CRTC Ruling: About %#^%% Time

Aside from the fact I'm not much of a fan of the CRTC, finally a ruling I like:

"Canadians tired of being denied American Super Bowl ads will get to see what all the fuss is about — just not yet.

Starting in 2017, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will no longer allow broadcasters to request simultaneous substitution during the Super Bowl.

The announcement was made during a speech on the future of television at the London Chamber of Commerce Thursday morning by CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais. "

Unfortunately, we have to wait still some more. 

It's only been 35 years I've been waiting. All those commercials...lost!

All because of a stupid, stupid, stupid practice.

"Broadcasters love this, because it keeps ad revenues in-house. Blais said simultaneous substitution is worth $250 million annually across the industry.

But Canadians hate it.

Slip-ups in signalling times can cause fans to miss the big play or overtime goal.
And what kind of democracy would deny its citizens the joys of “Wassup,” the Geico gecko or Ali 
Landry eating Doritos?

Blais said that while Canadians loathe it, the financial cost of ending simultaneous substitution is too great. Instead, new regulations will hope to end some of its biggest annoyances."

Absofuckinglutely. That broadcasters had such a long run at it annoys me to no end. I can't tell you how many times the signal was lost - as in cut into a program scheduled for that time - at important moments in a game. DRIVES ME NUTS.



T.C.'s Adjusted Best Soccer Clubs

For what it's worth here's FIFA's list of the top clubs of the 20th Century:

Pos.    Club    Country    %
1    Real Madrid     Spain    42.35 %
2    Manchester United     England    9.69 %
3    Bayern Munich     Germany    8.18%
4    Barcelona     Spain    5.61%
5    Santos     Brazil    5.10 %
5    Ajax     Netherlands    5.10 %
7    Juventus     Italy    2.55 %
8    PeƱarol     Uruguay    2.04 %
9    River Plate     Argentina    1.53 %
9    Flamengo     Brazil    1.53 %
9    Milan     Italy    1.53 %
12    Liverpool     England    1.02 %
12    Botafogo     Brazil    1.02 %
12    Benfica     Portugal    1.02 %
12    Independiente     Argentina    1.02 %
12    Sport Club Corinthians Paulista     Brazil    1.02 %
12    Boca Juniors     Argentina    1.02 %
12    Internazionale     Italy    1.02 %
12    Arsenal     England    1.02 %
Other        6.63

Now here's mine for just the European clubs:

1) Real Madrid
2) AC Milan (I mean really, 9th? They only have the most trophies in the world. 1.55% is an insult)
3) Bayern Munich (tight race with Barcelona but they do have 5 CL's)
4) Barcelona (if someone argues they belong second I won't think they're crazy)
5) Ajax (also in a tight race this time with Juventus)
6) Juventus (have had actual period of global dominance. If they had done a tad better in CL I'd have them up in top 3)
7) Liverpool (have had more success than Man Utd)
8) Manchester United (no way are the 2nd best club in Europe in the 20th century)
9) Internazionale Milano (same number of CL's titles and one more appearance in finals than Man U)
10) Benfica

I don't consider Arsenal a top side in the 20th century.  I'd put FC Porto over them.

As for the South American clubs not sure why Santos towers over all others - other than having won the most titles in Brazil. And even then, it hasn't necessarily been in dominating fashion. Penarol, Independiente, Boca Juniors all have had far more success in terms of trophies and titles. Botafogo is especially perplexing given its modest amount of succes. How it ranks above Boca is beyond me to comprehend and only points to FIFA's weird way of compiling things.

My list is more reflective of how things went down.



Just Who Owns 'Big Oil' Anyway?

This will come as a surprise to, well, you know who (hint, they swing left).

INVESTORS. That is, people like you and me who have pensions, stocks and mutual funds that's who.

The chart is for the USA but I'm pretty sure it's the same here in Canada - especially given we're a resource-rich economy. 

Think about this before going off on a Koch-Harper, anti-oil and gas rant.

You may just be hurting your RRSP or IRA.

Daily Round Up: Still Too Lazy To Create Titles

"In their statement of defence, lawyers for the Harper government argued that it is unfair to hold it accountable for decisions made by lawmakers a cenutry ago, and that Ottawa has no special obligation to wounded veterans."

Not gonna comment on the case itself since I don't know much about it but I will say a thing on the government's statement.

Funny. They can send soldiers to go fight for whatever reasons they say to get killed, injured or maimed in the name of the flag, but they won't take care of them on the back end?

What kind of appalling logic is this? Forget politically. Politics is awash with scum. I'm talking philosophically and morally.

Reminds me when NYPD was under public duress said they were not under any obligation to 'serve and protect'.

Yet, they expect the public to lick their balls in worship.


Quebec, Quebec, Quebec. What am I gonna do with you, you naughty, naughty parochial entity?
"Anglophone rights lawyer Brent Tyler lost his court challenge of Bill 101 Wednesday morning. He was trying to defend several business owners who had signs or websites where French was not predominant enough.

The 24 small businesses were prosecuted between 1998 and 2001 for breaking language laws because their signs or websites were not predominantly French. The defendants were trying to prove that French is not endangered in Quebec."

I'm still waiting for someone to present to me where this sort of thing happens anywhere in North America (or the West) where, despite linguistic cleavages, there's a democratic, pluralist society with free speech.

Cricket, cricket. Not even Spain goes this far.

Imagine if, for fun's sake, the province of Alberta fined a bunch of French-Canadians operating a business in Calgary for having a word or two in French?

Oh me, oh my would the twits in the nationalist camp go crazy!
Something about to onto others as they would onto you?
So. Because French-Canadians have a low birth - as the judge noted - along with a perpetual 'fragile state of being' others are made to pay through punitive measures?
This on the heels when a Valentin restaurant worker is considering filing a lawsuit with the Human Rights  commission for being chastised for speaking English.

On what planet does Quebec live to actually think their discriminatory behavior is somehow acceptable? I'm pretty sure the average Quebec doesn't know about the antics of the OLF in their name. I know because my French friends think we're nuts for bringing it up. When we show them the facts - including personal experiences - they react in shock and disappointment. They know it's wrong. 

As the UN noted on the sign law specifically:

"In 1993, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that Quebec's sign laws broke an international covenant on civil and political rights.[16] "A State may choose one or more official languages," the committee wrote, "but it may not exclude, outside the spheres of public life, the freedom to express oneself in a language of one's choice. The Committee accordingly concludes that there has been a violation of article 19, paragraph 2."

If this was any other place it would not be accepted on any level.

Pitiful, pitiful Quebec. I sometimes cry for you and other times laugh at you.



Deficit neutral. Or was it revenue neutral? I forget. Doesn't matter.
The number comes from figures buried in a 15-page section of the nonpartisan organization's new ten-year budget outlook. 

The best-case scenario described by the CBO would result in 'between 24 million and 27 million' fewer Americans being uninsured in 2025, compared to the year before the Affordable Care Act took effect."

Success! Courtesy of the Democrats all on their own!

$50 000 is the price you pay for civilization, m'kay?

Hey, this free-shit thing is easy! Let's make community college free too!

I'm pretty sure the U.S. could have accomplished this at a 1/10th of the cost. But that would mean keeping the incompetent boobs in the government out of it.


Remember the time when we were under the board walk...?

King Abdullah wasn't so romantic.

According to MSNBC's Richard Engel the King (and I use the term loosely) 'could not stand' Obama despite the President speaking of a 'special bond' they had.


Is he racist?



A recent survey by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics finds that over 80 percent of Americans support “mandatory labels on foods containing DNA,” about the same number as support mandatory labeling of GMO foods “produced with genetic engineering.” Oklahoma State economist Jayson Lusk has some additional details on the survey. If the government does impose mandatory labeling on foods containing DNA, perhaps the label might look something like this:
WARNING: This product contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The Surgeon General has determined that DNA is linked to a variety of diseases in both animals and humans. In some configurations, it is a risk factor for cancer and heart disease. Pregnant women are at very high risk of passing on DNA to their children.




"Wikipedia’s arbitration committee, the highest user-run body on the site, has voted to ban editors from making corrections to articles about feminism, in an attempt to stop a long-running edit war over the entry on the “Gamergate controversy”.

The editors, who were all actively attempting to prevent the article from being rewritten with a pro-Gamergate slant, were sanctioned by “arbcom” in its preliminary decision. While that may change as it is finalised, the body, known as Wikipedia’s supreme court, rarely reverses its decisions."

Yeah, their shtick is wearing thin.


Shitty jobs for shitty people with shitty ideas...

I PREDICTED it would come to this. The government fining people for throwing food out in the garbage. Won't be long before towns in Quebec start acting stupidly as well. It's in our DNA to Green-derp.

Government is force because for your own damn good - and the children...and the environment.

Of course, this sort of aggressive action is okay with the NPR commenters. 

Taking private virtue and twisting into public good by force is, well, evil.

"In Seattle, wasting food will now earn you a scarlet letter — well, a scarlet tag, to be more accurate.
The bright red tag, posted on a garbage bin, tells everyone who sees it that you've violated a new city law that makes it illegal to put food into trash cans.

"I'm sure neighbors are going to see these on their other neighbors' cans," says Rodney Watkins, a lead driver for Recology CleanScapes, a waste contractor for the city. He's on the front lines of enforcing these rules..."

Like I said.



Historica Stories

Neat story on a Gallipoli mapmaker.

"A treasure-trove of original World War I documents handwritten by a soldier who served in Gallipoli has been found, stolen, and then returned, in an eventful few months in the central Queensland town of Emerald.

The documents belonged to licensed surveyor Private James Nicholas Murray, who produced what were thought to be the most detailed maps to date of Russell's Top, a lesser-known but strategically critical line of defence in the eight-month long battle.

Using only a compass and piece of string, the then 30-year-old sketched the trenches and tunnels in the steep slopes above Anzac Cove while under fire, recording his thoughts in a pocket-sized diary, all of which remain intact to this day.

"It's an untold story and I think it's a story the whole nation will embrace," researcher Margaret Rawsthorne from the Emerald RSL told 7.30."


Archeologists explore the 'Titanic' of the Ancient world:

Small teaser:
"...Overall, the ship yielded one of the most impressive collections of treasures ever recovered from antiquity. Hundreds of ancient cargo ships have been excavated since, but only a handful of luxury items rival those from Antikythera: a load of marble columns and sculptures from a wreck near Mahdia, Tunisia; a bronze statue of Zeus in the act of throwing a thunderbolt, found off Greece’s Cape Artemision; ebony, ivory and ostrich eggs from a late Bronze Age ship that sank off Turkey’s Cape Gelidonya...."

Measles Outbreak Causing Strain

"The outbreak has renewed debate over the so-calledanti-vaccination movement in which fears about potential sideeffects of vaccines, fueled by now-debunked theories suggestinga link to autism, have led a small minority of parents to refuseto allow their children to be inoculated.

The Los Angeles Times blasted the anti-vaccination movement in an editorial last week for what it called an "ignorant and self-absorbed rejection of science."

Asked if the anti-vaccination movement contributed to the latest outbreak in California, a spokesman for the state health department Carlos Villatoro, said in an email: "We think that unvaccinated individuals have been the principal factor."

Daily Roundup: Too Tired To Come Up With Individually Wrapped Titles

I stumbled on this new format for the time being. I'm culling too many articles at the moment so I figure to just lump them into one gigantic blotch of mush.

You like yeah?

Let's start with Sweden. Poor old, weird, Sweden.

Even snow removal is divided along gender considerations.

Right now, the race to the political correctness bottom is a tight one between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.


Neil de Grasse Tyson.

From AV Club:

"...Tyson’s error is to confuse gauge pressure with absolute pressure. The PSI figures at the heart of this mess are measurements of gauge pressure, meaning that they were read from a gauge that indicates pressure relative to the surrounding atmospheric pressure—much the same way that the Celsius scale indicates temperature relative to the freezing point of water. To do his math, Tyson appears to have divided the reported 2-PSI drop by about 13 PSI (the midrange of the NFL’s 12.5- to 13.5-PSI specification) and concluded that there was a 15 percent drop in pressure. This is like comparing a 20° C afternoon to a 0° C afternoon and concluding that 100 percent of the heat was lost in between. Just as you must first convert temperatures to an absolute scale like Kelvin before you can make that sort of percentage-based comparison, you must likewise convert gauge pressure to absolute pressure."

So this is the new face of pop science? Why is this guy popular?

Good scientists or mathematicians don't make these kinds of errors.


Speaking of insufferable twits, Bill Nye wants to introduce an idea:

“I just want to introduce the idea that this storm is connected to climate change,” he said. “I want to introduce that idea. I know there’ll be certain viewers who will become unglued, they’re throwing things at their television sets, and show on. But the economic effect of storms like this is huge!”

Cool story, bra.


You mean Hamas are not good folk?

"Of course it is in the nature of Hamas to believe itself to be non-extremist, and of course it is in its nature to threaten violence if it doesn't get paid. (To understand Hamas and its extremist views, read its charter, and to survey a catalogue of its violence against civilians over the years, simply Google "Hamas bus bombings.")"

I beg to differ. I think they know full well they're who we think they are. Freeeeedom Fighters...Extremists. Terrorists. Whatever.

"It bears repeating: When Israel withdrew its settlers and soldiers from Gaza in 2005, per a longstanding Palestinian demand, Gazans had the opportunity—an imperfect opportunity, but there are no perfect opportunities—to build their territory into the nucleus of a functioning, vibrant Palestinian state, with plenty of donated funds and international goodwill. But Gaza went in another direction."

Keep repeating ad infinitum...


One man's investment is another man's spending...

Seems to me it'll go something like this. Government makes education 'cheaper' ergo diluting the product with increased action. The supply of students will outstrip the demand needed on the job market. The student studying Social-Comparative-Derp studies (since we can't all be doctors and engineers, scientists, and financiers and so on) will find they're not worth much on the market and will be insulted that employers won't see their brilliance thus precipitating them to lash out at...capitalism.

It's a vicious circle. Or something.


Ever notice how deplorably racist and irritatingly smug progressives can be?

Just read this nutty defense of political correctness at Gawker by Alex Pareene.

"He accurately notes that when conservatives bemoan "political correctness" they are generally upset that they have been asked to be respectful of people of different backgrounds."

Lord me.What a hipster-doofus douche.

There's too much of this nonsense in the article to bother with.

And Ta-Nahisi 'where's my reparations' Coates is considered a heavyweight in the liberal ranks?

No wonder libertarianism is on the rise. Liberals are making it so easy.

I'm sorry. Was that racist?

From the comments:

"I suppose there's an argument that "Political Correctness" has been terrible for the talentless corporate sludge of white maleness, given their previous elevated slots in society are now being given to far more talented non-white and non-male candidates that previously where shut out of the roles their ability warranted."

Replace 'white' with 'Jews' you asshole. See how your comment looks.

Other than that, they itch to put people in camps.

Other than that, that, I promise to keep the linking to sites like Gawker at a minimal. It's just that...they walk among us...


According to its commercial, Canada posts delivers more mail than any other company.

Am, am I the only one to note, no fucken kidding? It's a MONOPOLY.

I don't know how the delivery industry works but it's not like UPS and FedEx are allowed to deliver regular mail which is what CP pretty much does.


Cranston Dies; Not A Snub Afterall; American Sniper Breaking Records - Progressives Wonder How Dumb Americans Are; Brazilian Scientists Make Coffee Discovery; Who Kicks In And Takes In The EU; Losing Minds Over Deflated Footballs; EU Not On Good Path; Progressivism Under Duress; Apache Helicopter Mows Down Terrorists; Canadian 'Bubble Boy' Seeks Medical Treatment In U.S.

Legendary and magical innovative figure skater Toller Cranston passes on.


How dare they snub a movie about MLK! Even it the movie was bad! Bunch of racists!

LA Times:

"In fact, DuVernay didn't lock up the picture in time for distributor Paramount Pictures to send screeners of the Christmas release to SAG members. Translation? The movie may not have been seen by enough members to secure coveted noms..."

Oh "Oh," replied Edith Bunker.

So it's the producers fault. Nice.

Feel stupid now?

You should.

Other than that, it's amazing how people react to a lousy award ceremony known to be somewhat specious in its selection process. Actually, people put waaayyyy too much emphasis on awards period as if the winner is the be all, end all of all things.

In other words - deep breath - who fucking cares?

You don't need a damn award ceremony to validate your work or art.


'American Sniper' smashing all records and will probably become the most successful military movie of all-time. I'm gonna guess Middle-America (the Heartland) and the South are the demographics driving this. We all know Northeastern and Pacific Americans are too smart to go see the film.


Brazilian scientists discover a protein similar to morphine in coffee beans.

That explains...a lot.

And academics produce specious study about needing to ban coffee in 3...2...


Graph shows which EU give the most. Hint: Germany, Britain, France and Italy. And takes the most. Hint: Poland, Greece, Hungary, Spain.

Yes, Italy is totally like Greece and Spain.


Throw the Patriots out of the Super Bowl! Argggghhh!! Grrrr!!

Roxanne Jones is just being racist.

And hyperbolic.


Congressman has a message for NFL.

We're officially in retarded territory.

I would think the Republican from Nevada Dean Heller has more important work to do?

Lord, I hope he does.

Harry Reid is, who also decided to chime in, the last man who should talk. I'm sure his closet is filled with skeletons large enough to have created a skeleton diaspora.

Behemoths of integrity they all are.


The European Union will not survive on its current trajectory. 

And people are beginning to lose confidence in the super supra-national Leviathan structure.

From the onset, Italians were the biggest supporters of the EU of any country along with Germany.

Their confidence is eroding and I see this as a sign.


Here's my theory of what's going on out there. Progressive ideals manifested through various government programs are currently on the defensive. So much so their only response is to deem critics to be 'extremists'. Problem is, the public - to the extent we can know and understand it - aren't interested in the political side of the argument. All they see are the results. And the results have been getting worse with time.

The public - ie the people - are more informed than they've ever been and they know they are plenty of interesting ideas and options outside the 'universal' and 'public' realm. They simply - rightfully -want to explore it.

The entrenched interests (particularly unions) are pushing back but they're not doing so by engaging in the hall of ideas. They're doing so by striking and taking 'the fight' to the streets demanding for all sorts of things that ultimately are paid for by taxpayers while claiming it's for the 'greater good' and 'the children'.

The statutes of limitation on that shtick has run its course.

Looks like to me anyway.

Hence, we're all right-wing, extreme, tea-bagging, Harper-Koch neo-cons on the Exxon pay roll.


Call me macabre but that was cathartic. Awesome.


Good luck to Etienne Blais.

As is usually the case, the Canadians find themselves seeking medical care for serious ailments down in the big, bad USA where an uncaring medical system awaits them.

We have the better system.



You're Either With Freedom Or You're Not

It's very simple.

What's it gonna be, pal?

Mark Steyn will you help you along:


Legend Banks Dies; Democrat Silver Spooned; North Korea Success Food Files; Another Day, Another Academic Hates Free Speech; Still More Anti Free-Speech Nonsense; Heroric Left-Wing German Quotes; Jews Vulnerable In Europe; Canada's Financial System Study; Lowest SOTUA Viewers In 15 Years; Commie's Drinking Blood In Cambodia; Obama's Superficiality Takes Yet Another Embarrassing Turn; Baldwin's Not Ha-Ha Funny Credentials Demands; All In Moderation Saudi Style; Cancer Care In Canada Could Be Better; Even Prince's Are Horny For Sex Slaves; Riding On Obamacare Smashing Success CGI Bags IRS; Democrat A Little Too Skillful At Lack Of Awareness

Legendary Mr. Cub Ernie Banks dies.


Powerful New York politician Sheldon Silver taken down by friends.

More on Silver, a Democrat, here.

Oldie but goodie here. Just a reminder why free markets are superior to anything any left-winger pushes.
Hope it had Scott's.

Nine years later not a whole lot better.


DeWayne Wickham is the latest academic to weigh in on his thoughts about free speech.

"DeWayne Wickham, dean and distinguished professor of journalism at Morgan State University, published an editorial this week in USA Today that essentially argues free speech rights should not and do not give people the right to make fun of Mohammad.
He argues that Charlie Hebdo, in its latest cartoon image of Mohammed, has “gone too far.”  The “offensive depiction of Mohammed” should not constitute free speech, the journalism professor suggested.
The College Fix reached out to Wickham via email to confirm whether he was suggesting that the First Amendment does not protect insulting Mohammad. He replied that interpretation was incorrect but did not elaborate, nor respond to follow-up emails. "

So what's wrong with this? He is a 'distinguished' free speech attorney.

I would consider this a cause for concern.

Wonder how he feels whenever Jews and Christians are attacked.

Other than that, he hasn't said he's been misquoted...yet.



Oh, and they'll argue to the death why their position - foolish as it is - why is the 'sensible' one. They'll pull out every tired, hyperbolic and misguided analogy they can find. They'll drag you around until suddenly you're sucked into a spinning carousel of sophistry.

Consider this I pulled out at Raw Story:

"DriveBy lardheppus • 4 hours ago
I understand where you're coming from, but I don't like the idea of unrestricted freedom of anything including the freedom of speech. We're all driving on this road so let's set some rules before we all crash into each other and kill us all.


I feel we have to draw the line at hate speech.... speech of the kind that got Dr. Tiller killed and the Gabby Giffords gathering shot up.
Only regulated freedom in moderation is true freedom. Freedoms without moderation can lead to hate speech that takes the freedoms of others, mainly minorities, away so it becomes counterproductive. Let's not forget that Christianity is a fascist concept and fascism should never be allowed to run amok a civilized society."

Quick reminders because I don't want to give people like this too much of a platform to spew their nonsense:

-Giffords was killed by a deranged schizophrenic for no reason at all. It had nothing whatsoever to do with hate speech. And the Dr. Tiller example is cherry-picking on his part. Strike One.

-Christianity precedes Fascism by centuries. I have no idea how he saw it intellectually fit to claim it's a 'fascist concept'. This is an all too typical and superficial position taken by progressives when it comes to Christianity. They remember all the 'bad' stuff but absolutely neglect to understand its positive influences. Besides, Mussolini - like the good socialist he was - loathed the Church. Strike two.

Another popular poor analogy they use is 'corporations engage in slavery' completely neglecting the simply historical fact slavery dates back 5000 years and is a creation of the state.

-Yes, those hate-speech laws in Europe really have helped Jews, eh? Strike three.

The truth is hate-speech laws are useless and amount to one simple thing: Censorship. And loss of freedom. Not more you fucking idiot.

There's no such thing as balanced speech. There's only free speech.



"Auschwitz meant that six million Jews were killed, and thrown on the waste-heap of Europe, for what they were: money Jews. Finance capital and the banks, the hard core of the system of imperialism and capitalism, had turned the hatred of men against money and exploitation, and against the Jews … Anti-Semitism is really a hatred of capitalism.”

Ulrike Meinhof, left-wing German terrorist of the Red Army Faction in the 1970s.

Which only reinforces that Nazism, Fascism (Mussolini was a socialist), Socialism and Marxism come from the same friggin' cloth.

“Money has made slaves of us.”...“Money is the curse of mankind. It smothers the seed of everything great and good. Every penny is sticky with sweat and blood.”
 Shorter Goebbels: Jeeeewwwwwwssssss!


Jonah Goldberg provides a nice article on the frailty of the Jewish existence in Europe.

I fear that when push comes to shove, Europe will not defend the Jews - as was the case so often throughout its history.

I found this paragraph interesting:

"And if there were a billion Jews in the Middle East, HarperCollins would never have edited out Israel from its atlas. The publisher was recently embarrassed by the revelation (first reported by the British Catholic magazine The Tablet) that it had been selling an atlas “developed specifically for schools in the Middle East,” promising “in-depth coverage of the region and its issues” that nonetheless left Israel on the cutting room floor. A spokesman for the subsidiary that put out the map told The Tablet that including Israel would be “unacceptable” to their customers in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere. And the customer is always right."

It points straight into the make believe world Arabs live in. It's a society to easily given to conspiracy theories because they deny reality. And we enable that behavior. By...

"Since 2006, the U.N. Human Rights Council has condemned Israel 50 times. It has denounced human-rights violators such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China zero times."

Which is why the UN is fucking immoral and useless.

And filled with supreme shit stained assholes.


A research study by Brookings on Canada's financial system.

Question: Does Canada have more or less regulations than the United States banking system?


Tuning out: Lowest number of people watch SOTUA in 15 years with 31.7 million soaking in Obama's penchant for stretching the truth and selling his usual progressive agenda. In 2008, 52 million watches his first speech.

20 million people were washing their hair I guess.

Or 20 million people got tired of being made the bad guy in Obama's America.


Great moments in communism: Khmer Rouge loved their blood.

Elizabeth Warren, I'm told, doesn't drink blood.

What being a good capitalist and all.


Imaged obsessed Obama inexplicably allows popular youtube stars to interview him. 

Embarrassing for real.

Very wtf.


Baldwin is hilarious. And not in a funny way. Notice the ridiculous strawman he hurls. Of course, he doesn't ask the credentials of Moore for making his own cowardly statement.

Apparently, you need military credentials to know sniping is a legit part of the military. Why, snipers protect world leaders!


On King Abdullah's passing:

“As our countries worked together to confront many challenges, I always valued King Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship,” President Obama said in a statement issued by the White House. “As a leader, he was always candid and had the courage of his convictions.”

Remember when the left used to Bush and the House of Saud? Yeah. Why that fat head liar Moore even made a movie about it!

"Still, Abdullah became, in some ways, a force of moderation. He contested Al Qaeda’s militant interpretations of the faith as justifying, even compelling, terrorist acts. He ordered that textbooks be purged of their most extreme language and sent 900 imams to re-education sessions. He had hundreds of militants arrested and some beheaded.

But he was also mindful that his family had, since the 18th century, derived its authority from an alliance with the strict Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam. He accordingly made only modest changes to the kingdom’s conservative clerical establishment. When Islamic State forces conquered vast stretches of Syria and Iraq, imposing a creed linked to Saudi Arabia’s own, the kingdom was slow to respond."

It's all relative. Moderation in a barbaric country that is. I guess.

Saudi Arabia is home of Wahhabism. The virulent strand of Islam at the root of terrorism. 


Disparity in cancer care in Canada.


Prince Andrew and his sex slave.

Clinton knew the pedophile Epstein and even took money from him involved in this sordid sexual tale.

Scum bags. All of them.

Remove 'Prince' from Andrew and what do you get? An immoral Andrew who is a human being nothing more, nothing less. Royalty my ass.


Remember the Canadian company CGI hired to set up Obamacare's exchanges but was a massive flop? The IRS hired them.

Sure. No cronyism here. Sure.


About Boehner meeting with Netanyahu. The White House is upset the Republicans didn't pass it by them. Of course, Napoleon over there doesn't like it. Perhaps it was 'declasse' but Congress doesn't have to do so. It's actually a good thing. But that a President pulls a hissy fit over it shows too much power is increasingly concentrated in the executive branch.

In any event, Pelosi voiced her displeasure. I mean, she would never do such a thing right?

Pelosi 'shrugged off Bush's criticism' - as NBC put it - and went to see Assad in defiance of Bush in 2007. Of course, in 2013 Obama wanted to bomb the shit out of Assad.

Nothing screams foreign policy success like this sad episode.

It's not the first time this happens. House Speaker Jim Wright met with the Ortega and the Sandinistas in the 1980s against Reagan's wishes while Jim McDermott went to Baghdad in 2002.

But, you know, they're 'good guys'.

Here's a quote I found but lost the link (sorry):

“There are things you simply don’t do. He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price,” he said.

Or else what? Some youtube star-tart apparatchik will call the former Israeli special forces operative who fought in the Yom Kippur war a 'chickenshit'?

I wonder who is the real 'chickenshit'?


Old Hollywood

From the 1910s.

Boy have we come a long way from 'remove your hat' to 'turn you cell phone off'.

Sovereign State Of Hutt River

What happens when the government threatens to ruin you?

Why, you secede dumb-dumb!

The Principality of Hutt River is situated 595 km north of Perth, Western Australia and is about 75 square km in area, consisting of some 18,500 acres of land.
Hutt River is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on the Twenty First Day of April 1970 and is of comparable size to Hong Kong
(not the New Territories).
The Principality consists of undulating farmland well covered in places
with a wealth of shrubs and glorious wildflowers.

Learning Bitcoin