produce masterpieces, he sweated them out. And still he had compositions that failed big time.

Einstein is another. Newton spent his life on alchemy and couldn't manage the family farm. Reading his bio, I kinda got why! 

And so on.

Because failure is natural, in oder to succeed you need to put that much more effort and then some. And even then more. 

I'll close with baseball to slug the final run in.

In baseball, if you hit in the .249-.279 range, you're considered capable and dependable. .280-.299 above average, solid and usually an All-Star. .300-.319 and over you're in an elite group and in Hall of Fame territory. Above . 320 definite immortal. 

That is, if you safely hit 25-28% of the time you're in the game of life and will have a decent career.28-30% a sold career and perhaps some trophies and longer career. 

If you succeed 30% of the time, you're all but assured a long hall of fame career.

3 out of 10 times and you're a baseball god.

That means you failed 70% to 80% of the time!

That's a great metaphor fo life.

So I ask.

What if you're wrong?

Selective Following The Science On Full Display

Pretty amazing that one of the biggest clinical RCT on masks ever conducted concluded masks have no measurable effect and not a single government responded to it.

It was met with a collective yawn.

Which suggests to me, they're not following science at all and neither are people.

Now it's just plain old naked panic and hysteria and emotions. 

So wear the masks. But do NOT dare attempt to say science backs you up.


Who Are The Conspiracy Theorists?

We live in an inverted world.

From where I sit, Alex Jones is probably not happy he has completion from the mainstream media now.

Conspiracy theorists aren't people in tin foil. They're actually pointing to the truth and Trump forced people to look into that mirror.

And they didn't like what they saw.

All major news outlets, publications and papers are the conspiracy theorists now.

They wear the tin foil.

If you're consuming your news and forming an opinion around these fake journalists, then you're the conspiracy theorist.

Since 2016, it's been nothing an obscene steady stream of outright lies, stupidities and irresponsible gaslighting from the media. Nothing of value. Just like their social media partners, are a poison to the human mind and intellect. 

False Virtue Abounds

The psychologically is perverse. 

While people delude themselves into a sense of false virtue of 'making the best of it, the fact is people don't have this luxury. Low income people NEED to work. These same people probably applaud $15 min. wage but when it matters most they couldn't care less. 

A person who is properly adjusted gets OUTRAGED by the lockdowns. They don't pull out a bottle of Chateau I got Mine.

If you support lockdowns and post tone deaf pics like this, you're complicit in the harm caused to millions of people. They're claiming to be caring for others while simultaneously ignoring measures they support hurt many.

Don't let them get away with it. Like they call for people to wear ineffective masks to be shamed, we can do the same here.


Francois Legault: Let's Talk Morality

In a totally surprising move, Legault adjusts the rules about how many people are permitted over a specified number of days during the Christmas Holidays.

First off, anyone who listens to The Three Stooges needs to have their heads examined. So let's get that off the table. I will be employing my own decree (since Legault pretends he's king): MY HOUSE, MY RULES. 

He changed whatever arbitrary numbers he shuffled in his brain from four days to two. His plans probably changed and now he's taking it out on us. 

Hey Frank, are you going to tells what to eat too?

Two things to keep in mind here that creates a situation where the state has decided it can implicate itself in your private affairs. 

One, is the premise is rooted in specious science. That is, on the theory of asymptomatic spread being a key driver of outbreaks. We know this isn't the case and it's the base of the idiotic masks mandates that HAVE NOT worked.

No, doctors. It didn't stop the spread of influenza either.

Two, the PCR tests cycle thresh holds are set too high leading to a spike in cases. Cases aren't infections.

So it would be nice they'd stop spreading misinformation.

It's one thing to have to listen to this nonsense but it's another when they emotionally manipulate the population with their deceptive schemes.

As if we haven't heard enough of these empty platitudes these past eight months from 'wear a mask save a life' to 'don't be selfish wear a mask' to 'masks are liberty'. 

Oh, the blatant propaganda of it all!

But Legault came up with another one: Moral contacts.

Yes, because when I think government I immediately think morality.

When I see Trudeau, Legault, Ford, Arruda, Tam, the Liberals, and the CAQ my first thought is: When a swell bunch of moral and upstanding individuals.

Let's talk morality Frankie, shall we?

First off, the NYT reported small indoor gatherings do spread but are NOT the cause of the surge. So like usual, you're operating from bad advice and information. 

Moving on. Morality and moral codes come from both the religious and non-religious realm. This being a Catholic place and the continent being Christian for the most part with millions of Jews, Muslims and other religions, morality for our sake here is from the religious universe.

Were you being moral when you denied religious symbols in the public sphere? 

Ah, but separation of Church and state you say!

Well, if one accepts the government can deny a person's right to freedom of religion based on this, then why is it implicated itself in the private affairs of citizens? This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and IMMORAL I would submit.

Morality can also be construed as avoiding divisive rhetoric. I submit you and your colleagues have done nothing but fray the social and economic order with your decrees and shallow proclamations. From issuing fines to Orwellian double-speak.

And here we enter the circle of deception and fraud. When you said 'flatten the curve' you presented it as 15 days. It became 45. Like all leaders, you misled the people. Since then it's been nothing but moving of goal posts and specious decree after specious edict. 

Masks are the grand symbol of this deception. You know damn well they don't work and you probably see naked hypocrisy on a daily basis from officials regarding its usage. Or lack thereof.

The masks are the single great lie of our times. Completely ignore sound science, you gutlessly assaulted people with them. Now we have kids in masks. Worse, you're not even monitoring the results.

Is it moral to keep people in a perpetual state of fear?

Dante had a place in his Inferno for deception and fraud. 

Above all, Mr. Moral, I submit the greatest crime committed by not only this government but all governments is the collateral damage unleashed by your futile measures.

The trade-offs are shocking and immoral. Yet, you keep committing this crime.

Will you spare a thought for the thousands of people you put out of work, the suicides, bankruptcies, domestic abuse, psychological trauma on chidden, alcoholism etc.? Will you, Mr. Legault?

I know the actors posing as journalists won't ask these questions but some of us do.

Some moral compass you have.

The sheer arrogance and audacity to tell others of their moral duty when you failed to do so.

This is all I need to know about your character. 

Please, with all due respect Francois, let's not talk about 'moral contacts'. 

This government has none.

This coming Holiday season the only moral choice Quebecers, Canadians and North Americans have is to engage in civil disobedience. They can make their own choices without your 'moral manipulative' propaganda. We're all aware of the casedemic. The narrative of fear has deemed it so.

In sum:

Shut the fuck up Donnie.

What Is Going On In Australia? Does China Own Them?

Some of the scariest and stupid things during this pandemic has been coming out of Australia.

A dark blanket is being covered over it as it loses its bloody mind over Covid.

More and more, I'm starting to get the uncomfortable feeling this was indeed a planned event.

Quantas has said you will need to get vaccinated to fly. The bet all airlines will follow. And they're likely right.

Too many people remain in fear masked up. Not enough people are paying close enough attention and simply have hunkered down only listening to public officials who are misleading them.

Australia also introduced one of the most evil titled bills I've ever seen:

No jab, no play.

No jab, no pay.

Any questions?

Coming to Canada? Judging by how retarded our leaders are? I'd say a good bet.

They weren't kidding when they said 'new normal'.

But a very bad, evil normal.

I can but end all these posts as I've been doing for months. With a plea.


Australia is not a model to embrace.

It's a macabre model is to mock. 

They must be shamed.

It may be legal but it's immoral, unethical and reprehensible.

My question is: Which Aussie politicians does China own?


If The Kraken Comes For The Swamp

I hope Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go down first.

No two people deserve it more.

These are not 'captains of industry'.

They are illiterate punks. They're not geniuses. One is a hacker and the other is a programmer who founded Facebook to pick up girls.

Their whole foundation is rooted on a flimsy premise.

These two sites, as they censor people like a bunch of crazy communists, have had a poisonous effect on our emotional well-being. There's no doubt in my mind.

I don't like government getting involved in business. But when it comes to FB and Twitter, it's absolutely time to bust them up. No 230 protection.

Look. Dorsey sealed his fate when stupidly decided to take on the President. That's like Jackie in The Sopranos thinking he could take on the big boys.

He may have billions, but he's still a dummy.

The robber barons of the past were men of industry. Well-read and products of their classical liberal times. They were highly refined and intelligent. 

They left a true and deep legacy.

I don't think the tech punks measure up on any level. 

Two Biggest Lies Of 2020: Asymptomatic Spread And There's No Election Fraud

There you have it. Asymptomatic spread is rare but it's the bedrock of our stupid and pernicious behaviour in handling this casedemic. Bust this myth, bust the lie and the idiotic masks (which could be a third) along with it.

People. They plan to keep this going on and on and on....and on. Please wake up. I mean this respectfully. You're not a health threat. Please. Quietly remove the mask and just say...no.

As for election fraud, absolutely it happened. It was organized and sizeable. Perhaps even monumental. Anyone who says there's no proof, isn't reading the right information and is watching too much bad news.

That's it. The two biggest lies of our times.

Any persons who engaged in these lies are frauds and liars. There's a place in Dante's Inferno for you.

Enough said.

China Owns Australia Now; The Fall Of A Nation. Canadians Be Aware

China's march isn't military.

It's in the form social credit scores and mandatory rules. 

Australia has fully embraced all that is against our cherished values of freedom.

The country is clearly being dictated to behind the scenes by China.

2021 is going to be the fight of our lives my fellow compatriots.

They really are coming for our freedom. 

Canada. You like to sing your anthem at hockey games?

Know the part where it says 'we stand on guard for thee?

Well, time to put up.