The EU And UK: A Cautionary Tale For North America

In one story, the saga of Alfie Evans, we see why it's a bad idea to fully nationalize medicine. Unfortunately, in Canada we have it and we're but a pebble's throw from becoming the UK on matters of the rights of parents to deal with their sick or dying child as they see fit.

Do Brits really believe they're free? The government decides in the end what becomes of their own children.

It's macabre and immoral. How a once free people could consent to such a state of affairs is beyond comprehension. Worse than that, the EU has twice ruled against families in their rights to determine what to do with their own kids.

Interestingly, we tend to see these sort of sad stories mostly from the hyper-secular sensibilities of the 'hypoboreans' in Northern Europe. Their existence seems to funnel through the state. We see less of such stories in Southern Europe (the Mediterranean).

This in a country that lets Muslim sex rings operate and ISIS fighters back in the country but puts citizens in jail for 8-months for flipping off government cameras. Is it me or have they gone off the rails? They have it exactly BACKWARDS. It seems like they're too PC or cowardly to investigate and prosecute real crime so they over-compensate by cracking down on law-abiding citizens nitpicking at silly indiscretions. This is the face of a society facing an existential crisis if you ask me.


It's none of your business and if you actually defend the government in such matters, I'd like to submit you lack a fundamental sense of decency and humanity.

None of this compassionate.

It's immoral.

If it's an issue of cost, then it further should anger because it's not about money. We talk about 'compassion' and 'values' in the West but we understand none of these. We yap on about 'gender' and 'pay gaps' but these are just empty words masking as 'caring for the greater good'.

They say you judge a society on how it treats its poor or sick.

Well, there you have it. We see what the EU/UK is about. I hope Canadians see this and draw a line. The Americans are still further away as they maintain some level of liberty not seen in the West.


Charity v. Welfare.

Welfare is enabling mechanism. It has no value structure behind it.

It's evil and creates a cult of dependency. 


Trump Crazy Like A Fox On North Korea

Looks like Trump 'outcrazied' Kim of North Korea.

Sometimes. All you need is a little twitching eye know what I'm saying?

Anyway. Two years in and Trump has a significant triumph under his belt. Probably the biggest for any President since Reagan when the Soviet Union fell.

If Trump can keep the economy growing, reduce or cut onerous Obama-era regulations that strangled business, cut a deal on immigration and win a showdown with the Chinese (who stopped supporting North Korea likely because of Trump) on trade and industrial espionage....well, if Obama was over praised and given a Nobel Peace prize without merit, what the heck will they give Trump?

In any event, this may amount to nothing and we're mostly getting sources from inside North Korea.

Let's just monitor this.

The Class Of Sidney Crosby

I'm not one to prop celebrities and athletes up as role models but the reality is people do. And if you're going to insist on one, I think Sidney Crosby is probably among the best super star in North American pro sports to fill that role.

When measured against other notable athletes, like Lebron James, Crosby towers about them all in my opinion and James in particular.

Where Crosby has the decency to keep his political opinions to himself and doesn't publicly argue with people on Twitter or disparage or get coaches fired, James is all to ready to engage in such activity. It's hard to imagine Crosby pulling that 'I'm taking my game to Miami' act a few years back like James did. Talk about insensitive and ill-advised.

For the past couple of yeas, James has come off looking like a selfish phony whose antics give the impression he's above the team.

James strikes me as someone who is uncomfortable in his own skin. I don't know why. It's just the perception. A player who yearns for some much attention and adulation it gets the better of his senses. He has a little A-Rod in him when you think of it.

I don't care how great you are. You're not the coach or owner of the team you represent and pays your salary. As such, there's a certain decorum that's expected of a true talented leader in my view.

Contrast this to Sidney Crosby who holds himself in exemplary fashion on and off the ice. The other day I heard a woman say, 'if my daughter met someone, I would like him to be like Sidney.'

That's saying a lot and by all accounts from what we've seen of him over the years, she may not be off the mark in her hopes.

It seems to be something particular to NHL players. All its legends tended to be of this character from Howe to Beliveau to Orr to Gretzky right up to the latest phenom Conor McDavid.

All - every single one of them - put the interest of their team above their ego.

Sidney is all about the team. He's all about respect and humility.

Something I just don't see in the brilliant athlete that is Lebron James.


Starbucks And Philadelphia Police Chief: Woke Leadership


What have we learned about Starbucks and Philadelphia Commissioner?

That they have no qualms throwing a poor young girl under the bus.

What a disgraceful fucken scene.

Well. I guess Starbucks is off my (growing) list of companies I won't do business with. Bunch of disloyal and gutless cowards run that company.

What a sad spectacle of false leadership.

First we had 'eh was just buying Skittles' (he was not); and then we had 'Hands up' (which he didn't have up) and now we have 'they were just waiting for friends.'

Horse. Shit. Like any sane and responsible person, if the owner of an establishment asks you to leave, you fricken leave. And if the cops are called in and ask you to leave, you better damn leave or accept the consequences of your ignorant defiance.

And this gentleman is correct: White liberals are killing America.


Commies Are Bad For You

Whenever I look at country statistics, it generally always struck me at how poorly not just - obviously - communist/socialist countries do but former ones as well. I chalked it up to old habits die hard and that was that.

And now there's a study confirming communism is bad for the health of people. Gee, you would think ideologies that destroy the human spirit tend to do excel in such debauchery. 

Summarized in the New York Post.

Fresno Professor Flips Out Over Barbara Bush's Passing

Sigh. Another professor, another idiot spews hate:

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words,”

Isn't Jeb married to a Mexican?


“PSA: either you are against these pieces of s— and their genocidal ways or you’re part of the problem. That’s actually how simple this is. I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million Iraqis have,” Jarrar wrote, cruelly adding that she was happy “George W. Bush is probably really sad right now.”

Nice girl. Well brought up. She's quite dark and black inside. I have no interest in naming her here.

She's exactly what an institution of higher institution needs, eh? Couldn't this be considered 'hate speech' according to the left's standards? This is a perfect example of the point I make on this blog. There's no such thing as 'hate speech'. There's just speech; and she's entitled to it.

But that doesn't mean we can't criticize or chastise the opinion.

Geez, is it always all projection with these people?

She wasn't quite done:

“I work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. I will never be fired. I will always have people wanting to hear what I have to say,” she wrote on Twitter.

She's right. Which sort of makes you wonder if schools should revisit how they hand those out. If half-twit lefties like her get it, it makes a mockery of it in my view.

Other than that, she's probably right. She's a woman, fat and Arab. She has all the bases covered.

One day it will revert back to a more normalized state of affairs, but for now we'll have to tolerate the loony left moonbats who roam angrily among us.

However, there are some things we can do to kickstart bringing sense back.

Never apologize and fire them. She wants to be all bad ass faux-rebel let her go write books or write for The Nation, New Republic or NYT. There's good business in ignorance and anti-American nonsense.

You will feel empowered and your dignity will be restored.

And by the way, by all accounts, Twitter left her alone. What a surprise.

The Return Of The Fake Anti-War Protestor

Aaaand out come the anti-war posers who laid dormant for eight years.

Funny. They didn't seem to care (which Obama managed to keep out of the deadbeat mainstream press) when Obama dropped bombs during his reign over seven countries.

Not only that, he wanted to bomb Syria (but Congress did its job and adhered to public sentiment which stood against it). I highly doubt they would have come out and protested.

They couldn't care less about Syria or its people. They just care about who is doing the bombing.

In other words, they lack principles.

California Now Into Book Banning

The question isn't when 1984 will arrive....it already has folks.

You can choose to be oblivious but this has gotten really troubling and dangerous.

Here's another example of, ahem, conservatives being like progressives. Banning literature. Be it books or pamphlets or whatever. Either way, it's not good.

The left, aided and abetted by the increasingly unhinged state of California, now bans books as Bill 2943 does.

"It’s interesting, for example, that Chait makes the argument just as the California State Assembly is set to vote on a billthat would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality."

Progressives are big on 'if you do freely choose to do this, you're complicit in (insert whatever issue of the day they selectively choose to be outraged about)'.

At what point then, do progressive writers like those at the NYT or Chair or anyone else who have been rather astonishingly irresponsible and intellectually vapid, have to face their role when government decides to silence voices which is frighteningly happening in California? 

It's not your voice now, but it will be yours tomorrow, no?

But hey, don't expect them to ponder beyond their myopic world. Too busy confirming their awesomeness handing each other out Pulitzer Prizes. "Aren't you swell? We're swell, right? Yeh, we're swell!"

To a naturally skeptical well--informed sober mind, this was the inevitable logical end to their behaviour. That the natural final destination of progressivism is authoritarianism. 

Of course, it's specious nonsense and rarely, if ever, proven. Progressives are not big on prove (see Starbucks incident as but one mere, small example) and truth.

It's too pesky.

The left rather enjoys mocking the imaginary white supremacists set to send us back to the stone age.

Yet, here they are. Banning books. I thought it was the, given the general narrative and tone of the times, that was the exclusive job of the deplorables to do that.

And once again, let me remind it's all projection.

The true witch hunters here is the progressive left. They've gone completely off track and strictly into authoritarian mode.

Until the media and politicians stop blindly siding with them, this will get worse. 

California, like a distorted hideous and mangled portrait, likens itself to being a trail blazer. That once upon a time was a state to be emulated. 


Now, it must be stopped. 


Quote of the day:

"...Yet the numerous signs waved by the protesters contained such slogans as “Rule of Law = White Supremacy” and “The First Amendment is Not a Licence [sic] to Dehumanize Marginalized People.” Students shouted “Legal objectivity is a myth” and “F – – k the law.” CUNY Law’s National Lawyers Guild chapter tweeted that “free speech” activists are “not welcome at our PUBLIC INTEREST school.” Is this the face of “social justice”?"

The progressive left folks.

In all its inglorious stupidity. 


North And South Korea Set To Announce End To War

So, I was reading about some comedian - Maria Bamford - filing a restraining order against Trump over 'nuclear anxiety'.

Then I read about North and South Korea set to announce officially ending the war.

Something President Trump had a hand in making happen.

This is the single most important foreign policy development in years and it happened under this administration.

Progressive love to bash 'Trumpsters' for their (alleged) ignorance.

I say it's all projection.

Starbucks Wokeness Induces Coma

So Starbucks is shutting operations I believe on May 29 to send their employees to 'ReNedification' (well, actually they call it 'racial bias education'. Creepy shit) in the aftermath of what happened in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Wha happened no one knows but that didn't stop the perpetual outrage machine from capitalizing on what they *think* happened - Starbucks included.

These are very scary times. Law enforcement agencies have gone full rogue (with the left cheerleading them on), newspapers making stuff up (and get nominated for a Pulitzer for making shit up about Russia as the NYT and WaPo were. These award ceremonies are just incestuous showboating for insider crowd be it the Nobel Prize (who kinda lost their way) or the Oscars), left-wing organization shutting down free speech wherever they go and exist whether it's on campuses or comedy shows.

It's just nuts.

And now we have 'woke' corporations and CEOs jumping all over this 'we offer safe spaces' and 'diversity' PC/SJW madness. Their playing their part in the Marxist march towards eradicating liberty and little do they know it will end with them metaphorically being lined up against the wall.

I don't know what happened in Philly because no one has explained it. No one has spoken to the manager and the cops are still looking into it.

However, judging by how the media is acting - they have decided it was 'two black men who were waiting for a friend'. Shades of 'he was shot for buying Skittles'. Come to think of it, I'm surprised Skittles didn't go all woke after the Trayvon Martin saga - it wouldn't surprise me there would be more to the story.

I'm guessing - and it's just a guess - they were indeed loitering and refused to leave and when the cops came they lipped off. A company has every right to ask someone to leave and if they don't, it becomes trespassing. Unless, Starbucks has a different policy; which is their right.

Nonetheless, the Starbucks move is baffling. Never mind they seem to be throwing their manager under the bus, they basically are saying to their workers they're racist and need to make doubly sure they won't act out.

It's insulting to their employees and to what's left of their sane customer base.

Running after the PC/SJW crowd will never pay off. It may score some cheap virtue signalling points in the short-run but in the long-run? It will never be enough for them. Starbucks isn't an ally or a partner..Just a convenient vehicle tops their ideology.

You know. When I read about Starbucks history, Italy's coffee culture inspired it.

They've completely veered off their essence because quite frankly their coffee and the way it's prepared is woefully inferior to what you will experience in Italy.

Maybe, instead of wasting everyone's time, they teach their employees to be true baristas and serve us better coffee.

In other words, do your damn jobs.

Do it with pride.

Like in Italy.

Fall Of The West Case 4858667777ert9yyy: The ACLU Has Collapsed

"Walter Olson
‏Verified account @walterolson
Not the group it used to be: @ACLU calls for government-owned broadband, claims First Amendment may *require* as opposed to forbid state-operated communications infrastructure http://www.freestatefoundation.org/images/Just_a_Shadow_of_the_Old_ACLU_041618.pdf"

This is what happens when you let the dogs in.

And they won't get out.


There Are Many Stones Left In The Forest

What do these current GMs and coaches all have in common?

They don't (presumably) speak French and as a result wouldn't be hired by the Montreal Canadiens:

Peter Laviolette
Barry Trotz
Lindy Ruff
Joel Quenneville
Mike Babcock
Randy Carlyle
Mike Sullivan
Jon Cooper
Peter de Boer
Darryl Sutter
Dan Bylsma
John Tortorella
Paul Maurice
John Hynes
Mike Yeo
Dave Tippett
Todd McLellan
Joe Sakic
Don Sweeney
Lou Lamouriello
Ken Holland
Jarmo Kekalainen
Peter Chiarelli
Steve Yzerman
Dave Poile
Ray Shero
Jim Rutherford
Doug Armstrong
Ron Hextall
George McPhee
Kevin Cheveldayoff

Think about that.

No stone unturned, eh?

You can't be committed to winning and close yourself off to talent.

You can't. And saying you can is specious at best.