Hillary Clinton Is A Sower Of Discord

She really is a wretched person. The United States dodged a huge bullet when that loser lost. Since 2016 she has acted without class or reason.

Now she has re-emerged and she's spewing conspiracy theory gibberish in an effort to besmirch people. Her unsubstantiated and unhinged attacks (supported by the gutless lunatics in the media) on Tulsi Gabbard - a woman who is serving her country in the military - calling her a 'Russian asset' is reprehensible but not surprising from such a shallow and pathetic mind.

Hilary Clinton is a small person.

And to think people defend this loser.

Honk, honk.


The U.N. Is Past Its Due Date

Time to disband this useless organization that has lost the moral high ground.

Venezuela gets a seat at the human rights council.


The country where people are currently living in totes misery as a result of socialist scheming.

They're on the human rights council.

Sounds totes legit.

Good job UN.

Maybe you should add the NBA and China to this council.

It's clown world. 


Barry Endorses Justin

MuH intERfErencE!

Of course, leave it to the most over praised and corrupted President in history to support the most over praised and corrupted Prime Minister in history.

They deserve each other.

Two narcissists who are more interested in their brands than their countries.

Timeline On Syria

-Trump correctly assesses situation and announces pull out in Syria.
-Muh Kurds. Like they ever gave a shit about them.
-Enemies of the state vote for war and blood against an ally. The same cumquats who cowardly allowed Obama to go into Syria without their approval.
-Trump prefers peace talks.
-They laugh.
-Turkey announces peace plan.
-Turkey says it's a cease fire now.

"Syria is a U.S. Mistake that started 7 years ago, the CIA and Saudi Arabia tried to overthrow Assad, it was a DISASTER, it brought in ISIS & Russia, what we should do now is GET OUT!"

-Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University

The NBA Failed America

This has been a horrible two weeks for the NBA.

The poor woke bastards.

Probably worse than the victims of China's repressive bullying even.

Please. Let us feel sad for the people of the NBA and their struggles.

Just when you thought they couldn't make bigger asses of themselves in comes Adam 'Funeral Director' Silver with this gem mined from his mind:

"We were being asked to fire him by the Chinese government. … We said there’s no chance that’s happening. There’s no chance we’ll even discipline him."

Which China now denies. Sweet mother mercy of me and my Jell-O do these morons deserve each other or what?

Also mentioned, in addition to Lebron's retarded 'my league had a bad week' Adam says hold my dunce cap and pulls a 'the league suffered substantial losses'. 'Fairly dramatic financial losses' as he put it. Notice the spin here. This must be that awesome leadership noted scholar Popovich waxed poetic about.

What's Silver angling for here? A pat on the back? Gee, thanks I guess. You really showed those Chicoms! From the beginning there was one play. You tell China to go suck a back of dicks.

They're trying to say the offensive tweet and the reaction led to it but in reality it's what you get for dealing with an authoritarian Chinese government who won't tolerate dissent or free speech of any kind (for the love of God they banned fricken South Park because it mocked its leader for looking Winnie the Pooh - which he does) and then gives you the back of the hand for being yourselves in a free society.

Are we supposed to feel sad for these unprincipled, hypocritical douchebags? So sad you suffered NBA. Now Lebron makes $40 million instead of $42. Poor wittle oppressed NBA.

These colossal douchebags aren't digging their graves anymore. They're lying in it.


There are people out there who think he's the 'best commish in sports' for standing up to China.

Is he? Or is this just spin and damage control after the league's initial colossal fuck up? If he was all that, the league would reinstate Morey's tweet.

So tickle me skeptical.

The bottom line is, this should not entered a single mind in the NBA in the first place

Alas, the players led by Qing-Tai Chi Woke himself, Lebron tried to get him disciplined, but that's LeMao for you. He's a coach killer and a drama Queen who thinks for himself and only his wallet. He's no leader or man of principles. He talks a big game and dunks those balls but when a moment of truth comes, he cowers.

I can't breathe for real under all this insufferable arrogance and hypocrisy. So if you want to see this as some sort of power play between Silver and Lebron James go right ahead.

But Silver set the tone to all this mess.

He tried to awkwardly placate a communist regime and all he got was grief and possibly a t-shirt; and a whole lot of memes justifiably mocking the league.

Advice to the NBA: Shut the fuck up already.

Shut up on Trump and definitely don't delve into international politics. It's not your game.

You lost.

You lost the moral ground and traded your integrity for Chinese money.

That's it.

When a cartoon shows more courage and integrity, you lost the plot.

America is an imperfect country. But a great country. The piling on this great country by the NBA has been despicable.

America makes these people fabulously wealthy. They live a life in spectacular comfort and are afforded a lifestyle 99.5% of the population don't enjoy.

And not only do you cowardly attack your President incessantly with circular logic like stupid children, you mocked your liberty and democracy.

When the moment came to defend the ONE value cherished by all of us in the West, you buckled like little chicken shits.

It's one thing if you want to make a Faustian deal with China and sell yourselves for profit.

It's quite another to fail America.

Morey stands above every single one of you.

Now fuck off.



I remember in the 80s and 90s me and my cousin would read GQ to see the latest in watches, ties and suits. Then my cousin went and died (he'd be laughing at that little jab) and it seems like GQ did too.

When I think GQ I think 'woke' and 'anti-Trump' now and want no part of their lousy agenda. Me. The son of a tailor of Italian heritage. A family and culture that reveres the finer things.

No. This is not 'New Masculinity'.

It's social engineering bull shit.

This being the magazine who went ahead and published this tripe. 

Sounds like cucks and Justin Trudeau sit on the editorial board at GQ.

I work in a milieu heavily employed by women. Lemme tell ya. They like their men to be men and are not at all impressed by the effeminate woke males GQ is trying to push.


Media: You're the Fake News

Even by their degenerate and unprofessional standards, this is pretty epic.

Not only did they get it spectacularly wrong, they even pulled a Jimmy Superfly Snuka and air elbowed in the gem of 'atrocities were being committed' without a single shred of evidence. It was full, straight on fabrication and lie.

How do they even get millions of viewers is beyond comprehension.

Behind the illusion of professionalism and sharp suits lies some serious bull shit.

ABC, CBS, NBC media - enemies of the people. 

That goes for Canadian media as well. All spin and BS.

The media is bald.

The NBA And Everyone Defending Their Hypocrisy Are Wrong

Been digesting this NBA engaging in a China blow bang story and even started to write about it before I gave up. While the plot of the story is simple enough - the NBA kneeling before Zod for money thus betraying the principle values that drives the essence of the American experience - the rhetoric and responses by NBA personalities and radio hosts has been nothing short of breathtaking in its Blue Cap like and utterly ignorant posturing.

Despicable even.

Everyone is an asshole in this story. Silver, Kerr, Popovich, Harden, that Nets owner, and Lebron. Not to mention Disney, ESPN, Phil Nike (sacrifice everything - except here) and Tim Cook. Each of their responses actually deserves a harsh rebuttal.

Hypocritical cowards. All of them.

Everyone except Morey that is.

It's easy to rail against Trump. It's easy to act like everything bad started three years ago and incessantly rail like children about it. It's easy to scold, nag and lecture the American people when you know nothing will happen to you.

No one would have cared if you made your Faustian Deal with China and made your money had you not been such pompous, insufferable nags lecturing about how bad America is.

Wanna impress guys? Take your SJW shtick to China. See how that goes.

See how much you're willing to sacrifice.

Right. You made your choice.

And boy was it the wrong one.

I expect the NBA and its merry band of noted scholars and woke dribblers to double down. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if they even spin this as a plot by 'alt-right extremist trolls in the age of Trump'. Maybe some 'woke' ESPNer will come to the defense of Lebron and allege racism is driving the criticism of his vacuous mindset.

They can engage in all the false equivalencies and circular logic as they choose.

But before they do. Maybe they should all take a moment to think about all the dissidents languishing in prison, the people in concentration camps, gay activists who face death everyday, and human rights organizations and how their own thoughtless words and submission to money impacts them. It must be disheartening - though not the end of the world - for them to hear Americans defend a bullying regime ruled by Winnie the Pooh but they have principles and will continue to fight. I can but offer my mere words of support.

And with that, we can all see through the gutless hypocrisy of the NBA.


Imagined headline at The Root: "Criticism of Lebron and the NBA is not about freedom of speech but....RACISM!"


You know. It's ironic. For ll their obsession over slavery, black ballers haves traded that for being slaves to China. That apparently is okay. What do I meant by that? Lebron isn't free. He isn't free to say what he really thinks. He has to say whatever is needed to be said to protect his ability to make 'mo money'. More irony is the fact that despite being fabulously wealthy to the point of reaching billionaire status, he rails against how bad America is but kneels before Winnie.

Dude. Do you really need to do this?

See this Lebron - King of the Wokesters? That's a true, timeless hero. Would you stand before a tank?

No one knows what became of Tank Man. He didn't go on to be a drama queen athlete. He didn't make a deal with Nike. He can't dunk a ball inside a steel rim. He didn't have anything except the convictions of his beliefs. Know what he did there Lebron? He stood up for FREEDOM.

Like a man.

The free world owes much to this individual 30 years on.

Any questions?


Go fuck yourselves.


Enough of Lebron and the NBA. They side, in the bigger scheme of things, with China in the fight against capitalist democracy. They dropped the ball. They can't dribble around this.

But Enes Kanter gets it.

This is a man who understands a real 'hard week'.

He deserves respect.


Trump And The Middle East: He's Right

Just wanted to leave a quick note to say Trump is 1000% correct in his assessment of the Middle East. This 'dangerous' President is perhaps the only President to insist on avoiding war. It's incredible to think there's a backlash to his decision to not go into Syria which would have risked war with Turkey. Technically still an ally of America and one of the largest armies in NATO.

The best the detractors could come up with was 'but the Kurds!' but this is a rather disingenuous if not incredibly cynical argument for a number of reasons which I plan and hope to expand on shortly. In short, the left doing most of this arguing, never gave a rat's ass about the Kurds. The 'anti-war' left were silent on them when Obama was in power were they not? An administration that made such an incoherent mess (that culminated into ceding influence in the region to Russia), the call to get out was the only logical and sane choice.

While the Kurds are engaging in a tribal war so complex, the U.S. is better off not getting involved. A fight that has been going on since the 1970s and involves four major players in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

How anyone can conclude it's a good idea the Americans go into Syria - where there were under 100 American soldiers - and get into a fight with not only Turkey but potentially engulf them with Iraq and Iran, is beyond comprehension.

Trump is fighting the military industrial complex and the swamp salivating for war.

Americans should be supporting him.

Not agitating for war for the sake of resisting him.


UN Going Broke; This Is A Good Thing

Been digesting the NBA sucking China cock story and plan to offer my thoughts on the despicable display of hyper-hypocrisy and its illiberal apologists I've seen yet.

Truly breathtaking to the point I'm having a hard time pinning down my thoughts.

But first. The UN is going broke.


Maybe once this vastly over rated and corrupted old boys network of political hacks and intellectual shysters collapses, truth and sanity will return.

The UN has lost the plot in recent years from sex scandals to its obvious anti-Israel, pro-dictator tin pot disposition to its dubious climate change publications to its outright reliance on the United States and its money, this organization is in dire need of a major over haul. But to do so you'd have to drain the swamp and so good luck with that.

The UN has become a symbol of elitism like the EU and Hollywood increasingly hostile to the interests of free citizens. Now that people are questioning their masters and their agendas, they're being painted as 'extremists' for daring to challenge their power. Our very own political elites here in Canada take this 'democracy is under threat' stance.

If the NBA showed anything and how Hollywood pimps off SJW movies, it's that the intellectual and social elites that hold the levers of power HATE YOUR GUTS.

They're the enemy within and the media is their bitch.

Sounds borderline 'conspiratorial?" Not really. When a league decides to apologize to China because a Houston Rockets GM dared say he supports freedom, democracy and Hong Kong, you know you're entered a troubling 'wtf?' realm. A county that has routinely and repeatedly an endless stream of illegal espionage, human rights abuses (including gays. Go have a look at how they handle their Muslim problem) and bad trade practices. This is who Silver and his shit head cowards that make up the NBA brass bent over for and took one in the ass. They're selling out America and Western values people. But more on that in a rage-filled rant.

Nothing upset and angered me more than what I saw with the NBA.

Suffice to conclude about the UN.....

Let it drown in its own rotten sewage.


An example of how much better and freer we'd all be without the UN: