Let's Play Pin-Spin The Tail On The Narrative Donkey

Of all the mendacious and arrogant leaders on the continent, it can be argued Whitmore, Cuomo and Murphy top the list.

These 'leaders' not only sent sick patients back to nursing homes sealing their fates, they're cynically keeping their states in lockdown largely thanks to their spectacular arrogance.

And Whitmore should take a bow for her incredible hypocrisy. 

They say those of us who worried about the trade-offs wanted 'granny to die'.

Yet, the actions of these leaders actually did lead to deaths.

Cards on the table.

You would think these spectacular failures would do what any normal and sane person would and cut their losses.


They choose to cause more misery. They care soooo much it's now malice.


Projecting Our Fears And Cowardice Onto Children

Now we enter Phase 2 of the Great Cowering.

Projecting all fears onto kids.

Despite evidence mounting the virus isn't as lethal as first thought, we now have decided to undertaking preventative measures strapping and crippling all sorts of enterprises and organizations with protocols.

Many will prove costly - both psychologically and financially - while others merely a nuisance with a mix back of results.

That's if we're lucky. To say I'm not impressed with any of this is the understatement of the year.

But what really rattles my bones is we're now piling onto the kids.

The demographic least impacted by the virus. The statistics and pathology are fairly consistent at this point.

So why are we embarking on such a road?

Well, it's hard to say. Part of it is out of concern.

Most of it, though, is out of fear. It's worth noting the vast majority of people taking these decisions are boomers and in the age category in the cross hairs of the virus.

I wouldn't discount this being part of the equation. Boomers are dragging us down one last time.

We really need to take a step back and actually consider the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of what we're doing.

We didn't with the lockdowns - despite obvious foreseeable consequences - and we're not doing it here again. It's like a truck careening out of control off the cliff.

I've had to talk to my daughter and explain to her she's being taught a terrible lesson by society.

She's not a hero for hiding in her room and applauding health care workers. The penchant for 'hero worshipping' is evidence of a small mind.

She's not being brave for not getting her hair cut nor is she anything like Anne Frank.

The war analogy is just about the dumbest new trend pimped by illiterate pea brains.

She's not selfish for considering trade-offs when it comes to decision making because humans process this simple calculus every single day of their lives. Life IS a trade-off.

I have to remind her to go out there. Play 'the game' and wear the mask where she's asked to but take it right off as soon as she's out of the storm of ignorance.

There will be a time to actually engage in such things and now is not the time anymore. We missed that damn boat months ago when China lied and our leaders compounded the comedy of errors by playing identity politics.

I'll be damned if I let Tam and Trudeau screw around with my daughter's mind with their incompetence.

I explain to my daughter what's being said by ALL immunologists and doctors and not just the medical bureaucrats.

I explain there is a need to excise caution but what they're asking for is not a way to live and worse they're turning cowardice into a virtue. Learning from home is a discussion worth undertaking but not for these reasons.

As this blog has catalogued and discussed over the years, we were on a suspect intellectual trajectory and the pandemic seems to put a spotlight on how deep this rot runs.

The lack of leadership and contradictory decisions (and downright poor ones) has been appalling and because of the weakness in leadership our kids are in the line of fire.

Reject it.

I implore you to get your senses back. Don't scar your children.

This is not a life.

Go live.


Covid Files: You're Being Manipulated

I remember 9/11 and its aftermath fairly well.

One of the fall outs of it was the Patriot Act. Many thinkers and pundits warned against the dangers of trading liberty for security then and now Americans must deal with all sorts of government abuse against their freedoms (think innocent people going on 'no-fly' lists. Good luck ever getting off such a list).

In doing so, it was said and believed, the terrorists win.

Fast forward almost 20 years and a new 'terror' has come in the form of a serious and mysterious virus. A non-lethal one that preys on old and weak, but a virus we should treat with utmost caution  nonetheless.

By now, if you have been paying close attention and one of the lucky ones to not listen to health officials, you will have noticed a lot of people have bought the 'public health' bit and scare. You will have noticed the goal posts have been moved from a firm and tangible promise of 'not over whelming the system' to 'flattening the curve' to far more vague and intangible ones like 'second waves' and 'reoccurring waves in the fall' and 'saving all lives' to justify not only dragging out reopening places but to possibly soften people up further for things like contact tracing.

Contact tracing is a very concerning and frightening proposition. It's Minority Report for health. It basically will created a massive health bureaucracy with Johns Hopkins at the central and a potential army of 300 000 'tracers' going around harassing people for the 'greater good'. 'Where have you been? Who did you meet? Where are you going? Remember, we know everything and your data is safe with us. Trust us. We're here to help'.

Where the post 9/11 world gave military bureaucrats power, (the FISA courts is another example. How bad are those? Well, through it, bad faith political operatives and corrupt law enforcement almost took down a fairly elected President while ruining lives to get to him. They will abuse their power) post-Covid could hand more power, or all east influence, to medical bureaucrats.

If you go read how CT works, it should or will leave you unnerved. Here, Doug Ford has made noises about this. Alas, there's a petition in B.C. demanding a coronavirus vaccine, once introduced, be made mandatory so I don''t expect much push back there. Do Canadians ever think without the government stuck up their asses?

Will people actually give up their personal rights for safety again?

Judging by what I see and read in the public sphere, it sounds like an unfortunate and utterly deflating yes.

Luckily, the odds of this plan surviving court challenges are remote and would like to think this would be the case in Canada. Imagine selling CT to Manitoba? 'Hey, we know we only have 290 cases total but mind giving us your private medical history to protect your neighbour? You don't want granny to die right?'

I've tried in this blog, and will continue, to bring some round of context and perspective to the threat of Covid.

I implore people to go look at the beginning of what was said and follow the lineage. In that timelines you will see how you're being manipulated at every turn.

Harder to detect is how subtle it is. For example, aside from the changing of the goal post mentioned above (we're still learning about the virus hence give us more time as you sit in fear!), they'll pump up the numbers to frightening levels. In Canada, we were supposed to have seen between 11 000 and 22 000 dead by April (which in of itself is tragic but an existential threat given we know 80% of those figures hit the elderly). We're at 6000 as the numbers drop. The same scenarios we see in all states and provinces. Just to pluck one out, Minnesota was supposed to have seen up to 55 000 deaths by now. Their count stands at 818 as of writing this.

What's going on? How can you not be asking this question by now?

And one could reasonably conclude now that we're familiar with it and know not to, for instance, throw people into nursing homes, the death rate won't be high next time if we just quality and voluntarily exude caution like we do every flu season thought with a little more gusto.

The trick here is to fill you with a scary number because it keeps you in a perpetual 'what if?' scenario (and thus captured by health officials hands) while ensuring politicians come out looking good because the models are that faulty.

Notice how they report on Sweden as though they want it to fail. Why? If anything, you want Sweden to succeed. Either they're that stupid (the media that is) or there's something more nefarious at play.

And heaven forbid we question our 'heroes'. My father in law used to tell me 'always question the doctor. Always. They're not God. There's ONE God." And so we constantly did.

In the process, I learned doctors are not only not infallible but can be a prickly bunch not above breaking critical thinking rules. They can get pretty emotional when challenged. We live in a time the credentialed classes have been given a disproportionate level of respect.

I've been saying for a while now. Stop listening to the medical bureaucrats in order to form policy. They're liking their power too much at the moment. It takes a courageous politician to not let them take control and dictate policy from behind. The politician is elected. Not Fauci or Tam.

Nor are medical bureaucrats, to boot, not without their own agendas as we see with Tam, Fauci and people like Rick Bright or Ezekiel Emmanuel. Just like doomsday climate change fraudsters should be ignored full stop, so should these people.

Do we really know the bios of many of these health ministers and commissioners? NY's health commissioner Oxiris Barbot is cut from the identity politics cloth and got into some hot water with NYPD when she said she didn't give a 'rat's ass' about them (though she has since apologized). Then comes the whacko job fired in Florida by Gov. De Santis.

Dr. Fauci has flipped so many times it's hard to keep track. His most recent flip was what I've been saying all along: His realization the lockdown can't go on forever. I wish he'd be more honest with himself and just say 'I don't know'. It's ok to not know and courageous to admit it.

By not doing so, you unwittingly spread a panic worse than the disease.

There are many world renowned doctors and immunologists who disagree with what's going on only to be silenced by platforms like YouTube or ignored by the legacy press as if they're quacks.

In fact, the quacks are the ones governing us. The mirror is inverted.

If you think people like Cuomo (who recently was interviewed by his brother Chris in a display of idiocy. The man who says he wants to save lives was basically joking about the virus as they tried to pin the mess on Trump like a couple of moronic frat house boys. Even though state governors have most control. This is what's leading people?), Ford, and all these doctors care about YOU, you're not paying close enough attention. I recognize this may be one assertion too far, but I'm teetering on cynicism here.

I've had a few interactions with doctors and know people in the field. I've anecdotally noted (also culling the stories of friends who speak with health practitioners they know) and I must say, we've noticed the doctors have been less than impressive in the way they've reacted to this virus.

All they obsess over is the medical equivalent of how bad it can get. They're cancelling trips. They're pulling out of their stocks. They're panicking in their own peculiar ways. One doctor I know has made sure he reminds us all we're stupid for reopening and that our lack of pant shitting will doom us all. And he's pretty arrogant about it too. Not all are this way. Another doctor friend basically agrees with what's being said in this post. Same with a couple of micro-biologists I know. They're not sure why the political reactions has been what it was.

Seems like everyone went 'OMFG CORONAZILLA ATE ITALY!' and proceeded from there. 'We don't have enough data so we're just going to act like we do and shut it all down and when we do get more reliable data we're still going to pretend it's a threat' seems to be the calculus they can't extricate themselves from.

I'm also conflating two nations here. What may happen in the USA may not necessarily happen here. But 9/11 is a little different than the Wuhan virus as it touched both countries and so it's not a stretch to think it can happen.

A lot of things are happening and none of it good from the perspective of our collective liberties.

We run to protect our collective health bur not our freedom?

What good is this life if you run and cower like this?

Where 9/11 did indeed let the 'terrorists win' we're letting a 'virus win'.

What can you do?

For starters.

Drop the mask. Something as simple as that can liberate you. It sounds a little crazy but if you've been frighted enough to think wearing one in open spaces (I'm doing it to save others because I'm responsible is precisely an example you've been manipulated. Think of it, you're buying the load of irrational crap that healthy asymptomatic - another word I've come to hold in suspicion - people are a danger. If you think this to its logical end, then I guess we need to always wear a mask because aren't we generally asymptomatic of something? Think of the common cold. What will happen then? ) or in you car while wearing bacterial traps like gloves (even though studies are coming out the virus doesn't spread so easily on surfaces as first thought - it lives for up 72 hours!) you need to take a step back and think.

They're arresting hair stylists and gym owners but realizing criminals? We close our borders but allow flights in from China? We allow big corporations to run but shut down small businesses? Stuff like that.

Get back to the basics. Go look at the raw data. See how likely you're to get it and then consider what the odds are you get the worst variant of it. The odds and probabilities are low.

Exercise caution, sure, but don't let it rule you.

The other day we were watching a report on one of those multicultural channels from China and Asia.

Seeing all those people interact on the streets and public spaces in masks was sad to watch.

That's not a life. Imagine living that way never seeing someone's full face?

Who needs burka bans when you have medical masks?

Ask yourself, do you really want to live that way?

I know I don't.

Stop being manipulated.


The Cuomo brothers. A conversation.

Fredo: 'Yo bro. Why did you send Nonna to the old folks home to get La Rona?'

Sonny: 'Frateh, we all know Trump made the Corona and distributed it so that he could people to drink disinfectant to drive the stock price up!'

'That's why I love you bello. Always keeping it real bro. And I meant that!'

'Well, we're serious people and serious leaders here in Albunny.' 

'Ha! And funny too! No wonder you got this virus on the run!'

"All those shadow boxing games we played when we were kids came in handy!'

'I gotta tell the audience. He always won! And he's winning here. You're a hero. Like all those health care workers.'

'And don't forget Dr. Fauci!'

'Of course, it goes without saying! Our entire house a shrine dedicated to this wonderful, humble, competent non-swamp creature! We gotta run. Thanks for coming on and talking science with us bro!'

'Follow my nose! It always knows!'

"Ha, ha! Love that cereal. We'll be right back with Julia Roberts to discuss the evolutionary dynamics between SARS and Covid-19! You don't want to miss it."


Maybe we should begin to shame people who act like sheep?

If you wear a mask, you should be laughed at.


Dr. Tam: Do The Right Thing And Resign

You just admitted the borders should have been closed earlier. You didn't because you and the government chose to play politically correct identity politics saying it would be racist to do so.

In fact, this infantile and irresponsible government continued to play this tiresome canard for some time.

Your credibility was compromised the second you went political.

The best thing to do is to resign.

I understand you have a boss that doesn't lead by example as he should do the same along with Hajdu.

Nonetheless, this would be best for the country.

Personally, I don't listen to a second of anything medical bureaucrats have to say to be perfectly honest.

In fact, as soon as this is over, the United States should fire Dr. Fauci.

Someone who goes on the celebrity talk circuit - as he did with Julia Roberts - is passively-aggressively undermining a government and enjoying their 14 minutes of fame a little to much.

Imagine how much of an ill-informed, low IQ, intellectually regressive individual you have to be to call a bureaucrat a hero.

Come to think of it, they should all be fired or resign.

Canada: Stats Eat The Sheep

Cases Today (May 21)

British Columbia (12) – The province added 12 new cases on Thursday, three additional deaths and 19 recoveries.
Alberta (33) -- Alberta adds 33 new active cases of COVID-19, and 4 deaths. 
Saskatchewan (2) -- The province announces two new cases of COVID-19, and 15 recoveries. 
New Brunswick (1) -- Health officials in New Brunswick announce one new case of COVID-19 in the province, after a 14 day streak with no new cases. 
Quebec (720) -- The province announced 720 new active cases of COVID-19, as well as 82 deaths. 
Nova Scotia (1) -- Nova Scotia adds one new active case of COVID-19, along with one death.  
Ontario (413) -- Health officials in Ontario report 413 new cases of COVID-19. The province also adds 31 deaths.
Remind me why we're still acting like there's a threat again? These numbers aren't just low, they're statistically insignificant. 
The Americans are moving forward. We're still cowering. Come on Canada! Let's show some balls! 

CFL V. NFL: How Two Countries Think

This pandemic is confirming to me just how lame Canada is.

Here's the difference between Canada and the United States in a nutshell:

NFL: We will play.
CFL: We won't play.

As far as I know, the CFL is the only league in the world looking to cancel their season.

And if that's not enough, they also are looking to the government for support!

How much more Canadian can you get?

Here's the skinny.

Canada now has more recovered cases than active cases. If you remove Quebec, Canada's cases amounts to .01% (roughly 40 000 into 38.5 million). Commissioner Ambrose then says even if there's a season, the Grey Cup may not be held in Regina.

The ONE province that supports the CFL unconditionally will lose the chance to host the Cup.

In a province that had, get this, 622 total cases and 109 active cases.

Saskatchewan is actually a province that's opening in phases.

What in the world am I missing here?

Here's what I think.

The CFL is a microcosm of how this country thinks. That is, small and parochial.

It's incapable of taking courageous stances.

The only way the CFL has a future - and I mean one in which it's taken seriously and not have teams play on university fields - is if it hires Americans to take over the operation.


Just like Gary Bettman took a rink dink operation like the NHL unable to extricate itself from Canadian lenses and turned it into a viable international enterprise based in New York (along with Toronto. Point is, the big boys came to play), the CFL needs good old fashioned American know-how.

If the CFL is too stupid to play, then let it sink. They chose to make that bed.

I was a big supporter of the CFL over the years but that's waned. Why should I support a league that doesn't take itself seriously. Why do I want to support a league that has the gall to ask for a handout?

The NFL is a league of men.

The CFL of boys.

Either shape up or shut her down already.

You dishonour its legacy.

A while back, promotion for the CFL came with a witty, double-entendre 'We have bigger balls' slogan.

Not anymore you do.

We're Governed By Clowns.




Our low IQ politicians take to the podium to tell us the border between the USA/Canada are closed but still allow international flights into the country including from China!?

Open the fricken border and shut the frick up you clowns.


Covid-19: The Great Scandal Of Our Times

Coronazilla statistic that should make everyone realize they should RELAX:


Cases per million: 649.
Deaths per million: 42.

Reaction: Lockdown.


270 million facing starvation according to the UN.
80% of deaths in one demographic and nursing homes.
Job hours lost equals to 300 million jobs.
Last quarter, U.S. GDP contracted 5%.

We spent trillions and ruined millions for...649.

See that 42 deaths per million figure? Ok. 80% of 42 is 33. Therefore, 33 of those 42 are people over 70. That leaves 9 people. Of the 9, we can assume roughly based on reports, another 80% of those had co-morbidities. That means 2 people per million were tragically taken on the planet due to this virus.

Do Canada!


Cases per million: 2126
Deaths per million: 160
Population: 37.5 million.

Using the same variable we get 32 people. Let's be kind and go with 50% co-morbidity. That's 16.

But wait! There's more! Read on and get this free Sham-Wow Made in Germany!

Roughly half of all cases come from Quebec! So the rest of Canada it's more like 8 people.

Eight deaths.

Long story shorts, yada, yada, yada, you're non-essential and can't get a haircut.

Now let's look at the trade-offs again. You may not want to but you have to.

All these tie into other problems harder to peg down statistically including rises in suicides and challenges for those afflicted with mental illness, mental health damage to students and children through school closures (and the shut down of camps, parks and sports), domestic violence, alcoholism, bankruptcies and child abuse. Never mind the silent killer of stress. And the trauma inflicted on people's psyche to the point they believe a virus will grab and punch them in the face.

Above all, to me, what we did to the kids is simply outrageous. We've shut down schools, wreaked havoc on their social life, taken the joy out of sports (those that have remained open), and gave them poor lessons on how to confront a social problem. We taught them to over react, hide and pretend they were being heroes for 'saving lives'. We taught them how cures surpass the disease. That a disproportionate response to a problem despite facts is appropriate.

Ironically, we made a demographic least impacted by the virus pay the price for our fears.

It's ultimate act of projection FEARS onto others.

The deliberate ignoring of considering trade-offs meant we undertook decisions that burned the house down to kill a mouse.

Makes you wonder about the quality of people running our governments, no?

Any fucking questions?

We were put under house arrest for 75 days for this. 75 days! I was ok with 30 to some degree; even 45. But the extra 30 was excessive. We have a lot of soul searching to do.


And don't you dare say, 'we had no choice'. We absolutely did. We bungled so much of this on so many levels our responses only gave the impression we had none but we did. We panicked and over reacted. Simple as that.

If you're still listening to medical bureaucrats and politicians, you really need to sharpen your sense of personal sovereignty and critical thinking.

As I noted from the beginning, as data comes in, governments should be able to adjust their precautionary measures in real time. And yet they're doubling down on not doing this.

Instead, what we're seeing is a collision between the precautionary principle and 'do no harm'.

How medical bureaucrats are so blind to the harm they're causing is actually incomprehensible. 

None of this - none - was rooted in empirical evidence. It was based on faulty models. Furthermore, in a totally arbitrary manner (ie non-essential versus essential; number of people per gatherings). You didn't 'follow science'. You followed orders.


How close to becoming Venezuela did we come?

Well, maybe that's not the right question but consider this.

We shut down our economies. What that meant, practically (not theoretically), is people were deprived of earning a living. In addition, it hurt tax collecting needed to sustain government.

People who can't work can't earn income in order to live. The government then, perversely, chooses not to pivot quickly recognizing this is wrong instead decides to force productive workers on a welfare scheme created out of thin air.

The government artificially creates dependency and debt while printing money not backed up by the natural creation of wealth through productivity. If you just print for its own sake while reducing value that gives perceived trust into a dollar you're essentially just printing paper - or ghost money.

It looks like it has the usual power of the dollar but in reality it's strength is great reduced. Too many dollars chasing too few goods lead to inflation.

No productivity and people in trouble financially.

Now the government steps in with socialist solutions. What was once a free and productive citizen becomes a slave to the state.

Just like that.

Now you understand why what we did was blindingly stupid? Not convinced? Go look at the numbers up top and then go read carefully how the Soviet Union came into being and the darkness that is Venezuela and Cuba.

People who don't want the CERB (in Canada) are forced into it. This is a good thing that we have citizens who don't want to be a drain on the system choosing instead to work. And what do they get for wanting to do this? Grief from Karens in their Range Rovers who yell about how selfish and irresponsible people who want to earn a living are but themselves face little or no financial pain as they drive to Wal-Mart.

How's that for perverse reality?


And there are two parties in North American that pimp this: Liberals in Canada and Democrats in the United States.

Notice how all of Canada decided to lockdown. Notice in the USA red states chose to stay open and blue states decided to lockdown. Now notice that already two of those states - Ohio and Wisconsin - their Supreme Courts struck down their lockdowns are being unconstitutional citing they're excessive and unreasonable. That medical bureaucrats overstepped their powers.

It got so bad in some states that in Oregon - Kate Brown I believe is her name- the Governor their bullied a salon owner by not only threatening her with massive fines for defying orders but also - allegedly - sent Child Protective Services to terrorize her. So much for countries or states run by women are more compassionate eh Steven Pinker? In fact, it looks like the most draconian states are run by....women.

I digress.

I don't care what you think or believe in this Covid madness but this is completely out of line and way out of bounds of basic decency. This is an example of government acting with deliberate malicious intent.

In Washington, the governor there is mauling asymptomatic people with mandatory contact tracing. When you think of it, this is Minority Report but for health. If there's one bad outcome, and there are many, of this artificially driven fear, it's the idea that we need to test people even if they're healthy or are asymptomatic of a condition. Are we not all then open for such an assault on privacy rights then?

In Pennsylvania the Governor worries about hair cuts. The Governor of New Jersey says no normalcy until a vaccine is found echoing the PM up here. Maine and New Hampshire shut down despite tiny numbers. California is a mess and New York sent old people to nursing homes to die and everyone proceeded to act like NY was a bellwether for the rest of the country.

All blue.

Those states are basically Canada. Where not a single province (Saskatchewan has under 700 cases and Manitoba under 300; combined under 1000 and yet are timidly reopening. In fact, if you remove Quebec from the equation, one can argue Canada basically over reacted)  had the courage to open despite the data, Florida, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee,Texas, Oklahoma and the most vilified of them all Georgia opened up. They were all expected to become like NY according to the press.

I would have been proud if Canada had ONE province buck the trend and show guts like these states or even Sweden.

Didn't happen. I know. Shocking.

Yes, let's wait and see but no one should be surprised.

They have framed the narrative as if we all live for the health system which is preposterous on its own. We went from not enough test kits to not enough people testing.

Never mind the fines levied and aggression on people for not complying in both Canada and the USA.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves."
- William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of Great Britain

In the end in the USA, the people have final say. In Canada, it's a little more difficult to launch lawsuits. But it would be interesting if a) Canadians would show more of back bone and protest and launch suits and b) whether the courts would side with the people.

The government here has a long leash under the Quarantine Act. And that's not a good thing. I'd even request we revisit that.


Quick word on Justin wearing a black mask. No, it was not lost on me he chose black. Black Face, Black Mask. Talk about being tone deaf. But I'm a simple man. I just do the opposite of what this clown does.

But what did you expect of a man I wouldn't even let spark my Weber grill. I'd just tell him to wear his mask - and a helmet so he doesn't injure himself - take a straw and drink his juice.


I truly hope this doesn't sent a precedence. If we have a tough flu season and if added to this difficulty there's a coronavirus second wave, I would hope governments learned their lessons and avoid a lockdown and choose a much more prudent and surgical approach.



Mask bullies.


Sigh, Some, Sigh, Derp 19


Canada comes up empty handed.

But China was nice enough to remind us to wash our hands.


Gee, when you annoy the Aussie's that's one thing. But the Japanese?

When do we ever hear a peep from them?

He's all yours Toronto.

The rest of the country made their displeasure clear back in October of 2019. You chose to give this pathetic excuse of a PM another shot.


Poland and Russia fight over the past.

Yeh. Sorry Roosha, Poland is right.

Stalin's serial killing machine and all that propaganda make it so.


Quietly, the truth ekes out about the FBI's renegade behaviour during the Russia investigation.


Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor

Canada's naivete runs so deep it's a marvel it's even a country and not just a hypotethecal.

If Canada behaved this way in another part of the world, it would have been swallowed whole by an enemy. But as luck would have it, we share a border with the most powerful nation in world history and so even just sharing the border with them is enough to keep potential threats at bay. As it turns out, we actually have lots in common and have basically fused out two econonies to the point we're actually just an extended state. But shhhh. NEVER say that.

So the USA let's us go off to play in the yard with the dog.

What this has done has left Canada in perpetually maturity stunted mode.

Canada is the naif wet behind the ears who goes onto the international stage as if it's going to a picnic assuming everyone wants to share a piece of Havarti with them.

It's nice to not position yourself a 'peace keeper' while not isolationist. But the problem with the way Canada does it is that when things go wrong, we have little to no leverage to force our message.

Think of it this way. We tip toe around China because we can't afford a trade war with them. The USA can plus it has a galaxy of military toys to back it up. Canada relies on this defunct and preposterous notion of 'the world needs more of Canada' diplomacy because we have no muscle whatsoever. Our toughness has to ride the coat tails of American might.

Throughout history nations protected their trade routes and merchants. It's nice Canada is part of all these international rgnaziations to help protect it but no one respects a country that can't defend itself.

And this is Canada.

So now that we're at a cross roads with dealing with China, it becomes all too apparent China doesn't care much for Canada and we're pretty much powerless to exert any kind of pressure on them.

Those two guys stuck in China....

Canadians should think twice about


Always remember, if you're gonna do bad things in the media like fabricate stories or plagiarize, make sure you do it as a progressive that way Hollywood will make a movie out of you given they love to pump out immoral assholes sometimes.

Revisiting the Paula Jones saga.


This is a major big deal and something tells Canada (represented by Dr. Tam) likely voted with China based on Trudeau's history of being cordial with them.

And for that they should be held accountable but good luck evert getting an answer from this secretive and arrogant bunch.

"China argued against declaring an emergency on 22 January, but could not have carried the argument alone. The other emergency members and advisers were experts from the US, Thailand, Russia, France, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, Senegal, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and New Zealand.
Their advice is confidential, but for the vote to have been split, several western, or western-aligned, representatives must have voted with Beijing."
The article goes easy on Tedros.
I'm not buying.
But it's The Guardian so it's only normal they're gonna cover for a Marxist terrorist. 
Trump is the bad guy here.
Losing the plot.
Like I said, if guys like the ones mentioned in this article have influence over politicians, we need to realize medical bureaucrats and experts are subjected to the laws of human nature just like the rest of us.
Just because they're doctors doesn't mean they're not infallible. 
These two nitwits show precisely how not to win over skeptical people. I certainly don't like it, as the article notes, they engage in facile logical fallacies to get their points across. 
They're hardly inspiring confidence. They just expect us to bow before them.
This is why we shouldn't be fawning or putting anyone on a pedestal or else you will only fuel already inflated egos.
"...He is somebody with a messianic complex."
For me, this was an interesting comment coming from a doctor who are known to have in their ranks a few who may possess a 'God-complex. 
The comment comes with a whiff of, dare I say, projection. 
There's a reason why comic books had 'mad scientists' and 'mad doctors' as villains. The line between genius and quack; hero and villain is very fine. It also warned against the 'God-complex' of heroes and villains. This is the whole plot of Scarecrow. Bat-Man's greatest foe. Laugh but it's accurate. 

You'd better pray this isn't another 'temporary income tax' scenario. After 9/11 the U.S. got the Patriot Act which is one civil liberties abuse bureaucracy. We may see an equivalent to this on the medical side.

Let me see if I can follow progressive logic.
The (illegal) lockdowns of healthy people are necessary in order to prevent the spread of a virus that isn't as lethal as first thought (surprise) and to which no consensus about its nature exists. In addition, if anything, it was to save lives even though it wasn't the original intent of the lockdown (not over whelming the system and flattening the curve were).
Now that the discovery that antibodies suggest the virus has been around giving some positive hope that maybe we'll come to our senses and actually open up full stop we find that experts and progressives are actually not pleased that the virus isn't an existential threat. Judging from the many tweets I've read, it seems they want Covid to ravage us to....in part, save the environment. 
Turns out climate change scammers are cheering Covid on for lifting smog and cleaning the earth. This was achieved by destroying the economy and putting 44 million North Americans out of work.
So much for the their claim of 'saving lives'. 
The naked inconsistency of their positions not only predictably points to what we've known all along about their lack of principles, but that in fact they're anti-humanist.
In short, they're a death cult. They want Covid to succeed to save earth and in order for this to work people need to be sacrificed.

I could be wrong. I don't speak gibberish.


DeBlasio is simply a terrible human being.

A man of exceptional low character.


Same can be said of this Governor Inslee.

Contact tracing?

Yeh. No good.


Back to De Blasio.

Yes, that was Rob 'Mr. Emergency' baking a cake on YouTube wearing latex gloves.

Fat, drunk and stupid is not a way to go through life.


That didn't age well.

Remember when Dr. Tam and Federal models - who is so compromised at this point she's a contaminated. Get it? Virus. Contamination? Whatever - warned that:

"The coronavirus could cost 11,000 to 22,000 Canadian lives over the course of the pandemic — and that’s the best case scenario with the strongest control measures.
So-called responsible leaders shouldn't be doing this. It messes with people's minds. Pushing worst case scenarios to push an agenda is not only unproductive but actually a dereliction of duty. I understand the initial government response was a spectacular failure and they want to make it look like they're now in control and saving lives (they pump up the numbers knowing, to me anyway, it won't go that high in order to tell people their draconian measures worked), but this cynical play will come at a steep cost.

“It is a matter of life and death,” said Tam.

Science for the win! As we know now, no it's not a matter of life and death and 300 000 deaths world wide as we approach June (they made this silly projections in early April) is hardly a statistic we should be destroying our economies for.

But they will run with it. I highly doubt Justin - who is staking his claim to become a hero in finding a vaccine even if it comes from China - will adjust his thinking to a narrative even if the things take a turn for the better. Look for continued 'we must be complacent' language so he can keep people in check until a vaccine comes. He means this quote:

“Normality as it was before will not come back until we get a vaccine for this and as you say, that will be a very long way off,” he said. “For a year, 18 months there will be things we just aren’t able to do.”

I'd be wary of this. When he says 'we' he means YOU.

Wait. Wait until the dust settles on the madness and watch what kind of a mess it will leave in its wake our response. 

Know what's weak? Federal models and officials shamelessly scaring people with fake science. But if the goal was to indeed frighten, congrats jerks, mission accomplished.

Just pay attention now. If there's a second wave (and that assholes in the media are pumping this makes me somewhat optimistic it won't) and we do have a hard fall and winter, don't be surprised if a vaccine comes out. The government will have softened people so much, they're going to see the state as a saviour as they dangle a Made in China medicine.

I understand this is part conjecture and conspiracy but is it that out of the realm of possibility?

Fine. I'll stop.


Another over-praised creature from the deep bureaucratic lagoon who should be tossed:

Meanwhile Beyond Wuhan

Obamagate has exploded.

And the media covered its eyes and ears.

Just like Tara Reade. #Believeher has suddenly gone AWOL.

Principals over principles as they say.

Anyway, as we've suspected all along, the Obama administration was pretty much an illegal enterprise to the point of attempting a soft coup of an elected official.

I must say. To all those news organizations, outlets and reporters who had the courage to step up and report the facts (and you know who you are), thank you. In an age of total misinformation pimped by the mainstream legacy media and its whores on TV and print, you were a shining light of truth.

The truth shall prevail as they say and if you tell the truth, you can't get into trouble and you will be free - figurative and literally.

Unfortunately, despite the revelations people too corroded by the lies having invested all their personal intellectual and emotional energies buying into the Russia narrative, people will just either dismiss it or claim there is 'no truth'. Moral relativism is the last refuge of a scoundrel if you ask me.

Turns out, as suspected and understood, General Michael Flynn should never have been investigated and what was perpetuated upon him was a travesty of due process. The confession was coerced to the point FBI agents - acting as enemies of the people - threatened his family.

Obama, Biden and all their minions acted like run of the mill left-wing bums, hobos, and hoodlums.


So far, as we can tell, mostly because, and I'll be blunt, General Flynn thought they were degenerate flunkies. That's my interpretation.

They were a foreign policy disaster particularly when it came to Iran who never ever stopped their proxy wars despite the pile of shit Iran deal signed and so loved by the establishment.

Here are some links to this important story - far more relevant than this Covid-19 hysteria.

Sidney Powell has an interesting one. 

Treasury Department spied on Flynn and others.

Just keep an eye out for this developing story.

If this were a Republican government we'd already have a move or Netflix series.

Instead, we get Obama still flapping his gums undermining a sitting President. Love how the media says stupid things like 'In a rare public appearance..."

He shows his smug mug so often, one wonders if he's still President. But it's a shadow government he and his little gang of sowers of discord racket they're running.

Other links here.



And for fun....

Mexico looking to launch an investigation into Obama's Fast & Furious gun running fiasco. 

For Those Who Support The Lockdown

At this point, if you support a continued lockdown or even a doubling down, maybe instead of snitching on a neighbour or watching 90 Day Fiance thinking you're saving lives, maybe you may want to consider taking your head out of your ass and come up for some air.

'We're opening too soon!'

Like anyone knows for sure.

What we do know is the lockdowns never had hard science or data to back it up. Sorta like how Gen. Michael Flynn should never have been investigated in the first place as we've learned.

In the former, we assume the measures are working or worked while in the latter it led to a coerced confession perpetuating a Russian collusion myth.

In both cases faulty premises led to unconscionable conclusions.

So what I suggest people do is look at it this way. For every drop in the GDP or increased uptick in unemployment, imagine a person added to the misery curve unable to provide for their families.

And with that comes other consequences in the form of suicides, bankruptcies, domestic and child abuse.

YOU did that.

In saving some lives, you advocate for the ruining of many.

If you can't see how much damage this is doing to your fellow human, then you've just made your own trade-off calculus you admonish others for.

Maybe you should go to a soup kitchen or look someone in the eye and tell them to their face that 'we're in this together' as you go cash your pay check.

That would take courage. Alas, it's not like we're being lead by people of honour. The same people who foolishly and arbitrarily taught people the economy is made up of 'essentials' and 'non-essentials', of course consider themselves 'essential'. Perhaps, but one way they could win permanent respect would be if they cut their own salaries and lead by example.

I know. Unicorns.

Much easier to sacrifice a massage therapist and hairdresser.

And you bought the bit hook, line and sinker.

Snap out of it.


Virtual Stupidity

One of the more pernicious aspects of what I regard to absolutely be illegal lockdowns under a false premise and fear-mongering, is a virtual 'new normal'.

I barely can muster up any interest to meet with people live, now I'm inundated with requests to come and chat on Zoom.



A  horrible development at that.

I get it. People are tying to stay positive and in wanting to remain connected with others, are latching to the next best thing.

Rather than do that, why not protest and actually fight for your inalienable right to exist and associated freely?

I don't get people and never will.

I read a story that Girl Guides and Boy Scouts are shutting down for the summer. Summer camps are likely to do so. The demographic least likely to be hurt by this virus, are paying a heavy price.

And I get the feeling the people making these ridiculously cruel decisions kinda get off on it too.

I don't like one bit what we've done to our kids.

At all.

We're robbing them of the few things that makes for fond memories: Living and hanging out with their friends. Being at school and just hanging out. To live in innocence stress free.

We've projected our fears and other tribal emotions like irraitonalism and lack of perspective onto them.

It's one of the many unintended consequences of letting a virus control us.

I have little respect for our leaders through all this. They're shown themselves to be petty and incompetent.

That goes for Canadian ones too despite the stupid doctors I read taking shots at the United States (I will be taking dead aim at them in a next post).

I have little patience or tolerance for the hero worshipping for people doing their jobs while we callously and maliciously deny people the right to earn a living.

It sickens me.

The guide directors, see, have a plan though. That plan is to....go virtual!

It's ok. We can replicate the outdoor experience from the comfort of your own living room! It's all theory now. No need to put into practice the actual process to learn life skills.

It's almost as if you don't need Youtube to put up a tent!

Talk about missing the fucken point.

Is it making the best of it? Is it really?

I'd rather if they'd just admit defeat for cowering and just telling people 'Hey man, see you next year.' If there is a next year because if you let champs like Fauci have their way, who knows?

We may never shake a hand again! New normal you see?

I'm one of those guys who has no attention span to listen to theory. I need to actually do it and learn that way.

Boy will we be messing up a lot of kids.

Such heroes we adults are.

"Paul! Come watch Netflix with your parents! How better than to prove we're in this together than being sheep with all of Canada?!!"

Why stop there?

Why not have virtual funerals? Laugh, but some degenerate said this is perfectly fine because he lacks a soul.

Or how about Zoom marriages?

Zoom dinners!

Can we run this business virtually?

I know one thing won't happen. Dip shit low IQ politicians, who don't have the decency to respect the protocols they coerced onto people, will be sure to fly to Paris for that cockamamie climate meeting. No need for tele-conferencing for 'earf' because this is serious business!


How about virtual sex?

The future has already been told.

In Demolition Man.


I'm just gonna back to the couch and wait for people to wake the fuck up from their virtual stupidity already.


Quick word on sports without fans.


Part of the fun is the fan experience.

Like a comedian and audience feeds off the energy of the crowd, it's the same thing with sports.

Anyone who thinks they can get used to it good luck I say.

Man is a social being. From the day we walked erect and grunted. Never forget that.

Politicians need to stop listening to medical bureaucrats.

They're really starting to make me thirsty.

I Resent The Government For Making Me Dependent On It

Or at least temporarily reminding us that we're not free and sovereign individuals capable of an autonomous life.

It's almost as if they used this damn virus to make this point.

Let's make one thing clear. The Coronavirus didn't do this to me.

Politicians and medical bureaucrats did egged on by a thoughtless population acting on fear and not reason.

No one followed the science.

They followed orders.

This is the black mark it has left on me.

And I resent it.

Only Blathering Fools

I was thinking about the 'he told people to inject Lysol' line.

It occurred to me people will swallow whole the first level reporting of any story that confirms their confirmation bias.

In this case, people had Trump so much they're willing to believe the worst about him. Even willing to accept edited clips obviously meant to look bad. Classic shoot the messenger and don't even bother with the message because the messenger is literally Devil-Hitler.

And boy does the media love to do that.

It fascinates me how even smart people suspend all rational thought in order to continue convincing themselves Trump is that dumb and cruel.

Amazing they'd think this of someone who has been in the public eye for around 40 years.

Trump never ever said 'inject Lysol' nor did he even insinuate it. It takes a person that lost in their hate of Trump or an incredibly uncurious or lazy person to take the press's account at face value.

Plus thy have remedial reading and listening comprehension skills.

Trump is a terrible speaker. He's not suave to say the least and he can be quite inelegant and inarticulate.

Whatever it is, it's people's jobs to investigate and inquire about stories sold by the press.

Which reminded of a quote often misunderstood by people who hate religion and Christianity in particular.

It's Ephesians 5:22 where it says, "wives be subject to your husband". The common erroneous interpretation of this passage is women should be submissive to their husbands.

But what they don't tell you (or probably don't even know because 99% of people never read the Bible. Too icky a book for their genius minds) but was pointed out to me is in Ephesians 5:25 it adds, "Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church."

Paul wasn't saying stay in an abusive and dangerous relationship. A wife should only submit to a husband who loves her like how Christ loves humanity and the Church.

It's death by a thousand cuts at this point. People believe so many misreadings of the Bible it all but killed Christianity. They want to believe the worst to justify not 'submitting' to it.

The philosophes of The Enlightenment (of which Cartesian logic is from) looked to put reason about faith. It was here notions of secularism was born. To them, Christianity was no better than superstition and I learned that they were largely wrong about this. They preyed on the backward elements that existed in the Church, and magnified it to espouse their rational views. Man can only grow through reason.

But reason for its own sake comes with its own set of problems too. St. Thomas of Aquinas looked to bridge faith and reason and perhaps we should reconsider this thought.

And part of me wonders just how hostile they really were against the Church. I think they had a natural skepticism of it but I don't think it reached the level of deep cynicism we see today.

In reality, the only way to extricate yourself from being deceived is to simply investigate it for yourself.

So next time you find yourself blindingly angry about what Trump said. try and examine it with some nuance.

Just like it takes some kind of extraordinary suspension of belief to think Paul advocated for women to be submissive for its own sake, it takes a really dubious mind to actually take at face value Trump believes it's ok to drink disinfectant.

Just like it's foolish to actually still believe these lockdowns and containment measures actually work to the degree you think. It's like trying to salvage wreckage. It's waaaayyyy too late for that and you're just mice in an experiment run by mice in lab coats. Blind leading the blind. But that's another topic.

And that's the truth.