McMarxist AOC Is An Unprincipled Idiot

This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and “fact check” it.

Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.

But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows.

You're a fear mongering, unprincipled liar.

Love how she tries to spin what literally the left - and left leaning organizations like Politifact and Factcheck for example - does with fact checking conservative views and make it look like she's the victim. This is a perfect example. Use hyperbole to pimp an agenda - cross fingers- and hope no one calls you out. People did. And she now spins it into saying, 'I was only joking!'

No, you tiresome, illiberal ignoramus. People are fact checking you because what you say is often stupid and wrong. Left unchallenged it's poisonous. This is par for course for the climate change cult who have been making outrageous claims that never panned out since the 1970s.

Want to know the effect you have? My daughter was telling how her friends are scared the world was going to end in 12 years. So, aside from me taking her aside and explaining what kind of an idiot you are (as well as Ilhan and Rashida - hey, kill three birds with one pebble, no?), I had to assuage and assure her nothing of the sort would happen teaching her that's what arrogant, opportunistic (and soon to be corrupted) wannabe-socialist hacks like yourself do.

You manipulate children on purpose because this is what hardcore leftists do. Recall the kids who ambushed Feinstein demanding climate action and Greta. Alas, I have to admit, as shameless this tactic is, it works. Even conservative politicians are forced to play along lest they be attacked publicly. Andrew Scheer unveiled his own 'climate change' platform recently. It's called pandering to useful idiots.

Listen. It's simple. Her 'ideas' will end up in a race to the bottom. They're not unique or even necessary. They've been tried in different ways throughout the 20th century and beyond and failed spectacularly. Follow her blindly and she'll lead you down a path to failure - or worse.

I realize my last two titles are blunt but Justin and AOC deserve it.


Trudeau: You're Not An Honourable Man

As you take your act abroad talking about justice babbling about whatever bull shit ideological values you're pimping, your actions against Admiral Norman and subsequent refusal to at least be in Parliament when the nation offered an apology - as it should - you are absent.

Your actions always speak volumes about the sort of man you are.

Just SNC-Lavalin alone points to your arrogance and willingness to shut down any legitimate investigations in search of the truth.

Canada is without doubt worse off with you and this edition of the Liberal party.

I hope and trust Canadians will do the right thing and fire your asses in October and restore some semblance of dignity to this country.

On Free Speech America Stands Alone - Again

As the 'civilized' world over reacts to Christchurch (would be nice if they'd show some outrage whenever 'Easter Worshippers' are massacred) they prove that their countries - including Canada - are not bastions of freedom and liberty - and never were.

The calls for 'digital charters' (without popular consent of course) and the stifling of speech is nothing but calculated censorship. If you think you're safe because you have 'nothing to hide' think again.

The United States aren't buying it. Mostly because their Constitution prohibits them to stomp of free speech because of the First Amendment. In this way, Trump is being criticized for upholding the constitution. Alas, that doesn't stop asshat progressives claiming he's a racist extremist for refusing to join free speech luminaries like Germany, New Zealand (whose leader wore a burka or something to show her solidarity with Muslims), France and the UK (the country that bans knives and confiscates spoons). Sadly, Canada - our once proud country - is now lumped in with these tired, stagnant, tyrannical countries thanks to the SJW ideologues in power.

It's not America the nut case. It's the Western world.

If you support curbing of speech on any level, you deserve what you get.

The Liberals Are Extremists And Ideologues

Social engineering by other means and with a smile (or in the case of Justin - a smirk):

"Evidence clearly shows that increasing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research environments enhances excellence, innovation and creativity. EDI policies and practices strengthen the research community, as well as the quality, social relevance, outcomes and impacts of research. That’s why Canada is taking action to transform the research culture by removing systemic barriers in the academic research community. "

Critical theory research. In other words, pure bull shit being pimped by a government now in full ideological propaganda mode.

I'll be damned if I send my daughter to a university system indoctrinated by Justin's activism. 

Diversity for its own sake is meaningless. It's just a bunch of different people.

Values is what matters.

And the Liberals have none.

Scary stuff.

Fall of the West reason 499660000.

More here.


The Daily Derp: What The Derp Is Going On?

Is Chase debanking?

Wouldn't surprise me.


Why is it whenever there's a sleazy story reported, the Clinton name lurks about?

Clare Bronfman plead guilty to the NXIVM sex slave racket which involved actress Allison Mack. The Clintons have been linked to it as well. Let's not forget Bill's alleged connection to the Lolita Express.


Court orders watchdog reopen case of Trudeau's trip to the Aga Khan's private island in the Bahamas. This time, it's been uncovered one John Kerry was present. 

What is this guy Justin up to exactly?

Recall he was found guilty of four ethics violation in the matter. And is embroiled in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. How he's still standing is enough to make a cynical of even the most idealist Canadian.

Justin, John and Aga. Sounds boring as hell.

More here.


Finnish political leader red pilled about migrants.

Recall, if memory serves me right, the former leader said something along the lines of he'd take refuges into his home and later admitted this would be a dangerous proposition.


They want statues removed. They want murals taken down. They want to sanitize literature.

When you lose the librarians, we lose more than we think.

The left are the epitome of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.

You think I'm nuts?

Ok. Read this.


Do they ever look in a fucken mirror?




This is not surprising. Western civilization is actually the most tolerant and progressive of all civilizations.


Trudeau. Do as I say....but tell him to fuck off. 


To recap. She's a refugee from shit hole Somalia and she shits all over the country that took her in. And has the gall to call Trump an 'occupant to boot. 



Trump's America.


More stupidity from academics who get paid:


I feel terrible for those victims. Imagine having to watch a system go after Tommy Robinson or people for voicing their opinions on Twitter but ignore actual heinous crimes committed against them. The mind boggles.

What shame and dishonour in the UK. 




Remember when universities were about pursuing truth and excellence in higher learning?

Now it's a cult.

Troubling stuff.


Financial censorship.

It's dangerous and companies need to show a pair and avoid it.


On the balance, I'm ok with Snowden and Assange. But in this case, he did skip bail so he has to face the music. Wikileaks is an enourmous counter-balance to the all-mighty power of the state who do things we don't agree with in our names. Wikileaks sheds light on the truth and gives citizens a chance to hold their leaders accountable.


They're certifiable.


USA Today database of police misconduct.


Meanwhile in Winnipeg....a hoax.

Taking their cue from Jussie Smollet. Didn't they notice it failed?


When you lose Taibbi and Friedman.


Eventually, the whole 'woke' thing is gonna come to a grinding, screeching halt.


Birth of a Nation poster offends.

Censorship in an arts school.

Those kids are gonna make shitty films.


That didn't take long.

Candace Clark, 21, is facing one felony count of making a false report. Prosecutors accused her of giving a friend access to her bank account and then telling authorities the money had been stolen. She denies the charges and claims she's the victim of Foxx's double standard -- something the judge weighed in on.
“Well, Ms. Clark is not a movie star, she doesn’t have a high-price lawyer, although, her lawyer’s very good. And this smells, big time," Martin said to prosecutors during a recent hearing, Fox 32 reported. "I didn't create this mess, your office created this mess. And your explanation is unsatisfactory to this court. She's being treated differently."
The judge continued, “There’s no publicity on this case. She doesn’t have Mark Geragos as her lawyer or Ron Safer or Judge Brown. It’s not right. And (if) I proceed in this matter, you’re just digging yourselves further in a hole. (If the) press gets a hold of this, it’ll be in a newspaper. Why is Ms. Clark being treated differently than Mr. Smollett?”
That's why people are upset. 
Very unwise and unscrupulous people run Chicago it seems. Just a broken place
Gee, Paul. Even I give and I'm a 'far-alt-right-extremist-Nazi-Trumpista-Exxon-Mobil-troll without a heart'. Give a little bit you cheap bastard.




I swear. They have to make a movie about this whole Russian collusion/investigation lie. It's bigger than Watergate. I've lost track of the twists and plots usually pointing to Democrat malfeasance. The characters are sleaze that make for a great movie.


The Obama administration were nothing but a bunch of hoodlums. 

Projection coming from him.


Sad story.


And to think they laughed at Trump when he said it happened.

Oh shoot. Still more.


I like to ignore 'the study suggests' repots.

Suggesting is not fact.


It was never going to stop at 'Confederate figures'.

Give them an inch, they'll erase history.




They hide behind the 'Israel occupier' thing but it rings hollow. 


She's evil personified.

Probably a progressive or Democrat voter too.

Too bad the bitch never faced justice. Hopefully, she's getting it in hell.



Notice how the NYT rolls.

When Christians beat Muslims up, we become Christians. 
When Muslims kill Christians, we become 'insert holiday worshipper' as if we're a cult, while the word Muslim is eliminated or suddenly becomes 'extremist group'.



Kmala Harris is a terrible person.

“Harris admits in the CNN interview that she had a homeless mother of three who was working two jobs arrested when her kids missed school—but she insisted that this was for the woman’s own good.”

Imagine this opportunistic (ahem), authoritarian twit with real power.


Speaking of faux-righteous knuckleheads.

The progressive are the new puritans who don't know how to mind their fucken business and out to ruin lives.


There's a rumour going around there's a secret plan by Justin the buffoon-clown-jester to  ban guns.

I already told my wife I will no comply. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. 

I have no respect for Justin as a politician and a man. 

Civil disobedience is appropriate here. I inherited my shot gun and it's a classic French design piece of art. I like to skeet shoot with it from time to time.

In a country  that constantly brags about its peacefulness there is literally no justification for this. So in effect, Justin is looking to make people like me a criminal if I don't comply with his dictatorial edict emasculating the population.

I really hope this is a rumour. 

And Bill Blair should grow a pair.  


Venezuela Has Only Itself To Blame

Humans are a funny species.

Take the case of Venezuela.

Right before our eyes we saw what a dictatorial socialist state does to a nation and yet there are outrageous claims that Venezuela's fall capitalism and America is at fault.


It's not the fault of the United States or capitalism.

To suggest this is to assert capitalism destroys but this belies the overwhelming fact that capitalism is just about the most spectacularly successful economic system we've come up with to date. It's track record is hardly one of failure never mind on the scale seen in Venezuela. If capitalism is so terrible the list of nations collapsing would be longer.

It also doesn't clearly specify exactly what the Americans have to gain to destroy Venezuela. George Soros I can understand as he's the master of profiting off the misery of nations but the U.S.? For oil? In a time where they've become more self-sufficient with oil production?

Ultimately, these weak claims take away from one simple truth. Venezuela is an independent (and once prosperous) nation with agency. It and it alone chose its path with the likes of Chavez and Maduro.

It's an epic level of tragic comedy to blame other nations and economic systems for the devastation degenerates like Chavez have brought to their nation.

Socialist policies is what brought this nation to its knees and now we're seeing a true humanitarian crisis unfold. Socialists raid and plunder and when things start to fall, they double down and nationalize, expropriate and steal (and murder where applicable and necessary) directly from the people as they enrich themselves like the criminals they are.

Of course they're going to blame others for what they did. America is a convenient scapegoat.

As is capitalism.

But don't be fooled. Don't be a useful idiot.

Venezuela is a failed state because they let the rot that is socialism enter their blood stream of a nation.

And only they alone can fix this mess.


Chicago Cubs: Faux Woke Asshats

Here we go again.

The perpetually offended machine strikes again in full operation.

As mentioned in the past, sports is mostly populated by writers, coaches and players who hold progressive positions. Given this, they naturally will align with left-wing perceptions regarding social issues of the day.

Some call this 'woke'.

Sports is no different than finance, academia and entertainment as a domain that overwhelmingly votes Democrat (or liberal).

More and more, their opinions are clashing with the every day fan. Just look at most mainstream political website. See what they report and how they spin it. Then go to the comments. Two different worlds.

I myself tend to side with the comment sections more often than not.

I'm well-read and educated but according to the narrative, because I don't toe the mainstream line, I'm alt-right or brainwashed by Russians or something.

I was once a rabid sports fan and athlete. I still follow sports and do some activities but not like once upon a time.

Two, no, three reasons. One, I have a business and family and don't always have time. Two, injures have slowed me down. And three, the fact sports is way too political these days for my taste. See Sports Illustrated burkini.

(Image: From Babylon Bee in link above)

Actually, let me digress more and briefly comment about that.

What I find fascinating about them portraying the model as a strong woman exposing her values in a world over run (allegedly) by white supremacist, patriarchal racists is the inherent stupid and naked hypocrisy of Western progressives - and yes, these publications are progressive - not liberal.

Across the Middle-East women are fighting to be allowed to not wear such garments and often are beaten, imprisoned or worse for their cry for freedom. They want to be liberated and here we are (awash in liberty and arrogance) praising the very religious dress code as some sort of symbol of women's lib.

Modern western feminism has destroyed, not enhanced, women empowerment. They've told and scolded women telling them it's okay to 'not need a man na-ah' and that single mother hood is a noble thing.

And on this issue, feminists have been silent about Islam and its treatment of women. Never mind gays too.

In their effort to jam and ram these causes down our face as if we're backward hicks 'not ready' for certain people they in reality just spin the mirror straight back into their hypocritical faces.

People rightfully took exception on the SI Twitter account but of course, they're characterized as 'intolerant'.

The same crap happens with sports. Time and again sports teams have always - always - tolerated bad boys so long as they can play the position and help them win.

Beat your wife? Act like a jack ass? Be a coach killer? Talk shit? Use dope?

All good man.

As long as you keep the money and championships flowing we're good.

The latest idiotic scandal to grip the faux-outraged among us is the alleged 'racist' okay sign a fan flashed on TV the other night.

And boy did we get croc tears. Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein claimed (with no hyperbole) it sent 'shivers' down his spine. I bet it did. If that sent shivers, I fret to think what a real serious issue would do to Theo.

Apparently, it's been reported the Cubs didn't even bother to talk to the guy - a paying customer and fan - to get his side of the story. Nope. Just a letter telling him he's not welcomed at Wrigley anymore. I mean, come on dude, TRUMP!

And that's that.

Everyone feels good about themselves.

Except, to those on top of the culture wars, it's another case of people over reacting to a meme or gesture that was flat out invented as satire by 4chan. It was, presumably, created to reveal how easy it is to get the mob riled up - like Pepe the Frog and its latest incarnation Clown World. What went from something to humorously parody the hypocrisy of people (think hall of mirrors) has now shot through into full blown clown world indeed.

Even the Anti-Defamation League as come out and told people to chill about the 'okay' sign. Somebody at the ADL was swift and smart enough to not bite.

4chan should send them flowers.

Alas, too many have. Wendy Mesley of the CBC clumsily and ignorantly attempted to connect it to Jordan Peterson during her hit-piece interview with him - while mentioning along the way the vastly overblown Charlottesville incident for good measure. Guilt by association is the rage among the left-wing media. Did I mention defund the CBC? No? Defund it.

There's still a darker angle to this.

Aside from the potential of ruining a man's life based on such nonsense. Sounds like Chicago never learned their lesson from Bartman - 'Hey, we won! You're forgiven!' - is the wider and more serious problem of widespread and deep rooted corruption (e.g. Smollet) in a city with a black violent crime rate no civilized city should tolerate.

This, I hope, sends shivers down Theo's spine.

But you can't see the endless stream of corruption and murder. In fat, you get numb to it and convince yourself 'out of site out of mind' will somehow rectify itself. A little screaming for gun control here and a little hollering for more Democrat control there and presto! Fixed!

Let's not address the cultural aspect of the problem. Too 'racist' I reckon. Or just flat out complicated for a spineless and corrupted group of political petty tyrants ruling over their respective turfs in the state of Illinois. Another innocent young black kid murdered....let's make a law that if Trump sets foot in our state we can sue for his tax returns!

This is beyond the political, this is full blown immorality at play.

It's much easier, anyway, to just focus on the ONE guy caught on camera and to emote outrage.

One can only hope, as time goes on, if this person is in fact innocent he sues the living shit out of the Chicago Cubs.


This story ties into this one to the extent that all this misdirected anger overlooks the fact that innocent people will be dragged into it. This is the part of the equation we must guard against.

The 'perpetually outraged' have skillfully positioned themselves as the 'good guy' having set the narrative. Quite frankly, good luck setting it back onto a more moderate and normal path.

Again, just look at how the average person reacts. They're more likely to assume the 'okay' sign is bad. Hell, I had a friend proclaim Peterson is far-right while admitting never having ONCE listened to any of his lectures or interviews.

That's the narrative at play and it's poisonous. 

They've up the ante mobilizing and are going after the livelihood of people they consider to be far right.

More troubling is the fact they use a discredited and hyper-ideological organization like SPLC as their source as to who qualifies as 'right-wing'.

The funny thing about demanding companies like Mastercard and PayPal stop doing business with LEGAL CITIZENS, is one day it will be used against them too. Financial censorship based on this sort of ideological ideal is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

BLM and Antifa are violent hate groups too. Let's not talk about 'left-wing' violence though. Just go to Campus Reform and see mentally ill progressives literally punching people they disagree with out.

What's the key word I always say here? Projection.

Remember when the removal of statues was 'supposed' to just be about Confederate figures (and my warning it wasn't going to end there - talk about an obvious slippery slope)? How did that work out now that Jefferson, Washington and MacDonald have all been targeted?

Never mind paintings, murals and literature have all been attacked by the SJW cult.

We can also add abortion to this. What is supposed to have been just about women's right to choose (though I think a man does indeed have a say in cases where couples are involved) has now moved into infanticide territory.

So the cautionary tale here is don't bend to their demands and never apologize.

They're just not nice people who are not out for the truth but to satisfy and ideological agenda under the guise of 'justice'.


Fall of the West:


I think people need to be sedated.

Trump Getting His Wall; Pentagon Allocates $1.5 To Border Issue

Chalk up another win for Trump.

Recently, the 9th circuit (basically a DNC court) ruled in favor of Trump as the U.S. can ask for asylum seekers to wait in Mexico.

Now, with Congress sending money to the Pentagon that could be spent at its discretion, it decided $1.5 will be used to enhance border security.

This is helpful as Democrats refuse to There is a crisis and Trump has forced everyone's hand in needing to deal with it.

Well, everyone except the Democrats.

They all laughed when Trump claimed he was being spied on and that he would build a wall. He was proven right on both counts.

This comes in addition to criminal and tax reform under his watch.

Oh, don't forget the anti-climatic Mueller report which all but confirmed what any sane and observant person already knew. That is no collusion or under lying crime. But we did see just how corrupt the FBI is as they helped to clumsily orchestrate a soft coup.


Don't forget the sizzling U.S. economy breaking some records along the way including low unemployment and incarceration rates at a 20 year low.

And still no nuclear war (heck he hasn't committed the country to any war!) or him 'getting bored' and quitting!

Yet, some tone deaf yahoos (like Rashida) in the Democrat party are still banging the incredibly unwise and counter productive impeachment drum.

Not bad given the entire media establishment has been out get him (while treating his wife like a whore) while Barry and Hillary have done nothing but attempt to undermine him as they stay in the spot light. Impressive really.

The Americans needs to deal with the border and the unlawful entry of illegal aliens. This is a good first step towards meaningful immigration reform. 

Get Off Twitter

That's it.

Get off Twitter.

It's poison.

It's teaching people to react without context. Therein lies the irony of their misguided banning and censoring practices. In their march to stop 'fake news', they in fact help to enable and spread it.

Worse, it's a company that has no honour or dignity.

Get off it.


Bow Before Ignorance; The Insufferable Partisan Sloppy Sophistry Of Celebrities

Celebrity intellectualism is a strange cocktail of comical and cynical kind of ignorance.

Petulant in its conceit and despite the glittering glamor of their profession, spectacularly boring.


Jimmy 'A tear for your soul' Kimmel and George Clooney teamed up to produce and present a PSA about science. Just to show how much 'they fucking love science' they made sure to spice it up with 'dumbfuckery'.

Nothing says cool and conveying your argument better than with a swear word - or two. Or many.

The ultimate irony is they weren't speaking for science on any level. They were emoting. They were condescendingly demanding submission with their appeals to emotion and authority.

A couple of things about the video (which you can view for yourself here).  George Clooney is not an intellectual, but he plays the part well on TV.

Before the video, Kimmel paints the usual bull shit about 'earf' in dire straits with 'a million extinctions'.

He sounded like such a child. First of all, that's the story of earth and living organisms. They go extinct. They always did long before we arrived on the scene and so they will - presumably - if we ourselves go extinct (something the death cult known as progressives probably cheer on).

Secondly, the fact is - and this is fact - we've never been more prosperous and healthier at any point in human history. Yes, there are challenges to the environment and its up to us as humans to do our part and best to ensure its health but even here, the care we take with the environment in the West is unsurpassed. We do pretty well on this front.


Nice little piece of specious fear-mongering there Jimmy.

In the video, Clooney mentions planes as part of science. Yes, there's science involved but the aeronautical industry falls under engineering.

Beyond this point, the video suggests there are no legitimate scientists or skeptics who challenge their  increasingly untenable position. It's almost as if they don't exist. Of course, those 'deniers' need to be silenced. I'm surprised he didn't use Greta in the video.

Then comes the obvious hypocrisy. Stop flying around the world George and maybe we can take you seriously. Even then....

The other glaring point is this is a side that always scolds for us to be 'tolerant' and 'open minded' but when given the chance to actually put it into practice they fall flat on their caked-up faces.

Notice how the video is just a vulgar political ad hominem attack ad. Nothing more.

There's also a demand for conformity and not acceptance of healthy and skeptical inquiry that has always driven the Western scientific mind. Clooney never read a damn book on the subject or else he wouldn't be putting out pieces of propaganda garbage.

Verdict? Clooney just presented us another classic case of progressive projection.


Unbearable Shallowness Of Being

I have many thoughts about Barry characterizing Christians as 'Easter Worshippers'.

One is as direct as pointing out this is a religion not a cult. Calling Christians 'Easter worshippers' is a passive-aggressive insult to Christianity as a whole.

If Obama can't feel it in him to respect Christianity by giving it the reverence and respect it deserves, then he phooey to Barry.

In a larger context, it does point to a shallow intellectual thought process.

Here, it's been noted, they're actually participants in the West's decline.

While in power, I considered them to be a vapid power couple devoid of original thought and so they continue in their post-Presidency years.

Between Barry's insultingly, mind-numbingly bizarre 'Easter worshippers' phrase and his wife describing America a nation acing like it's being raised and run by 'divorced dads' (notice she didn't say 'divorced moms' or 'single mothers'. Nope. they're given 'noble status'. For some who claims to 'go high' and part of a chic clique who claim to be unites, she sure knows how to employ divisive, thoughtless rhetoric), there in plain view we behold the what superficial world view masking as deep thought sounds like. 

Barry's take, which seems suspiciously orchestrated, falls right in line with the perception that all things bad originate with white, Christian European civilization. Christianity raped kids, converted or killed noble savages, indoctrinates, refuses contraception, led Crusades etc.

When politicians in the West make it a point to not mention Christianity....

We have a problem.


You know things are a tad askew when Judge Judy makes you laugh more than Stephen Colbert or other 'resister comedians'.

-I simply can't believe people still use that lie 'there are good people on both sides' as if it's an example of Trump's racism. There's literally no excuse for this given we have access to the full quote to understand the proper context to which it was uttered. It was awkward, I'll concede that, but not racist.

Same with this persistence, without proof, of him being a misogynist.

Or the idea that  'only uneducated' people voted for him and blue collar people who were fooled by his promises.

About 12% of Obama voters voted for Trump. Were they uneducated hicks who voted against their interests?

The left like to scream Alex Jones is conspiratorial but this is a case of projection.

I was reading about how Disney took a hit with its Vice Media investment and how left-wing digital media sites are falling apart and being sold at a fraction of the cost they were purchased.

Meanwhile, conservative publications seem to be healthier and garner massive 'engagement' numbers that dwarf anything on the left which seem to focus on fringe ideological content.

Content the 'silent moderate majority' tends to laugh at. If they're being shared it's more of a 'look at how unhinged these fools are'. Be it ThinkProgress or CNN.

The interesting part is The Daily Wire does very well and is the main source of news for the right. Know what the the equivalent is for the left? OccupyDemocrats. For those of you who don't know them, they're basically far left conspiratorial.

Alex Jones - who got banned and unpersoned - wasn't a main source of news for libertarians or conservatives. He was categorized as entertainment and people on the right understood this.

But he got de-platformed.

By contrast, OD is the most popular source of news ahead of CNN and even Motherjones!

In any event, the left have gone waaayyy too far and readers are turning away. No one wants to be told how bad they are or how they're racist, or about toxic masculinity, and so on.

I would even assert they're also beginning to take offence at the gratuitous shots at Christianity.

As for Fox, Fox reporting is fine. I wouldn't be surprised if they issue the fewest retractions or mea culpas among the big broadcasters. It's the spin people conflate with their reporting of the facts.

We all know Fox leans right. There's not surprise and people who rail against it should stop acting like this is somehow a mystery. You know what you're getting with Fox. That takes a certain degree of honesty.

CBS, NBC, CNN etc (despite essentially owned or beneficiaries from liberal owners or donors) refuse to admit their liberal - heck progressive - stance and still  pretend to hide behind a wall of 'objective' journalism. This takes a certain degree of dishonesty.

Beyond this, and I reckon is a lifeline for the liberal media, lies the ad revenue hogging juggernauts of Google and Facebook.

Both organizations clearly lie on the left side of the spectrum. It's one thing to have those leanings and quite another when they begin to push their weight and actually engage in activism via censorship - along with Twitter - against conservative voices.

It's a huge problem.

Think of it.

If alternative or differing views are eliminated, we would never have found out about, for example, Rotherham. Or many other stories the press refuses to cover to satisfy their corporate masters.