Canada's Fax Machine Public Health System

How many times have I written we have bad leadership in Canada across the board?

How many times have I voiced frustration with our penchant to brag about our second-rate public health system?

How many times have I discussed Canada is a braggart nation that can't back up its braggadocio?

It's a marvel we even succeed at all!

Anyway, our over-venerated public health system is on par with the fax machine. I feel for all our health care workers who do their best within such an antiquated and inefficient system.

We're the last country to ever pass judgment on the American system. Maybe it's expensive and maybe it has access issues but they still have, at the end of the day, the best health care facilities on the planet. Bar none.

We don't have anything on the level of Johns Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic. And this is a reality we need to keep in the back of our heads when we bash America.

It's funny he mentions Australia. At my daycare, we've had international clients pass through over the years. Not a single one of them - included in them Australians and doctors - could understand why Canadians were so proud of their health system.


Sadly, I don't see this ever improving.


Bell Selects Ericsson; Doug Ford Continues To Disappoint

Proud of Bell for doing the right thing and partner with Ericsson to build their 5G Network and not Huwaei. I believe Rogers did the same.

Telus unfortunately stupidly does the opposite.


I have no idea what the heck is going on anymore.

The coronavirus is a dud. Daily cases in Canada are down to negligible levels - 685. Ontario had around 400 today.

Yet, Doug Ford extends the lockdown another 30 days?

What in the hell?

30 more days of unnecessary pain?

But the box stores stay open right, Doug?

Meanwhile, rioters and protesters get to roam the streets I bet, eh? It happens in the NYC and NY where both De Blasio and Murphy basically told small business to suck a lemon while rioters loot their city and state.

I think I need crazy pills.

My contempt for these cowards knows no bounds.


It's unconscionable what you're doing because it has NO BASIS in science and the data doesn't back you up.


Of Riots And Covid-19: Media Lies

It's pretty amazing and depressing how people are so easily duped.

They were duped about the lethality of Covid-19 so much so they allowed themselves to be scared enough to cower in their homes. Now these same people, I assume with some good dose of confidence, think 'right-wing' groups are causing the riotous mayhem.

How they figure this is beyond comprehension when clearly it's not.

The media is pimping this narrative and they won't stop. That's because they're enemies of the people.

I watch some of those pressers. All they do, in their stupid masks, is look for their 'gotcha' moment with loaded questions manipulative five year-olds use. They're not looking for the truth, they're building narratives.

Here's the most recent example:

'What authority does the President have to declare Antifa a terrorist organization?'

I'll let you think this one through.

Those riots? That ain't about Floyd. Sure there are some good souls who want to fight for him but that's not what it's about at the moment. This is a hostile attack from within. And Antifa is more of a problem than people think. Not sure what beating up women and truck drivers, handing out bricks and contracts to commit crimes and smashing up businesses and property has to do with justice.

As for the Covid. The sad truth is the psychological damage is done. Now 'virus-proofing' is a thing and people are threatening to not go back into offices until a vaccine is found.

Politicians are going to regret the decision to lockdown. Society is going to see how awful a decision it was backed with NO evidence.

The fall out will be like a poison ivy vine just growing and growing.

You're not going to convince people who were traumatized that the virus isn't as bad as first thought. This is why countries like Norway, Denmark, Austria and Czech Republic opened early. I'm almost certain they understood this. Sweden certainly did.

Here in Canada and in the USA we gave Karens and other easily scared people another reason to make our lives all the more difficult. And the ones who are going to bear the brunt of this irrationalism? KIDS. These sons of bitches and bastards are going to make their lives a miserable hell in school and spots activities.

There's no way to 'virus-proof' everything you retards. If you bother to for once in your sad, ignorant and meaningless lives to read a book or actually contemplate man and the universe, you'd see we cheat death every single day. You have no idea how our very existence is a marvel onto itself given how mind blowingly violent and inhospitable earth is.  But instead, you choose to fill your heads with  trendy pseudo-new age bull shit leaving you vulnerable to scientism and other faux-intellectual rackets pimped by bureaucrats, low IQ journalists, politicians and low grade authors.

Some one should pay for what they did.

China for sure.

But whoever decided terrorizing people about Covid-19, they should face some sort of justice.

Medical bureaucrats in particular. Doctors who shrilled in hysteria too. It was hard to convince people to not take their words as the word of God. Doctors hold a high place in society but they're not infallible. And they were not particularly impressive here.

And the politicians - many of them anyway - showed they were not up to the task to lead nations of men and women.

A spectacular failure all around.

I'm ashamed.


Rioters And Lockdowners Are Cowards

And so because of an action of one cop in Minneapolis (thanks Minnesota! The state who voted for Ilhan Omar! Good to see Klobuchar's record is being scrutinized because - hello! - once again between the unions and politicians derelict cops never get disciplined. To me, they're all complicit in wha happened.) the protest has spread to Montreal - and Europe for that matter.

So far, the damage and violence is minimal. We'll see if it goes full blown rioting and criminal here.

But it has't been peaceful. They raided the legendary Steve's Music store. Because nothing says 'fight racism' by stealing a couple of guitars.

You know, between the 'Lockdowners' (who break off into various retard splinter groups including 'Too Sooners', 'Wear a maskers' and 'New Normies') and the rioters, we see just how many buffoons walk among us.

They all pray to the Church of Scientism I reckon.

So let's see, these same idiots who probably laughed at people who protested the lockdowns and for not wearing masks while practicing social distancing, are now protesting and rioting while not....wearings masks and social distancing.

Pussies, sissies and cowards.

In the USA, it's startling to notice how states and cities run by Democrats eventually burn to the ground. The rule of law has all but been abandoned by blue states. This is what happens when you let groups like Antifa run amok. Now whether this is orchestrated is another matter altogether. It certainly has that feel.

That a bunch of cretins are running amok destroying things (including Churches) is one thing but that the cops don't arrest then but arrested people defending their businesses - or during the pandemic business owners looking to feed their families - is a huge problem.

This pandemic showed us just how many retards walk among us.

Scary huh?

I prayed that I was wrong about the lockdowns and this hysteria.

But as time moves forward, it looks more and more this is turning out to have been unnecessary and
this depresses me.

Meet Norway's Health Minister.

I like her.


Anyone notice how the media attacked peaceful protesters who wanted to open the economy like they were viruses and chastised them for not wearing masks but are silent with violent rioters who are destroying property?

It's all bull shit.

Wouldn't surprise me if China is indirectly funding some of these treacherous NGOs who are paying these thugs rioting. Pretty amazing how the media sides with them.

It's how communists role to foster civil unrest in order to divide and conquer.

Under Trump's watch, Americans will have a fighting chance to clean out this gunk.

Italy: New Coronavirus Loses Potency

“In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” said Alberto Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in the northern region of Lombardy, which has borne the brunt of Italy’s coronavirus contagion...."

...Zangrillo said some experts were too alarmist about the prospect of a second wave of infections and politicians needed to take into account the new reality.

“We’ve got to get back to being a normal country,” he said. “Someone has to take responsibility for terrorizing the country.”
The government urged caution, saying it was far too soon to claim victory.
“Pending scientific evidence to support the thesis that the virus has disappeared … I would invite those who say they are sure of it not to confuse Italians,” Sandra Zampa, an undersecretary at the health ministry, said in a statement.
“We should instead invite Italians to maintain the maximum caution, maintain physical distancing, avoid large groups, to frequently wash their hands and to wear masks.”
Maybe Dr. Zangrillo may want to ask Zampa to take responsibility. Not sure why she would push for this.
This is information that should hearten people who fell to the hysteria. If Italy helped to generate a global lockdown, then it logically follows we should pay attention to what they're learning. Youtube is filled with wonderful channels (that the idiots at YouTube haven't banned) with doctors and scientists who have calmly been explaining the true data and science behind the virus. Had people done so, they'd have known weeks ago we were over reacting and that the media and politicians were indeed 'terrorizing' people because of the unknown. Medical bureaucrats in particular share a lot of the blame as well. They played with people's emotions and fears as if it could be managed away at every conference. 
It was a complete capitulation with no science to back up the lockdowns. 
Let's hope we learn from this. Unfortunately, I expect another couple of weeks of silliness with the mask and hand washing but once this passes, we must demand a sober and closer look to how we reacted. 


Canada MUST Stand By The United States

Great speech from Trump. It really is a tale of two Trumps this Presidency. He's one way with the media and pressers but is much  more composed and deliberate in official speeches. Where it counts.

He spoke with great authority in calling out China and directly challenging them while unequivocally defending Hong Kong. The United States wasn't getting involved in Chinese affairs until it unleashed a virus on the world and then it was all bets are off.

He also pulled the USA out of the WHO. Why should American taxpayers pay into an organization that basically let China dictate how it informed the world about the coronavirus? Canadians should be thinking the same exact way. Except we have a PM enamoured with a broken institution like the UN.

Once again, it's left to the United States to do the heavy lifting while Europe (and Canada) pick their noses playing dumbass anti-Trump games.

Canada has to drop its act and MUST support the United States here.

China overplayed its hand and they must account for it. They're warning of a 'new cold war'.

Good. I've asserted here China must be treated like the Soviet Union because that's how they deserve to be treated.

Forget the differences with Trump or petty politics. China is a far greater threat at the moment.

Would be great to have a true leader for this country. Unfortunately, we're stuck with this sad bunch.

Trump has balls. Trudeau has none.

This Is Serious Now

It's one thing to read the obnoxious stupidity of white liberal guilt from a Facebook page but quite another when a professor spreads hate. Still far more troubling is when people in positions of power start to engage in overt reverse racism.

Enter one Carl J. Florea Mayor of Leavenworth, Was.

If there's one thing I've learned with the pandemic it's how poorly served we are in North America.

It's like, well, an intellectual pandemic.

I won't break down Florea's call to essentially 'erase' white people because, well, it's retarded and so spectacularly degenerate in its position I can't even.

I should since the point of this post is to no longer accept this vile rhetoric when it comes from people who actually can make it happen in some form.

I'll post it here and you decide if it's just another low IQ loser sprouting off drivel and should be ignored or if it's in fact something that garners our attention.

In my view, it's the latter.

I'm in the middle of reading Mein Kempf.

I last read it in the early 90s and figured I needed a refresher.

What people don't realize is Trump isn't 'literally Hitler'.

It's people like Florea. Just replace 'Jews' with 'White Christian'. All this always ends in bullets in the back of the neck for the most part.

This buffoon was actually using words like 'cleansing'. Is he this ignorant and illiterate? Do the good people of Leavenworth actually accept this kind of unacceptable idiocy?

His little letter of racial lunacy is a form of call to racial purity. Only difference here is he's looking to eradicate the white virus to which he's a member of.

Not sure if he's willing to off himself to show how serious he is.

Doubt it.

In any event, as I read it, it was easy to basically juxtapose Mein Kempf with this.

It's a delusional and psychosis that demands we purge from our midst because if the Florea's of this world get their way, it will get worse.

In case you haven't noticed, things are a tad askew at the moment and his ramblings aren't going to help.


One other thing.

Go fuck yourself Florea.

And Van Jones you degenerate racist piece of shit.

Sweden's Long Game; Quebec And Sweden Comparison; Quebec MUST Open Schools At Full Capacity In September

The interesting thing about Canada is the country, as a whole, hasn't been hit hard with the coronavirus yet the leaders acted as if it was.

Which is bizarre and falls into an over reaction.

Some facts:

-Remove Quebec (50 651)and there are 39 539 cases. Remove Ontario (27 533) and now it's down to 12 006 for all of Canada! That's 318 cases per million. So remind me why they're engaging in 'phasing' they're economies back into business? If anything, a case can be made that provinces could have opted for a much more enlightened and less draconian approach. Reacting what happened to Quebec is not a reason to install the same policies as they did.

-Ontario has 190 cases per million (QC has 603). Yet, Doug Ford looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown.

-Like in Quebec, Ontario's numbers are largely thanks to the disaster in the nursing homes. Interestingly, this reality somehow gets conflated with the general population. It has distorted our perception of how to deal with the virus.

-As for the deaths, Quebec has 528 per million. Ontario 155. The national average is 188. It puts us in ok territory overall. Certainly not strong enough to brag about being better than most countries including the USA. But still, not bad.

-How about by age group in Quebec? 90% of deaths are in the 70+ demographic with 73% in the 80+ group.

This is where people need to start paying closer attention to for when September comes around.

I'm hearing a bit too much talk about not returning to school under normal circumstances.

This is a terrible idea; a travesty for a number of obvious reasons.

First, statically and medically, the kids are largely spared of this virus nor does it seem their major transmitters of it but this is evolving as we continue to learn about it. But it certainly looks like the virus isn't lethal for the majority of the population.

Second, we're sending a bad message to them. We're teaching them to not follow reason or science. We're teaching them to cower under a cloud of fear and uncertainty. There's no reason to not open schools in September.

Third, the unintended consequences of potentially damaging kids. Is this virus a reason to deprive high school kids of their high school experience? Learning twice a week at home on Zoom is not learning. It's a waste of time and resources. Again, it sends a bad message of not learning to live and cope in difficult times. What happens to gym and extra-curricular activities? What happens to science classes with access to labs and other stuff people don't have at home? Is it wise to leave kids at home? We have all sorts of laws preventing them from all sorts of things - including no adult supervisions - but will now leave kids across the province home while parents work? What kind of madness is this? For the coronavirus?  We all know teenagers always act responsibly right? I find it hard to believe and fathom educators, politicians and parents alike think this is wise. Never mind the idea that criminals up to no good now know a bunch of kids are home alone.

The way I see it, Legault has to start hammering home the message school has to get back to normal in September. If (and it's a big if) there's a second wave, we'll deal with it then. The U.S. and Europe aren't even talking schemes like this. In Europe back to school it was.

It would be devastating if we do this on multiple levels because it in effect erases 2021. This should not be a plausible scenario.

The other part of the equation leaders must quell and manage is the idea 'we'll do this until a vaccine is found'. We don't know when - and if -  it's coming. It shouldn't be the sole driver of how we deal with the virus. Even if it arrives, will there be enough? Will it be safe? What happens if it comes from China and people reject it? Whatever quantities we have will likely go to the demographic most affected and that's not the kids.

Living for a vaccine is absurd and not living. Time for us to show our kids how to be men and women  and not frightened cowards.

Being concerned is perfectly normal and acceptable but when it traverses into a fear that leads us to all sorts of over thinking how we live, it becomes a classic case of letting a disease control us.

I hope parents think long and hard before making children pay the price for this virus.

But let's get back to Quebec and also introduce Sweden.

Sweden at the moment is taking a lot of jabs and body blows at the moment. I have no idea if they will succeed but it's interesting to me.

Media right now likes to pump it's rising death tolls and cherry pick one data point - Norway - to prove its point.

Sweden always acknowledged cases and deaths were going to be high in the short-term by not locking down. They may even waver.

And while the theory of herd immunity seems a long way off, they're still ahead of the rest of the West. Sweden is simply a long-game here and so the jury is naturally out. I don't know why media has chosen to make them public enemy #1.

The rest of the world went with the faulty models predicting catastrophe by Neil Fegurson of Imperial College.  Now he has resigned in disgrace not only for his bad predictions that led to a worldwide lockdown with no actually science to back it up, but for breaking his own quarantine protocols to go bang his mistress.

Sweden is staying the course.

So just how bad is it? They say 'OMG 10 times worse than Norway!' but not much else.

Yes. Next to their Scandinavian neighbours Denmark and Norway, Sweden doesn't look too good.

But it's still doing better than Belgium, Spain, the UK and Italy. It's more or less on par with France and higher than Holland but not in any great way. Canada and Germany remain better.

So, when all is said and done, they may be middle of the pack. It's not about who has better death rate figures which everyone is fixated on. It's about who comes out in most in tact avoiding negative unintended consequences. Sweden is betting they'll at worse be in line with other countries and if a second wave hits, they'll be in a better place to deal with than we are.

Are we going to shut down again? That would be foolish.

Which is why we should be pulling for Sweden.

Sweden's numbers are 435 per million dead. Quebec is 528. Sweden has 3677 per million cases. Quebec has a whopping 6062 per million cases. So far, we know Quebec media shouldn't be talking smack about Sweden. Canada in total has 2377 cases per million and 188 deaths per million as noted.

Now let's delve into  Sweden's breakdown of who is dying. 

25% are 90+. 41% are 80+. 22% are 70+. That is, 88% come from the 70+ age bracket similar to Quebec.

So remind me why exactly the kids are being thrown under the bus again and how Sweden is so much worse than anyone else?

Sweden is achieving this figures without a lockdown and Quebec (not to mention European countries and U.S. states) is surpassing it with a lockdown.

Now it remains to be seen what the trade-offs will be. Recent reports show Sweden's economy is struggling.

I still say the jury is out.


The Big Picture Beyond Twitter

That I think Jack Dorsey is a coward and a punk is not news around here.

I consider the whole gang of bums at Youtube and Twitter to be little illiberal and illiterate shits who have way too much power for their own good. Tiny brains with no intellectual depth and power are a toxic mix.

How many times over the years have we seen true and objectionable content on their platforms be left alone? But conservatives who disagreeing progressive dogma are under constant attack from these bicycle peddling, mask wearing, sandal bearing buffoons.

They're cowards of the highest order because they don't have the guts and balls to admit what they're doing.

They hide behind all kinds of double-speak, policies and 'fact checkers' to give the impression of being responsible and honest.

They're not.

They're unprincipled partisan idiots. No other way to describe it.

When Obama was saying all kinds of stupid, ignorant and illiberal nonsense, they left him alone because 'brah' he's so cool and oratorical.

They're sufficiently stupid in the brain to not even drop their tribal instincts and actually look for truth.

Now Trump comes along and it's 'bruh we gotta fact check him'.

Think about how dim witted Dorsey is. I saw all I needed to see the character of this guy on Rogan. He couldn't even lie right. Hence, he came off no better than a cheap salesman pimping a shit product.

He picked a fight with the President of the United States of America.

The profound arrogance of this clown.  The government can shut you down.  Period.

All Trump did here is force their hand.

For years now they've been coyly and cleverly playing both sides of the platform/publisher divide.

Now Trump, once you cut through the bull shit (because it takes a bull shitter to call out a bull shitter; it takes a bully to take out a bully), essentially is saying stop being little shits and cucks and pick a side.

I'm pulling for Trump because it's not free speech at play here. He's not hurting it. Twitter and Youtube are when they act as publishers demonetizing and removing content without any consistency. Which makes me wonder, who is pulling their strings because I find it incredible that they would stray from the wise position of remaining a platform.

They're not set up to be publishers. Not intellectually, professionally not anything.

They're set up to be platforms.

They can believe in whatever idealistic goal of wanting to save the world but the reality is they're damaging it.


Daily (Da Rona) Derp: The Magnificent Derpersons

Keeping it real.

Here's the bottom line.

There's little to no evidence that masks, shields, gloves and hand washing prevent or slow this virus.


You heard it here.

That a doctor says he's going to wear one ergo you should is not science.

It's just one person saying they're going to wear one.

Doctors aren't infallible. Nor are they always right.

Just look at how wrong they've been so far!

The fact is we don't know much about the virus and we've taken age old good hygiene advice and turned them into public virtue not based on sound science or empirical evidence but scientism and politics.

That you believe you doing a public good doesn't give you the right to shout or even accost people for not agreeing on this matter.

You want to wear a mask? Go ahead. Don't pretend somehow science backs you up or you're somehow a better human.

You are not.

Let me repeat this for all you clowns on social media shrieking about people who don't wear masks: YOU ARE NOT VIRTUOUS.

You're just faux-righteous nags.

Not only that. You don't seem bright enough to understand it's about five months too late to wear masks. 

What officials are saying is do all these things because they probably do slow the spread and what not.

Probably is not science last I checked. 

People of course take this to whole new levels. I visited a bank today and the poor teller was in a medical mask (not designed for use for long hours), and gloves (bacteria traps) behind a plexiglass while practicing social distancing.

This is the very definition of excessive superstition.

I feel for people who let themselves be led into fear in this manner or people who know this is a little ridiculous but have too because of their company protocols. This is not a life.

Employ some common sense for the love of God.

And doing some research won't kill you either.

Just like Covid-19 is statistically not going to kill you.

Plus, I'm a simple man. If Justin does something, I do the opposite.


I'll just leave this hear with no comment:

Quebec Premier Legault: 74 deaths today. 70 in nursing homes. That leaves four for the general population. In a province with eight million people.


Apparently, PEI is opening their economy in phases. What economy? The McCain and Cavendish farms and the Anne of Green Gables Museum?

Of all the bizarre theatre through this over-hyped pandemic, PEI phasing its economy despite TWO KNOWN CASES is one of the more surreal ones.

Not even Kafka could come up with that.


600 doctors correctly point out the lockdowns are a 'mass casualty' event but somehow the media thinks they're shills for the government.

The media wants this scare to continue. It brings mayhem. It brings friction. They thrive on this sort of social angst. The media is the devil that's why.

Corona freaks are control freaks who are also climate change will kill us all freaks.

There's literally NO evidence to back up continuing the lockdowns. Even the 'phasing' stages of opening is all theatre. PEI is phasing opening up the economy. They have a devastating 2 known cases. What economy? What the fuck do they have to phase into? 


Our failed head Health doctor Dr. Tam says Canadians should stay in as much as possible.

Why exactly again?

Maybe you should stay indoors. And take that clown posing as a PM with you.


My bet is deaths due to Covid-19 will be adjusted downwards.

Maybe discreetly.

Like they do deaths from wars.

They like to over shoot death to rile people up and then quietly say 'saw-wee' it's less than that!

In any event, we should always keep in mind the vast majority of those deaths were mostly from one demographic and even within it we could have avoided some of those had politicians not sent them to their certain death in nursing homes.

Seems to me that's where the real scandal is. That and the fact North American officials chose to not close air space for identity politics considerations.

From what I know the principal players in that game were: Trudeau, Tam, and Hajdu here in the real Frozen Tundra - sorry Green Bay.

And Cuomo, Barbot, Schumer, and Pelosi in the U.S..


Speaking of Cuomo, wow. This guy is some piece of work.

Incompetent and a fake tough guy. My God NY has terrible leaders. Schumer, Cuomo, Barbot and De Blasio. Ick and yuk.

Dude. Give it up. You fucked up in spectacular fashion. Your decisions led to deaths.

What are you doing? Can't you see doubling down like this is worse and only hurts people more?

Man up and own the fact you sent patients into nursing homes leading to a crisis.

And what is it with all these pleas to emotions? Doug Ford always looks like he's on the brink of crying. Be men for the love of God already.

The politics of emotions is the last refuge of a weak mind.

Then come the use of celebrities pleading people to wear masks. Of course they would. They say things like 'wearing one says I love you and you love me'. And then they say, 'we follow science!'

It's beyond the pale in its incomprehension.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci (who seems to getting the hang of things finally) announced that masks are largely symbolic (duh) and that he doesn't believe a second wave is coming.

I tend to agree.


Because the media is screaming about it. Like how the seas were supposed to sink us all and the polar  bears were all gonna die.

Look. Sure, there may be another wave but I don't it will have this kind of an impact for the simple reason we're better prepared now and will naturally go into 'social distance' mode. People will stay home by choice. Things will slow down and people will take precautions.

Like we do for the flu season but with a more sense of urgency.



Not a fan of Maher.

At all. He's a loaded question fiend.

But every once in a while he hits one out. He's like a .217 hitter with 16 homers.


So. I'm watching Pix 11 NY and the amount of commercials thanking first responders and health care workers. After a couple of days of this hero-propaganda wondering who was pushing it, it got me thinking.

Just how bad is it anyway?

How many have died? Are they any more in danger than other workers?

I found this from the BBC. Interestingly, my suspicion was somewhat satisfied with a Scooby-snack, social workers are in fact more in danger.

Granted, this is in the UK but I wonder if this wouldn't be the case here in North America. 


Over/unders. Under meaning not likely. Keep it simple.

-Vaccines will be mandatory - Under.

-Restaurants will be able to keep up whatever new normal schemes they under take (mostly through government measures): Under.

-Government measures imposed on various industries collapse under sheer weight: Over.

-Digital Id of some kind is introduced - Even.

-Micro-chipping introduced - Under.

-Bill Gates is mauled by a starving Tasmanian Devil on live TV: OVER.

-We open just in time to recover at least half of the self-induced destruction: Even.

-Coronavirus reaction becomes a cautionary tale for posterity: Over.

-Vaccines will be required for international travel: Over.

-Required between USA/Canada: Under.

-New Pandemic Deal works: Under.

-Vaccine comes from China: Even.

-Trudeau sucks a donkey dick on live TV while taking the Chinese vaccine to show it's awesome and lapses into a coma: Over.

- Lockdowns become normal: Under.

-Coronavirus is a bio-weapon: Under.

-China is asshole: Over.

-The unintended consequences of the fall out are massive: Over. Way over.

-Low IQ politicians take responsibility for their actions: Under.

-Deaths due to Covid-19 get adjusted downwards: Over.

- We learn from our mistakes and draw lessons from them: Ha,ha.

-There are positives from the pandemic: Over. Heck, this can be a post onto itself.


And last but not least.

This gem catching the media (this time MSNBC doing their 'why come no people care for life? comedy act) in their lies.

This guy is awesome.


Let's Play Pin-Spin The Tail On The Narrative Donkey

Of all the mendacious and arrogant leaders on the continent, it can be argued Whitmore, Cuomo and Murphy top the list.

These 'leaders' not only sent sick patients back to nursing homes sealing their fates, they're cynically keeping their states in lockdown largely thanks to their spectacular arrogance.

And Whitmore should take a bow for her incredible hypocrisy. 

They say those of us who worried about the trade-offs wanted 'granny to die'.

Yet, the actions of these leaders actually did lead to deaths.

Cards on the table.

You would think these spectacular failures would do what any normal and sane person would and cut their losses.


They choose to cause more misery. They care soooo much it's now malice.