Dr. Seuss Pisses On Your Masks


Scandal Ridden Justin Preposterously Survives Confidence Vote

This entire government is a dishonourable and disreputable enterprise. If a citizen was caught with what Trudeau has done in these past five corrupted years, we'd be investigated and prosecuted. Or our lives would have been ruined. Politicians now have free reign to act like mobsters. Look at the criminal enterprise the Bidens and Hilary Inc. had going. Think any of these crooks will ever face justice? Of course not. They all cover each other's asses. Which means people will need to learn the system and media is clearly not on our side.

Citizens binding together and protesting won't break the system. It's already broken. It was destroyed by a group of self-serving politicians in North America. We're on our own. They don't care about you. They mask you up to shut you up and keep you in fear.

This sorry excuse of a PM survives a 'confidence' vote. Unreal. What a bunch of scam artist cowards scurrying around in Parliament.

Amazing that the government can vote for itself to not be investigated.

2020 has shown we have fools, knaves and fools running this country.

Just when you thought we couldn't sink lower into the depths of cynicism.

They Lie Of 28 Days: Legault Is A Liar

It's ok. We only need 15 days!

Well, we know that's become indefinite.

They opened things up because they weren't stupid enough to keep things closed or else they'd have full blown protests.

But then they ramped up testing and said, 'SEE!? WE TOLD YOU!' And put us back into quasi-lockdown just to keep people in fear.

This time it's 28 days.

28 days later (remember the movie?) and I don't expect them to be leaders of men and leave us alone.

Sadly, Legault will come up with another lie and will roll it over for another 60 days.

I'm pleading with people to get off their laurels and either watch the videos put out here or go investigate. There's no pandemic. The virus is here to stay. We weathered the worst part. If you look at the charts, there's no excuse or justification for any of this. Viruses swirl around us all the time. 

Legault and Arruda are keeping families separate based on no evidence, bad advice and bad science. They're masking people up with ZERO evidence. Worse, without monitoring the results.

They're drunk on power and simply acting on decrees. Science and medicine is out the window. It's all politics. And people buy into this. 

If he rolls it over, and they're talking like they will, I stand by my assertion Legault and the CAQ are acting with malice committing acts against the health of society.

People need to take back their lives before it's too late. 

In six days his illegal and ignorant order ends. A small part of me still holds out these fools will knock it off. 

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, people cling on to bad ideas longer than they should.


Authors Of Large Danish Study On Masks Can't Find Journals To Publish Their Findings

Gee, I wonder why. 

Science is under attack folks.

Everything is.

Something is rotten.

Trump On The Pandemic And Fauci

 “People are tired of COVID… People are tired of hearing Fauci and these idiots, all these idiots who got it wrong… every time he goes on television there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him. This guy’s a disaster.” – President Donald J. Trump

Indeed Mr. President.

Hopefully 'normies' wake up already. 

Psychopaths Are Running Amok


So. Kids are superheroes now for staying away from their friends?

Who are these delinquent criminals peddling this propaganda?

These are the same sons of bitches who claim to follow science. Well, science CLEARLY shows kids are largely safe from Covid and aren't vectors of the disease. 

What the hell is going on in Ontario and Canada? 

Is Quebec Bothering To Monitor The Results On Masks?

The CDC asked people who contracted Covid-19 how often they wore a mask. It turns out in 71% of the cases, people wore it all the time.

On the other end, 4% never wore it and 4% said they did so rarely.

Just another notch under the belt of 'Masks don't work'.

Is Quebec monitoring the results of their mask mandates?

It doesn't sound like it.

Instead we get the usual, 'trust us' nonsense from Legault and very little EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE.

Quebec should put on their big boy pants and look into it. Get to the truth.

We Need An Inquiry And Trials To Investigate Medical Tyranny

Politicians and health officials who continue to terrorize populations through masks and lockdowns need to be prosecuted and face justice for what they have done.

This pandemic is being superficially pushed. We've never even isolated the virus.

It's enough. 

There is NO justification for continuing this hysteria.

Will Canada listen? 

Or is there indeed an agenda outside Covid-19? Because it makes no sense to act like it's still March and have people masked up.


Of Medical Tyranny And False Virtue

I was slightly and cautiously optimistic this Covid hysteria would subside and public officials would pivot and end the panic.

As low my opinion of them is, I hoped.

But notice now the hubris foolishness of trying to 'stop the spread' has now morphed into micro-managing our lives. None of the restrictions or measures are rooted in science of course. Sometimes I wonder if someone who comes up with this nonsense gets off on it.

We shouldn't be listening to one iota of what these frauds tell us.

Surface transmission is rare, yet they've gone back to it despite the date.

The contempt I hold for public officials runs deep. 

It's medical tyranny and now they want to track you with an app and stick you with a 'health' or 'Covi' pass. 

All I can say is what will it take for you to take your lives back? 

The new hip trend? Not one, but TWO masks!

But if one worked, why do you need two?

The blinding stupidity of it all.

To believe in superstition as a form of virtue is a sad indictment of the fact we let fear guide reason. 

Quick Wuhan Virus Math

Total cases and deaths in the world today give a 1.2% death rate. In Canada, it was .66%.

Historical flu deaths lie around 1%. Apparently, these simple data point comparisons are a no-no. Why even Nobel laureates like Michael Levitt are being banned by schools like Stanford now.

This is what the world is losing its mind over.

At least you'll be able to tell your grand kids you lived through a genuine hysteria.


Informal Theory: Masks And Incompetence Correlation

I'm appalled that people still cling to the notion masks work. I'm equally troubled that government still mandates them.

Here in Quebec, it was mandated in July and we're hitting new highs. Mind you, we should keep in mind that's due to more unreliable PCR testing. Positive does not mean infection.

In any event, the more restrictive the measures, the more it's due to a combo of a misapplication of the precautionary principle and incompetence. As for this being part of an overall agenda to prep people for a vaccine I'll leave aside here for a moment.

With that, I submit an informal theory: The more restrictive the measures and masks, the more incompetent and fearful the government and officials.


A Mass Hysteria That Won't Quit

“People are getting too close to each other, they are staying together for too long,” he said. “They’re passing the virus by pressing the doorbell, by sharing a spoon, by using the bathroom and leaving it on a towel. All of those things have spread disease and that is why we’ve had to do this.”

This is out of control. 

Is this total incompetence and fear or is there something bigger at play?

Blaming our natural behaviour on the speed is about as nefarious a thing I've heard in my life.

What do they expect us to do? Stop living? We're not robots. 

What is the evidence of this? 

It's astonishing that these people haven't accepted the virus is out there and nothing we do will stop the spread. Yet, if you look at the numbers disclosed in the article, hospitalizations are LOW.

All of a sudden it's been a massive goal post switch to 'cases'.

Then there's this closer to home.

A 91 year-old man with all sorts of underlying conditions died with Covid. It was the first death recorded in London, Ontario in three months. There are two active cases.

Yet, the head Dr. Mackie is calling for more restrictions. Are they this disconnected from what we know about the trade-offs of these actions?

The idiocy of all this is palpable.

Let's see. So an elderly man dies in a nursing home and they want to shut down restaurants? How does this make any sense?

A man in a mask is a gutless imbecile. 


How Do You Know It's A Hysteria?

Exhibit 1:

Wear a mask, save a life.

Wear a mask, save a business.

Weak a mask, stop the spread.

Looks around. Hoo-kay.

Imagine being the sort of person who believes all this propaganda junk science crap.

Exhibit 2:

Constant drumming up of fear through cases and projections that always fail.

Despite the infection rate in line with the seasonal flu. As all major, reputable and renowned experts from around the world from all the top schools have been saying for months.


Exhibit 3:

Johnson & Johnson is paying out $100 million for knowingly keeping baby powder on the market it knew harmed people.

Johnson & Johnson is part of Operation Warped Speed.

They're to be trusted with a vaccine?


Did You Know There's No Qualified Virus Isolate?

True story.

The virus that has shut down the world and masked people u...hasn't yet met Koch's Postulates:

1. all diseased people with same sx have the same suspected microbe
2. suspected cause of the disease is isolated and grown in a pure culture ( = a single species is replicated)
3. the disease is reproduced in a healthy specimen (animal or human)
4. the same microbe is re-isolated from the infected host

The CDC (and I believe Health Canada) do not have it isolated. It's allegedly been sequenced so perhaps we have an idea it exists but despite millions contracting some sort of virus, it hasn't been isolated.

Make sure to read about it in the post below from the CDC.

"There's something happening here....what it is ain't exactly clear...'