The Pushback Against Illiberal Forces Starts To Render Results

Young America's Foundation takes UC Berkeley to task and wins:

"Following more than a year of hard-fought litigation in the hostile Ninth Circuit, Young America’s Foundation secured victory for free speech against the University of California, Berkeley. Through YAF’s lawsuit and subsequent settlement agreementexecuted over the weekend, UC Berkeley agreed to the following terms set by Young America’s Foundation:
1) Pay Young America’s Foundation $70,000.
2) Rescind the unconstitutional “high-profile speaker policy.”
3) Rescind the viewpoint-discriminatory security fee policy.
4) Abolish its heckler’s veto—protestors will no longer be able to shut down conservative expression. 
This landmark victory for free expression means UC Berkeley can no longer wantonly treat conservative students as second-class members of its community while ignoring the guaranteed protections of the First Amendment. 
No longer can UC Berkeley place a 3:00 p.m. curfew on conservative speech. No longer can UC Berkeley ban advertisements for Young America’s Foundation-sponsored campus lectures. And no longer can UC Berkeley relegate conservative speakers to remote or inconvenient lecture halls on campus while giving leftist speakers access to preferred locations. 
Further, the policy that allowed Berkeley administrators to charge conservative students $20,000 for security to host Ben Shapiro—an amount three times greater than the fee charged to leftist students to host liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor—is gone. YAF and UC Berkeley agreed to a fee schedule that treats all students equally. Unless students are handling money or serving alcohol at an event, the security fee will be zero. 
This win for free speech—a blow to radical Antifa mobs—means university facilities will be available to students on a first-come, first-served basis. No longer will the community’s reaction to speech be factored into decisions regarding lecture venues, meaning intolerant leftists cannot use the “heckler’s veto” to determine who is allowed to speak or where they’re permitted to appear..." 
Well done. Freedom demands eternal vigilance. 


McGill Gives Into PC Run Amok

What a shame that McGill University will be changing its Redman name because of one complaint while giving into a misguided outrage machine.

How absurd is it?

The origin of the Redman name has nothing whatsoever to do Natives or any other victim group.

“In ancient times, Celts were known as the Red Men because of their hair … our own Red Men were no doubt Celts in honour of James McGill’s Scottish descent,” McGill’s official historian, the late Stanley Frost, is quoted stating on the McGill Athletics web site."

Despite this fact, student still voted to change the name because it's 'hurtful'. No appreciation for context and tradition it seems exists anymore.

So follow this closely. Being red headed Celts is racist and hurtful because the narrative evolved over time. Got that? Your existence offends people now.

It's obtuse to the point of intellectual degeneracy.

Too bad McGill will bend and spinelessly submit.

Canada changes its anthem to make it more 'gender neutral' and its most revered institution of learning rolls with the regressive times.

This will never end until someone finally takes a stand.

Will this change anything? Of course not. We're just enabling this behaviour.

I absolutely now take issue with the fact identities that don't fall under the identity politics umbrella are problematic. See this here? It's a line. I'm drawing it.

Blackhawks, Indians, Reds, New Zealand All Blacks, Braves, Patriots, Browns, Celtics, Yankees, Red Sox, Fighting Irish, Orangemen etc....no name is safe anymore. People will find something in these names to be outraged about. 

Regardless of context and reason, if the word is negatively associated with a victim group, it will be targeted.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder isn't a sympathetic figure but he seems to be standing up to this craziness and hopefully he does so.

Sometimes you just need assholes to set things straight.


If Canadians could exhibit an ounce of fucking dignity and a sense of liberty one way McGill could work around it they could call it 'Redsmen' or some other play on word faux-outrage assholes couldn't really sink their teeth into.

That happened in NYC when Giuliani wanted to go after titty bars with 'topless dancers' advertisement (if memory serves me right). Owners and their lawyers were ready to go with 'Stopless Dancers'.

Giuliani eventually dropped his puritanical crusade.

Learn to give the big finger to people.


Anti-Trump Progressives Are Lacking Sense And Respect

One - well, two actually - trends have developed that I find to be unfortunate since the Bush administration at the very least and had accelerated during Obama's years. That is, the politicization of life as a whole.

The first, it used to be the adage of 'don't talk of politics at the table' was an accepted social more we all observed. Just don't bring politics into the home; a place of business; a concert and so on.

It was just a matter of respect for all.

But that wall has been removed.

The second is the action of a former President not stepping aside and not remain in the spotlight during a succeeding administration.

As you may have observed, Obama has been keeping himself in the news commenting and criticizing the actions of President Trump.

This lack of decorum is unprecedented in modern North American politics.

We often hear arm chair psychiatrists claim Trump is a narcissist but is Obama's behaviour not an example of narcissism on full display?

It was under Obama, recall, where he often asked people to get political. Who can forget the time when he asked people to bring up Obamacare during Thanksgiving dinner before its passage?

The side that claims to go high when others go low don't seem to practice it.

Since 2016, the collection of progressive meltdowns has been disturbingly in abundance. Take this article from NY Mag about marriages being destroyed because of Trump's election. And in case you may miss it, notice how the destruction usually comes from one side.

In eight years of Obama, we never saw such articles where conservative spouses chose politics over their significant others.

To the left, life is politics and politics is life and you must take the fight where ever you must. That much has been the message from Democrats these past two years.

I don't see any difference between the musician who rails at a concert, the activist who harasses conservative personalities and politicians in restaurants, or any one else hijacking a place of non-politics interacting it with their politics.

My wife is a school teacher and was at a conference where the guest speaker was a guy name Alan November. And that's exactly what he did. Apologizing for Trump (remember those childish idiots we saw who went online to apologize for Bush? Remember those celebrities who vowed to move to Canada? It all repeated itself in 2016), cheering about Cohen (I'm sure he was cool when a tax cheat - Timothy Geithner - was running the Treasury under Obama right?) and so on.

Why even do it? It's inappropriate and unprofessional. I'm almost certain Mr. November wouldn't appreciate if someone got up on stage and did the same thing

Just shut up and give your damn talk. Have the decency to understand some people in your audience may not share your opinion and don't feel like listening to your political views. I never liked it much whenever someone got political in a neutral environment.

Have some sense and respect.

You have the House now. So relax and take a chill pill.

*Notice I'm making a distinction between liberals and progressives here. I'm almost certain there are level headed liberals who agree that it's not a good idea to keep doing this. It's arrogant and unproductive.


Canada Needs To Repeal Bill C-16

Bill C-16 is an abomination.

It's a direct attack to everything Canadians are supposed to hold true and dear to them on matters of free speech and liberty.

Innocent and law abiding citizens have suddenly become potential criminals if they misuse a gender pronoun under the utterly vague "extreme speech' tag.  I've read it claimed that the law doesn't do this but it absolutely can lead to it.

Here's an explanation. After reading it you ask yourself why in the world would you open this can of worms?

And it came from the hollow minds of the Liberal party engaged in a death embrace with identity politics.

Here are the list of Liberal Senators who have abdicated their duty to defend all CANADIANS  as Senators.

I for one will do my part to bring to light this disgrace that has been brought upon this country. The last thing I want happen here is what we see in the United Kingdom. A place that is in full free speech lock down mode.

The Liberals need to be kicked out. Decimated even for having tabled not only a law totalitarian at its roots (and for having lied about it. The Minister of Justice claimed it would not compel speech) but for its blatant anti-scientific stance.

The government's position of claiming to be on the side of 'settled science' with an unsettled issue like climate change is untenable with asserting there are not two genders but several thus defying basic and undeniable biology.

They criminalized speech for less than 1% of the population.

How are they, then, any different from, say, Creationists?

Hint: They're not. They're cut from the same cloth. Same, unscientific cloth.

It's madness and can come but from a Justin Trudeau led government.

In 2019 Canadians need to boot the bastards out AND repeal C-16 lest we begin to see a purge rooted in the rotted and despicable game of identity politics. 


Don't Let Social Justice Quackery Ruin STEM: The Case Of Alessandro Strumia

I don't possess a scientific or engineering mind but I do possess a strong ability to critically read and assess (sometimes) complex issues and convey them in simple terms.

The case of Alessandro Sturmia is a frightening one and not without chilling similarity to James Damore.

Both were condemned by a witch crew possessed by their own self-righteous gibberish. I get the sense there are academics who have succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to feminist social justice in academia.

It all points and proves the point even very smart people can believe stupid things.

What more, they will also employ logical fallacies to defend their positions.

One doctor friend argued to me regarding free speech: You free speech ends at my offence.

I was stunned that a brilliant and well-read mind could be so superficial and flippant on matters of free speech and expression.

We take free speech so much for granted we treat it with lazy contempt.

Whenever a baseball player - pitcher or hitter - is struggling we usually hear them say, 'We need to get back to the fundamentals. Keep it simple.'

It sounds like we need to get back to the fundamentals with free speech.

We're not taking it serious enough and as we see in the case of the despicable and odious Bill C-16 (how this got passed is a black mark on the Canadian political conscience), we've already crossed the Rubicon where government is now in the business of regulating speech.

Worse, they took the most basic and irrefutable of biological scientific discovery - that there are two genders - and turned into a weapon for identity politics. Ironically, the party that screams 'settled science' and pimps out (often dubious) scientific facts about climate change has decided to ignore the science of biology where matters of gender is concerned.

This folks is how civilizations whither and Trudeau and Liberals have contributed their part.

Bill C-16 must be repealed. But it won't. Unfortunately, many good and free thinking people will call prey and victim to its evil tentacles.

We've criminalized speech (a cherished value we've fought for centuries to achieve) for less than 1% of the population in a cynical plot to gain votes.

It's grotesque on so many levels. Alas, this is not the point of this post.

The battle for truth is playing itself out in academia but it may soon spill over into the society at large. Indeed, we already see its corrosive effect in CEO's like Tim Cook of Apple and as well as at tech giants like Google.

Why is tech and science so vulnerable to such a thoroughly totalitarian movement?

CERN was the latest to throw itself into the realm of social justice madness.

I learned in the following video of a group called 'Particles for Justice.' At some point, I felt I was just reading some nonsense from The Guardian or Salon and some resident 'science' writer babbling on about gaps or some other oppressed injustice.

Reading through it I couldn't believe the utter lack of self-awareness and breaking of logical rules present. Of course, what's a good crack down without the reliable ad hominen attack? And boy do they do a job on Strumia. In fact, so silly and immature it was, it felt like projection to me.

The thing that really pissed me off, and this is always the case whenever professors or academics sign these stupid things, is they didn't even bother to mount a proper rebuttal. I think their calcified stagnant mind set is well exposed by their own words:

"As particle physicists, we are appalled by Strumia’s actions and his stated views on women in high energy physics.

We write here first to state, in the strongest possible terms, that the humanity of any person, regardless of ascribed identities such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, gender presentation, or sexual identity is not up for debate."

Not. Up. For. Debate. As in 'settled science'?

Now that's appalling.

That and their faux-righteous outrage.

Progressives, I'm sure you've heard or observed, destroy things in its path.

Don't let this degenerate strain of progressivism into the STEM blood stream.

If you think quackery reigns in the areas infected (e.g. sports, politics, humanities and economics) by progressivism is bad, wait until virus spreads further into science and technology.

In short, and to the point if I may, Stumia (like Damore) is right:

It's all fucken lies and bull shit.

Whatever he does, he mustn't apologize. That's blood to them. See Roseanne and several other examples. Look at what they did to Norm MacDonald (who I hope one day gets his revenge). They see this, like communists, as weakness and they will exploit it. They will destroy a life and lift the carcass up like a trophy to claim a hollow victory.

As the blood drips from their lips.

Derp Plus

NPR being NPR.

I don't know why the left insist on treating Che Guevara with such careful respect.

They farthest they will go to describe this despicable human being is he was 'misunderstood', and that his actions were 'cruel' and that he was 'bloodthirsty.'

They forgot racist, degenerate, murderous, asshole.

He was a violent piece of shit. That would have been the extent I'd give him. But you can't maintain a romantic mythology that way with built-in narratives.

And he was from a  wealthy Argentine family which was not mentioned.


Two things I've never heard in the media about the caravan storming and causing trouble at the border (which they reluctantly had to acknowledge). One, how to Americans of Mexican heritage who came lawfully to America feel about migrants looking to to so illegally (hint: They don't like it) and two how do Mexicans in Mexico feel about them (hint: They don't like it).

Back to your anti-Tump tirades.

You never cared when the Obama administration employed the same tactics the border (that is, using tear gas) so why do you care now?

That was different! Obama did it with love, class and grace!

Don't storm the border like a bunch of Gaza Arabs and you won't get gassed. Americans don't do these for kicks.

Be glad it was tear gas. It's the most effective way to disperse a crowd without killing them.


Big Hockey at play.

"A college in Michigan thinks the best way for students and professors to defend themselves in the event of a mass shooting might be to throw hockey pucks at the gunman.
To that end, Oakland University's faculty union purchased 800 pucks for professors and 1,700 for students, according to NPR. Oakland Police Chief Mark Gordon described the hockey pucks as a "spur-of-the-moment idea that seemed to have some merit to it."
I swear these people.

The stupid.

It's horrific.

Derp Me Again!

"Mommy, what does corruption look like?"

"Here ya go. Now it your cauliflower:"

"...Any street furniture has to first be approved by the Los Angeles City Council. After that, a single bus bench travels through an extensive permitting process, requiring approval from the Department of Public Works, as well as eight — eight! — other city agencies including the Department of City Planning, the Bureau of Engineering, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Bureau of Street Lighting. Nearby property owners also have a say."


The best way to mock the insidious and absurd behaviour on the left is to mock them.

The Babylon Bee has some gems here (about Obama's hubris and utter lack of decorum), here (about Cortez's abject ignorance on civics. Congrats NYC. Good job), here (Twitter's preposterous position on kicking conservatives and other people who don't toe the progressive line off their totalitarian website. Did I mention Jack Dorsey is a illiterate punk with money and too much power to go along with his ignorance?) and here (about the economic migrants violently crashing the U.S. border).


From Prager U (as pointed here before in one of my posts I'm too lazy to link to (if I could even find it):

Did you know?

In 2006, then-Senator @HillaryClinton voted for a fence on the Mexican border. 

So did Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and 23 Senate Democrats.

So what changed?

For Democrats, illegal immigration is now all about political power.

Oh, Prager U, you. Democrats evolve!


This is exactly how we decode Democrats and progressives when they say absurd and unprincipled things:

Benny Retweeted Harlan Z. Hill
Let me explain what is happening here: 

One of @HillaryClinton’s most trusted advisors and top staffer for decades - Philippe Reines - is wandering Fox News HQ with no pants on, screaming at Trump campaign spokespeople. 

2016 really broke people.


Chalk this one up to 'duh. It's okay when we do it!'

Tim Young:

Tear gas usage at the border by year (because border patrol keeps records):
2012: 26 times
2013: 27 times
2014: 15 times 
2015: 8 times 
2016: 3 times
2017: 18 times

Why is 2018 the only time the media has freaked out about it? 

Remember folks. The Washington Post is ours intellectual betters making sure Pinocchios are out there - whatever. It makes no sense but you get the drift.

Medieval Times has a queen for the first time, but the show is still stuck in the Dark Ages https://wapo.st/2E1pVnz

I got nothing.

No more movies about the Roman empire stuck in Ancient Rome!


The latest climate assessment?


All bull shit.



It is claimed the Republican party has become more extreme over the years. But I've seen little evidence of this. What I do point out here is the Democrats (and the Liberals in Canada) have been pulling more and more to the left.

So, it's another case of projection at play here.

Conservatives (and Libertarians) have been pretty much consistent with their message in the last 25 years - if not more.

From The Economist:


Delicious, Exquisite Derp

Let's play false equivalence with ThinkProgress!

Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24 hours per day bit.ly/2PPZE1z


They did say this.

ThinkProgress is considered 'intellectual' on the left folks.


Which reminded me of the wonderful Spurious Correlations site.


Ok. So now Democrats are saying exactly what normal sane people have saying all along?

We've just been warning mass economic migration was a major problem for Europe for a couple of years. And how did the media and the left react? By chastising and belittling the people who said it.

By constantly badgering and calling them racists and 'extremists'.

They all did it. Democrats, progressives, Liberals, Labour - you name it. They all held a despicable contempt for the people and their concerns. The swatted down their worries, dismissed their calls for action. Worse, they began to crack down on people venting on social media with censorship.

Populism must be crushed because it's scary, m'kay?! Every second article, speech and comment was to that effect.

You even had Merkel say countries must cede their sovereignty in order to embrace mass immigration. That's how derelict their obsession over it became.

That's all John Kerry's side. Trudeau. Freeland, Hillary.

They made clear they have no love for the masses.

And now they switch?

Gee, I wonder fucken why.

What we know of the left is they have no principles. They're governed by the need for pure power.

So they probably see their stance on immigration is a loser one (and that's just one of many) and decided 'we change our mind! But we're different about it!'

What a bunch of disingenuous clowns.

Now they're gonna claim they were 'always for' it.


That's how shameless they are.

And Kerry. Lose the shirt.


Where does all this ignorance come from?

ThinkProgress, Yglesias, Ocasio-Cortez...all sell ideas that are beyond belief in their ignorance. Here's one I came across.

How self-assured can an ill-informed and illiterate be? Social media sure gives them a platform to scream their ignorance.

What is the source of this intellectual degeneracy?

Don't look to the professors either (go look up Copelovitchs bio). Recall one guy who looked at the popular vote for the Senate and was outraged it calculated into more seats for the GOP despite not having won the popular vote (picture the popular vote as runs scored in a seven game series and seats as actual wins)...

Yet, when the reverse happened when their guy was in power in 2010....no outrage.

Like I said. They're not driven by principles.

They're driven by ideological nonsense.


Remember when that jerk off Jim Acosta challenged the President about the caravan not being an invasion?

What amazes me about this is, if he's a journalist (and I use the term lightly) he had to have know the caravan was an actual thing. So him saying it wasn't an invasion (invasions don't have to be armed) was remarkable in its disingenuousness.

Now the caravan arrived, and as correctly and constantly reported on 'right-wing' sites, it was filled with male economic migrants and they did indeed resort to violence.

Yeh. America totes needs those losers.

Send them back.


Background checks don't work in California. 


The Governor-General in Canada pretty much concluded these things don't work.

But they sure cost a lot of money and give people an illusion of irrational security.

Money well spent!


And before you get all excited about what border agents with their security threatened did to protect the border, consider what Obama (correctly) did.

You must be wondering whaaaa? Back to back links to Breitbart and The American Thinker?


Because conservative publications have been on the ball and correct every step of the way on immigration and even trade.

While the other side just reacts with hysteria because Trump.

It makes for boring reading and not very informative.


Vogue's Ridiculous Hatred Of Melania

Trust me, if Melania Trump were married to a Democrat - especially the last guy in power - they'd be gushing all googly eyed over her.

Obviously. She's beautiful

This much is truth.

And we all know it.

She'd be on Ellen. And The View. She'd be the darling of the vapid talk show circuit. And gracing covers of Cosmopolitan and other superficial magazines.

After all, she's a natural beauty. A true model in every sense of the word.


Poor woman is married to Donald Trump.

So they hate her.

They hate her enough to treat her like a whore.

Where they vastly over rated and over hyped Michell Obama, they project their own inner ugliness onto hating on Melania.

It's so obvious.

Think of it. Here's a swim wear model of natural beauty, and she hasn't graced the cover of these magazines.

Hate and envy eats you up inside.

It's not that she has the looks. She's rather classy and holds herself well. She also has a brain to go with it. She's thoughtful. Insightful. Intelligent.

She doesn't pretend to be something she isn't (Michelle as dietician for example) or exude any hatred for the country her husband presides over (I'm sure she's not "proud for the first time" of her country as Michelle once said).

Alas, the media has decided they hate Trump they're going to abandon any sense of decency and just stick it to the wife to.

And here we see they may be good at talking about exterior beauty.


On the inside they're ugly. That's not something you'll see behind the sycophancy and superficiality of their ways.


Caravan Arrives And Attempts Illegal Invasion Of The United States

"What problem? Do you see a problem? I don't see a problem. Let them in!" Open borders proponent.


Well, one thing we now know as fact.

One, the caravan of migrants from Central America is real, and two they did attempt to enter illegally - violently if necessary.

Remember when CNN, that punk Jim Acosta, and other broadcasters either downplayed this coming problem, mocked Trump for understanding what was about to happen when he mobilized the National Guard at the borders, or flat out claimed it was all a myth created by the right-wing media?

And when they did, it was all the 'but they're helpless women and children' narrative. Like they did in Europe.

The problem with that angle is, to me, it's immoral and irresponsible. Immoral because you're egging on people to break laws damn the consequences. Irresponsible to the citizens of countries.

I don't know what it will take for people to stop watching such media outlets.

Investigative journalists have reported the caravan. The truth was out there. You know CNN is complete and utter garbage when The Daily Mail is able to report with such in-depth coverage what transpired. 

They lie to your face. Not only did they never once speak of the illegal aspect of all this threatening the sanctity of American immigration laws (which is a straight out insult to immigrants who arrived illegally and respecting the rules and laws of the land) are willing to sacrifice a nation's national security in order to 'resist' Donald Trump.

The clashes at the American border are stuff we see in third-world shit holes. Guess what? Come from a third world shit hole, don't act like you're from a third world shit hole. And these people are acting like they want to maintain their shitty, third-world shit hole mentality.

It's horrible how these parents put their children in harm's way. The sad thing is they were probably lied to by whoever organized the caravan (and I'll keep my personal conspiracy thoughts to myself) that all they needed to do was hit the American border and cross over illegally and America (because they're so rich and nice) would shout, 'Come on in!"

But once border agents showed force, they had to back off and some chose not to. Don't be emotionally manipulated. Border agents are protecting the United States. It was the responsibility of those among the migrants to attempt a peaceful and lawful entry into America. They would have had their time to speak.

Instead, they chose a most ridiculous way to do so.

There's even footage of it as well as pictures of young men with stones in their hands at the ready! I suppose they haven't heard the Gaza Arabs style of engagement isn't exactly productive.

What goes through the mind of such a person that a nation needs to let a person ready to use violence before being a citizen?

The cold hard fact is North America doesn't need cheap labor. And it certainly doesn't need people who use violence to try and get into a country. Becoming a citizen of a nation is not a right. It's a privilege.

Trump and the GOP must not lose their nerve here. They must hold the line. If they don't, they've just encouraged more of this in the future.

Oshawa GM Closing

Another example that Canada doesn't control its own destiny.

That's all.