Canada A Wireless Embarrassment

Go fuck yourself Telus. 

Canadians are royally screwed when it comes to true free market pricing in the wireless industry.

"Canada should heed the lessons learned in Europe about adopting rules intended to keep wireless prices low, the former head of Austria's telecom regulator has told the CRTC.

European companies are now living with the unintended consequences of stimulating increased competition to keep consumers happy, Georg Serentschy said as hearings continued Tuesday into the 
health of Canada's wholesale wireless market.

Forcing lower prices in the short term, he said, has resulted in Europe having among the slowest and least reliable wireless networks in the industrialized world.

"Europe's telecoms industry — and its entire digital ecosystem — is suffering because over the last two decades European telecom regulators have created rules intended to keep wireless prices low by stimulating increased competition," said Serentschy."

Cry me a river.

And? Things are that much better with them gouging consumers?

"I encourage Canada's regulator not to recycle Europe's failed policies, but rather to learn from them," he added.

Read between the lines: Please maintain our monopoly, wink.

I can't believe what I was reading. A bunch of monopolistic businessmen feeding off the regulatory gibberish of the CRTC using scare tactics to maintain their cronyism.

Don't need a 4th carrier? Why? Because they said so? How would we know if we don't let the market decided? I would much rather that than listen to a bunch of top men controlling things like a bunch of commie Dukes.

All they're doing is making sure no one comes in and potentially kicks their ass.

And really. It's the first time I hear of Canada being a 'world leader' in wireless. Europe has always been the leader and suddenly we are #1? Don't buy it. Canada, like most anything we do, is  A LAGGARD in this industry. Mostly because of this crap we read in the article. Monopolies don't provide better service or pricing for consumers. They ensure they keep their piece of the pie. Nothing else.

The arrogance of this folks.

Exchange Of The Day

I love this exchange from The Star Tribune (I lost the link):

wardnjuneSep. 30, 14
1:44 PM
@halfabubble It might make sense to you if you lived in a coastal state. Florida has a huge problem with plastic bags ending up in their waterways, clogging their drainage systems and causing serious back-ups and flooding.

One of the most serious threats to our oceans is plastics pollution. Plastic constitutes approximately 90% of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile. Dwell on that.

moretaxesnowSep. 30, 14
2:50 PM
@wardnjune There are 27,878,400 square feet per square mile. Dwell on that.

Will they? That's a mighty big number for some to grasp. 

Finland Criticizes Moscow Aggression

Pic Of The Day


It's a vicious cycle. Cops feel threatened by people, they get bigger, better, badder toys to use against the people and then wonder why they don't get respect, or worse, are hated.

Stuff like this should make anyone's blood boil.

Screw that irresponsible and depraved cop.

Is That A Bus?

By now, if that 60 Minutes interview with Obama didn't sway undecided voters away from the Democrats for November nothing will. Man, is there no one this President will not throw under the bus? This time it was the entire intelligence community under the supremely incompetent James Clapper (Clap on, Clap off!).

I'm sorry. Are you NOT the President?

Mister The Buck Stops Here is Mr. I Didn't Do It.


It's become almost impossible to listen to the President speak.

For example.

Take this gem on the economy. Apparently, the only way to get the economy moving again with a specific focus on getting wages up is to A) increase the minimum wage, B) equal pay (pay equity if you're a snob) for women and C) infrastructure projects.

That's the ticket. Magic! Superficially force it up! Profit margins? What's that?

That's it. That's his idea. Notice all government initiatives with some coercive strong arming for the private sector.

All (cracked or not) roads to success run through the bureaucracy.

Nothing on how real wealth can only be created and generated by the private sector.


The World Ends At Scandinavia

Sweden 'most successful society' in world history?

You know, being a history buff and all (I even have a degree!) and having maintained a keen interest in all things the past, many things have come and gone from this remedial mind but concluding Sweden is what Toynbee claims was never one of them.

It's a ridiculous assertion.

It only works when you accept her (left-wing) criteria (as well as conveniently over looking any negatives) and even then I don't know how you can arrive at that conclusion.

Sandy Hook Advisory Panel Unfairly And Unjustifiably Targets Homeschooling

Let's file this under 'scapegoating'.

And the recommendations are a laughable joke. All they're doing is finally taking advantage of the situation to attack something they don't like or understand.

I understand the bureaucracy and government have a problem with people exercising their free will (and in the case of vouchers, choices) but even by their standards this strikes me as utterly ignorant even by their standards - which isn't very high.

By their logic, we should further scrutinize the public system whenever a shooting takes place because the majority of killers aren't homeschooled at all but come from, you guessed it, the public school system.

Sandy Hook had nothing to do with homeschooling. Even if Lanza went to public school what exactly would have changed? To single it out is most unfortunate and a classic example of a modern day witch hunt.

California Sex Assault Law Will Bring Destructive Unintended Consequences

California, continuing it's slow descent into madness,  basing its sex laws on flimsy evidence and poorly researched data.

I see many lives being ruined for nothing in the future.

The government now in the bedrooms?

The Silence Is Deafening

Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker tweeted, "Countries bombed: Obama 7, Bush 4."

He's just trying to fix Bush's mess.

I don't know what Politifact needed as proof. One needs only to, you know, pay attention to know it's accurate.


The Nobel Peace Prize winner can't catch a break.

"On CNN’s State of the Union, political commentator LZ Granderson said Obama is losing favor among his base because of his recent foreign policy decisions. In 2008, Obama supporters were tired of the wars started under Bush and were hoping that a new president would bring them to a close.

"They voted for him because he was supposed to end these wars and stop bombing people," Granderson said. "And when you look at the raw numbers, three times as much Special Forces were used than ‘W.’, twice as many strikes (on) countries that are predominantly Muslim. Those were not the numbers that his staunch progressive base voted for."

Yet, he goes on 60 Minutes and tells the American people he under estimated ISIS.

If this isn't the definition of trigger-happy neo-con, I don't know what is.


Telling The CRTC To Go Fly A Kite

"Though this seems minor, if we don’t handle the minor things, theycan unfortunately escalate into major things down the road," hesaid.

Unfortunately, this is the rule rather than the exception in how bureaucrats and other people in position of power and influence rule.

Even if there is no rational reason to think this way. It's a kind of a grotesque slippery slope line of thinking. It becomes much easier to predict a slippery slope when bad policy is enacted based on flimsy and faulty evidence and thinking.

Again. To me, the classic is the war on cigarettes. It was never supposed to come this far. We assured the government and activists would never attempt to ban it in private spheres. Yet. Here we are.

It will be the same with food. They've already begun their 'war' on sugar and salt.

If you think it will stop at 'sized' drinks and limiting quantities of salt in restaurants you're, once again, mistaken. We're like an abused spouse who can't come to the realization it's no good. 


Stench Of Murder And Misery

Or blood.

Cuban company creates Che Guevera cologne.

As an aside, commie Cuba allows for companies to form?

Porn For The Blind

I love technology.

Mark this down, the only thing that would ever solve any environmental problem is technology innovated in the free-market and nothing else.

It certainly won't be figured out by the system change cult.

Green My Ass


Tea And Coffee Consumption

More maps.

Couple of quick thoughts. The UK is the only country in Europe where tea prevails. Australia, as part of the Commonwealth also drinks more tea but not so in Canada where coffee rules.

Natural enough I reckon that our diet is closer to the U.S. given our proximity and reality of our intricate and intertwined economies.

In South America, curiously Chile and Bolivia consume more tea.

Autonomous Aspirations

Active separatist movements in Europe in a map.

For what it's worth, I don't believe Padonia or Catalan - when push came to shove - would leave their respective countries as well as those regions in the UK.

Man Versus Nature Fallacy

Man versus Nature black or white, appeal to nature fallacies are really stupid and reached peak stupid during that climate system change rally in New York City.

It's no contest. Little or nothing man does is irreversible or forever. Man is a piece of shit next to Mother Nature. Plants, for example, have shown to be every bit as unique and complex as man building cities and nations.

Nature will always win.

This is part of the reality environmentalists don't seem to want to come to terms with. You can come up with all the inefficient, regressive laws in the world and they would do absolutely jack shit to solve or fix whatever they feel ails nature.

Entropy means little to people.

Earth has been around about 4.5 billion years
Complex multicellular life is not even a billion years old and somehow we're the problem?

Quote Of The Day

Ha, ha:

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand.”

Milton Friedman.

Honorable People

I think I'm gonna sarcastically start a segment called 'Honorable People'. It will not discriminate. Whoever I think is a douche will make the cut.

Let's start with this story out of Philadelphia with one Kathryn Knott.


Stats Corner

Haven't done this bit in a while.

I was looking at Canada's Olympic Ice Hockey record.

Canada has won 13 gold medals in men's and women's hockey against principally two countries: Sweden and the United States. Nine against the USA, three against Sweden and one against Czechoslovakia.

Of the three gold medals won by the U.S., two have come against Canada.

As for the Soviet Union/Unified Team/Russia. Their eight gold medals came at the expense of five different countries.

Canada and Russia have met just once. That was back in 1992 in Albertville where the Unified Team prevailed 3-1.

Not a particularly timely post but one I wanted off my medium-sized chest.

Phrases I Hate

Well, I hate 'Investor Class' more when it's uttered by progressives.

In the right hands, say an economist or financial expert it's fine.

I imagine whenever a left-winger hears the term they think of a multi-millionaire old man chomping on a cigar and sipping bourbon laughing heartily while sending orphans to the diamond minds or to produce monocles in a sweatshop.

But the investor class is more than that. It's you and me. Sure there are degrees of investing determined by means. The person who saves more has access to more capital and in theory can invest more.

Nonetheless, at anytime anyone can become an investor.

You're an investor and you probably don't realize it. If you have a pension, the company invests your money on your behalf in, say, stocks or mutual funds.

An investor can simultaneously own a business and earn a modest salary. They are not mutually exclusive.

So by all means. Demonize the 'investor class'. Just recall when you do, you're shooting yourself in the foot just like calls for taxing capital gains and dividends retard your chances of building wealth for you and your family.

Fall Of The West Reason 6778383333

My Stance On Global Warming

Interviewer: What would you do to fight global warming?
T.C.: Two words: Air. Conditioners.

/Grin and winks.


Capitalism Cake

From weavingthepast.

Laugh. There are some who walk among us who believe this. Why, they even vote.

"Fuck PETA"

I've managed to work the word 'fuck' twice in one day in my titles!


Never heard of Tagaq but I like her already:

"F--k PETA," Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq declared as she claimed the 2014 Polaris Prize in Toronto on Monday night.

The musician from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, used her victory to encourage hipsters to make eating and wearing seal trendy.

"People should wear and eat seal as much as possible, because if you imagine an indigenous culture thriving and surviving on a sustainable resource, wearing seal and eating it, it's delicious and there's lots of them and f--- PETA," Tagaq said.

PETA specifically opposes the East Coast seal hunt, and has lobbied on behalf of the European Union ban that makes an exception for indigenous hunters
Inuit leaders, however, have spoken out against the ban and affiliated campaigns, claiming they stigmatize all people who hunt and harvest the animal.

Tagaq also made waves with her pro-seal activism in April when she contributed to the Inuit-led social media movement of posting "sealfies" with an image of a baby next to a dead seal.

Title Of Day

The Perpetually Aggrieved: Get Over Yourselves

The more you assuage the less they're pleased:

"These include an aboriginal band that was scheduled to play at Saturday’s public gala, but backed out at the last minute — apparently because its members didn’t like the museum’s portrayal of Canadian indigenous issues. The Manitoba Métis Federation decided to boycott the museum because the gala organizers rejected their suggested Métis musical act. Arab Canadian protestors told National Post reporter Joseph Brean that the museum didn’t have enough information about the Palestinians. (On Sunday, a Quebec man named Pete Kirby was campaigning to have Israel’s war against Hamas included in the museum — because of the suffering endured by Gazan civilians.) James Kafieh, an Ontario lawyer and chair of an anti-museum group called Canadians for Genocide Education is protesting the museum on the basis that it was built on “stolen” (i.e. aboriginal) land, and elevates one atrocity (the Holocaust) over all others, in pursuit of what he calls an “emotionally manipulative indoctrination.”

Then there is the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which has been protesting the Canadian Museum For Human Rights for a decade. Lubomyr Luciuk, who wants Canadians to boycott the museum, calls it “an Olympics of genocide.” He doesn’t like that the Jews get the gold, the Ukrainians a mere bronze."

We're still waiting on Quebec to chime in.

It's all getting so dated and tiresome.

How about this: No one gets a party hat. Now get lost!

Assume The Position

New York Times intellectualism via David Brooks: 

"It's important in times like these to step back and get clarity. The truest thing to say is this: We are living in an amazingly fortunate time. But we also happen to be living during a leadership crisis, and a time when few people have faith in elites to govern from the top. We live in a vibrant society that is not being led.

We don’t suffer from an abuse of power as much as a nonuse of power. It’s been years since a major piece of legislation was passed, and there’s little prospect that one will get passed in the next two.
This leadership crisis is eminently solvable. First, we need to get over the childish notion that we don’t need a responsible leadership class, that power can be wielded directly by the people. America was governed best when it was governed by a porous, self-conscious and responsible elite — during the American revolution, for example, or during and after World War II. Karl Marx and Ted Cruz may believe that power can be wielded directly by the masses, but this has almost never happened historically."

/T.C. walking and whistling with hands in pocket. Sees Brooks. Slaps him off the side of the head. Continues on whistling 'Put on a happy face'.

Obama Attacks Syria Without Congressional Approval

And no one on the left said anything.

Netflix Tells The CRTC To Fuck Off

Hydro Quebec: Like The Mob

Hydro has been cracking down on companies demanding they pay a 'security deposit' up front to avoid late payments or delinquency.

Know what else I just heard through the grapevine they're doing?

They're telling landlords if a tenant doesn't pay the electricity bill they must pay it or risk getting power cut off.

See nothing wrong with a government owned operation doing this?


Imagine if a private enterprise - say Bell or a bank - pulling this shit.

Imagine the the public outcry and media attention.

Calls for reigning in 'teh corparashins' would be unbearable.

But Hydro is an 'extension' of the people. So. All good.

Shifting Jargon; Moving Goal Posts

Ok. Let's see. I can't keep up anymore. First, it was global warming, then it was climate change and only to be expanded to system change (because you can't change the climate without first destroying capitalism and bringing in reputable socialism) and now a UN chief chimes in with 'climate disruption'?

I haven't been this confused since Fonzie started wearing a black t-shirt.

Canada's Health System

I appreciate when people go the extra kilometer (mile) to explore the state of Canada's health care system.

Yourhealthsystem.cihi.ca goes in-depth not just measuring the overall performance of Canadian health but breaks it all the way down to specific hospitals in your region.

Until now, outside some international indices like OECD and private think-tanks like Fraser Institute, it's hard to get more information.

Here's an OECD working paper on the rising role of private health insurance.

A system based on competing primary private insurers can improve responsiveness and consumer
choice, but this will come at increased cost. Where private health insurance is primary for certain
population groups, ensuring access to affordable coverage will be an important policy
Conclusion? Private gives choice!

/all look around in shock.


Climate Change Week

The Consensus on the consensus.

No doubt he's on big oil's pay roll.


My take on Harper's position on Kyoto and climate  system change?

It's the sensible and practical way to go given Canada is a resource based economy. Canada already has strong environmental standards in place and tying our economy to the UN's conditions is not responsible governance. Harper is heavily criticized for this but he's on the right side of this increasingly shrill and discredited debate.

Australia tells a cautionary tale when a resource based economy decides to go green. And Germany, once dedicated to the cause, completely reversed direction because of the destruction green policies were heaping on the economy. Add that the United States, India and China have and will not sign, it makes little sense for our economy - a branch plant American one depended on the U.S. (and to a lesser extent Chinese) - to join Kyoto.

Perhaps there are fair criticisms to be directed at the Harper government, but jumping on Kyoto is not one of them.

Not About Climate Change Anymore

It's system change.

Jesus, can these idiots be anymore predictable? We all knew - the sober ones anyway - climate change had little to do with the environment and everything to do with control.

More to the point, it's nothing but an anti-capitalist movement filled with the usual left-wing buffoons in its ranks.

Their jargon, their thought process (if you could call it that), their position all amount to nothing more than the same, dated socialist ideals that has given to so many state-sanctioned murders.

That 300 000 (and I wouldn't be surprised if the number isn't that high) marched to protest climate-system change only points to the malaise we face in terms of deep-rooted, insecure, irrational fears that exists on the left.

The party of rationalism my ass. Like these people care the policies they support lead to the deaths of people. Of course not. They don't see the path of destruction they leave behind.

Lord. These are the people who will usher in a new 'system'?

Learn to dig a moat and raise a private army because they'll come for blood.

Canada's 'Greatest Canadian'

Canadians love - just love to make fun of American ignorance. I like to counter best to focus on your own back yard.

Case in point, Canadians insidiously voting Tommy Douglas the 'greatest Canadian' during a CBC poll a few years ago.

Such is the obsessive grip universal health continues to have on our minds. To the point we name the guy who set it up as the best Canadian.


Douglas was a eugenicist.

File under 'More proof progressives white wash history and love nasty people'.

Clorox Does Sane Thing; Leaves Socialist Paradise

Clorox pulls out of Venezuela because of 'government restrictions, supply disruptions'.

No shit.

Why would any business or free thinking mind put up with the recent commie crap going on there?

Music To My Ears

The fear of Uber is spreading to Montreal. Competition tends to do that to monopolies.

'Uber defie la loi' screamed the headlines in Le Journal de Montreal. 'Uber defies the law.'


Anytime the free markets good smash or challenge the permit racket I'm all for it.

Radical Islam: Not Insignificant Numbers

I keep hearing about how radical Islam represent a small fraction of the overall Islamic population.

To any astute observer of history, lemme summarize: Duh.

The 'small minority' or the 'vocal few' or however you want to describe it have always caused the biggest ruckus and sometimes crimes against humanity. The 'silent majority' though likely peaceful generally get ransacked and over run by a bunch of sociopaths or psychopaths. See Soviet Russia, Mao China, Nazi Germany, Castro's Cuba and North Korea for example.

It's no different with radical Islam.

Math time!

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. It's been estimated by Interpol and the CIA anywhere between 20-25% of Muslims are radicalized and prepared to join terrorist organizations.

Let's use the lower-end of those estimates. This means there are possibly 320 million members of the 'religion of peace' ready to fight for jihad. That's bigger than any nation in the West including the United States.

By contrast, there are about 2.1 billion Christians (according to Wiki). How many of them blow themselves up again? This is why moral relativists who attempt to equate Christianity with radical Islam with strawman logic can suck on a lemon. Same with Hinduism. I don't see too many of the estimated 1 billion Hindi (or Buddhists for that matter) strapping explosives to their chests in an attempt to set up some irrational Caliphate in the West.

It really gets bizarre when you bring in Judaism - the Jooooos! According to the politically correct, progressives and other assortment of morally challenged individuals who can't see beyond their clouded judgment, 14 million Jews - of which six million in a tiny strip of land surrounded by hundreds of millions hostile Arabs and Iranians ready to 'throw them into the Sea' - are the source of all the madness.

If only the Jooooos would stop their settlements!

/points to statistics box.

Sorry pal, even if Israel would go full blown isolationist, you'd still have a gigantic radical Islam problem.

When you consult the numbers, one should quickly dismiss any notions of racism directed against Muslims. Indeed, jihadists are open about their designs - just like Hitler was if anyone bothered to either read his book or take him seriously instead of appeasing him. Yet here we are doing the exact same thing. It doesn't help the United States has a leader who isn't entirely convinced he needs to destroy Islamists or Western governments - save a few sober ones like Poland - so far up the political correctness ass, they can barely defend themselves from within it seems.

So be it.

As history dictates, all it takes is a few to murder on a grand scale.