Phil Nike And Jeff Bezos Are Hypocritical Clowns

All the money and power.

Yet, you're still a pair if fucken clowns.

So now you're all cool removing Washington Redskins gear.

So brave. What heroes.

Where can I go to give you an award.

I guess now we can expect the two of you to speak out against China right? I mean, come on Phil, you just took on the Washington Redskins! I think you're ready to shut down the sweatshops that produce the shoes in which you then turn around and sell for $200, no?

While we're at it do you mind stopping to suck the ass of a racist, anti-semitic, violent, Marxist organization like BLM?

Get the fuck out of here. Both of you.

And take that low IQ buffoon Kaepernick with you.

You fuckheads became rich beyond your wildest dreams (same goes for all those ungrateful left-wing celebrities and athletes) in a country you're spitting on. You're not proud Americans. Not by your actions. You're useful idiots.

A more despicable bunch of hypocritical frauds you can't get.

2020 is the year the devil made his move. A year that made things all too clear for me.

Let's hit back shall we?


Pro Sports Is In A Weird Place

It burns me what's happening to sports led by networks like WOKESPN and cry baby athletes with their laments of oppression and systemic racism and other social ills like police brutality.

The last one being a worthy issue but has long since lost once gain thanks to rioting and demands to defund the police. Meaningful police reform won't happen unless blacks begin to honestly assess their own problems and stop calling whites racist. Without those two, police reform is condemned to not evolve the way they feel it should.

As to systemic racism, again the media and journalists show themselves to be lazy and cowardly. They should ask what is exactly meant by 'systemic racism' and should ponder it further and if they have a functional brain equipped with deductive reasoning and critical thinking, will arrive at some uncomfortable truths. Let me be curt: It's hogwash.

Sports is infested with tiresome, ungrateful, entitled, insufferable bunch of wealthy rabble-rousing, faux-righteous sociopaths who are one step away from calling white audiences racists.

And that goes double for the media who cover for them to protect their access.

The same customers who made them fabulously rich and allowed them to become celebrities and part of the 1% and 2%.

And how do they thank the people and country for their enormous privilege?

By engaging in ridiculously over the top social justice screeds.

We're no longer at a point where athletes used to bring attention for their causes with noble intent anymore.

Now they demand colleagues and fans 'bend' or take a knee with them....or else.

I've had just about enough of the emotional bullying, deliberate mangling of data and statistics and charge for censorship.

So much so I stopped watching.

In past posts, I focused on the NBA and the merry band of fools that run and play in that hypocritical league.

Today WOJ gave us another slipping of the mask moment when he responded to an educated U.S. Senator's queries about the NBA's troubling relationship with communist China with a 'Fuck you'.

He has since apologized and it should be accepted. He won't lose his job nor should he. ESPN defended him.

Therein lies their disgusting hypocrisy. Imagine if a conservative spoke this way to a Democrat Senator? They fired Curt Schilling for his opinions on transgender bathrooms.

Seems to me saying 'fuck you' to a Congressman (though some do indeed deserve it but more the Democrat governors and Mayos burning down their cities and states with bizarre authoritarian edicts and abandonment of their duty to protect their citizens leaving them to fend for themselves) is pretty offensive and far worse than what Schilling said.

But only one got fired.

Look. It's not rocket science. I left ESPN years ago when they became a scolding, nagging lecturing entity of Mother Hens. Like I need sports personalities to tell me what's what in politics and history.

In two words, we got to see precisely where things continue to stand with ESPN.

How their model can sustain itself I don't know. They're under the Disney umbrella now so maybe with a parent company that's equally invested in wokism they get to chuggle-wiggle along despite its mediocrity and arrogance.

Then comes DeSean Jackson. Noted philosopher. A man who can discuss Popper, Jung and Spinoza with the best of them I'm sure. A towering genius of intellectual might in the age of Brawndo him. Where would black intellectual affairs be without a mind like his. It's truly a gift from God to have Thomas Sowell and DeSean Jackson sitting side by side. Two titans of scholarly repute America doesn't deserve.

That goes for Lebron, Sherman, Popovich, Kerr too. Their nation is blessed, in all their inglorious racism and thievery of lands, to have men of such esteem to lead the soul of a nation out of darkness and into the light.

Jackson made a bizarre comment about Jews the other day. I won't link to it. You can look it up. It was an anti-Semitic screed.

And where were all these men of honour to condemn.

Suddenly they were all huddled around staring at the latest Nike shoe in silence.

I thought silence is complicity?

Here was a truly despicable piece of anti-semitism on full display (not exactly new to the black community. I'm sure Farrakhan called to praise the catcher of a leather ball) and no one called him out.

So much for silence is complicity.

Where was my favourite contemporary public intellectual Malcolm Jenkins? He took to Twitter (like Lebron) and cried about how hurt he was about Drew Brees's pride in wanting to stand for the anthem to honour his two grandfathers that fought Nazis.

It was a pathetic display of modern athlete melting like a snowflake because someone dared to voice a different opinion.

Brees apologized. I'm sure his grand parents were proud looking on from above.

Jenkins called it a 'distraction'. Now you know what he's worth.

Not much.

Never apologize to the mob.


Know why? The people demanding blood may act like they're a majority but they're not. They're not even unified in their own ranks. They're just loud mouth'd shnooks who know how to scare people into siding with them.

We just need to find our courage and begin to push back. Once someone does, another will follow. And then another and another and so on. Like Terry Crews and James Wood did; like Steven Pinker also just did.

Eventually banishing this sordid agenda to the nether-regions of fringe politics where it firmly belongs. Social media has magnified its voice and flattered its purpose thus distorting its actual worth.

Yeh, you may be on the wrong end of a Snoop Dogg rant and screed but does it really matter in the grand scheme of what's at stake? Let him babble I say.

Drees owed no one an apology. Especially Jenkins.

People like Kaepernick and his ilk are the mob and they get enumerated for causing havoc and division among Americans.

They're free to support racist, Marxist organizations like BLM.

Just like people are free to not accept BLM as the word of all that is good and mighty.

That's how a FREE SOCIETY works.

Instead, they'd rather argue through bullying and emotional manipulation. That's how they roll.

This can stop quickly.

Don't apologize, challenge them and don't back down.

They'll scurry back to their cubby holes.

You don't take a knee.

You kneel before only ONE.



Hey NBA You Useful Idiots

Did you notice China stormed into Hong Kong libraries and removed Democracy books from their shelves?

THAT'S who you assholes are doing business with.

Come on Lebron. Make a Tweet. Show us how tough you are. Put something on the line.


Cat got your tongue you bully?

What about you Kerr? Or pseudo-intellectual Pop?

Easier to flick cards at Trump and America. No risk in that.

They willing useful idiots in a Chinese propaganda machine.

Think of it. Hong Kong is begging for American help. They want to preserve the same freedoms Americans have and the NBA turned its back on them. They could have made a real difference. They could have stood for something real.

Instead, they opted for this narcissistic, greedy, social justice bull shit with vapid virtue signalling PRE-APPROVED slogans. Your CCP masters are proud!

Fucken. Clowns.

And Black Lives Matters is a Marxist organization that doesn't give a shit about blacks. This was obvious to me years ago because I actually read up about what they're about.

The NBA supports a communist regime with an abhorrent human and animal rights record AND a Marxist hate group.

But they're gonna babble about cops and white people. Please.




Go bounce your balls.


Speaking of over compensated, illiterate athletes with a Twitter account. DeSean Jackson's anti-semitic screed was, surprise, met with crickets. Where's Aaron Rodgers? Another big mouth that cowers when it's convenient.

Blacks can't racist after all, right?

Yet, anti-semitism (and anti-gay marriage positions) runs high in the community.

But shhhhh.


Canadians In Mask Despair

If you see a selfish Canadian without a mask. Please notify authorities. It may be suicidal.

This is Charlotte-Audrey. She can't find a mask to fit her face. Her story sheds a spotlight on the plight of Canadians who can't find masks to fit their flapping heads.

Angry Torontonians asking Justin to corner the mask market and give it all to them because Covid-19 (aka Da Woohan, Wuhan, CCP virus) is about to kill the Canadian identity.

3M is working on a mask specifically tailored for Canadian heads.


Montreal Follows The Health Panic Heard

One of the most pernicious new spin being pimped is 'wear a mask, save the economy'.

Without a shred of science backing any of these mandates - and government KNOW this - leaders continue to let Covid-19 control them.

In a not surprising move, Montreal - not to be outdone by other cities 'following science' Toronto and Ottawa - decides it will make masks mandatory on July 27.

In the middle of summer.

Like I said. We're run by complete incompetent buffoons.

The level of anti-science stupidity during Covid is amazing.

And people applaud it!

Here's the thing. There are roughly 200 cases in Canada in total. The death rate is fast dropping. The hospitals aren't over run. The curve has been flattened. Spikes are NOT waves.

There's little evidence masks - again I repeat - below N95 work.

In the absence of evidence, they resort to emotional pleas.

Who are the fools and sheep pushing this?

I won't be visiting Montreal anytime soon.

Sadly, I do expect Legault to crack and indulge this pseudo-science and make it a province wide rule.

There's NO justification for it plus the science behind masks is inconclusive.

I will not give up my agency for bad science. I won't comply. 


NYC is burning.

Some of the violence I'm seeing is troubling and disturbing.

I remember visiting NYC during the Koch years. While it was a blast (42nd street was still seedy, going to the Limelight, walking the streets of Soho in the rain etc.), and not without its charms, it was violent and you had to be careful. Just prior to Giuliani taking the reigns, we even went on the subway to Trenton to visit a friend's cousin. Yeh. It was, erm, special.

Guiliani's NYC was clean and safe. Not as wild but still a pleasant to visit.

Bloomberg basked in Giuliani's after glow.

But De Blasio? He's a venomous socialist snake on the city. Thanks to his astonishingly poor 'leadership' the city is reverting to the Koch years minus the fun and charm.

The cognitive dissonance with this moron is beyond the pale.

Way to go you Bill. Like Durkan and the Mayor of Atlanta. You all have blood on your hands because you decided to go woke.

Problem is, where companies go woke they just go broke. In this case, people die.

If you had a shred of integrity you'd resign.

But you're a progressive socialist so it's not likely you do.


On This 4th Of July

"About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers."

Calvin Coolidge.


Morale is low in America at the moment.

Not because of Trump.

But by the relentless attack on its identity from the left.

So palpable and pathetic, they've taken to claiming celebrating the 4th is 'white supremacy' and needs to be 'reconsidered'.

A complete destruction of the American experience is being attempted.

Media and academia have joined hands with the Democrat party (just go look at their Tweets) to conspire agains this great nation they call the United States of America. They no longer talk about moving a nation forward. They instead want to tear it down and apart without a plan or thought.

'Dark and divisive' is how they characterized a President's speech for merely standing up for his country. Hong Kong protestors, in a futile but honorable fight to be remembered by all liberty minded individuals for posterity, waved American flags while pampered rioters wave the CCCP flag in America.

This is where we are at this junction.

Flawed and imperfect she may be, still she towers above all else.

America. Stand up for your country.

Celebrate with honour and pride.

Aaron Copland is the quintessential sound of Americana in my view.


Come July 4 America Must Celebrate Its Independence More Than Ever

And give a gigantic, massive FUCK YOU to Democrat Governors (with a special one to that asshole Gavin Newsom) with the gall to cancel it but allow for protests and riots.

They can't haul you all to jail. Plus leverage the fact Newsom is a fuckhead who's on board with defunding police and so hopefully police and Sheriffs just quietly let it happen.

Something's not right but only the people can fix this.


Come on America. Do the West proud.

We need it.

We need a morale boost.

And just for good measure here's what else they did.

The media keeps trying to paint Trump as a dictator but did you notice he didn't intervene during the lockdown? He pleaded with Governors to open up but that was about it. He respected State rights.

He also didn't get goaded by Democrat Mayors and Governors to declare martial law and send the National Guard in to clean up the disaster these derelict leaders inflicted on their citizens.

The plan was obviously to get him to do it and have the media call him a dictator.

He passed both tests with flying colors.

The Democrats failed it spectacularly.

Now people like Mayor Durkan in Seattle literally have blood on their hands. But she's still pimping lies saying idiotic things like 'centuries of systemic racism'. They talk of qualified immunity with cops but maybe politicians should lose theirs as well when they inflict deliberate harm on people though their policies. The lack of self-awareness and hubris is frightening with this illiberal moron.

  • Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said: 'The CHOP has become lawless and brutal' 
Does her decision to allow the 'Chop' to happen calling it the 'summer of love' eventually leading to the murder of a 16 year-old black boy qualify as 'systemic racism'?

No excuse here for what she has done.

And that goes double for Governor Inslee. Just like all Democrat Mayors, Governors and AG's ruling their cities and states into the ground with a mix of intersectional idiocy and draconian Covid lockdowns.

They're over playing their anti-American hand.

No wonder Tucker Carlson shattered ratings records. Are people waking up?

Keep it up!


Trump is definitely bruised and battered. He needs to focus. Stay on message:

1) Work the positives of the economy.
2) Work the China angle. Keep the heat on China being a new Cold War enemy.
3) Just show Democrat anti-American behaviour on a loop.
4) Crush Biden in an open debate.
5) Drill how his policies have helped the black community.

Democrats aren't leaders. They're tyrants. Notice how they all have masks on their Avatars. They look like fools. They constantly engage in anti-American rhetoric (sorry they absolutely do. They support ideas that run contrary to the American experience) and engage in identity politics.

He should stop Tweeting stuff that's irrelevant fo now.


Trump has passed criminal reform and First Steps which have had immediate positive impacts on blacks and low income citizens. Not to mention he signed a $360 million grant to black universities, historic low unemployment numbers for blacks, and Opportunities Zones.

Trump 5

That's a sweet fuck all. Of course, BLM isn't about black lives at all since it's a Marxist-Leninist front. You dumbass corporations who gave them money are useful idiots.

The kicker? Trump did this in THREE YEARS with the entire media, academic and Democrat class against him.

And what the heck were those two knuckleheads Biden and Obama doing for eight damn years anyway? Obama is from Chicago and you'd think he'd break his back to lift that city from the hell-shit hole it's mired in.

But nothing.

That's all you need to know.


Two good lines I heard today:

Live free. Not for free.

Stop moving to Republican states. Just stop voting Democrat.

For Our Politicians And Public Health Officials Leading Us Down A Bad Path To Hell Paved With Hyper Good Intentions

The science is way ahead of our government now. And the sheep too scared to seek the truth, blindly follow the dated science of the government.

We know so much more now and all of it point towards rescinding draconian orders.

Instead, Governors, Mayors, Premiers all continue to abuse their power in a shocking manner with legislatures and citizens simply turning over without a fight.

All you need to do is in a calm, rational manner guide the people through the evolving and increasing positive data and literature.

Instead, you're choosing to keep them in a vortex of fear. Mandating specious actions like mask wearing and social distancing.

This is not leading. You politicians are running the economies of North America into the ground. There's no excuse to keep this theatre going. Open up without caveats. Be leaders of men as it were.

Have the courage to speak about trade-offs. Stop making public health officials talk to us.

YOU speak and YOU lead.

People will respond positively. Respect the people and they will respect you.

Enough already of this.

If you keep on this track, we will lose a helluva lot more than you think.

Again. Now the association governing American paediatricians have joined their Canadian counterparts and have said schools must open across the board. No online nothing. No masks. No social distancing. DO NOT make the kids pays. Europe, Australia and New Zealand are back at school with no problems.

So there is literally no reason for jurisdictions across North American to not open in September. This shouldn't even be a discussion. Mr. Legault, you need to grab the bulls by the horn and make Quebec function properly again.

Clowns to the left of me, jokes to the right. You're fucken crazy if you think I will be compelled to wear a mask based on feelings. 

But.....this is how many people really interpret events in the last 90-100 days.