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The Outirght Lies Of The (Lucrative) Climate Change Cult

On our dark age series, I introduce a 'Barbarian at the Gates' or 'Burn her!' segment.

Those barbarians being the liars, dupes, and scum bags who have perpetuated the greatest pack of quackery this side of the great MacKenzie River: Global warming. Climate change.

It's the age old tactic of using Mother Nature to control people. I saw it in Conan the Barbarian and I'm seeing it here.


Quite possibly the best 'take down' of the Gainticians I've read yet.

The article titled 'The Climate Wars' Damage to Science' is from Matt Ridley at Quadrant Online.

Indeed the line between science and quackery has blurred significantly. 


Quick Thoughts

Couple of thoughts.

They say libertarians are "lawless" in their thinking. Yet liberals and progressives tend to tolerate if not celebrate domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers. Indeed, like here (as is the case for former FLQ murderers), they find nice comfortable jobs in academia.

Libertarians are a little more principles than that.


Police across the country are preparing for 4th of July celebrations by keeping a close check on possible Islamic terrorist attacks.


According to the government and the left, I thought Americans should be afraid of 'right-wing' terrorists.

In any event, animals kill more Americans every year than terrorists or lone nuts do.


I'll be in Chicago at some this summer. I read that the city welcomed 50 million visitors in 2012.

Montreal, by contrast, attracted 18 million - and I read it's on a downtrend.

True, Montreal is a smaller city population wise - 4 million to Chicago's 10 million when metros are included ( without the met. Chicago stands at 2.7 million to Montreal's 1.6) and much smaller land wise.

FYI: The head of Montreal tourism earns something like 400k a year.

Food for thought.

From Greece To You: Debt Is Not An Imaginary Thing

Well, I suppose philosophically one can surmise that it is indeed an imaginary concept. After all, how to quantify exactly the worth of a means of exchange?

Without getting too specific about things, I choose to keep in this post a basic view on debt as I've come (and many like me) to learn and understand it be it through my time in a bank or personal experience dealing with personal and commercial debt.

Debt will be defined as: The decision or undertaking to borrow money on credit from a borrower with a specific contract stipulating an agreed amount (capital plus interest) owed. For example, you the borrower freely choose to borrow $20 000 for a student loan. Having read the contract details, agree to pay $400 plus interest per month until your debt obligation has been fulfilled.

Defaulting on this has little if anything to do with the lender. That your plans fell through is not an excuse to justify you defaulting by blaming others.

That makes you a deadbeat no different than a thief.

You don't want to end up being like Lee Stiegel of the New York Times justifying your irresponsible behavior largely of your own doing.

If there's one piece I will keep to remind my daughter on how not to act in life, it will be Siegel's article.

With that in mind, as far as I can tell, there's a general ignorance about what debt is or how it works. It wouldn't surprise me if the majority of people defaulting simply did not take the time to consider it's ramifications including ruining a credit score. They just want the money and hope it will all work out.

Just like in your business plan you have to determine if your business will be able to cover debts, you should do the same with your income as well whether you can really afford a student loan. Will your journalism degree provide you with stable income to cover your debts? Another factor that plays into default is students who do earn high income tend to spend their discretionary income on material goods forgetting the number one adage in financial philosophy - pay your debts. If you don't, debt becomes slavery. Before you know it, as you max out, you find yourself unable to cover the interest let alone the principal amounts.

The thing is it can all be avoided.

It all comes down to managing expectations and personal wants. Yeah, we all want that fancy TV or go on that trip of a lifetime or study sex education but it's not always wise to borrow for such things. What are you getting back in return for it exactly?

Commercial loans are even trickier because an economy's grease is its entrepreneurial class willing to take risks. They literally can lose it all.

How banks or governments get their money back is another matter. They may foreclose, restructure, come after specific assets (liquidating assets in business) and so on. Either way, your only option may be to declare personal bankruptcy depending on your particular circumstances. There are companies that help people work out deals with creditors. But that comes at a price: the lowering or ruining of your credit score. Your 'credit worthy' score.

That's problematic because it becomes difficult to get access to even simple credit like a Home Depot card or buy a car. You will find yourself needing to have co-signers.

A quick word on people who borrow and drag others into it. If you borrow and default leaving a co-signer in trouble, then you're a careless, self-centered individual with little dignity. Sure, co-signers should always size up the character of a borrower but when it comes to your kids, it gets a little trickier.

Just like individuals need to manage expectations, so should countries. Greece is the latest example of a society wanting 'free shit' and not wanting to pay for it. That's the base root of their problem; not to mention the corruption of squandering and pocketing bail-out funds.

Worse, Greece seems to be demanding others (the top creditors are Germany, France and Italy in that order) prop up their addiction to welfare using specious claims to the past.

At some point, lenders will stop lending and no amount of appeals to emotions will change the decision. Enabling countries is just as unproductive - if not evil - as it is enabling people through a generous welfare state.

Someone has to pay for all the perks. This can't be stressed enough.

There is not such thing as 'free health' or 'free education.' That's just bureaucrat lingo for someone else will pay for it. One can quibble about the need for such things for the 'greater good' but don't call it free.

Bailouts can’t fix this problem. If you're swimming in debt not able to cover the interest, a new line of credit isn't going to solve your long-term bind.

Look at it as having a terminal disease. You can prolong it with certain medicines or dietary adjustments, but it's terminal. You won't change the fact you will pass on. Same with debt. Debt stalks you and sometimes your children. You can get that short-term loan but it will be as the notices in the mails start up again.

Look at government debt this way. If you make $80 000 a year and owe $100 000 (the Canadian average) in debt - excluding your mortgage - in credit cards, car payments or a line of credit, the

Don't philosophize debt. Government does that all the time but they have the coercive power to defer and pretend through powers of printing money, redistribution policies,and flat out seizing funds in a dire scenario.

You can't do that.

If you think you're in a bind, let us put government debt in perspective. Government debt is the equivalent of spending 100 times your salary. So if you earn $50 000 a year the government spends 100x (rates vary from country to country) that.

Crazy huh?

You'd better hope they have the cash flow to keep creditors happy; or at least not uneasy.

The best way is to accept debt to be as real as getting a job and the income that comes with it. Be aggressive in your belief you want to pay down the debt because it's right thing to do. Take a second job if possible. Believe me, it will have a positive impact. It may annoy you but don't be a self-entitled prick.


Canada's debt ratio isn't healthy.

In general, North Americans are poor net savers. Although, they've seem to slow down on debt borrowing. For example, household debt in the USA has been on the decline.

Some household debt figures.

Stats Can discusses financial literacy:

"A large proportion of total household debt is held by people who are in the accumulation stages of their life cycle and/or who have higher-than-average incomes. Although their borrowing accords with life-cycle smoothing and has passed institutional lending standards, the extent to which borrowers account for the risk of interest rate increases, housing price declines, income interruptions or other such factors in their borrowing decisions is not known. To some extent, such risks may be mitigated by the financial literacy of borrowers since those who are more financially capable would be expected to better understand the risks associated with borrowing and how to best mitigate these risks."


Daily Derp: Dark Age Delight

Stupid for its own sake.

Clearly Sanders isn't following what's going on with Greece - or he's prone to seeing what he wants to see.

I think it's a mixture of both because nobody worth their salt who is observing the situation would say:

“It is unacceptable that the International Monetary Fund and European policymakers have refused to work with the Greek government on a sensible plan to improve its economy and pay back its debt,” Sanders said in an exclusive statement to The Huffington Post. “At a time of grotesque wealth inequality, the pensions of the people in Greece should not be cut even further to pay back some of the largest banks and wealthiest financiers in the world.”

/face palm.

He's as vapid as he is ridiculous.

Move over Bernie.

Let the big boys handle this.

One here looking at, among other things, credit swaps risk.

I disagree with the assertion they can leave the monetary union but stay in the zone.

The whole purpose of, Britain aside, the EU is 'an ever integrated union.'

Bloomberg gets more to the point.

Greece's game of deflection has come to an end. Pay up and take your medicine or default.


As if you needed more proof the left lack integrity or any common sense or historical perspective.

A puff piece on 'our man' Fidel Castro.

The little dictator with a long rap sheet of human rights abuses. All those innocent people mean jack shit to the twirp at Wonkette.

But hey. Harper is the devil, right? Right.


The scumbags at NBC - apparently Trump is very bad, but Brian Williams is a-otay - report two reporters who kill an intruder in their home.

Wonder if this will have any effect on the media's stance on gun control.

Doubt it but it's nice to see A) they defended their castle and B) the other side seeing why an armed citizenry can be a safe one.


Oh, but when Soros helps to raise a shit load of money that's fair!


CNN should do the adult thing and just come out of the closet and admit they're liberal. We all know it. Fox admits it's conservative so why shouldn't CNN? Come on, you commies!

So they were going on about the drop in the unemployment rate today. Success! 

One small problem they neglected to mention. The labour participation rate is at its lowest since the 1970s.

You can spin this however you want but it's a rather important stat to omit.


All this to say, you can't compromise with culture warriors.

They're not interested in compromise or tolerance.

Sure, they 'say' they are and sing a nice innocent tune but they're wretched in their quest for equality at the expense of liberty.

Proceed at your own peril I say.


Civilized liberal tolerance courtesy of George Takei.

You can be imprisoned - metaphorically or otherwise - and still possess dignity. Did they lose their soul as well? More progressive gibberish.


What do you expect from a blue Democrat state that doesn't allow people to pump their own gas like a bunch of stupid children.

The precautionary principle must prevail because:


The Philosophical Degneration And Intellectual Cowardice Of The New York Times

They NYT are the paper of record. Paper of left-wing record carefully siphoning through all that's fit to toe the liberal narrative.

Whenever a Western publication or artist dares mock Mohammed (we mustn't offend the legions of violent Muslims bless their precious souls. Walk on egg shells we must!), once proud news organizations like NYT bend over and assume the politically correct 'we must not rush to judge' bull shit narrative they unscrupulously pimp out.

You know the line. We've all seen it.

However, the second someone takes its shot at Christianity (Catholicism is such an easy target for these vapid faux cultural warriors), you can bet your life the paper of - ahem - record will grace and bless its pages with what suddenly becomes 'art'.

Consider making a canvass of the Pope (and man who I completely disagree with on a couple of issues despite my Catholicism) made out of...condom.

First a money quote from a member of the New Dark Age Philip B. Corbett:

"I don't think these situations — the Milwaukee [condom-Pope] artwork and the various Muhammad caricatures — are really equivalent. For one thing, many people might disagree, but museum officials clearly consider this Johnson piece to be a significant artwork. Also, there's no indication that the primary intent of the portrait is to offend or blaspheme (the artist and the museum both say that it is not intended to offend people but to raise a social question about the fight against AIDS). And finally, the very different reactions bear this out. Hundreds of thousands of people protested worldwide, for instance, after the Danish cartoons were published some years ago. While some people might genuinely dislike this Milwaukee work, there doesn't seem to be any comparable level of outrage.

Suck. My. Dick. 

Did this asshole really fucken say what he said in the last sentence? Maybe because, you dolt, we're civilized? That we don't act with moral outrage like dip shit SJW's carrying around Mattresses shouldn't be mistaken for lack of disgust. Asshole.

IMAGINE, if it was Mohammed. Why, there would be blood and outrage on the streets. Heads would role! Literally. Pseudo-intellectual cries of 'I support freedom of speech but those dudes had it coming!' would pollute the air and tele waves as well as the Internet and chat rooms across the world.

Oh, the justifications for the murder we'd here. I mean, leftists still love Castro, right? So it's only natural they cling on to anything that remotely challenges - however absurdly and without a lick of decency or intelligence - anything that is Western first among them our fundamentally liberal traditions rooted in liberty.

They care not for liberty. Don't believe a word that they do. Harpies are good at deception.

There is no redeeming quality of any significance to this trash other than to incite. Call it for what it is. Anti-Catholicism. We all know it is. One can only surmise their feelings about Jews and Israel. It's not a courageous act in any conceivable manner as we've come to understand it. It's plain, plump, degenerative post-modern nonsense.

And the NYT celebrates it like the douchey, Dark Aged irrelevant rag of douchebaggery (with ascots. Gotta keep up the appearances amidst the stench of cowardice) it has become.

Matt Welch at Reason offers a wonderful perspective here.


Daily Derp: Canada Day Edition

Happy Canada Day!

Friends of the HMCS Haida - the last Tribal Class Destroyer in the world.

And it's Canadian.


(Not so) Happy Canada Part II.

Our racist, Residential Schools past. 

"...In his treatise entitled Education – Free and Compulsory, author Murray Rothbard wrote that during the latter part of the 19th century, the Kaiser of Prussia regarded children as rightfully being the property of the state and believed that it was the duty of the state to educate them into becoming loyal and productive citizens. Compulsory schooling began in Prussia, and many governments around the world subsequently embraced the ideal of compulsory attendance in state schools, where the nation’s children would acquire the basic knowledge they needed to become productive citizens.

The idea of compulsory schooling took hold in Canada as well, and government officials and church leaders regarded it as their sacred duty to convert aboriginal children into loyal subjects of the Crown and have them embrace Christianity. Government officials forcibly removed thousands of young children from their families and made them wards of the Crown who were to be housed and educated in residential schools."

"...In Canada, government and church officials regarded First Nations people as savages, hence the brutal treatment of native children at residential schools. Both German and British colonial administrations shared a common sense of contempt toward aboriginal populations, which were often subject to inhumane treatment. During the years of colonial rule, the native East Indian population had suffered through successive episodes of famine that were the direct result of the colonial administration’s actions. During India’s colonial era, several million Indians starved during repeated famines caused by policies administered and enforced by the colonial office.
The majority of colonial era bureaucrats were educated in the arts and the social sciences at universities where the leading academics were sympathetic to the theory of eugenics that held that people with dark skin were inferior to people of British and European origins. That sentiment guided the development of social and economic policies that related to native peoples who lived under colonial rule. It would also have guided the government policy that forcibly removed young children from native Canadian families and placed them in residential schools."

"...The abuse of children that occurred at Canadian residential schools are the result of once well-intended government policies that were based on very flawed ideas. One key idea involves the appropriateness of government initiating forcible coercion against peaceful citizens, allegedly for the benefit of society. The abuse is obvious, blatant and obscene.

Another, less dramatic example is compulsory school attendance for all Canadian children at schools where they are at high risk of being bullied by peers and where they are required to learn at the pace set by the institution, totally disregarding each child’s own unique learning style. In education, home-schooled children almost consistently out-achieve their cohorts who attend state schools, in academic contests. In modern government schools, the destruction of people’s lives is more subtle and more discrete than the obscenity that occurred at residential schools, but it is no less real."


Hillary's (funniest) emails from Business Insider.

Being a politician. Not rocket science. Or English Major for that matter.

Sheesh has the quality of communication slipped that much?

The one from Mikulski is my favorite one.


Just making a point.

Man flies Nazi flag on his property.

And a fair one I submit.


Cook medieval!

Look, we've entered a Dark Age, what, with all the hysteria and irrational reactions to various events.

 May as well eat like they did back then, no?


Speaking of dark ages:

She's got it exactly wrong. The progressive left is not up for debate and completely intolerant of opposing views. 

Hello. They want to put 'climate deniers' in prison. Hello. They don't feel people, as free moral agents, have the right to not bake cakes for gays. Hello. They're going after Churches for not wanting to perform gay marriages. Hello. They control the gun control narrative. Hello. They will ban, boycott, and censor anything they don't like. Hello. They will force schools to cancel guest speakers they don't agree with. Hello. They have essentially made sex a crime - see Mattress Girl and Duke lacrosse. Hello. They don't seem to understand the unintended consequences of their economic demands. Hello. They're masters of victim baiting. Hello. Trigger warning. Hello. They call for the removal of statues like the Jefferson Memorial. Hello. They take people to court for having different opinions - see Mark Steyn. Hello. Towns police how people dress now! They don't want to pay debts they freely took - see Lee Siegel deadbeat writer who recently wrote about justifying not paying his debt. No responsibility needed! Hello. McFly. Social Justice Warrior. Hello.

Is more likely to accept Bloomberg's nonsense on food and trans fat bans?

Hello. Hello. Hello. Earth to Rebecca.

"For these reasons, I’m tired of reasoned debate about politics—at least for a day or two. I don’t want to be friends with racists, sexists, or homophobes. And I don’t want to be friends with Conservatives either."

This sentence along proves her own intolerance. Academia ain't what it used to be, eh?

Stop pretending you're tolerant. Some of us read right through the left-wing jargon.


How the Italian mafia is swallowing Europe.

If you didn't think this was happening, please report to the 'Naive' room.


That didn't take long. The ACLU has suddenly decides Churches can be sued for choosing to not abide by the gay rights law.

And so it begins.

Remember when they assured everyone they had no interest in going after the Church? Yeah, just like smoking bans were never supposed to expand into the private sphere, right?


You reading Rebacca Roache?


(R) Justin Amash on the gay marriage ruling:

For thousands of years, marriage flourished without a universal definition and without government intervention. Then came licensing of marriage. In recent decades, we've seen state legislatures and ballot initiatives define marriage, putting government improperly at the helm of this sacred institution.
Those who care about liberty should not be satisfied with the current situation. Government intervention in marriage presents new threats to religious freedom and provides no advantages, for gay or straight couples, over unlicensed (i.e., traditional) marriage. But we shouldn't blame the Supreme Court for where things stand.
To the extent that Americans across the political spectrum view government marriage as authoritative and unlicensed marriage as quaint, our laws must treat marriage—and the corresponding legal benefits that attach—as they would any other government institution. So, while today's Supreme Court opinion rests upon the false premise that government licensure is necessary to validate the intimate relationships of consenting adults, I applaud the important principle enshrined in this opinion: that government may not violate the equal rights of individuals in any area in which it asserts authority.

Coming to Canada and Quebec?

"Doctors in Belgium are granting a healthy 24-year-old woman who is suffering from depression the right to die, as she qualifies for euthanasia, even though she does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness.
The 24-year-old female, known simply as Laura, has been given the go ahead by health professionals in Belgium to receive a lethal injection after spending both her childhood and adult life suffering from "suicidal thoughts", she told local Belgian media.

Laura has been a patient of a psychiatric institution since the age of 21 and says she has previously tried to kill herself on several occasions. She told journalists: "Death feels to me not as a choice. If I had a choice, I would choose a bearable life, but I have done everything and that was unsuccessful." The date of Laura's death is yet to be decided."

Feel sorry for her. Hope she's getting all the help she can get before taking her precious life.


Is the left intimidating Chief Roberts?  He sure seems to like rewriting laws above the law!


Douche gonna douche.

Nice guy.

F. (uc) King Alexander who is he?

"It was announced on March 27, 2013, that Alexander would become president of the LSU system and chancellor of Louisiana State University A&M effective July 1, 2013.[8] Some criticism occurred over the way the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors had conducted its search to fill the position of president of LSU after John V. Lombardi had been fired from it under alleged influence by Governor Bobby Jindal and as Alexander was named the sole finalist for president of LSU. The decision was met with a unanimously negative vote of confidence by LSU's faculty senate against the LSU Board of Supervisors, but Board of Supervisors chair Hank Danos asserted that Alexander "was clearly the right guy for LSU."[9] The Faculty Senate's vote of no confidence in Alexander's hiring noted that Alexander had never been a tenured full professor at a major research university and that the graduation rates at CSULB were lower than those at LSU

As more and more unqualified people get into major positions of power, expect more of this crap. From the judiciary to politics to academia. Hopefully business will hold out keeping the flakes out."

The patients will run the asylum now.

Paging Ms. Roache.


Go ahead. Come after me.

*waits for thinkpieces about how more mental health services could prevent white people from acting how they’re conditioned to act* — Ida B. Robinson (@zfelice) June 18, 2015

Could you imagine if a white professor said something like 'black people are conditioned to be lazy and violent?' Obama would be all over it like the little opportunistic cynic he is. The media would be howling in disgust.

Itsokay dearie. Rebecca likes your kind. She'll be your friend.


Nice chart about the situation around Greece. Who owes what to whom?

As for Greece, it's a culture that wants free shit but refuse to pay for it. It had to stop at some point.

Bailing Greece out is like bailing GM out.

Will discuss about this in the next post.


Daily Dope: One Shade Of Grey

Vermont's own Bernie Sanders has been in the news lately not only for his decision to run for President on the Democrat ticket, but for his rather sophomoric socialist economic takes.

But before we delve into Sanders' One Shade of Grey, I'd like to begin with a quote from a fellow socialist traveler Barack Obama (yeah, yeah he's "not' a socialist. And I'm not a middling blogger living in Canada)"

“I’m not saying this because I dislike hedge fund managers or think they are evil,” Obama said “You pretty much have more than you’ll ever use and your family will ever use....We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money,  President Obama.

That's exactly what you're saying Patty Presumption. 

There's a lot in there to lays out precisely Obama's inner-thinking. And it ties right in with Bernie Sanders.

But first. A scene from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law:



Bernie Sanders said what?

"You can't just continue growth for the sake of growth in a world in which we are struggling with climate change and all kinds of environmental problems. All right? You don't necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don't think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on."

It's not hard to understand the origins of this thought process once you understand they see things through a prism of a paternalistic know it all who sees everything as zero-sum. They like using pie charts never expands to make their point. To them, the pie is eaten with the crumbs left for most of the population.

 'See, we started with a full pie with eight pieces and now we're down to three and some crumbs! The rich are literally eating away at our fair share!' Hence, they will usually depict a pie chart that gives the impression, say, wages and wealth are in decline.

Of course, pie charts are just one-time snap shots at any given time. Like a balance sheet. The way a pie chart should be perceived is in the abstract. Pies expand (Sanders seems to think this is for 'its own sake' but I have never heard of a single incidence or example where a person went into a business to 'grow for its own sake'. It's a ludicrous assertion to make on soooo many levels it's literally mind-boggling) and when they expand everyone has a shot at gaining. Alas, again to go along with the 'its own sake' line, the game is 'rigged' so that you can't share into it.

Empirical economic evidence (to the extent the dismal science can be empirical) clearly shows we've never been wealthier and healthier as a species. Harping on the 'rich' (and Koch) is not only unproductive and unhelpful it's nothing but envious nonsense.

They employ the same reasoning with human population. More people 'logically' means less food and more environmental damage. Population is growing at such an alarming rate, why, one day we'll literally see someone fall off a cliff because there will be no more space - mostly because all the rich people will have taken them I reckon. It should come as no surprise lefties like population control in all its manifestations from evil minds like Singer to eugenics.

They rarely - if ever - acknowledge the pace of advancement and innovation that actually enhance our lives. 

Equally preposterous is his bizarre 23 deodorant and 18 types of sneakers quip. In a country of 320 million does the idea of choice really sound onerous to a sensible mind? Never mind it's simply the market reacting to demand. Right, to Sanders and his ilk, companies create demand and then coyly force us into buying 23 types of deodorants through subliminal messages and MSG.

Personally, yeah, I try new types all the time because some are better than others and sometimes it takes time to figure what's best for your body type. For example, I like Arm & Hammer and Mitchum. My neighbor may like Gillette. Another Old Spice. A younger guy may like Axe.

All good to me.

Same with running shoes. 18 types of shoes in of itself means nothing even if he's trying to make a point. It's like the scary 'assault weapon' catch-phrase they like to frighten people with.

If you're an athlete, you know why there are so many types of sneakers. There are shoes for hard court sports like volleyball, tennis and squash, for jogging, for turf soccer, for cross-training for hiking for several types of foot shapes and sizes. 18, in fact, is nothing.

It's a highly specialized industry precisely because science, technology, market demand and innovation all conspire to drive us to that point. In Sanders One Shade of Grey, you all get one brand and get to choose from 3 sizes. You get one type of chicken and you get baking soda to brush your teeth and dry your arm pits. That's where his line of thinking eventually lands everyone.

Never mind, that choice in the market place has nothing to do with starving kids. It's just one broad, insane appeal to emotions is all it is. It's your run of the mill 'why in my day' blah, blah.

I'm not gonna get into the economic specifics because frankly anyone who agrees with him is a hopeless cause; even if they find some logic in it.

More on the career politician with one shade of grey at Ethan Allen.org and Reason.


It's all in the family though.

Where there's smoke there's fire with this bunch. The only explanation Carney ever gave for having communist propaganda hang on his house walls was because he liked history. I like history too. I even have a degree in it! But I'm not moved to have that crap on my walls.

These guys should just admit they admire communists and socialists and be done with it already.


Yeah. Um. Yeah. A banner for being a Conference finalist only to be blown out by the eventual Super Bowl champs? A banner for being a finalist I get but a loss in a conference match?

Something tells me the Colts organization need to find their sore loser gene.

Or else they'll be destined to getting participatory ribbons.

Sheesh. You don't celebrate losses.


Russia needs to find a hobby or something.

An international probe should be launched into various murky details surrounding the U.S. moon landings between 1969 and 1972, Russia's Investigative Committee spokesman said Tuesday.


Degenerate Britain.

I ask, who are the uncivilized in this story? At this point, the turning of the blind eye to such crimes by the Brits leaves me wondering if they're immoral as they are cowards.

"Britain's second largest police force withheld a report about gangs of Muslim men grooming children in case it inflamed racial tensions ahead of a General Election, it was revealed today.
West Midlands Police were warned more than 100 predominantly white children - some as young as 13 - were at serious risk of child exploitation five years ago."

The first sentence alone is disgraceful.

They literally - the entire bloody government I might add - failed the children.

If they had any honor, they each go buy a woodchipper.

Stop pussy footing around Suderman and add a sixth.

There is no rule of law.

Just rule of men now.

It's been long argued America is no longer a Republic. This is very sad for Western civilization.


ISIS's capacity for pure evil never ceases to amaze and depress. Someone is gonna have to clean that garbage scum up.

For is part Obama and the left believe the real threat is from right-wing extremism.

And Confederate flags.


He may be an old, dead white guy but Ben Franklin and his contemporaries certainly had panache, strong wit and sense of history as well as excellent philosophical skill.

Benjamin Franklin, Advice to aYoung Man on the Choice of a Mistress (1745).


(Behold) Gawker's Nick Denton:

“Whatever information we have, whatever insight we have, whatever knowledge we have, our impulse is to share it as quickly as possible, and SOMETIMES WITH AS LITTLE THOUGHT AS POSSIBLE,” he told me after we had settled into a small conference room. “Before you can think about it too much, just put it out there, just share it out there. I think that’s the essence of who we are.”

Oh no he dint!

He did! 

And what might that essence be, eh?


Forget about that guy.

Take a journey into the history of gelato.


Who invented the food pyramid?


Deconstructing 'The China Study':

"...In sum, “The China Study” is a compelling collection of carefully chosen data. Unfortunately for both health seekers and the scientific community, Campbell appears to exclude relevant information when it indicts plant foods as causative of disease, or when it shows potential benefits for animal products. This presents readers with a strongly misleading interpretation of the original China Study data, as well as a slanted perspective of nutritional research from other arenas (including some that Campbell himself conducted).

In rebuttals to previous criticism on “The China Study,” Campbell seems to use his curriculum vitae as reason his word should be trusted above that of his critics. His education and experience is no doubt impressive, but the “Trust me, I’m a scientist” argument is a profoundly weak one. It doesn’t require a PhD to be a critical thinker, nor does a laundry list of credentials prevent a person from falling victim to biased thinking. Ultimately, I believe Campbell was influenced by his own expectations about animal protein and disease, leading him to seek out specific correlations in the China Study data (and elsewhere) to confirm his predictions...."


Almost all caught up!

Daily Derp And Dope

Venezuela is a prime example (well, a more recent one than the shit hole known as Cuba) of socialist policies put to practical work in all its magnificently retarded glory.

Banning evictions is their latest bright idea.

And the spiral and cycle of banning things along the way continues. And when the results lead to mayhem and chaos, just do what any self-respecting whiny left-wing blowhard does. Blame capitalism, white people and blah, blah.

Let's copy them!



Unions helped to push Obamacare and then lobbied to be exempt; once they saw it was bull shit.

Unions then helped L.A. force a mandated 15 hr minimum wage with a 14-1vote want to, guess what, be exempt.

Holy mother of God. A more crooked bunch of assholes you can't get.

And when that leads to all sorts of tricky unintended consequences, guess what? What will happen? Anyone? Bueller?

That's right. Blame capitalism.

Progressives consider corporations as small, unaccountable groups containing enormous amounts of political and economic power, working in collusion with the government to take advantage of the (honorable) 'little guy' for their own personal gain. Profits on the backs of the laborer! Aka cronyism.

These same people believe unions serve an important function in the economy, which in reality are small groups with immense amounts of political and economic power, working in collusion with the government to take advantage of the 'little guy' for their own personal gain.

How this little bit of reality escapes the average person or the media is rather perplexing.

In his mind perhaps.


Woman tries to sue monkey for tearing off her bikini.

Yes, you read right.



This is how we get into this mess in the first place. "We would, but...." "We should, but...." "We believe in freedom of the press, but...." It's death by a thousand buts. We wanted to say the unsayable, and draw the undrawable. We ended up feeling like we'd tried, and, due to human error on our parts and on the magazine's, failed. - See more at: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2015/05/drawing-undrawable-explanation-from.html#sthash.Y3gtblaQ.dpuf
"...Running a magazine is insanely hard work, and having to deal with the crisis at the last minute was no fun for the New Statesman team, who have been supportive of us all the way, and who wound up, at the end, face to face with, and having to deal with, what is and isn't unsayable. (And from their perspective, as they expressed it to us, it was also a freedom of speech issue: they didn't want to run the comic, and couldn't be pushed into it.)
This is how we get into this mess in the first place. "We would, but...." "We should, but...." "We believe in freedom of the press, but...." It's death by a thousand buts. We wanted to say the unsayable, and draw the undrawable. We ended up feeling like we'd tried, and, due to human error on our parts and on the magazine's, failed."
This is how we get into this mess in the first place. "We would, but...." "We should, but...." "We believe in freedom of the press, but...." It's death by a thousand buts. We wanted to say the unsayable, and draw the undrawable. We ended up feeling like we'd tried, and, due to human error on our parts and on the magazine's, failed. - See more at: http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2015/05/drawing-undrawable-explanation-from.html#sthash.Y3gtblaQ.dpuf

"...America is in the midst of another media-hyped moral panic. Sexual assault on college campuses, we're told, is rampant, with women being targeted at every turn by the very men they call their friends. To stop this epidemic, we're further told, colleges and universities must create their own justice systems and hold more accused students accountable. This, naturally, results in witch hunts 
based not on facts, but on feelings.

This moral panic comes nearly 30 years after the last one, in which men and women were accused of sexually abusing children after those children were coached into "remembering" the abuse by child therapists using now-discredited techniques. Among the more bizarre claims were that children were sexually abused in underground tunnels and that they were forced to watch ritual animal sacrifice and drink blood-laced Kool-Aid."

The moral panic happens on Canadians campuses as well. Not to mention the move to censor free speech and fears of micro-aggressions.

Not healthy. 


Misconceptions of what makes and drives success:

"...These books almost always contain an empowering message, whether explicitly or implicitly: that anyone can be successful if they just understand what it takes, and follow the key steps. The problem is, this message is highly misleading. Understanding success is much harder than most of these popular accounts suggest. Attempts to demystify high performance may often end up perpetuating a number of harmful misconceptions about what it means to achieve success."

"...There’s a common thread underlying the messages of popular business books that there’s some kind of formula for success that anyone can reliably follow to achieve great things. Though inspiring, this message just isn’t true."

"...Unfortunately, the study of failure doesn’t make for such an inspiring message. “In Search of Mediocrity” or “Built to Collapse” probably wouldn’t have been best sellers. The real benefit of reading popular business books could be this: they may not provide a path to guaranteed success but they certainly provide inspiration."

While I agreed with the entire article, I will dissent on the above paragraph. I believe it could work. After all, even book publishers don't really know what will succeed. I bet you most of the best sellers in history won't expected to be. We hear this all the time.


Envious tripe from The Guardian:

"I resent rich people in general, but I hate them especially during the summer.
During this past wretched and seemingly never-ending winter, we Americans were all miserable together. The poor were punished more than the rich – they always are – but the rich couldn’t escape the collective misery of the cold, no matter how much wealth they were hoarding. Boston Brahmins couldn’t escape the more than 100 inches of snow Beantown was under as they trudged to work, while Wall Street bros still had to turn into ballerinas to cross slush puddles. In the suburbs, the rich still had to dig out their cars and navigate ice tunnels to get to work."

...Come summer, the rich get to go on vacation, a luxury only available to select salaried people. Vacation isn’t usually an option for Americans who are “independent contractors,” underemployed part-timers or flat out poor. For the 8.5m currently unemployed workers in the US, there will be no vacation from their misery and anxiety about when they’ll find work again.
But, our Facebook feeds will be filled with wealthier friends going on vacation to exotic places, and news broadcasts will be filled with the president’s vacation and Congress attempting to go into recess as quickly as it can to flee the summer misery of Washington DC.
Those vacations will rely upon the exploitation of cheaply paid workers. Those minimum wage workers at Disneyland, and those dismally paid cruise ship employees at sea, will likely not get to vacation themselves. And, while the economic benefit to any place which relies upon rich tourists is nebulous, “all-inclusive” vacations mitigate those benefits almost entirely....

...When rich people aren’t fleeing town, they get to enjoy the best their cities have to offer – unlike the rest of us. When they do go outside, they can walk around in expensive organic fabrics rather than the kind of sweltering polyester which can drive someone as crazy as Divine in the heat. And those free outdoor movies or plays some cities offer? The rich enjoy those, too: movie lawns are filled with assholes who can afford to spend hours waiting around for the free movie, and theater lines are packed with scalpers who sell “free” tickets to the rich. And here in New York, while the rich can cool off in private pools or far away beaches, the poor have to cool off in public pools which close before most working people can get to them or go to public beaches which lack even toilet paper in their restrooms...

...The delusional ways rich people ignore the plight of the poor is more obvious in the summer. On a warm Saturday night in Oakland last weekend, the night after mayor Libby Schaaf ordered a ban on nighttime protests, I watched a calm black man being arrested by cops in riot gear. He seemed to be a part of a group of demonstrators who were being arrested after peacefully, but strongly, asserting their fourth amendment right to assemble even after dark . The rich people dining al fresco on the same street pretended like nothing was happening; the dog walker had more interest in his dog taking a crap than the man being arrested ten feet away."
There are no words.


Charles C. Cooke on the sexual fantasies of Benie Sander.


Study looks at global cooling.

But it's climate change anyway and it's what the Gaianticians meant all along.


Religion of peace.

81% of al-Jazeera readers support ISIS.

Depraved idiots.


Envy makes you do and say kooky things.


"Compensation on the basis of risk is no different, on an individual deservingness level, than compensation for lottery winnings. In both cases, money is put into the system with some level of risk of loss (in the lottery winner’s case, huge levels of risk) and then, if you are a lucky one, you get a bunch of money out. This compensation is not based on individual desert (whether productive or otherwise); rather, it is based on the exact opposite of it: randomness and good fortune. It’s gambling."

Deservingness level? 

So. To this guy, to the extent I can comprehend it, success is all luck and nothing else.

Oh, the zero-summnes of it all.




I've posted this a couple of years but still a goodie. It's about Elizabeth Warren profiting on foreclosed homes. 

She knew how to profit off the hammered middle-class, eh?


The history of ice-cream in the USSR.


Like what we like!

To the left, we never want to confront or admit anything.

Mostly because they're insipid.

People like tea. Big shit. I think the limey commies in Britain have bigger problems than worry about tea.

Mighty insufferable these people are.


"A male student suspended from school through 2020 by a James Madison University appeals panel that found him guilty of having sex with a female student allegedly too drunk to give consent has filed a lawsuit against the university, claiming his due process rights were violated and that he is innocent.

The lawsuit, filed May 11, states the freshman male student had consensual sex with a freshman female student twice over the course of the fall 2014 semester, a connection that included friendly texts.

But their relationship ended abruptly after the female student, called Jane Roe in court documents, came to his room and found another woman on his bed. Her allegation was lodged after that."

A woman scorned...


Alarm clocks are bombs!

What a bunch of clowns.


Oh look. Le Journal de Montreal goes full blown rag in the aftermath of Parizeau's death.

As for Parizeau himself, my pappi always told me if I have nothing good to say, wait a few weeks.


Preserving Italy's - and Europe's - Heritage Is A Challenge

I am intrigued by Italy's cultural patrimony and the subsequent need and challenges to protect it.

What makes Italy different from almost any nation on earth is the sheer size and magnitude of its cultural heritage. I can understand why Italy sometimes can look 'shabby' to outsiders. It just doesn't, despite having more cultural research experts than any country, have the resources to maintain all of its treasures. Which is why they're turned to the private sector for help.

Excerpts from Der Spiegel:

Culture is Italy's natural resource, almost like oil for the Middle East. It is home to 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites, about 5,000 museums and 60,000 archeological sites, more than any other country in the world. But Italy's treasures are not being kept up. Under former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the government's cultural budget shrank by a third within three years. His finance minister defended the cuts by saying: "I don't know what all the fuss is about. After all, you can't eat culture."

Today only €1.4 billion ($1.86 billion) is devoted to culture -- less than 0.2 percent of the national budget. Author Umberto Eco calls it the "anorexia of culture." It has been the Italian reality for years, and now Prime Minister Mario Monti is seeking to limit the damage.

In Rome, Diego Della Valle, 58, was considered a pioneer of sponsoring, but now his private initiative threatens to fail in the face of bureaucracy and sovereignty in matters of cultural heritage preservation. Last year, Valle, the owner of the Tod's shoe company, prevailed over other interested parties, including low-cost carrier Ryanair and real estate companies, and received the exclusive rights for the visual use of the Coliseum in Rome. In return, he promised to spend €25 million on a complete renovation of the 2,000-year-old structure, including the construction of a visitors' center. 
Rome Mayor Giovanni Alemanno was thrilled.

But then the union representing cultural workers sued because it believes that the process is illegal. The renovation work was scheduled to begin in March, but nothing happened. And earlier this month, when Pope Benedict XVI held the traditional Good Friday Procession at the Coliseum, a spotlight was shone once again on the poor condition of the structure, with its crumbling mortar and blackened façade, the result of being surrounded by busy traffic arterials in the middle of Rome.

Since thefinancial collapse of the last two years, Pompeii has become the symbol of a decaying country, culturally bankrupt and crippled by political gladiators whose official limousines allegedly cost twice as much as the country's cultural budget. Three million tourists visit the sites each year, paying an entrance fee of €11 apiece, revenues that come in addition to the subsidies from Rome. But the constantly changing superintendents have wasted the money on elaborate shows or spent it on the €6 million concrete restoration of the Grand Theater.

A red carpet, now much worse for wear, that was rolled out for a visit by Berlusconi is still lying on the path to the villa of Marcus Lucretius, the most powerful moneylender in the city. A few years ago, Berlusconi declared a state of emergency in Pompeii, because the city was controlled by stray dogs and mafia-like gangs of tour guides, and only a fraction of the houses could still be visited. But he never showed up, not even when the famous gladiator school collapsed in late 2010, an incident President Giorgio Napolitano called a "disgrace for Italy."

But in Pompeii's sister city Herculaneum, the American David Woodley Packard, son of the founder of Hewlett-Packard, is ensuring that 30 conservators are working to preserve the ancient city, and there is now money available for research and new excavations. The Herculaneum Conservation Project, together with the British School at Rome, has already invested €15 million, and there are no advertising panels to be seen.

There are reportedly already 20,000 of these private initiatives in Italy, where citizens are establishing local heritage museums and paying for the preservation of historic sites. In Rome, a group of concerned citizens even occupied the Teatro Valle, which they are now running. They all benefit from the fact that the government is so weak.

A discussion on this from Net-Heritage and need for Heritage research across Europe in which Italy is seen as a leader.


The Ghost Of Mayor Drapeau And Illusions Of Grandeur Lost

The other day I was listening to a local sports radio talk show and discovered there's some interest in bringing an NBA team to the city.

Basketball? Really? In a city that could not support baseball over the long haul, barely supports its football team that's been around on and off since 1949 and Impact with its dipping attendance despite MLS being the fastest growing league having recently surpassed the NBA?

With such a spotty record we want to now bring a sport with next to no roots in the city? Really?

Based on what? Our population? Frankly, I admit I'm just not seeing the rationale on how this could work over the short-term; let alone in the long-term.

Have we already forgotten the Montreal Matrix? Seems to me, one step toward getting a pro team is to prove you can support smaller ones, no? Small steps and all that.

Maybe if they add poker machines at games they may have a shot I reckon.

Yes. It is true basketball is growing in Canada; particularly in Ontario and slowly in Quebec. The country is now consistently producing high if not number one overall drafts in the NBA and regularly have starters in top flight American college programs from Kansas to Gonzaga. Basketball Canada is finally doing something right and they deserve full credit for it.

A similar process unfolded when the Alouettes (Alouettes are Larks by the way for those of you wondering) came back to Montreal in the mid 1990s. Quebec quickly became the hub for manufacturing dominant football in the University ranks led by the Laval Rouge et Or and later Carribins of UM.

However, all this doesn't necessarily translate into maintaining a sports team of a sustained, long-term period. If it were, places like Minnesota (a state mad for hockey and famous for producing legendary players), would have never lost the North Stars.

Realistically and frankly, it takes a willingness to lose money (which we've already witnessed with the last consortium who owned the Expos in its last days are not privy to do) and stay the course in order to build a franchise from novelty to champion.

Not in Montreal. We can't be bothered with those things. We swing for the fences.

Call it the ghost of Jean Drapeau. His grand dreams stalk us at every turn.

Let's go over a couple of reasons why I think this, while appreciated by sports fans, is not all that a good idea.

Over the years I've made plain my view arguing Montreal is not a sports town but more of a city partial to short-term events. Our short and hedonistic attention span is perfect for one day events.

Indeed Montreal is outstanding for festivals, F1 racing, hosting pre-season baseball, international competitions and Grey Cups). Short and sweet with no commitments. It's almost as if we traded our championship mentality for the less stressful attraction of festivals.

Nonetheless, whenever someone brings up the thought of bringing a pro team here we can't resist. We want to sit at the big boy table but still want to be breast fed. After all, our financial inferiority complex towards Toronto never strays too far off our psyche.

It's a mentality last solidified during the glory years of this city, say, roughly between the 1950s and mid-1980s when the Habs were generating dynasties every decade, the Alouettes were winning titles and the Expos were promising darlings poised to join their brethren in the ranks of perennial success.

Alas, the good times are no more but the mentality remains. I don't begrudge this nor do I find it abnormal. Many fan bases with a rich history cling on to the past; nay, entire nations still harken back to their respective golden ages.

It's just that it should be tempered to a certain degree with pragmatic and realistic notions and ideas.

And thinking we're a first rate sports town, in my opinion, is not realistic anymore.

The fact we're event driven became all too evident to me the day the Expos skipped town. It's not a sports culture and client base meant to support a team over 41 (or 81) dates anymore. Our delusions of grandeur are far in excess of our willingness to pay and support to achieve it. We want to be at the big boy table but want the other guy to pay.

That goes for both ownership and fans.

Once in a blue moon, Montreal is lucky to have a good owner. But they have been few and far between. Obviously, there was Charles Bronfman. Today, it's Joey Saputo and his commitment to the Montreal Impact (though I wonder how long before he too is frustrated with our fickle fan base). Robert Wettenhall has been exemplary providing stable ownership. And finally, of course, the Molsons?

What about George Gillette? The American businessman purchased the Habs in 2001 after the city's local business class failed to step up to the plate. It was perplexing given how much space the team takes up on the cultural side of the equation.  Again, it's Montreal so no surprise as it took an American to see the value and build it into a billion dollar enterprise.

God bless Warren Cromartie and his aim to bring baseball back to Montreal. I wish him luck and do plan to support it financially but I remain somewhat skeptical of the plan.

All this adds up to a healthy skepticism.

Montreal has been a stagnant, if not, a sinking ship for decades now. We're surpassed in many economic metrics by just about every city that matters.

We're no longer calibrated to achieve greatness.

Once upon a time Mayor Drapeau dreamed big. He brought Expo 67, the Expos and Olympics to the city -. He even envisioned a stadium that would accommodate the Alouettes and Expos (which turned out to be the Olympic Stadium) and went as far as to think of an NFL team.

But with these dreams came stark realities and among them is the fact that having a pro sports team demands commitment and loyalty.

And I'm not so sure we have that.


Montreal reminds me of Uncle Rico. Living in the past and confounded on how to progress:

Daily Dope: Proving Derp Never Peaks

More on Preet the Legal Prat for Mimesis Law.

Before United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York was disgraced by his subordinate’s handling of the Reason subpoena, his “legacy” as avenging angel of white collar crime had already been tainted by the Second Circuit’s reversal of insider trading charges against two hedge fund guys, Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson.

For those not following any criminal case without obvious blood, the circuit held that insider trading didn’t travel downstream, and that information that eventually found its way into people’s heads who weren’t party to the initial improper disclosure could not be found criminally liable.  It was both a huge decision, and a crushing blow for Preet Bharara, second only to being upstaged at Harvard Law School by Mindy Kaling.

/quietly turns woodchipper on.


Not that we needed Politifact to point out Harvey Birdman's (aka Obama) laughably ridiculous claim that mass shootings don't happen in advanced countries with such frequency.

As the statistics show, not only is that flat out not true (yes, I'm calling him a liar and an opportunist on the Charleston tragedy...and a commie just because) but the USA is not even the worst country!

Stats. Pft.

Read this chart.


Fall of the West reason 575474555696977979898989989889:

"Commenters, especially anonymous commenters, can get a little bit negative online. To say the least. But in the interest of promoting open discourse, places like the United States and the European Union have tended toward the idea that websites aren't responsible for the junk their commenters post. For example, Section 230 of the United States' Communications Decency Act says that a given entity isn't the "publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."

Europe is what we call a shit hole when it comes to individual freedom of speech.

They're, quite frankly, frightening in their collectivist insanity.

If trends continue as they are, it'll be the case here.


Paper of record fooled by 16 year-old.

But I thought it was Fox who reported false stuff.

That’s right: the shooter of nine people was a “brony”—a male devotee of the children’s TV show.
The only problem? It was all a complete fabrication by Wareing, a British 16-year-old with a Hotmail email address who never met or communicated with Roof, he told Fusion today. He never found a Tumblr account belonging to Roof, and the My Little Pony detail was created out of thin air, he said.

The Times were too busy cumming on each other because they finally got their redneck hick killing black people spree after sooooo many years. They were dying to pin any weird stuff on the nut.


Support for gun rights on the rise, while death by firearms on a downward trend.

Not a good combo for the left-wing narrative.

Birdman and the gun grabbers has a sads.


People still listen to this doomsday gasbag Ehrlich?

He claims humans face mass exctinction. Maybe the moon rocks are placed a certain way?

The study - they're all studies - claim we're entering an extinction phase. So drink!

But will we reach peak derp before then?


Then again....


Website worth checking.

The Freeman.


"In 1798 Thomas Robert Malthus inaugurated a grand tradition of environmentalism with his best-selling pamphlet on population. Malthus argued with impeccable logic but distinctly peccable premises that since population tended to increase geometrically (1,2,4,8 ) and food supply to increase arithmetically (1,2,3,4 ), the starvation of Great Britain was inevitable and imminent. Almost everybody thought he was right. He was wrong.

In 1865 an influential book by Stanley Jevons argued with equally good logic and equally flawed premises that Britain would run out of coal in a few short years' time. In 1914, the United States Bureau of Mines predicted that American oil reserves would last ten years. In 1939 and again in 1951, the Department of the Interior said American oil would last 13 years. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong."

“Plenty of Gloom”, The economist Dec 18th 1997

"Ha,ha." The Commentator, June 2015.





Oh California. As pointed out in the last Daily. Didn't believe me, eh?

“America is the land of opportunity,” “There is only one race, the human race” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” are among a long list of alleged microaggressions faculty leaders of the University of California system have been instructed not to say."

Tomorrow's leaders and politicians folks. Be ready. It's gonna get ugly. Real ugly.