U.S. Colleges Tipping Their Totalitarian Hand

We've observed things aren't exactly healthy where free speech is concerned on campuses. There have been one too many incidences and one too many professors sprouting and spewing anti-American, anti-free speech gibberish in institutions of higher learning.

Given that a startling vast majority of faculties are left-leaning Democrats (cowards among them won't admit to being Marxist so we're left to read between their lines. Literate minds can spot a Marxist-Leninist comment), it's no surprise they've undertaken as their 'duty' to undermine a sitting President.

One who has been quite successful. More than his predecessor on a number of issues. But that's for another post.

The important thing here is they seem bent and intent on proving McCarthy right. There are commies in government, academia and Hollywood.

Once communists infiltrate the system, you should be able to recognize their jargon and lingo.

Nietzsche had the courage to call out philosophers who decided themselves with faulty notions and premises. And so we can apply a variant of this with our intellectual and political masters.

Words like 'democratic socialist' are left-wing weasel words. 'Hate speech' is a straw man for justifying censorship. And asking 'How universities should handle Trump?' is an appeal to authority - their authority.

Never mind it's basically a frivolous question rooted in hubris and stupidity.

Imagine the smug self-importance of a mind that legitimately poses such an idea!

In essence, it can be captured thusly: I don't like the results of the democratic process. Sometimes people need to be made to account for voting against their interests and we, the self-annointed intellectual and moral masters of all, must take charge!' Then they come up with stuff and solutions like censorship and lobotomies.

The bane of free society poses such a problematic conundrum for progressives you see?

That such a professor can ask such a retarded question and get it published - where else? - in a left-leaning publication like the Boston Globe directly, I argue, points to the lack of intellectual rigour and diversity in the college ranks.

There's a stale stink of rot lingering in its hall ways.

Do these so-called geniuses not see what they're advocating for? It's totalitarianism by other means. I fear them more than a President with a limited term.

These are the same people who squealed and squeaked 'OMG OMG Trump is going to take away all our rights because literally Nazi-Hitler-fascist!' and then turn around aaaannnd.....call for censorship and the removal of rights the second things don't go their way.

These are not principles. It's projection masking at principles. It's principals over principles.

It's all projection.

Here's my response to this question rooted in emotional drivel and remedial posturing:

Do nothing.

After all, does the left scold us for not accepting the 'democratic process'? Well, to the extent they interpret anyway. As we know full too well since 2016, progressives aren't too good at accepting election results that don't go their way. They claim Trump makes thousands of lies but this is projection on their part. Has there been a bigger lie perpetuated upon peoples than the Russia narrative and Mueller investigation? It's horrific theatre and does much more damage to the sanctity and integrity of a nation rooted in laws and respect - to say nothing of free speech - than anything Trump tweets. No?

Teach with honour and respect.

Not everyone agrees with you.

Attempting to challenge a freely and legally elected government is preposterous as it is obtuse. What good can come of insulting the votes of free peoples?

Ostensibly, students go to university to 'open their eyes' and expand their minds. To engage in thoughtful discourse on an intellectual journey.

And all that bull shit.

I can but personally conclude posing such immature and insufferable questions is the opposite of such, that is, it's rooted in impossibly parochialism and a misplaced sense of righteousness.

In other words, eat shit.


Canada Is Inferior To America On Matters Of Guns And Free Speech

As always predictable, whenever a shooting takes place, people look to blame guns and seek evermore gun control.

In the USA, the calls for gun-control (we speak as though they country doesn't have any when in fact it does) are limited by the Second Amendment. An irritant and inconvenience to the modern left. It's also kept under control because of statistics (ie gun homicides have been declining for decades. To navigate around this, advocates tend to conflate gang related murders and suicides in with deaths by guns thus distorting the figures to paint an ominous state of affairs).

In Canada, we already have tight and strict gun control so the calls for more makes it redundant. Yet, politicians are clamouring for more of it despite little reason or statistical literature to back their claims up.

We're at a critical point where we may one day outright confiscation.

Which would be a sad day for a country that once prided itself on its fierce pioneering independence.

We should stand shoulder to shoulder with our American cousins on this ideals rooted in liberty. Instead, we have chose to be more like Scandinavia (in all its social decadence and inability to defend its national interest) and London, England where violence has sky-rocketed (gee, I wonder why) despite strict gun-control.

The major problem I have, as with all punitive measures, is it punishes law-abiding citizens.

We even have arrogant politicians wondering why people want to own a gun even if it's for target shooting.

I'm one of those. I own a shot gun because I like to skeet shoot (admittedly which I don't do enough of at all). I've taken a liking to target shooting after doing so with American friends in New Hampshire and Vermont.

It's sport.

But the city of Montreal (and obviously Trudeau given his soy boy leanings) wants to deprive people like me of this sport even going as far as to mocking it.

Such superiors minds these geniuses.

Anyway.  Guess who I think in the comments make more sense to me?


I mention free speech in the title because of the fact this country believes in the notion of 'hate speech'.

Hate speech is just a straw man for justifying censorship. The whole purpose of the First Amendment is to protect those who hold unpopular speech people don't like.

It's so simple and beautiful in its concept it blows my mind how people can't grasp this epic position.

Canadians have no deep conceptual understanding of it like the USA does. And it reflects in our discourse and Charter.

Hence, why I argue Americans have a much more advanced and nuanced view on it.

Free speech = free will.

Compromise this and you lose personal agency.


The Passive Aggressive Jackassery Of Justin Trudeau Is Embarrassing As Well As Hurting Canada

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."
Groucho Marx

I came across the story of the widow of a victim after the Fredricton shooting - Melissa Robichaud - who called Justin Trudeau a piece of shit.

After reading the story, I think she's got every right to hold him with such contempt.

Alas, this is par for the course and should have been plain for people to see during his election campaign and if not, soon after being elected.

Already prone to incomprehensible and inane musings, he also displayed his knack for gift of gaffe. From his childish 'it's 2015' barb to him aggressively elbowing his way through Parliament to his smug refusal to answer questions. It's one thing to evade skillfully, and quite another to cynically outright offer pathetic deflections transparent in its sophomoric delivery.

His entire government feeds off this amateurish buffoonery. Watch them on youtube. Watching Morneau, Joly, Freeland or any other bobble head in action during Question Period repeating a poorly designed 'stick to the script' narrative, is cringe inducing.

This government has been a laughing stock of incompetence from its naive foreign diplomacy and immigration policies and bizarre and counter-productive tinkering of our tax laws and investment rules. Measures that generally hammer the middle-class and force them to submit to their ideological environmental and gender goals and objectives. He mistakes his vision for principles. I personally will never forgive him or the Liberals for repatriating ISIS fighters while having the temerity and stunning gall to compare them to Italian immigrants.

It's not news to anyone who reads this blog I've been a harsh critic from before he even ran for the Liberal nomination and warned the Liberals settling for him was going to be a mistake in the long-term.

Trudeau's moral compass and value system is all messed up and hardly jives with the average Canadian. He's also not exactly a sharp tactician relying on emotional pleas and ploys and when need be forceful action to sell his agenda. See carbon tax debate with the provinces and notice his 'war cabinet' he just nominated to fight Ontario over it.

Seems like junior is thinking he can be like his papa during the NEP back in the day.

Some democracy. Some leader.


Then comes the whole trade spat with the United States.

I admit balancing our national interests with the reality of our branch plant economy which is the source of our prosperity, is not easy. From the onset this was a cross Canadians had to carry.

For the longest time we've had interesting and for the most part prosperous trade relations with America.

However, I tend to wonder if the USA has always been more than generous and patient with us. Canada has very little leverage vis-a-vis American might. Our economy depends on theirs much more than the other way around while we don't exactly have a scary military that can inspire some awe and concern into the Americans.

Our peace with them largely relied on the benevolence of the Americans. But what would happen if someone came along and challenged prevailing deals and activities between the two countries?

Would we be ready? Would we have sound leadership to navigate through this?

Generally, Canada was always blessed with a fairly pragmatic and competent political class that helped to keep the country stable and at the very least maintain some facade of pride and sovereignty.

With the election of Trump though, all this has been put to the test.

And we have just about the worst government in power to deal with such a character.

An astute observer would have seen from a mile away what Trump is trying to accomplish (ie leveraging tariffs to renegotiate deals. Trump starts from a 'big spot' and then seeks to work on the little components that will help to achieve his grander plan. This is how he operates) and as such would discount this in whatever proposals or counter-offers designed. Canada does hold a special place in American diplomacy and rather than play the faux-nationalist riding on a sickly pony, Trudeau and his team should have approached this with much more professionalism.

You don't challenge a leader like Trump. Trump, contrary to the trash being reported, is achieving quite a few things that in fact are indeed benefitting the USA. Economics being one of them (and I will be posting about this soon).

Americans - those outside the #resist, Hollywood and academia bubble - are fine with Trump.

Trudeau misread Trump's game and overplayed his unpopularity angle.

The worst thing he could have done, outside insulting the President behind his back, was to go out and seek a deal with Mexico.

What could possibly have been achieved by this empty theatre? Outside the fact Mexico is a defect failed narco state who just elected a socialist government, it's a country embroiled in its on highly toxic battle with the United States over immigration. Mexico, much like Canada, depends on the U.S. economy.

And as I observed when Freeland and her Mexican partners did the usual ridiculous cross hand-shakes, the second Trump called Mexico, the Canadians would be left in the dust.

The ridiculousness of our position could have been avoided with a little introspection. That is, a) hey man, we have it good with American trade and b) yeh, we do have some unfair tariffs we should perhaps deal with.

But that would take some fair amount of self-awareness and honesty. To accept we're pretty monopolistic doesn't sway votes.

In any event.

Guess what?

Mexico and the U.S. are in talks.

Now follow me. While Canada plays 'hard ball' by retaliating, two of our NAFTA trading partners are off playing pitch and catch while we wait at the tennis court.

Which means we end up in a place we desperately tried to avoid - only worse.

Horribly misplayed by Freeland and Trudeau. 'Trump is such a bad guy we'll show him and Americans will agree!' seems to have been their vacuous machinations.

It remains to be seen what exactly comes of it but if I'm Canada, I'm watching this closely. Trudeau and Freeland - always the emotional naifs - will hopefully have a second chance to make things right and deal with the Americans in a much more mature disposition.

I'm not holding my breath.

That's how low my opinion of them is.

Recall his business venture in India to see where I'm coming from.

The reality? Trump has already won this fight.


Thursday Night Music

Sometimes you have to wonder how some songs don't have millions of views. This is one of them.

I can listen to this in a loop in perpetuity.

The beauty and soul is palpable.

I guess it's appropriate this on the death of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Incidentally, Presley and Babe Ruth died on the same day.

Look out child your bound to change, You can't ever stay the same Cause if you keep on singin' the same old lines You're going to look around babe and find your friend's out of town Watch out girl the words your sayin' don't really fit the play Somebody else you might talk to now Knows what you sayin' what you mean They don't help your style You might say you ain't got a hold on yourself You might say you always try your best You might say you only need a rest You might say you can only fool yourself I said fool yourself I said fool yourself Don't believe the words you read They're written on the street And every time you know you play their game They'll knock you down and take your pride away See how bad you need to cry But no matter how you try It's the same old story once again You always have number one who calls you friend I call you friend You might say you ain't got a hold on yourself You might say you always try your best You might say you only need a rest You might say you can only fool yourself I said fool yourself I said fool yourself I said fool yourself


Trump Pardons Jack Johnson

Imagine being such a racist President you pardon a second black person!

This time the great boxer Jack Johnson was pardoned by Trump.

As a sports and boxing fan this is great - and way long overdo - news.

Wonder why Mr. United Barry didn't do it.

Not enough for you?



Alex Jones Responds

Fundamentally? From a purely freedom of thought, expression and speech perspective?

He's right.

This is what it looks like they did.

Try and see this in high resolution. It's irrelevant what you think of him.

What's relevant is the attack on liberty.

And make no mistake about it. This was indeed a coordinated attack on it.

If you care about such things (and I can't understand why you wouldn't) and if there ever was a time to speak up, it's now.

Updated: Notice what happened? They shut down the person/channel who uploaded it.

Do you understand now what's happening?

What a bunch of little rats.

More Companies Pile On Infowars

Disqus and LinkedIn have decided to join in on the bullying and censorship of Infowars.

Remind me how this is not comparable to the Salem which hunts again? This is EXACLY how the communists operated. Memory hole people. Make them disappear. This was a coordinated attack on free speech and it won't end here.

This is a sickening and appalling display I'm witnessing.

Folks. We need to rebel.



Apple, Youtube, Facebook And Twitter Declare War On Free Speech

And Google for that matter.

In one of the most shocking and egregious attack on free speech yet, these corporations have decided to collude and kick Alex Jones and Infowars off their platforms sparking a debate on censorship.

What a bunch of cunts. How can anyone in those boardrooms think this is a good idea?

Regardless of what you think about Jones, you should not support this.

This is bad.

Very bad.

This is troubling on so many levels, it's frightening.

If you truly believe in the sanctity of free speech, you are angry as I am.

Jones isn't a racist. He's over the top sure, but it's fricken entertainment. The idea he's a 'threat to democracy' is absurd beyond belief. One guy? Really? How is Mark Zuckerberg unsafely selling YOUR PRIVATE DATA to third parties not a 'threat to democracy'? People really need to stop and think and ask who exactly are the enemies here? Do people really believe he's a bigger 'threat' than, say, Hillary if she had the reigns of power? Just observe how she's acting now. She makes Alex Jones look certifiably normal.

Illiterate (where liberty is concerned) punks like Zuckerberg and Dorsey should not be determining what is hate speech. If you think these two assholes give a shit about people's rights you're naive. They pretending to care while they align their interests with government. Know what this merging of government and business is called? That's fucking right. FASCISM.

And their first order of business was to start plucking off those pesky people who threaten their plans. So off goes Jones under the stupid term 'hate speech.'

Years ago when this term was in its infancy, I argued in class this will not end well years down the road because the term, when you ponder it deep enough, is meaningless. It's a weaponized meaningless term. That's what makes it so dangerous.

A couple of things. A) you're crazy if you think it will end here. Conservative/libertarians will be purged first. Heck, the New York fucking Times just hired a crazy racist! and B) even crazier if you believe in a nebulous term like 'hate speech'. As this case perfectly shows, these people are interpreting 'hate speech' as they see fit. How is Alex Jones any different from the idiots at The Young Turks? What about the conspiracy being sold by the DNC/media (led by the nonsense spewed by Rachel Maddow) about the fabricated Russia story? and C) still even crazier if you trust these ignoramuses to make such decisions.

These three horrible platforms, run by partisan people need to die and go away.

Here's hoping the market flushes them out.

Fight for freedom of speech and there's only one way to do so in this case.

Support Infowars. You can either go to bitchute and do so (this is that these fuckheads have done. Taken guys like me who just listened to him from time to time in tiny amounts since the 1990s and led me to go over and kick in a couple of dollars as a 'fuck you' to them) or just don't accept on a philosophical level what these companies are doing.

Always remember. In the end, they metaphorically (or not given it has happened in history) either line you up against the wall or come after you regardless of if you supported them.

Whether you like it or not, there's a war on the 1A and 2A now. It was declared by the progressive left.

Your silence will only embolden them.


Quote Of The Day


This t-shirt doesn’t belong anywhere. It particularly doesn’t belong at the @Newseum, a place that celebrates journalism and has the First Amendment etched in stone outside its building. https://www.poynter.org/news/newseum-selling-maga-hats-and-fake-news-t-shirts …"

Oh, the horrors.

I wonder if he feels this way about, say, 'Fuck Trump' t-shirts. Or the fact bastions of 'objective' journalism like the New York Times hiring rabid, racists? Right, it was 'satire'. Sure thing pals.

Remember kids. To illiterates and progressives you have to kill free speech in order to save it. Or at least, qualify to meet their own shitty standards.