If The Kraken Comes For The Swamp

I hope Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go down first.

No two people deserve it more.

These are not 'captains of industry'.

They are illiterate punks. They're not geniuses. One is a hacker and the other is a programmer who founded Facebook to pick up girls.

Their whole foundation is rooted on a flimsy premise.

These two sites, as they censor people like a bunch of crazy communists, have had a poisonous effect on our emotional well-being. There's no doubt in my mind.

I don't like government getting involved in business. But when it comes to FB and Twitter, it's absolutely time to bust them up. No 230 protection.

Look. Dorsey sealed his fate when stupidly decided to take on the President. That's like Jackie in The Sopranos thinking he could take on the big boys.

He may have billions, but he's still a dummy.

The robber barons of the past were men of industry. Well-read and products of their classical liberal times. They were highly refined and intelligent. 

They left a true and deep legacy.

I don't think the tech punks measure up on any level. 

Two Biggest Lies Of 2020: Asymptomatic Spread And There's No Election Fraud

There you have it. Asymptomatic spread is rare but it's the bedrock of our stupid and pernicious behaviour in handling this casedemic. Bust this myth, bust the lie and the idiotic masks (which could be a third) along with it.

People. They plan to keep this going on and on and on....and on. Please wake up. I mean this respectfully. You're not a health threat. Please. Quietly remove the mask and just say...no.

As for election fraud, absolutely it happened. It was organized and sizeable. Perhaps even monumental. Anyone who says there's no proof, isn't reading the right information and is watching too much bad news.

That's it. The two biggest lies of our times.

Any persons who engaged in these lies are frauds and liars. There's a place in Dante's Inferno for you.

Enough said.

China Owns Australia Now; The Fall Of A Nation. Canadians Be Aware

China's march isn't military.

It's in the form social credit scores and mandatory rules. 

Australia has fully embraced all that is against our cherished values of freedom.

The country is clearly being dictated to behind the scenes by China.

2021 is going to be the fight of our lives my fellow compatriots.

They really are coming for our freedom. 

Canada. You like to sing your anthem at hockey games?

Know the part where it says 'we stand on guard for thee?

Well, time to put up.


Immune System Versus Vaccine

Pfizer: 90% effective.

Moderna: 95% effective.

HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM: 99.96% effective.

Any questions?

Wake up.

This is not about the virus. 

I Can Think Of Several People Who Need Flattening

This is the longest flattening of the curve in history.

Despite the sheer magnitude of collateral damage inflicted upon people through bad science, public official plough through ignoring the data that this is not a killer virus.

Media still peddles stories of patients with extreme cases of the virus. What we call outliers.

This is purposely done to sell and keep you coming because you're fears are their ad revenues.

Interview the vast, vast majority of people who get it and shrugged it off? Why, that would just put an end to the madness.

There's no money in that.

This is what's happening.

Now criminals are pushing 'six week lockdowns'.

Think it's gonna be six weeks? Try six months.

15 days to flatten the curve is now, what, eight months? 

They told you to follow their idiotic guidelines so as to keep things going. And yet, they still lock people down and have now taken to control your PRIVATE LIFE.

Legault in September pulled the '28 days card'. We're sixty days in and likely 90. And I'm almost certain more are coming. This is what you get with incompetence and gutless leadership.

We sure picked a weak ass virus to cause all this social, spiritual and economic upheaval.

Good jobs leaders of the West. Good job. 

Always remember. Dante had a place for fraudsters and deceivers in his 'Inferno.'

Hey Legault Le Gros perdant....


So some guy from South Africa who took over from Jon Stewart interviewed Bill Gates.

That's the machine manipulating the audience.

It's basically to gaslight. The interviewers says something like 'Hey, Bill. I have a 'crazy' friend who says you want to micro-chip and vaccinate everyone. Is this true? I think it's crazy.' 'You are crazy.' 'What?' 'I mean, of course not! That's all crazy talk!' 'Well, there you have it folks! Bill Gates said you're crazy!'

Roaring laughs.

The mere fact L'il Satan went on the show only PROVES that's exactly what he's up to.

Ask yourself: Why is there more and more talk about mandatory vaccines and vaccination papers?

My mother is pushing 80. She wears the mask because they told her to. I can't walk her from it. But I won't get into the psychological terror hurled on kids and the elderly here by jerk-offs like Legault.

She said she would never take the vaccine understanding a) it's her life and b) they rushed it.

Problem is, they see the fact people masked up as consent to force a vaccine.

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to have a rude awakening very soon.

Guess who plays the part of the Meat Council? And guess who the scienticians are. And take shot at who's going to Bovine University. 

Sounds like you can do this for Covid.

The Flu: Another Mask Lie; Masks And Falsifiability

One of the biggest hurdles now to overcome is reversing the burden of proof on whether masks are effective. The science and data is clear on this. However, politics and emotions have entered the realm and have discarded empirical RCT supporting masks aren't effective.

In order for one to push a mandate that infringe on civil liberties under the guise of safety, they must provide extraordinary evidence. Instead, the precautionary principle has prevailed as noted already. 

What is falsifiable logic? In a nutshell, it's proving something is false. If I say the sky is green, you will rationally counter it is blue as it s easily observable. The only way the sky is green is if the person making the assertion is unclear as to distinguish between green and blue. Or is living in alternate reality. Or firmly believes, based on dogmatic belief, that God as their witness the sky is green. No amount of facts or evidence will be enough to disprove this from the asserter.

In other words, falsifiability is pseudo-science.


Covid cases go up: Based on observable reality that can be backed by data, one will conclude masks aren’t working. However, the pseudo-science of falsifiability will argue that in fact, that without masks the cases would be higher. There is no way to prove this. It's an article of faith. 

Covid cases remain stable: Where we can observe, again, through simple logic and data, masks provide little to no benefit, a politician or medical doctor or person can counter-point it’s keeping cases stable. To believe this would mean suspending the belief other factors can - and likely are - at play.

Covid cases decrease: This would demand a careful examination considering at what point did a mandate take place and what trends were already in place. In most cases, what we have seen from graphs is where jurisdictions saw decreases, the trend line had already shift before a mandate. But in the world of falsifiability, public officials will claim it’s working.

As you can see, they can keep this pernicious behavior go on indefinitely. 

In fact, the city of Edmonton (depending on the part of the city)  has voted to keep masks mandates until December 31.


Apparently, the virus will be around a long time ergo magic masks will keep people safe.

In short, where a person will defend this nonsense be employing the illogical tactic of calling those who question this as 'deniers' thus exposing their own dogma, we can see in the flesh what the Dark Ages were like. A time where superstition prevailed over reason.

Now we're being told the flu is gone because the masks worked.

This is wrong. Plain wrong.

Those studies going back to 1920 were based on INFLUENZA.

The coronavirus is smaller in size than influenza and transmits through an aerosol.

How can the masks possibly work?

Doctors, media and others who say this are misinforming the public either willingly or through abject ignorant.

They need to STOP.

Francois Legault Is A Despicable Dumbass

Here you go. On his Twitter:

Francois Legault is a psychopath. A criminal. 

This is how they're playing it. The game was to keep people in fear. The masks were a perfect way to keep them subjugated until they could potentially force people into a vaccine. 

Legault: FUCK. YOU. 

Arrest Public Officials. NOW.

This is the panic hell the criminal Doug Ford and band of incompetent medical bureaucrats have unleashed on Ontario.

Nice job you sons of bitches.

There has to be a way to arrest them.

Crimes against humanity is appropriate but ambitious. How about psychological terror and abuse?

Legault better sit this one the frick out. 

Watch: Rep. McClintock speaks the truth.


Simple as that.


What Americans May Have Voted Out

If you voted for Biden 'because Orange Man Bad', you have permanently forfeited your right to eve - ever - complain about war and the war machine. 

You voted FOR war. A hoodlum who is nothing but the military industrial complex personified. This is the Democrat party and its establishment cronies.

Trump had a non-interventionist instinct and started NO WARS.

So shut the fuck up from now on. And that goes for Reason magazine too.

Also. You shelved the chance for America to lead the West away from Chinese global aggression and to restore national sovereignty. You left on the table one of the greatest American economies recorded.

Enjoy the punk administration and all the punk oligarchs who are coming for you.

Joe Biden: Mask Asshole

Seriously Joe. You're an asshole.

Two masks. Outside.


Lord of the losers.

Buckle up buckaroos. Here comes Loser Joe.



This Is Not About Science Or The Virus Anymore

 I don't know how to write about what's going on anymore.

There's definitely some kind of war and it has nothing to do with science or the virus.

We're now entering a face where the robber barons of Big Tech have completely gown so big they're a legitimate threat to free speech.

The companies have to taken down or broken up.

They're the main drivers of misinformation and manipulation.

The only thing left to find out is who do they serve?

When you have a punk company owned by a punk and staffed by punks like Facebook censoring Oxford's  CENTER FOR EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE, you know there's a very, very dark and trouble problem.

Illegal lockdowns, censorship, bad medicine, rampant hypocrisy,  Chinese aggression, election fraud....


Mr. Mask Biden Caught At His Birthday Party With...No Mask

And they say Trump is the liar?

There is no bigger bunch of deceiving liars and criminals than the Democrat establishment.

I don't know how many examples people need to see how they're being played and manipulated.

Is it any surprise a criminal hoodlum like Biden is caught with his jerk off pants down?

That everyone knows masks don't work is just a bad joke at this point.


If the election was clean, American seriously got it wrong. 

Warning To The West: Beware The March Of Communist China

During WWII, many liberal academics and journalists disgraced themselves tripping over themselves eager to promote with glee Stalin or Hitler.

The period was littered with useful idiots culminating into Chamberlin's 'Peace in our time!"

And now history is repeating itself except now the admiration and adulation is directed at China.

Beware of any politician or academic in high praise of China.

The Chinese have been buying up weak and pathetic politicians in the West for 20 years now and they're easy to spot.

They're the ones who go straight on the attack defending China against any criticism.

Calls and cackles of racism and xenophobia is their favourite tactic.

Steely nerves are required now.

Don't be emotionally manipulated.

This pandemic? I'm not so sure it wasn't an 'Oops! Sorry!' attack on the West.

Our governments are acting a tad too authoritarian for what the disease is.

Sleep with one eye open my fellow citizens.

Trump was onto something.

Word Of The Day: Coup

Notice how left-wing liberal useful idiots in the media like The New Yorker are falsely claiming Trump is orchestrating  a coup. 

The lie is framed this way: Biden won and Trump is trying to over turn the results. In fact, Trump won (likely in a landslide) and the DNC is trying to usurp the results.

Don't fall for it.

There is no logic in Trump orchestrating a coup because Biden ISN'T President-elect and Trump is President. Ergo, he can't form a coup against himself. 

This is to detract from the actual coup currently being played out in the form of a fraudulent election.

We Misread Something With The U.S. Election

With the media and the left misleading people into thinking they're extremists or conspiracists or racists for holding opinions or thoughts that differ from the prevailing narrative, it makes one wonder about what's going on.

Since the 1990s what was mostly restricted to the realm of conspiracy theorists - back then Alex Jones was an entertaining curiosity for me and my friends - the idea of a NWO was really a concept too hard to see at the time. But as time went on, more and more the idea began to gain currency.

It has all but become common knowledge and into the open now. It comes in the form of a 'Global Reset' (of which code phrases like 'Build back better' is a common trope and uttered by the likes of not yet President-elect Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau) and 'Agenda 21'. These aren't conspiracies. They're actual programs in place at the UN. They been discussed in mainstream outlets like NYT, Time and other publications.

Since the election of Trump and Brexit, we've seen a strange and disturbing trend accelerate where free speech is being censored and people arrested or cancelled. The game seems to be rigged into making sure the masses don't fully see what's at play.

What if there is indeed a coordinated global reset in play?

To some, it may be welcomed seeing at as indeed a chance to 'build back better'. 

But here's the thing. I fear they're being useful idiots because what's being proposed is really just a technocratic monstrosity. 

A globe divided between Stonecutters and the rest.

In other words, you ain't invited to this party.

Which made think of Donald Trump. The dread and hate of this man was just too irrational for my taste. Sure he's not likeable and may even be hated (as some are apt to do whenever a public figure they despise comes to power) but this was on another scale.

The visceral hate wasn't intellectual or reasoned or even rational.

It was just blind, emotional hate. 

I fear blind righteousness and false virtue than I do Donald Trump.

I tried to disengage from people who wouldn't or couldn't argue in good faith about him. Whenever you attempted to explore WHY he arose, you would just get cackled nonsense about being 'MAGA' or a Trumpista or whatever.

It was low brow and low hanging fruit. And plenty of smart people behaved this way.

So I wasn't going to get much out of them. They were lost in their own vortex of irrationalism. 

Orange Man Bad NPC. 

Trump touched a nerve. But what was the nerve?

The heartland of America and - in many ways - the West.

The forgotten mass of citizens abandoned by power brokers in New York and Los Angeles; London and Paris; Chicago and Tokyo.

The process began with the arrival of China - or the CCP. The plan essentially led to the hallowing out of manufacturing and industry in North America outsourcing it to China. Wall St. and Bay St. made out like bandits but the spirit of a nation (including Canada) became an empty dust bowl; our identity became a ghost town.

We were then told to believe in our values and identity was regressive and racist. That we must never speak of it while they slowly dismantled our collective heritage while hitting us over the head every time we tried to question them.

And so the march to erase us began.

No one questioned it as they skimmed the profits like mobsters in a casino.

Then along came Donald Effen Trump. The global poison pill. 

He came to ruin their plans. So the narrative had to be spun. It went something like, 'he's the greedy Nazi who came to skim, steal and plunder and take away black and gay rights'. In other words, they projected onto him what they had been doing for decades.

Robbing us of our economic and cultural wealth blind. 

His was a 'dark return to icky nationalism'. 

But what he really represented was a blocking of this trend.

Suddenly the tired and forgotten had a voice.

And a phenomena was born.

Not just in America but in Europe as well. Slowly here in Canada as well.

I have no doubt there was an orchestrated coup against Trump. The Russia collusion lie and impeachment theatre was exactly that: The DNC tying to usurp power.

And the national election was no different.

Trump won that election. They stole it. And now he's fighting to get it back.

The DNC and large pockets of the RNC ARE part of the global reset.

Thus, we can reframe the Trump versus Biden election as this:

National sovereignty (led by the United States) versus Global reset (led by China).

It's the Cold War to end all cold wars. Liberty versus tyranny. 

What side are you on?

Because the battle lines had been set long ago. 

It's just that now we're forced into accepting it.


Stop The Mask Mandates NOW. If Not Expect Bacterial Pneumonia To Spread

We're headed into the deep winter.

People are masked up indoors.

They will be creating and inhaling more bacteria than usual.

Then officials will call this a 'Covid second wave' but it won't be.

It will be worse than that.

We're repeating exactly the same mistake as during the Spanish flu.

And this will absolutely be the fault of EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC OFFICIAL FROM THE POLITICIAN TO THE MEDICAL BUREAUCRAT right down to the media.

We're heading into the eye of the storm and masks are going to make it hell.

It's not rocket science folks. 

And I'm beginning to wonder either we have woefully incompetent stupid people in positions of power or it's by design. 

But if it does happen, know where your anger should be directed at. 

Why Gavin Newsom's Immoral Hypocrisy And Stupidity Matters

Let's get one thing straight here. Every single leader who has stolen a person's right earn a living or has not abided by their own anti-science and anti-human decrees, are evil.

As I write this, Francois Legault is 'clarifying' whatever failed and pernicious measure he cooked up to a weary (and hopefully increasingly skeptical) population.

Legault has been no better than any 'do I say or else' politician. And you must do as he says while he doesn't have to justify a single measure with any evidence.

He operates, like all Premiers and Governors, outside the realm of the rule of law now. 

He's taking your liberty and if you think he's going to give it back. Well, then you're not following the cadence of human nature very well.

But right now, he's too busy dealing with another 'language crisis' in Montreal but make sure to follow his illegal edicts.

Since this pandemic has begun, several public officials across the West have been caught not following their pernicious protocols.

The simple reason is they know it's all theatre and bull shit.

That's right. That mask you begged to have put on your face? Yeh, they're not stupid. They're just giving what sheep want because sheep vote in large numbers. They know the science and data shows masks mandates aren't justified. But now everyone is addicted to this deception and leaders showed they were incapable of leading people away from this issue. They should have never permitted it.

There have been abusers. From Pelosi to Feinstein to Pritzer. Closer to home we have Trudeau - there's a shock.

But among the biggest and shameless among them, Gavin Newsom is at the top if anything because he 'Governs' the biggest state in America; largest entity on the continent and 5th largest economy in the world.

Imagine that for a second.

This jack ass runs a powerful state that commands a lot of power and influence.

He was caught in a scandal recently. See the details here on Tucker Carlson. I think he explains it quite nicely. 

What made this party all the more despicable is medical officials who have imposed some of the most ridiculous rules in California were present.

While they ruin the lives of the average citizen, they pop off $400 meals at the French Laundry restaurant. How's that for dirty laundry.

Hypocrites of the highest order. The contempt for people couldn't be clearer.

It matters because North America watches California. 

It matters because it gets right to the heart of the matte that shutting human life down for a virus that is not an existential threat is immoral. To deny the right of people to live their conscience is a crime against their liberty; humanity.

And he's far from alone as Cuomo - a leader when it comes to incompetence and arrogance -  showed. Many have been caught in some acts of hypocrisy that threatens to blow the top of this hysteria 

Legault is in this boat.

He is denying people the simple pleasures. People need outlets to unwind and two of the biggest ways they do this is to go to a bar fo a drink or have a meal at restaurant or work out at the gym.

To blow off steam.

Aa if this isn't enough. He tells people they can't have people in their own homes.

Yet, shopping at COSTCO for one hour is fine. 

And the sheep and seals applaud. Thoughtlessly. They think they're being virtuous.

Bit it's not.

It's depraved and illegal. He must account for the psychological damage he is causing.

Australia: A Dark Place In One Blurb

Think long and hard Canada. THINK.



U.S. Elections: The Fraud Runs Deep

No way in hell. None. No way Joe Biden - Lord of the Losers - beat Donald Trump.

None. Not without significant cheating and fraud.

More laughably, by getting more votes than Obama and Hilary in the process.

He got a lot of help.

And Americans need to find out what happened.

This is an illegitimate election. 

Anticipated Danish Mask Study Published

The largest RCT study on masks has been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

It concludes what I suspected it would: Masks aren't effective. 

Thus confirming 100 years of established mask studies on record that concluded the same.

Government officials know this.

I'm sure they had to dilute the study to for public consumption. It's not a stretch to think it's even more stark than this. I hope one day we see the full unedited results. But this is a dark age so we have to tread carefully around the authorities.

Now you have no excuse and can't claims it's 'science'. 

It's not.

They're misleading you. 

Here's what's happening.

It goes something like this.

The effectiveness of masks is easily observable. If a place is wearing them for one month with high compliance only to see rates shoot up, this means masks don't work.

It's that simple.

Ah. But not so easy. The criminals running government and media tell you you're crazy and you can't trust what you see. It's all in your head. Mask aren't working and making us look stupid because you're not listening to their commands full stop. It's your fault the virus spreads. Not the masks. You're being told to not believe what you're seeing. They gaslight you. You must wear the masks because they represent liberty and will keep life going. Just shut up and live in fear. And what's the big deal? It's just a mask! What if they do magically work?

It's a classic psychological con job and Legault and Arruda are all in the racket. They are deceivers.

When you deceive and knowingly commit fraud, all hell breaks loose. 

Don't fall for the con.

It's not up to Legault to decide when normalcy returns.

It's up to US. The people.

Remember this.

Anyway. For those of you who are still logic challenged because of a steadfast belief in masks here's what the study (all studies) basically say.This is what they mean by 'no measurable difference'. I bet you it's the same thing with lockdowns. Public officials are psychotic in their relentless laments of fear blaming us for the virus.

In sum:

-Longest flattening the curve in history.

-None of the measures make one iota of difference. Statistically marginal. 

-But the collateral damage is enormous.

Hence, public officials (and the fools who support them) are incompetent criminals. 

Legault Extends His Dehumanization Edicts Another Month

At this point, I've lost all respect for Francois Legault and can't find words to describe what this man is doing.

On a personal level, my employees are fed up. They're exhausted dealing with the fear mongering from the government, annoying hysterical parents and all the excessive protocols. There is no joy at the moment in a work environment that is happy and healthy.

Knocking out gyms and restaurants while everything else stays open is just about the most unconscionable thing a man can do. He is taking food out of the mouths of families and this is immoral without a shred of scientific evidence. 

Legault has ripped this with his excessive and irresponsible measures.

Anyone who listens to this government needs to give their heads a shake.

Telling people to stay apart for 45 more days - remember this shambolic stupidity started on September 28  - is a crime against humanity.


Wake up.

Klaus And Gavin: A Turd Sandwich And A Douchebag

 Meet Klaus Schwab. He's a turd sandwich.

Meet Gavin Newsome. He's a douchebag.


Wake up.

This isn't funny anymore.

The masks are lies sold to you by psychopathic liars.

No science behind it. Just fear.

Wake. Up.

/shakes the globe.


Klaus. You're 82 years-old. Grow up.

The Time For Polite Tolerance Of Superstition Is Over

I've had it.

I will no longer tolerate and accept mask policies and people who support them blindly.

I will contact any person or expert that peddles this idiocy and demand they produce EVIDENCE.

I will no longer watch this society fall further into Stockholm Syndrome and continuously blindly accept the narratives. 

Masks are an obscenity. They're as anti-science as they come. It dehumanizes us under the guise of 'public common good'.

I read the province of Saskatchewan now has mandated masks.

It's November 2020.

The virus has been around since 2019.

What the frick is going on?

Have people not recognized these measures do not work?

How can officials in Saskatchewan who have the benefit of seeing mask policies in other places? Can someone tell me on what planet are they on to think they work? We see it unfold right before our eyes they literally do NOTHING.

Where has it been demonstrated they stopped the spread? Where?

All I see is these policies actually CONFIRM 100 years of studies that make clear masks do little.

Any person who is complicit now and not speaking out against masks will get an earful from me.

I'll be that guy.

In the beginning, there was some sympathy. No more.

I will not tolerate superstition pass off as science any longer.

Time for a Great Push Back.



Costco: It All Makes Sense Now; Sweden Once Again Shows Masks Are Pointless

I never liked Costco. I could never put my finger on why.

It wasn't about the quality of the food because they offer good quality. It's also very well run obviously. 

It was the little things that rubbed me the wrong way. 

But how I'm not a good fit with Costco is not the point of the post. I no longer shop there. The point is easy in the pandemic this company was the first to demand customers wear a mask before the government made it mandatory. There wasn't a draconian measure they wouldn't resist. Now, they're requiring workers to wear masks and shields (this is way out of control and it's a shame public officials who know this is a complete sham are cowards and don't speak out) regardless of their health situation.

This strikes me as discriminatory if not outright illegal. I will add it's immoral as well.

So my instincts about the company was right. They're rotten.

Then I come to learn COSTCO has strong ties to Bill Gates. His father sat on its board while its current CEO is connected to Gates. 

That may explain why they act the way they do. Gates needs the scam to keep going in order to justify the vaccine. 

The government and other questionable players have  thoroughly convinced people this virus is so dangerous it deserves masks.

At this point, with the lack of critical thinking coupled with fear, I'm not sure how we get off this cultish obsession now elevated to a superstitious level.

It is absolutely not rooted in much science.

The more honest doctors and expert who push for it will admit as such and say it's more precautionary than anything.

And so the question is: Why is it mandatory?

The Lincoln Project Are Gutless Punks

What's worse than a bunch of beltway political hacks having a hissy fit about Trump?

The same group going after and doxxing lawyers and harassing their clients for working on Trump's legal team.

There's so much wrong with this - ethically and morally.

But this is taking things down a very bad path. Are we going to attack lawyers for doing their job now?

This Lincoln Project group has TDS bad. Really bad.

So much so, they're rabidly blinded by their own faux-righteous rage. They probably are proud of themselves for playing a part in this obscene fraud. Hey, they got him right? The walls closed in! 

At what cost though? 

What they did here may be seen as 'politics as usual' but for me, with the way 2020 has unfolded, they're nothing but a bunch of cowardly punks and thugs.

Losers essentially. 

On Vaccines As Extortion

Did you hear? Dolly Parton deserves credit!

Trump and Operation Warp Speed not so much.


The politicization of medicine has created such an appalling hysteria, they use the vaccine as extortion to get back your lives. 

This is criminal.

Driving my daughter to school today I saw this sign in French on the Vezina. Blvd. overpass on the Decarie:

Don't listen to the authorities. They're stealing your lives.


In Case You Were Wondering About The Global Reset

It's all the rage now. Some Teutonic nutcase named Klaus Schwab is the face of it and it's a global program via the World Economic Forum which has been the subject of conspiracies since the1990s.

Some names associated with this reset are George Soros (of course), Bill Gates (naturally, Prince Charles (sure why not?) and one Justin fricken Trudeau. Remedia sentient piece of lint extraordinaire.

Dr. Brian Conway, a virologist out West, said in a CTV article sometimes in September it'll be a 'better' world. Whatever that means. I wonder what a virologist is doing commenting on such issues of society. I would love to know what he meant by 'better'.

It's hardly a conspiracy theory. It's right in the public domain. Time, Forbes and other publications have spoken about it.

Enslavement is bliss? Libera? Who knows? We've been bamboozled and lied to on such a spectacular scale, people are ready to plunge a vaccine in their neck just to make it all go away.

But will it?

This is a scheme. A global coup. Just like the coup we're witnessing with the U.S. election. The mere fact a scandalous law breaker like Justin talks about and supports it should give pause to people.

Unelected grunts are the orchestral maneuverers in the dark and public officials are their useful idiots.

2020: Rise of the useful idiots.

You may have heard some of their propaganda. 'Build back better'. You may have remembered the movie starring Troy McClure 'Building back betterer." 

If you examine what they're saying it's just a very bad version of John Lennon's 'Imagine'.

Now you know.

When they talk about apps, vaxx papers, power grids and financial system vulnerabilities, sustainable living. 

These are all part of The Global Reset.

And you ain't invited to the extent the plan is to remove power in the sovereign citizen and funnel it into technocrats?

Don't believe it? You're getting a glimpse of it through the medical tyranny you're witnessing unfold before you eyes with Covid-19.

Be attentive.