Faux-Intellectual Hypocrites Of The Day: MacFarlane, Maher And De Niro

Celebrities say the darnedest things. They know and see all and are willing to impart their words of, ahem, wisdom and genius with the rest of us grovelling peons.

We may not have tires on our front yards, heck we may even have nice teeth, but make no mistake, you may as well to these fine, upstanding paragons of good taste and moral mores.

First up, Roberto De Niro. A bello! A king among actors has devolved into a laughable, angry old man inflicted with TDS. He hasn't stopped 'resisting' and he has the painkillers to prove how hard at work he is raising his fist and swearing at the President.

Fuck Trump! Wooo! Applause! Wooo!

So much for that 'civil discourse' the left keeps harping on about, eh?

Never mind that De Niro has his own personal demons battling with alcoholism and drugs. Trump for his part, doesn't drink and never has done drugs.

One is brokering a peace deal with North Korea and accomplishing some concrete things, The other makes shitty movies now and is reduced to pompously lashing out at the wind.

Maybe he can team up with Meryl Streep and write a book!

Wake up, Punchy! Make it happen!


Reminds me of the latest Tweet by some actor named John Legend who said 'Fuck you' to Paul Ryan about families being separated. Like he gave a shit this was happening under Obama too.



Oh Bill Maher. /waves hand nonchalantly. Giggles.

You're so cute on how you pass your cynicism off as critically thinking. Adding jokes doesn't make it better.

I saw all I needed to know about the depth of Maher's intellectualism after I watched 'Religulous'.

A more shallow showcase in self-masturbation on the subject you will not find. Well, maybe not. There's plenty of ignorance on full display among the progressive left's ranks when it comes to religion.

So it's not surprising from the mind of this sterling intellect he hopes for a recession so that Trump can fail.

Like how they like to tell us to be civil, the left claim to defend the interests of the middle class.

I wonder. How is hoping for a recession helpful to the middle class and below? They're the part of the economy that would disproportionately be affect most by one. Loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of dignity and so on.

But Bill doesn't give a shit. If he did, he would have thought twice about saying such a stupid thing. If he did think, it only points further to his own pomposity and hubris.

Bill and his pals in Hollywood can withstand a recession. They have millions. They can sit and wait it out while sipping martinis while raping each other both sexually and with their sharp wit.

What do they care? They don't have to face the family that can't make their car payments. Sorta like how wealthy progressives love the minimum wage. It don't impact them none. Only those icky deplorables. You know, the ones where urabn-granola-academics pack a peanut butter-jelly sandwich and head off into the interior of Deploraland on a safari.

Here we see a waitress in Cletusville, Kentucky serving patrons in their natural habitat. Later, she will   pick up her daughter from high school and go shooting at the range. It's the most queer of things but full of love!

A cent' anni!


Another one who has bitten more than he can chew is Seth MacFarlane.

He's embarrassed to work for Fox.

Okay. So why still work there? If you're soooo principled Seth, I mean, why keep cashing their cheques?

Oh. You think it's safer to virtue-signal from afar than actually put your money where your hypocritical mouth is?

Fox made him fabulously wealthy. He hates Fox.

That in my book makes him a hypocrite.

Seth is more Peter than Brian.


All three. Hypocrites (and in the case of perhaps two of them even opportunists) we all know where Dante placed hypocrites.


Fall Of Britain: Reason 39995555

UK government transfers Tommy Robinson to a prison where the majority of prisoners are Muslim raising concern for his life.

I tell you what. If he's killed. May and the UK government will be accomplices in his death.

Remember folks, these are the countries Trudeau would align with to 'stick it to Trump' and France would want a G6 with?


What in the hell has happened to the United Kingdom?


Grow A Pair Millennials

That Millennials take their fair share of abuse and grief from the great generations that preceded them is an under statement.

I don't know if it's fair but a generation that accepted the concept of micro-aggression, created safe spaces, accepts blindly the Marxist obsession with 'equality of outcomes' and 'diversity', and generally have become an overly sensitive lot have somewhat earned their 'snowflake' tag.

We see their bizarre attitude towards gender and sex manifest itself on campuses and corporations across the continent.

The latest is Netflix who came up with a policy of - are you sitting? - where employees can't look at someone for more than five seconds.

Think about that.

Which makes me wonder: How weak and meek are millennial males to continue to tolerate this insanity? I know we have 'feminist males' roaming around making fools of themselves (see Justin Trudeau) but for the love of God man. MAN UP.

Flirting is one of the most engaging and fun part in the art of seduction. It's a timeless cat and mouse game going back ages. It's what drives us to, um, ecstasy. It's what keeps us normal, healthy and balanced.

I shudder to think how Netflix will enforce this and I really don't want to know. It will take some kind Nurse Ratchet character - that is one unhappy with themselves and life as a whole - to have a stop watch in the office monitoring people.

Just another form of 1984 courtesy of the progressive left folks.

And once again, it has NOTHNG to do with conservatives or Christians.

All I know is thank God I'm not in the shithole that is the modern corporation.

I wouldn't last a day.

How joyless and sinister it has become.

IG Report: In A Nutshell: Fuck You

The IG report is in. Everyone and anything have an opinion. Even though Trump comes out looking the best, the sad reality is American law & order failed the American people.

They admit things were mishandled - even in a bias manner - but claim none of it was political.

So. Instead of having a scheming and corrupted system, they went with...incompetence. The lesser of two evils I suppose.

Americans are all deplorables now.

No wonder low grade men of character like Mueller get to keep doing what they're doing. It's a banana republic shitshow.

Funny how all this damage has nothing to do with Trump, eh?

This is how a populace goes from having healthy skepticism to outright cynicism.

Once cynicism sets in, it's like rust. Impossible to root out without scrapping the whole damn thing.


Look, if you haven't figured out what these people were up to it's a shame. They attempted a soft coup. Just the texts alone between Paige and Strzok were about as naked in its content about doing everything possible to get Hillary elected as it comes.

It's the 'yeh, I did it so sue us. We were trying to save the country from itself' routine.

By installing a rotten person in Hillary.

Obama doesn't come out looking good either. At all.

Turns out (in addition to spying on Trump) he was indeed communicating with Hillary while she was on an unsecured server. He pleaded ignorance and why not given he knew the FBI was going to protect him and Hilary. In short, he lied.


Here's what we've got in the narrative. They fabricated and played the 'Trump is a liar' and 'colluded with the Russians' card.

Trump apparently "lied" more than anyone else in human history. Some publications even counted as many as 3000 lies! Yet, all the lying came from one side - for eight years. Making fools of people.

Pick. They lied about the Benghazi story. They lied about spying. They lied about the servers. They lied about Obamacare.

As for collusion (still zero evidence), the only collusion we see found was among the FBI and Hillary supporters. Never mind about their own possible links to Russia.

Folks. Trump's the victim here.

And what the IG report says, to me anyway, is this bunch were worse than Nixon.


Corker: More DNC And Progressive Projection

Bob Corker has claimed the GOP is like a 'cult' because they support Trump.

This is a remarkably false statement to make.

To even casual consumers of politics it was clear Trump is pretty much an outsider with little support.

He not only won the Presidency with most of the media basically looking to defeat him (and in the case of progressive publications after the election, to usurp and impeach him), he didn't even have the full support of his own party.

Even now Fox News personalities are essentially divided into pro and anti-Trump camps while the GOP continues to hold a tenuous relationship with him. Publications like NRO, for their part,  have not fully embraced the President.

In other words, there's no damn cult.

Contrast this to the progressive left during the Obama's tenure that went straight to creepy sycophancy. Chris Mattews probably still has a tingle up his leg and someone should check in on David Brooks to see if he's still 'impressed with Obama's pants'.  Or how about those refashioned American flags?

I don't recall any Democrats publicly challenging Obama either. They fell right into line.

I'm sorry Corker but call me when people start to do shit like this for Trump:

Not pretty, eh?

The truth? The GOP is everything the DNC 'talks' and 'wishes' it was.

Italians In Early America

A couple of posts down I discussed Italians have been part of the Canadian experience since the 15th century first as explorers, traders and even settlers just prior to Confederation. In this one I offer a very brief American version.

By the time the birth of America came, Italians played their part. There was Francis Vigo who fought in the American Revolutionary War as well as Pascal de Angelis.

Italians featured prominently during the Civil War through The Garibaldi Guard founded by Francesco Casale. From Civilwarhome.com:

"....Luigi Tinelli, a former consul to Portugal and an industrialist, had experience as a militia commander; Francesco Spinola recruited four regiments in New York, and was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln to be their general; and Count Luigi Palma di Cesnola, a veteran of the Crimean War, established a military academy in New York City, where many young Italians learned the art of war and later served in the Union army. Their stories are fascinating and colorful. Cesnola, for instance, was left wounded and pinned under his horse after fighting JEB Stuart's cavalry at Aldie, Virginia, in June 1863; while a prisoner of war, he agitated for better treatment for prisoners, to the point that his captors put him in charge of the prison commissary at Belle Isle. Spinola, finding his men of the Spinola Empire Brigade outnumbered six to one in a battle, ordered them to fix bayonets-and they charged, scattering the amazed Southerners before them in disorder."

Then there was the interesting story of one Dr. Fillipo Mazzei who was a close friend of Thomas Jefferson. A man often given credit for contributing to the Declaration of Independence. From his wiki entry: 

"This contribution was acknowledged by John F. Kennedy in his book A Nation of Immigrants, in which he states that:
The great doctrine 'All men are created equal' and incorporated into the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, was paraphrased from the writing of Philip Mazzei, an Italian-born patriot and pamphleteer, who was a close friend of Jefferson. A few alleged scholars try to discredit Mazzei as the creator of this statement and idea, saying that "there is no mention of it anywhere until after the Declaration was published". This phrase appears in Italian in Mazzei's own hand, written in Italian, several years prior to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Mazzei and Jefferson often exchanged ideas about true liberty and freedom. No one man can take complete credit for the ideals of American democracy."

Full scale Italian immigration took place throughout the 1800s and into the 20th century.

Italians in North America have been explorers, merchants and traders, soldiers and settlers and immigrants from the day it was discovered by Europeans.

The majority of those who built this continent in its formative years were from England and France. Ireland and Scotland. Holland and Germany. But the Italians, though not in great numbers, were part of the process. By the time the 19th century came, Italians were kicking into high gear in greater numbers.

It's something not often acknowledged in 'official' history books (like in Canada, interned Italians during WWII are barely ever mentioned) but this blog brings to light.


Russia In Context

Let's see.

Russia paid $100 000 worth of ads on Facebook which was probably seen by less than 100 000 people.

Russia paid Bill Clinton $500 000 to speak. An act that surprised the FBI who then had to act after a Russian spy got closer to...Hilary.

Russia gave the Clinton Foundation $145 million. 

Never mind that the investigation is headed up by a most unsavoury character in Mueller who has the ethics of a Hun. An investigation that is destroying lives and making the United States look like a banana republic.

All because, probably, the DNC are knee deep in so much shit they have to somehow deflect from it. Remember. They thought Hillary was going to win and she was just going to erase all the wrong doing.

Then Trump for elected.

Food for thought.


DeNiro: Meh (Updated)

I don't have a lot to say about De Niro (Fuck Trump! Wooo!). I think it's pretty clear to smart people Hollywood is a bit of a laughing stock. Nor do I care him apologizing to Canadians for Trump.

The best way I can express my disdain for Hollywood and the talk show circuit is by way of the Bible. Quoting The Bible is also a good way to make the head of your average prog malcontent explode.

Proverbs 26:12 says it so very well. “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.”

Trump has since found time to respond:

"President Trump, hilariously finding time during an unprecedented and high-stakes peace summit with North Korea, took to his favorite social media site, Twitter, to go after the famed actor, calling him "Low IQ" and "punch-drunk."
"Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received to many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I watched him last night and truly believe he may be 'punch-drunk,'" smacked Trump, adding that De Niro fails to "realize the economy is the best it’s ever been with employment being at an all time high, and many companies pouring back into our country."
"Wake up Punchy!" the president finished off the colorful message."
Punchy. PERFECT. 
As they say, in Italian 'a fatto bene'.
He did good.


I figured this out in the early 2000s. My aunt and uncle have been warning about this since the 1980s and everyone thought to be nuts.

As time goes on, they look more and more prescient.

Be aware.

North Korea Agrees To Denuclearization

This is probably the most significant foreign policy development in the last 25 years. A war begin in 1950 that never really ended may finally come to a close with North Korea looking to lay down its aggression.

I find it very odd the way the progressive left is reacting. They'd rather have South Korea and the region in danger so long as 'Drumpf' doesn't get credit is the short of it from what I can decipher - to the extent you can decipher remedial progressive logic.

Not sure why they're banging on the 'we just legitimized a bad man' drum when they applauded Obama with normalizing relations with Cuba - a communist dictatorship run by murderers.

Trump's diplomacy tactics are interesting. He knows how to assuage a sociopath egotistical dictator like Kim. By contrast, perceived beta males like Macron and Trudeau (and famously low energy Jeb Bush), he employs a different hook. I'm almost sure it's by design.

In any event, who cares? Let them spit into the wind. We all know how that ends up.

This is a true piece of peace by Trump.

We'll see if the boobs at the Nobel Peace Prize committee have the balls to give him one.


The other part of Trump's foreign policy outlook is he's once and for all calling the bluff on the charade where the military is concerned.

For decades we all knew the United States military was subsidizing other nations militaries. It allowed, so the theory goes, for them to go off and build generous welfare apparatuses (though the U.S. has a pretty elaborate one itself - progressive welfare is a powerful aphrodisiac). That is what they saved in kicking in maintaining their militaries or NATO, they shifted into welfare.

Lucky them.

And are they grateful? Or at least mindful so that it's discounted in their rhetoric?

Not in my opinion.

At every turn, they seem to enjoy chastising the United States for its 'backwardness' and 'uncivil' behaviour towards its own citizens.

It's an unfair and inaccurate charge if you ask me, and it sounds like Trump is a President that represents a large segment of the American population that has tired of it.

Don't like us? Arrangez-vous is what he's saying.

It gets even more dark when you consider Europe tends to tag along (or when it's safe initiates its own) on various U.S. led missions - mostly to defend their interests under the umbrella of American guns. France loves to have America do its dirty work and then insult it when something goes wrong. All this plus they declined to finish paying back the loan portion of the Marshall Plan. Heck, I think they just stopped paying in the 1960s. How's that for gratitude?

And we have to listen to France yap on about the G7 becoming the G6? Ma va.

That's the last country Canada should align its interests with.

In any event, these are just years of observances and it seems to have reached a 'we've had enough' climax.

The world isn't ending.

On the contrary, outside a few progressives in Hollywood and urban centres, Americans are relatively pleased.


Quick Hits: G7 Summit

I have a lot to say about this G7 summit but have no time to work it all out at the moment.

Just quick thoughts:

1) It's cute how France is leading a rebellion as if they matter. Love the G6 bit. Good one guys. /flicks France's ear.

2) OT: France and the UK are no longer powers and shouldn't have a Permanent seat at the UN.

3) I see where Trump is coming from. The whole network and system is built and predicated on America propping up the G7. The United States military budget is what it is, in part, because it has to defend their sorry asses.

4) He has a point about Canada's excessive dairy tariffs. The dairy industry is waaaayyy too strong here. So much so it bamboozles Canadians into thinking we have the 'best quality' milk with no hormones. It's actually anti-free trade and benefits exclusively one province: Quebec. Why should Canada keep this charade up for this industry and for one province? Does it make sense to you one of Canada's wealthiest family - Saputo - is a dairy producer? Can it be it benefitted a tad too much from the tariffs? No wonder they're the richest in Quebec. That's a lotta mozzarella. To be honest, I always by other brands just out of principle.

I want to support Canada on this but it's not tenable. It's a cartel and we're in the wrong.

The truth? The United States has consistently been the freest economy in the world that Canada and EU disproportionally benefitted from. It's the same with China. The USA is the engine of global prosperity. Not France. Not China. Not anyone.

And Trump knows this.

I hate these lousy multi-lateral; multi-year deals that get administered by some unaccountable bureaucracy. Canada and the USA should make real head to head deals. I'm pretty sure Canada's 'free trade' deal with the EU comes with all sorts of EU rules we have to adhere to. And in case you haven't noticed through all those stupid emails about privacy and cookies because of EU regulations, they can make things very Byzantine. Forget the EU. Our economy is set up as one to be an appendage to the United States. Our elites chose this a long time ago and there's not a whole lot we ca do about it now. Switching over to the EU in an attempt to 'diversify' changes nothing except the language.

We need to be very realistic lest we lose some access to American products.

In a way, Trump is doing us a favor if it finally rids of our monopolistic economic landscape. We don't have a free market. We have a market owned by certain companies who divide it up amongst each other. From telecom to the CRTC to dairy to banking.

Worse, Canadians have been conditioned to believe this is how it's done and it's the 'best way.'

Time for Canadians to wake and grow up.

5) However, his complete dismissal and lack of respect of the special bond and trade intricacies between Canada and the USA is a bit much. Heck, he's even making me agree with Justin and his loose eyebrow on this. I swear, if Trump inadvertently gets Trudeau elected, I'm never going to forgive him. There's already some 'stand behind Trudeau' stances out there.

6) Still, Canada should tread carefully. Our interests still rely and lie with the USA; not the EU. Just a fact and reality. Besides, I wouldn't trust France and the EU with a 20-foot pole. Just hash it out with the Americans one on one.

7) Timing is everything. Canadians voted 'for change' when they gave Trudeau a majority government. It was a remarkably stupid thing to do in my view but this is what the country selected. And now we're learning elections have consequences in Canada too. One has to wonder if things would have been handled differently under a much more experienced Harper.

Trump is not bluffing and Trudeau better think twice about trying to play tough guy behind Trump's back.

Canadians are finding out in the flesh, once they let their nationalist emotions go, Canada doesn't have a whole lot of leverage given it's a semi-diversified, branch plant economy. We also chose to off load our defence capabilities onto - wink - the United States. The question should always have been among our diplomats and so-called brain trust: What if one day an American president pulls the plug? Makes noise about the arrangement? Are we prepared? Did we take full advantage of our deals with the U.S.? It doesn't look or sound like it.

We made our bed. We get preferential treatment from the United States. We piggy back off their prosperity. We don't contribute to military defences to the extent we should. And the Americans tolerate it. Maybe because they bought into the special relationship bond. Canadians take it for granted.

We must lie in this bed.

Jack Dorsey: Coward

And a pathetic one at that.

It's kinda ironic he called out, eh? Well, if you want to call it a 'call out' by Soledad (a Harvard grad!)

If Dorsey was remotely thinking he'd realize 'man, we're really not free with al these shrill assholes ready to pounce on anything we say or do!' but he isn't so he won't.

Also, why is he posting receipts of his lunch anyway? Grow up already.

Honestly. He feels he was 'wrong' to eat Chick-fil-A?

Are idiot progs still on that stupid story?

I could have thrown this in the derp links but I want this to be a stand alone.

Remember kids, he decides what gets blocked on Twitter. And Dorsey has revealed himself to be a progressive. The reaction from the remedials who inhabit its cult progressive ranks has been predictable.

That is, without rational thought.