Passports Make No Sense And It's On Purpose

One of the most evil consequences of our insipid reactions to the Covid scare - aside from destroying lives through lockdowns and now unethical mandates -  is the introduction of domestic passports.

This obscene action is highly problematic from a scientific and basic common decency one. 

Scientifically, they literally are pointless. With vaccinated people being asymptomatic spreaders with a higher viral load than non-vaccinated people,  the vaccines not designed to halt transmission while not conferring full protection, this all but obliterates its utility.

Which makes one wonder why are idiotic officials even doing this?

As you can tell, I hold no punches anymore. The irrational adherence to masks, introduction of passport and obsession with leaky vaccines not getting the job done (ie not achieving herd), I've lost patience with people. What will it take for them to wake up?

What it does achieve is two more foul things. One, is it segregates society. Two, it's a coercive measure to get people to vaccinate.

On what planet are you on to support this?

You will, and mark my words, on the 'wrong side of history' on this one.

It will go down as one of the most embarrassing moment in both cultural and scientific history.

Since passports are worthless from a scientific perspective and protect literally nobody, why then?

Well, aside from the forced vaccination part, it could be for setting the population up for an integrated digital existence. The people behind it all have not hidden this digital ID plan. 

The irony of all this is all we needed to do was not play by not insisting on being scared and not download the app. It would have put an end to it all.

Alas, people aren't rational at the moment and are using the passports as a Scooby-snack for having been obedient to their abusers.

Well done people.


Random Thoughts

It bothers me when someone says 'I don't care'.

It bothers me a lot.

It's a phrase I never realized how much it bothered me until Covid. 

To me, man's response to Covid has been a moral and spiritual debacle. A sin against humanity really.

The damage done to so many lives on so many levels all because of the theatre of 'doing something' has left me paralyzed with disgust and disbelief.

It has been astonishing watching and realizing the people in charge are nothing but flawed and incompetent humans.

I can take that.

But what I can't take and accept is the lack of humility and refusal to admit hubris.

This has blinded them into a pond scum of group think unable to shift gears.

19 months on and still with lockdowns, masks and now passports?

Are people out of their minds to even think this a viable strategy? Especially since we now a growing body o literature showing of its catastrophic collateral damage?

Nothing is reasoned. None if it back by science. All of it is mad hysteria.

Yet they stand before you in a game of deceit manipulating people into a false sense of control and leadership.

All they're good for is to apply coercion and erode your inalienable rights. Men who lack courage always hide behind force. This is why they issue decrees with no basis in law; let alone ethics.

What has been done is not normal.

In every conceivable way. 

It literally is shooting fish in a barrel and bound to destroy the barrel and cause and inflict more unnecessary destruction. We not only shot and missed we continued to shoot!

Now it's onto the vaccines. Like they assaulted the human mind with the futility of noxious masks they made sure we avoided any kind of human contact. All things that make the drudgery of life more palpable and enjoyable was forbidden. This paved the way for a vaccine to finalize creating a cult.

This Covid thing is now a religion.

There is no more science. Nor is this about public health.

It's about conformity into a new religion.

It's dark and it's disturbed. 


Alberta has forfeited the right to ever claim to be 'Texas North' again.

You're not Texas in any way except for oil. And that's not enough.

You don't have the guts and attitude of Texas.

You're just 'Texan' in the Canadian context..

Which isn't saying much.

A country that goes passport, is a weak and pathetic one.

Kenney is no Abbott.

Canadians In A Deep Slumber Of Denial

Fed a steadfast diet of Covid propaganda, Canadians have been thoroughly manipulated into accepting all roads lead to Covid. Their minds have been euthanized by a constant stream of hysteria and distorted realities.

Usually, a somewhat alert population eventually wakes and wisens up to such obvious dirty tricks.

It would appear Canada isn't one of them.

It matters none as the evidence about Covid and vaccines goes one way, Canada bolts into an opposite direction giving the impression there are ulterior motives in play.

Or Canadians are just that plain gullible and incompetent. 

It is no secret that China holds a massive sway over this country and is dealing with a 'leader' that secretly admires them. What better way to gain a foothold on the North American continent to ready for an attack on America than to bamboozle a delusional people swimming in smug stupidity? Canadians are so tirelessly infatuated working on its main ethos of not being American, they allowed a ruthless communist regime to enter the house. They have infiltrated every major institution and corporation as well as science labs. Academia, in particular, not only has this problem but a good number of our top schools receive large amount of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now do the vaccine mandates and passports makes sense to you? Gates is the biggest vaccine pusher on earth and the internet is littered with his desire to inoculate the world with all his vaccines while China is known for its social credit score system imposed through phone monitoring, 

Can you add Canada?

This is a strange coincidence would you say?

Look around. Who exactly is pushing passports? Israel. Israel has partnered up with China on issues of cyber technology. Italy. Italy has been cozying up to China for the last few years. Australia. Have you seen what's going on down under? France attempted to install their system but it appears they may be retracting. 

In total, TWO countries on the planet have a domestic pass system and it's two countries known to have close ties with China with Australia looking into it. It's been restricted to three far-left progressive cities in the America - L.A., NYC and Seattle so far. 

A mature nation would have snapped out of it and begin to undertake measures to end it.

Not Canada. 

Canada is too busy leading the world in empty sloganeering, childish platitudes and bowing before the woke gods.

Canada is less a country and more just a piece of territory inhabited by a bunch of people who have lost their senses.

That points to, obviously, poor leadership. Such was our tenuous existence all it took was a remedial, groping, snowboarding drama queen substitute teacher with a possible mental illness to knock it down.

This is not a country of men.

It's a country of lost souls.

Natural born losers even.

In three days, we find out who will govern this country. Polls - to the extent their useful - have the two main parties in a tight race.

But it shouldn't be. An alert nation is ready to 'stand on guard for thee'. Do these words mean anything to Canadians?

It shouldn't be a tight race. The Liberal party of Canada needs to be sent a message. It needs to get its clock cleaned.

A vote for Justin is a vote to allow China to further its incursions into our country.

THIS is the real story we should be focusing on.

Alas, Canada continues to stare at the TV fooling itself into believing we're doing a bang up job because 'hey, look at how crazy those Americans are"!

It's enough to just make you shake you head in disbelief.

And cry. 


An Election To Determine Canada's Future And Freedom

The stakes truly have never been higher.

There are multiple wars in play at the moment. Primary among them is the showdown between America and China. The Chinese have essentially made their intentions clear: They want to reshape the world in their image. In order to do so, America stands in its way. It will take all of America's might to conduct this fight and at the moment the U.S. has one knee down and is wounded. Its allies need to ally among them. Will the West awaken from its naive slumber and finally acknowledge the common enemy is China? 

Recently, the U.S. signed a military alliance with the UK and Australia. Absent was Canada. This is an ominous signal that Canada is now frozen out of key strategic operations with close allies. Canada has always been at the forefront of these alliances and now it finds itself on the outside looking in.

This no doubt is because of Justin Trudeau and his well known affinity for China. He has shown no interest in cleaning out Chinese influence in our institutions. 

Canadians have a chance to shift the direction back into the orbit shared with allies on Monday. It will be crucial we re-elect a new Prime Minister. China is the main threat to our sovereignty. Not Covid.

Speaking of Covid, this is the second part of subset of the main war. Medical tyranny is entrenching itself. So drastic was government over reach in Australia, we see civil conditions brewing and forming.

Canada is on that track.

It is essential the Liberals lose on Monday. 


 Let me help you.

Ivermectin is a miracle drug that can help to not only lower hospitalizations but save lives.

So much so, it can stop the virus in its tracks.

We know the effectiveness of it already - despite the concerted effort in media to denounce it - and Japan and India are clearly showing this.

Meanwhile, Israel and USA are showing the vaccines aren't as effective as claimed. And they certainly will not end the pandemic as delusional politicians in North America claim.

Right now Ivermectin and natural immunity are pulverizing the vaccines which aren't halting transmission and are causing a lot of adverse events. 

So what's the point of the mandates and passports?

Public officials have it backwards and are the ones prolonging the pandemic. Not the unvaccinated.

Cease and desist.



RIP Norm MacDonald


I don't normally get emotional when it comes to deaths of people I don't know but this one hits.

He was such a comic genius and authentic to the point of pain it leaves a hole especially in the context of today's Covid hysteria.

A true icon and original.

His sheer penetrating wit and intellect and unique comedic cadence and delivery combined to make him a force unlike any.

I'm glad I got to see him live in New Hampshire in 2018 with some friends down there. I almost didn't go but decided to make the journey and it was well worth it.

If there was one guy I would have liked to have met it was Norm.

Vaccines: Ring Of Fire

It should concern everyone the recent rise in inflammatory rhetoric public officials have undertaken regarding the vaccines.

The divisive nature of its content invites incite to do harm upon others.

It is of great contradiction that the purpose is to protect public health through what I regard to be violent rhetoric against the unvaccinated.

Canada is a vaccine cult soon to be endlessly addicted to a short-term fix. 

Unvaccinated people pose no threat to the vaccinated of any kind except to themselves. The intense and obscene nagging demanding they vaccinate is to prevent hospitalization - so they say. But that's a personal choice at that point. Not a collective one to coerce. 

The great lie in all this is vaccinated are just as contagious (if this virus is contagious at all) as the unvaccinated. They are asymptomatic spreaders. It matters not how many of each are going to the hospital. It's a stupid metric that can't be used to force vaccinate. Worse, to destroy lives and shred our Charter over.

It's worth repeating: The vaccines do not halt transmission and the vaccinated spread it. If you are vaccinated you've protected yourself to some degree and can't demand someone else get vaccinated to protect you more since it doesn't stop the spreading. It's like asking someone to wear a seatbelt to protect you if you're wearing one already. There is ZERO scientific justification for this kind of hateful rhetoric and for unethical passports.

It should be a choice. Period. And we should all fight for this lest one day you be on the wrong side of a medical tyranny. If we don't all push back on unelected medical bureaucrats dictating policy, we will regret the day. 

The utter lack of regard for individual rights and the Charter has become unbearable to the point we may not be able to claim we anything close to resembling the rule of law. Instead, it's the rule of medical tyranny.

If we can't find it in ourselves to preserve the basic fundamental principles to which our democracy is built, then we don't deserve liberty. 

If we can't respect ourselves, we can't respect our country.

There's a foul and cruel mood in the air at the moment in Canada as we obsess over finding punitive ways to hurt our fellow citizens.

It has gone beyond a virus or public health. We are once again enacting futile measures while ignoring practical ones such as promoting a healthy diet and treatments.

Instead, it's all measures that in the end will hasten the loss of liberties.

We have yet to see a single person in position of power to speak out against the increasingly shrill and dangerous utterances from people like Trudeau and others including recently some education minister in New Brunswick named Dominic Cardy. An incoherent and malicious passive-aggressive disposition grips small minds. And Canada is filled with scared, small minds clearly.

These are not men. They are tyrants. 

Weak men who can't lead men. 

We're in a ring of fire and we need to break free.


A Degradation Of Ethical Standards

Canadian society is currently a cruel and unethical one.

The coercion witnessed is breath taking in scope and stunning in its lack of ethics.

Mandates and passports symbolize a country in constitutional and spiritual crisis. If you tolerate or rationalize kids must show vaccine passports to play sports (I can't believe I just typed this), or professors and potentially public service workers including nurses are being dismissed (I can't believe I just typed this), then you ARE the problem and are in violation of ethical standards built and respected for decades.

What a thorough disappointment this country has become.

A failed state in that we were faced with a challenge and completely abandoned our sense of liberty and democracy.


Bastiat's 'Unseen' In Plain Sight

Not too long ago, Dr. Perrone made the startling claim that at some point we'll need to isolate the vaccinated and not the other way around.

Such is the error and possible unintended consequences of mass vaccination.

The irony, of course, is society is segregate healthy, unvaccinated people. Not based on science but strictly as a punitive measure.

A penitence for not obeying their evil masters.

A good dose, excuse the pun, of heavy skepticism is in order now. When the leaders of each political party - except the PPC - gather around in a room social distancing like brain dead mannequins urging people to get their shots, you know it's time to question everything.

The level of group think gripping people already in a trance will be studied for years to come.

In any event, keeping unvaccinated people away from the vaccinated may actually be one of the all-time great ironies as it will protect the unvaccinated now forced to not co-mingle with superspreading vaccinated people. 

Not that it matters because in the end, we will all lose.

Bot for now, vaccinated people are primed to send this Delta dance into over drive.

Either this is by design and was the intent all along or we have some spectacularly incompetent and stupid douchebags in positions of power in both politics and medicine. 

Hang on people. This is about to get worse before it gets better. Expect another round of 'do something' idiocy further eroding our rights.

All because the criminals in charge are trying to cover their asses by not following a shred of scientific evidence for their futile and dangerous decisions.

Perhaps we need to isolate public officials (who are controlled by outside forces)?

They pose a danger to our liberty after all. 

What Tyranny Looks Like

 Tyranny lurks. Its never ending footsteps forever stalks with relentless intent and fervor.

No one is immune.

The only way to keep its rapacious appetite for control is to be aware of its existence and maintain eternal vigilance.

To do neither of those things is allow it to catch up and wallop freedom in the face leaving man to ask what just happened.

If you don't pay attention it sneaks up and smacks you straight in the face.

For 18 months tyranny has been stalking us. And with each passing month it gained ground. Where it was a leisurely walk easy to outpace, moved to brisk walk to a gallop. Oh, we heard the footsteps.

We just didn't believe or pay attention.

There was a more dangerous threat to attend to.

Except, that was the wrong enemy.

In the words of Don Vito Corleone, '....it was Barzini all along'.

It was tyranny all along.

Do understand this is to possess a clear mind.

Except fear clouded the brain.

Fertile ground for tyrants.

And they never looked back.

While we never looked over our shoulders.

Now there's no turning back.

9/11 ushered in the Patriot Act. In the fog of fear, large chunks of human liberty were forever removed because terrorists. Astute observers and true patriots warned against this. Do not trade liberty for security. It's not a fair deal.

But don't bother people with such naive abstracts! There are terrorists out there! 20 years on, and it's quite clear the warnings should have been heeded.

The Covid-19 was another terrorist attack and the same reactions and mindset is unfolding. So crafty and effective has been the propaganda, people still haven't figured out they've been attacked.

As in war.

Completely disengaged from reality they think they're trusting science and being righteous.

That's the product of thorough propaganda invading the blood stream.

They were put into a corner from the onset. For those who saw this early, the warnings fell on deaf ears.

You know the routine: Disinformation and conspiracy theorists. Except, go back and listen to what they said and look at what's transpired.

A more prescient group you won't find.

They were your allies. They were far seeing and saw this for what it was: A plandemic. How did they see it? Because they've been following the pulse of off-politics for years. They were in the position to see it happen on the spot. They were aware of bio-warfare, the CCP's march to defeat the West from within, the weaponization of science and collapse of academia. They were paying close attention to the WEF, WHO and Bill Gates. They had their ears and eyes on it all. They uncovered Event 201, and followed global companies like Blackrock and McKinsey and how they have merged with political and economic interests.

The world is already in the hands of globalists on one side, and the independents on the other. This is why Trump was popular. He understood this. He was the lightning rod needed to spark this awareness.

If nothing makes sense - and by now if it does then you are lost and deserve whatever fate coming - that's because it's not intended to.

Of course none of this makes sense. It's an illegal criminal enterprise.

We keep hearing this is a 'global' problem, except if you pay attention, it's not really the case. This madness is mostly restricted to the West and Australia and New Zealand. And within the West, there are enclaves of sanity. Notably Sweden. Russia has kept its sense. So have Norway and Finland though not perfect. Denmark recently joined their ranks. 

The key countries where liberty is being erased are the richest ones. Where Spain decided to mostly go Denmark's route in ending measures, France and Italy have gone full blown totalitarian. These are the core  Latin countries but with one distinct trait - the latter are wealthy.

There's more to steal. Ditto, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Holland and Belgium. The core members of the EU and G7.

Japan or South Korea have not behaved in this manner. They care about their nations.

We care about greed.

These countries pulled off the greatest deception in history. They convinced their countries they're fictional free democracies.

As you can see, this is clearly not the case.

The rhetoric spewing from the mouths of their leaders are the opposite of what constitutes strong and free democracies. These are the words of dictators.

Once divisive and Orwellian measures are permitted, things do not revert.

We're in a very - very - bad place at the moment.

The only way out is to scratch and claw your way out. As they say, you can vote your way into socialism but you'll have to shoot your way out.

This is where we are.

In Canada, don't expect the courts to come to our defense. In fact, don't expect any institution to come and protect your rights.

They've abandoned you.

All we have is God and each other.

All I can ask at this point, after 18 months of pleading, is to stop being blind and consistently accepting the narrative. It is mind numbingly and brazenly shocking at the persistent stupidity in believing in masks. This noxious and superstitious practice should have ended by now. The longer it goes, the more likely they will keep you in them.

There is no logic or science pushing this agenda. It's all politically and financially driven.

What does tyranny look like my fellow citizens?

Stop and watch for a minute.

It comes in the form of jargon (15 days to flatten the curve, 28 day challenge, wear a mask, save a life, passports are liberty etc.). Jargon that governments waste millions converting into propaganda. That should have been the first clue. It comes in the form of having locked down healthy people for the fist in world history (except for one tiny moment in 17th century England) without evidence to back such a measure. It came in the form of denying small business to open their doors and earn a living. The denying of a person's right to life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness and put food on the table is perhaps the greatest evil I have ever witnessed and is unforgivable. Worse, they still threaten us with immoral lockdowns. These wholly ILLEGAL measures came with threats of fines. The decrees continued into the summer of 2020 and included mask mandates. 13 months, despite evidence of ineffectiveness, they persist as powerful reminders of control and fear. It came in the form of curfews. At this stage, we keep reminding, not even the WHO recommended any of these measures and that the results of them have never been properly assessed here in Canada. We do know, based on evolving data and literature, it has been a catastrophe and contributed to the fraying of the social and economic order. 

2021 was the next stage of tyranny at its most frightening intensity. The rhetoric remained focused on fear mongering and variants. It comes in the form of exhorting people into taking a medical procedure without considering proper risk/reward assessments. In fact, this cornerstone of informed consent and basic human right has been denied. It's a needle in every arm regardless of risk benefit analysis. Despite the injections not being designed to achieve anything remotely close to herd immunity or eradication. This should be a powerful clue to the people who should be contacting dots by now. Authorities have been persistent in their stalking (tyranny) and commands we bend to their will. Tyranny has now brought us segregation along medical lines though vaccine passports.

A more abhorrent example of tyranny that should be the slap to knock back sense into people I can't think of. Next would be the removal of the 'unclean' from society altogether.

There's no more room to claim 'it can't happen here'.

It already has. 

Professors and nurses are losing their jobs, children are being terrorized into taking a jab they don't need, pilots, police, and firemen are objecting to being forced into an act under the threat of losing careers.

The public's silence is deafening.

If there was a time to speak out it's NOW.

If not, you are complicit in the dystopian world you will be leaving behind. You will be part of the pages of history that won't be kind to you.

Tyranny. See it. Call it out.

We can do this.


Quebec: Disable Your Vaxx Pass Apps! NOW!

It's not too late to take a stand.

Don't fall prey to all the manufactured lies! We don't need to do this.

In Europe, the legal push back has begun and the passports will soon collapse.

Canada will be the only country left holding the bag. If we don't start to send a message now we will end up like Australia which is all but finished. Watch Australia closely. That country is in a civil war.

Meanwhile, the Nordic countries have resumed their lives. Here, they have no intentions of giving your life back. Notice how they've amplified the fear machine. Don't fall for the trap again!

There is no support for any of this. It has no basis in law and relies on coercion and consent.

Be courageous!

All it takes is to disable your app. You can do without dinners and concerts until the government gets the message. The feeling of empowerment will be something like you've never felt.

I truly believe this.

We need to take our lives back.

They stole it and gave it back in the form of an app. Think of it.

Do not let Legault manipulate you anymore. Break out of the trance.

Once you do, then you can say 'ca va bien alter'. But only when you extricate yourself from the demon that emotional manipulates you and keeps you in fear.

Do it.

You don't want your kids living in the world they have planned. Trust me.

And for the love of God! DROP THE MASKS!!

Francis Collins And Anthony Fauci Are Responsible For The Death Of Millions Around The World

And that's not counting the immeasurable damage and injury it inflicted and the measures it unleashed killing and injuring still millions more.

All told, we're looking at hundreds of millions of people who have been either directly or indirectly harmed by a man-made virus that the NIH helped to create. Add the experimental vaccines they've terrorized the world with and now the number increase by another order of magnitude. We're looking at billions harmed.

Protected by the mafia bandit known as the DOJ, these two serial killers continue their dance of deceit before the world insisting they 'didnt do nuffin'. 

Granted, they're not alone. They've had - and continue to have - a lot of help. A lot. It will take more than a few brave people to uncover and untangle this evil web of murder. This includes medical bureaucrats, academics, physicians and colleges they're a part of and of course politicians.

That means, for example, people like Trudeau, Biden, Tam, Legault, Ford and so on. All complicit and part of this inhumane racket. They all deserve to have masks shoved so far up their asses they bleed blood from their eyes.

But the source is the Wuhan lab and its connections to Fauci and Daszak. These two are likely to become history's most prolific monsters.