MLK Would Be Cancelled And Censored Today

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Ideologues hooked on identity politics love to quote MLK - a gun owner Republican - but the turn around and enact laws that are diametrically opposed to his message.

Color of skin > content of character.

There is no merit principle either.

If MLK uttered this quote today, he'd be cancelled.

That's how far off the wagon we've fallen at the moment.

Masks Don't Work Exhibit Lost Count

On Oct. 9 2020 New Brunswick mandated masks. On that day there were 5 cases. Today there are 25.

Any questions?

Remember. The reason for masks is to stop the spread. Not to prevent cases from going higher. That would be a case of falsifiability.

The same damn thing can be observed in Quebec. Since JULY 18, 2020 the cases have done nothing but steadily increase. It didn't stop any spread and led to not only a quasi-lockdown but a curfew.

I ask again.

Any questions?

Has Anyone Thought To Ask: What If The Vaccines Don't Work?

Of course not.

So far, as news trickles in, there seems to be a large amount of adverse events with the vaccines. Add the fact that experts have said it may not protect people, it makes one wonder why all the hubbabub over the vaccines? 

They didn't consider the impacts of their futile measures on overall public health because they're panicked.

With panic comes no rhyme or reason which translates into hysteria masking - excuse the pun - as science.

The thinking was 'Slow down everything and even lockdown so as to stop the spread and not overwhelm hospitals and the senses just long enough for the vaccines to come in a save the day!"

It was a gamble and it didn't pay off. The economy has taken a permanent hit (wealth lost doesn't come back) and a generation or two of people under 40 are seeing their lives take a sudden questionable tangent.

All because the narrative said the only way to achieve herd immunity for a virus with a high survival rate was through a vaccine. When in fact, established science always said it was a mix of vaccines and natural biological herd immunity. 

By locking down it only delayed the spread while the masks only taught people to remain in fear and submission.

Wise experts warned against all this. See The Great Barrington Declaration. 

The only play left if the vaccines don't pan out is straight to herd. That means lifting the NPI in place for months now with little to show for it.

Do our incompetent masters have the courage to pivot and hop back on the logical track?

Or do they double down?




We're running out of beds!

Shut down life!


Cases represent 1.9% of the Canadian population.

7% of the American.

Shut it all down!



Bill Gates Is Mr. Burns

Now that it's being reported Bill Gates is the largest private farm land owner in America, it's time to view him as Mr. Burns.

Do not believe for one second this guy is all unicorns and good intentions. Always go with the laws of human nature. Any man with this kind of power should be viewed with suspect.

Gates is involved with vaccines and farming.

This is a little to close to discomfiting for me.

Next up blocking the sun and cornering the orange juice market?

Sure why not? No sun or vitamin C, more vaccines!

He can control the food supply fiddling around with the health of humans.

I can just see the 'fact checkers' on this one. 'No, Bill Gates isn't buying farming because he loves Soylent Green and wants to plunge a vaccine jab into everyone!'

The fundamental question isn't just 'why?' and get a surface answer. It's why? Cui bono? other than Gates and his unchecked power?

Gates has already proven himself to be an evil twat and has been convicted of a felony.

Don't trust this man.

Masks: Logical Fallacies Abound

People are also committing other logical fallacies.

For example, they assume that they’re wearing a mask and didn’t get Covid-19 it’s because of the mask. Humans like to find pattens in things so it’s a neat equation to apply but causation is not correlation. Ie wearing the masks doesn’t mean because you didn’t get Covid it’s because of the mask.  

One rebuttal to this is, well, this site and its material arguing masks are largely ineffective and may in fact be causing harm. Two, a simple straight raw calculation reveals the statistical probability of getting Covid. Canada averages 7000 cases. Divide that into a rough population of 37.5 million and you get .019% of the population is a case - not necessarily infected. So the odds are you’re not going to get it.

The slight crinkle is the reality that eventually, because it is a coronavirus strain likely to remain in circulation, we will all get it at some point.

Another one that’s popping up is ‘there’s no flu because we’re wearing masks’. This one gets to the heart of why I set this site up and starkly shows science is deliberately overlooked. The mass body of evidence we have are studies on INFLUENZA.

It also, once again, distracts from other possible reasons. Can it be officials are simply shifting flu cases into Covid since we don’t generally test for flu? Is a more likely reason hand washing (which is actually backed by science)?

You can’t just insert your anecdotal assumption into this without EVIDENCE.

In any event, if masks work to stop the flu, then why hasn’t it done so for Covid?

The only way is if we do actual STUDIES instead of talking out of asses to know if we're misapplying causation and correlation.

It's leading to a 'false positive' and this is as good as pure shit.

Hey Maskholes: Mask Can Likely Cause Lung Infections Or Cancer

Every single public official and doctor who went on TV to peddle this crock of shit should be SUED if cancer rates do go up.

And you assholes who demanded it be shoved on everyone's face because you're a pant sitting asshole acting with false virtue are no better. 

We have our CHILDREN in masks. Stop it!


You can survive Covid. You don't want cancer. 


Literature On Lockdowns

On September 12 I compiled several mask studies and posted them. I've since moved it to this site where I will update relevant information.

Now I've added lockdowns.

There's no question lockdowns have been a spectacular failure if you consider trade-offs including delaying the inevitable and thus prolonging enormous social, psychological and economic pain. 

That there are countries that still see them as viable is a mystery that must be investigated. 

The idea of lockdowns and 'bubbles' and whatever arbitrary tactics chosen have never been shown to be scientifically sound so why are experts recommending them?

Why is media blindly accepting these pernicious measures? Worse, pointing this fact out runs the risk of getting banned on social media.

Social media = Modern Spanish Inquisition.

MacDonald-Laurier Institute: 

"…Public health leaders are medical experts and are necessary advisors in for- mulating a response to the pandemic. However, their expertise is not suffi- cient to make policy decisions. There are trade-offs to any decision made, and preventing COVID-19 cases, deaths, and overwhelmed hospital capacity are not the only factors to consider. Unfortunately, the response perspective of controlling a single disease has had devastating, often unequally distributed, collateral effects.”

“…In high-income countries other collateral damage from lockdowns is occur- ring. Fear of attending hospitals resulted in 50 percent declines in visits for heart attacks and strokes, meaning missed opportunity for time-critical treat- ments. ‘Non-urgent’ surgery and cancer diagnosis/treatment were delayed, with backlogs that will take years of catch-up and untold effects on prognoses. Of excess mortality during the pandemic, 20-50 percent has not been due to COVID-19 (see Kontis et al. 2020; Docherty et all 2020; and Postill et al 2020); much of that excess is likely attributable to these collateral effects. An unexplained increase in deaths of people with dementia in the US and UK also likely arose from deterioration due to loneliness. Over time, suicide, de- pression, alcohol use disorder, childhood trauma due to domestic violence, changes in marital status, and social isolation are projected to cause millions of years of life lost in Canada alone.”

“…Given the age distribution of deaths from COVID-19, each death has cost the loss of about 5 QALY; thus, lockdowns might save up to 25.12 million QALY (see Table 1).”

“….A minimum cost calculation of the recession’s effect on reducing government spending on the determinants of population wellbe- ing and lifespan is this: (at least US$50 trillion GDP loss globally) X (around 40 percent of GDP from government expenditures) ÷ (less than US$80,000/QALY) is equal to or greater than 250 million QALY lost in the years to come. Already the cost-benefit balance comes out about 10 times against lockdowns (see Table 1).

A similar rough calculation for Canada puts the cost-benefit balance at about 17 times against lockdowns.”

The Lancet:

"...It has become clear that a hard lockdown does not protect old and frail people living in care homes—a population the lockdown was designed to protect.

 Neither does it decrease mortality from COVID-19, which is evident when comparing the UK's experience with that of other European countries."

“…There is very little we can do to prevent this spread: a lockdown might delay severe cases for a while, but once restrictions are eased, cases will reappear. I expect that when we count the number of deaths from COVID-19 in each country in 1 year from now, the figures will be similar, regardless of measures taken.”

"...Measures to flatten the curve might have an effect, but a lockdown only pushes the severe cases into the future —it will not prevent them. Admittedly, countries have managed to slow down spread so as not to overburden health-care systems, and, yes, effective drugs that save lives might soon be developed, but this pandemic is swift, and those drugs have to be developed, tested, and marketed quickly. Much hope is put in vaccines, but they will take time, and with the unclear protective immunological response to infection, it is not certain that vaccines will be very effective."


“…Evidence is lacking for the most aggressive measures. A sys- tematic review on measures to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses found insufficient evidence for entry port screening and social distancing in reducing epidemic spreading.10 Plain hy- gienic measures have the strongest evidence.10,11 Frequent hand washing and staying at home and avoiding contacts when sick are probably very useful. Their routine endorsement may save many lives. Most lives saved may actually be due to reduced transmission of influenza rather than coronavirus.”

“…If COVID-19 is not as grave as it is depicted, high evi- dence standards are equally relevant. Exaggeration and over- reaction may seriously damage the reputation of science, public health, media and policymakers. It may foster dis- belief that will jeopardize the prospects of an appropriately strong response if and when a more major pandemic strikes in the future.”

Now into 2021....damage is done.

Price of Panic:

Excellent collection of studies and essays on lockdowns.


Coronaphobia a mental disorder.

"Communication on the COVID-19 pandemic has been distorting the emerging scientific evidence and has led to the unprecedented closure of societies (‘lockdown’). The ‘collateral damage’ caused by Corona control measures is affecting the lives and livelihoods of billions of people world-wide, especially the vulnerable, and most probably costing the lives of hundreds of thousands. This has promoted a new mental disorder, ‘coronaphobia’, an epidemic of fear, spreading faster than the virus itself, and permitting a surprising degree of acceptance even of very harsh control measures. It is argued that societies’ reaction to epidemics should adapt to the emerging evidence, and that they should more strictly adhere to well-established public health principles."


“The 15-year global effort to improve the lives of people everywhere through the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 was already off track by the end of 2019. And now, in only a short period of time, the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented crisis, causing further disruption to SDG progress, with the world’s poorest and most vulnerable affected the most, according to a new report released today by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.”

Collection of posts and articles on lockdowns.

World Food Programme: Millions pushed into starvation.

Pensfod: Flattening the curve is over rated.

Spectator: Considering lockdowns.

Forbes: Physicians: Lockdowns are a mass casualty incident. 

Irish Times: Lockdowns 'too harsh' German minister.

Interview with two Ontario doctors.

Daily Wire: Deadly toll on young people.

AEIR: We need a principles anti-lockdown movement. 

NY Post: Lockdowns huge mistake. 

ABC News: Worst to come due to measures according to UN.

Covid Planning Tools: Excess death impacting the young.

Express UK:  'Lockdowns monumental mistake on a global scale'.

Dr. Strauss on lockdowns.

Trudeau Helped China Cover Up Wuhan Virus Breakout?

As if we haven't seen enough of Trudeau's scandals and insolence towards the Canadian people. It never ends with this guy.

But we get the faux-leadership we deserve. With a spring election a possibility and it would appear based on polls the Liberals would win.

Incredible to me people would vote for such a deeply corrupted and incompetent individual but functionally, it's not like the Conservatives are doing anything about it. Erin O 'Toole just doesn't have the gravitas to defeat Trudeau. The only way he loses is if Canadians decide his scandals are enough to fire him.

Obviously they are but that's me.

If there's one story that should get gain traction is the notion of China suppressing knowledge of the virus.  This is hardly a new development, but it explodes and goes viral when Canada is complicit in it.

I am not surprised at all by what Rebel Media is reporting here.

If accurate, this is terrible. Just absolutely a travesty. 

This would mean Trudeau and Tam allowed this country to descend into utter chaos with thousands dead.

This is criminal negligence I reckon.


Dark Days Ahead For Free, Critical And Independent Thinkers

It's broke.

The whole public discourse apparatus is broken.

And won't be fixed anytime soon.

Arkham runs the show now.

You think it was about Trump?

Surely you pay no attention.

These are psychopaths you're watching in the Democrat party and Congress and media. Same thing up here. They're making it criminal to be conservative and it ain't gonna stop there.

Will you take a principled stand before it happens to you?

Imagine daring to point that this is the piece de resistance of Democrat projection. Nancy Pelosi  supported insurrection against the various state and local governments, Maxine Waters called for the physical assault and denial of civil rights of ordinary citizens, and AOC lead the assault and occupation of Pelosi's office. All have repeatedly called for the denial of civil rights of ordinary citizens.

And this is just scratching the surface. The irony? If it went to court, they'd all be found guilty. Trump? Not guilty because there was no insurrection rhetoric in it. Just in their lying psychotic minds. McCabe - a criminal liar - was babbling again about code words and dog whistles.

We all all be accused of dog whistles and conspiracies. You are not to ever call Nancy Pelosi a cunt.

How dare you?

This track? It's not a good one. And remember. As always. Courtesy of the modern left.

America's Deep Cynical Malaise

They couldn't vote to send a lousy check to struggling Americans or to bring troops home but they find the "courage" to impeach President Donald Trump again for something that was clearly orchestrated and he didn't incite.

America is a banana republic under Democrats. Pelosi is another level of despicability. 

And Liz Cheney. Talk about cognitive dissonance. The Cheney family has war blood on their hands and she's out there yapping about Trump who didn't start a war? 

That's some gaslighting right there.

Joe Biden meanwhile is a legit criminal hoodlum.

How can America possibly advance with this unseemly bunch under a cloud of election fraud?

Hint: It can't.


Quebec Is A Laughing Stock And Legault Its Clown Prince

The arrogance and stupidity of Francois Legault is breathtaking. We're already under severe stress and he pulls this shit?

You think I give a shit about the Montreal fucken Canadiaens?

I thought there's a serious pandemic you clown.

Quebec is a laughing stock - like usual - and you have the balls to Tweet this garbage?

Fuck the Habs. 

Pro hockey can play BUT NOT KIDS? You've made their lives miserable and you illegally stole our liberties and you talk about fucken hockey?


A more disingenuous and arrogant man exhibiting cognitive dissonance they don't come.

You've now zoomed up to the top of the idiot class right up there with Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsome in North America.

The three of you can go fuck each other. 

And shove those masks up your asses.

Staggering Gross Negligence

So. Let's see if I get this straight.

Now we're holding out on second doses for the elderly? This is happening in Quebec and the USA.

And left-wing political buffoons are first giving the vaccines to prisoners and in some places government workers next?

/waves hands furiously!

HELLO! I thought it was the GRANNY that needed saving?!

It wasn't enough that they died in nursing homes and are the most vulnerable and continue to die in those settings. Nope. Now let's be inefficient dicks about the vaccine - that may or may not work particularly on the elderly since the datasets on testing for them are too small - and cruelly allow more to die.


Remember people. They stole your life and are brutalizing our children because of their stupidity.

Evil pricks.

The Day Will Come Where Medical Bureaucrats Peddling Hysteria Will Face Justice

Fauci is now saying natural herd immunity is 'nonsense'.

Because Trump.

Anthony Fauci is a broken, unethical man who, if there was any kind of honor, dignity and decency at the CDC, should be relieved of his duties.

He may be a good infectious disease doctor but is a miserable failure every where else.

And no you don't need to be a damn doctor to conclude this.

There will come a day I trust and hope where one day the corruption of science will be revealed and the perpetuators of this medical hysteria will be held to account.

As for the vaccines, stand your ground. If you don't need to take it don't.

Don't allow them to bully and scare you into one.

Always remember. It has a 99.98% survival rate and doesn't threaten young healthy adults and children. 

Why would you take one with those odds?

They're using this pandemic to erode your rights. They've convinced you this is a disease worthy of mass vaccination and used measures to scare you into thinking that.

For the love of God.

Wake up! 

A Call To Disengage

I think the Amish are the ones who are going to keep sanity.

My advice is for everyone of sound mind tired and sickened by everything to stop consuming the garbage propaganda from MSM and public officials.

They're poisoning you on purpose.

They're riling up the angst and upping the ante to further divide people.

Pull back.

A good leader knows when it's time to pull back.

As more and more studies come in about how we're destroying kids and that the measures accomplish nothing, the government and media go further away from the actual science and data.

And feed you lies instead.

Stay out.

Get out of the way. The herd is barreling through and you'll only get trampled.

In a previous post I posted what seems to be my umpteenth plead against masks but it's not being heard.

The roaring avalanche of hysterics is too loud; too strong.

We're at the height of a hysteria where everyone who merely acts like a free human being is a witch.

Companies threatening companies compelling them to join the cult.

Get out of the way.

All things must pass.

The only question will be what will be the damage and cost?

And, my friends, there will be costs.

So much so, the people who did this should face charges. 

Disengage. Only communicate with people of like mind. There's nothing to learn from that side. It's rabid irrationality. It'll only stress you. There's no sense in trying to make sense where there's no common sense. Keep your sense and remain strong. Eventually, we'll get our chance to present the truth.

In truth and God we must trust. 

It's all we've got left. 

Masks Are Symbols Of Corruption And Malaise

This mask thing has to stop.

It has to stop before it becomes a permanent feature of life. Right now, there's probably a lot of people who think this will stop soon. I'm not so sure.

The rhetoric isn't 'just for a couple of more months and we'll drop this'. No, it's 'masks are here to stay'.

And without a shred of evidence to back such rhetoric.

Sure, we have some cute videos and patched up studies but none are empirical in nature.

It keeps getting worse and worse and the more people accept the superstition the more they fall into a witch hunt like trance.

The truth is the people peddling masks reflect a sick - excuse the pun - corrupted scientific community. 

You're all engaging in empty symbolism manipulated by corrupted officials who are incompetent and addicted to control. The more control they desire, the more they up the fear ante.

The masks are the perfect tool of tyranny. It points to a malaise where we've just completely abandoned all sense and it was a 'gateway drug' to still more perniciously futile measures like a curfew.

It's a violation of the sanctity of free will. And if you're insufficiently informed about free will go read up on it. 

You're not saving shit people. You're being played. And let me be more blunt. You're a fucken idiot if you willingly put your child in a mask. None of these people who pushed this onto your child while preying on your fears care about you or you child. Ok? Clear enough? Good.

Slavery isn't just shackles. Don't be so obtuse and naive. Slavery comes in all sorts of forms.

Debt, for example, is a form of slavery. Tyranny even.

That's what a mask is.


If you're still willingly wearing a mask - worse, brag about it or chastise others for not falling into your stupid faux-righteous trap - you deserve to be called sheep.

You exhibit the very same mind set of those who stood opposed to science, reason and logic. What you're not getting is you're no different than Church authorities who sometimes let their orthodoxy and dogma get in the way of progress and science. 

It's what you are. 


We're No Longer Living In a Just Society Under Legault; It's A Police State

The cops aren't respecting people with papers - I can't believe I just typed that - to allow them to work their odd shifts. It's madness. I can't find words anymore for what I think of Legault.  

Sending someone back home. It's crazy. And what does some Police Chief say? 'It's 'up to the discretion of the officer'. What the fuck are you talking about? The government said it's an exemption.

Never want to socialize with someone ever again who tolerated this utter despicable situation we find ourselves in.

I'm stunned.

Reform ourselves

I think what's happening is people are becoming more and more aware that government is now actively working against their interests.

There has to be a reason for why Julian Assange and Edward Snowden exist.

And the more people are 'awoken' the more the government clamps down on privacy, free speech, and propaganda designed to keep people away from 'extremism'. Think how Brexit and Trump supporters are characterized. Think how if you question the authorities, you're tagged as a 'conspiracy theorist' or 'extremist'.

We're mired in some sort of strange cultural war mired in a Dark Age. The pandemic, to those who care to soberly and stoically realize it, only flushed out this uncomfortable reality.

Government is not your friend. It just isn't.

We need to reform it. But before we do, we need to reform ourselves.

Privacy email is next to impossible.

I'm Starting My Vote The CAQ Out Campaign Early

When it's time for election next year - imagine I'm so angry I'm counting the days - we must fire Francois Legault unless he stops his reign of anti-science terror and psychological abuse of Quebec.

Two things. 

One, the problem is the other parties aren't any better. They're all complicit in this catastrophe. I'm considering Eric Duhamie of the Conservative party who has been asking all the right questions.

Two, we need a recall mechanism in Canadian politics. These sorts of situations shouldn't be left in the hands of the the few. Legault has shown himself incapable of thinking outside the box and soliciting opinions outside the medical bureaucracy. This is irresponsible and a failure on his part.

The people should have recourse outside the court system to protect their rights. They should not be subjected to the rule of tyranny or the majority when it is clearly wrong.

The curfew was a measure too far and Legault must account for his actions.

We're at his mercy and this is a sickening thought in ostensibly free and democratic society.

Remember. We're in this mess because we're covering up the incompetence of this government that his now traversed into malice.

I stand by my assertion they are psychopaths and they are criminals. 

Quebec's Arbitrary Stupidity In Their Own Words

Just put us all in cages already. We all know this won't. And the cases dropped by a lot days prior to this garbage. I'll keep repeating the data shows two things now: The measures put in place in the world don't work and schools must remain open.

Yet, journalists keep obsessing asking about the schools trying to get the government to close them (which they eventually will because apparently the kids pose the danger to us all). This is how deep the ignorance runs. One year worth of literature that clearly shows outbreaks are limited in schools in several countries and we're still acting like it's god damn March. There's literally no excuse for it. Follow the science my ass.

From the government's page. Behold the list of arbitrary madness: 


As of Saturday, January 9, 2021, a curfew will be in effect. Between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Quebecers must not leave their homes except in cases that justify travel.

Allowed exceptions:

  • a person whose presence is required at the person’s place of work or who is transporting goods needed for the ongoing activities of the person’s enterprise;
  • a person who is going to a pharmacy to obtain medication or pharmaceutical, hygienic or sanitary products;
  • a person who must go to or return from a hospital, a clinic, or a dentist’s or optometrist’s office;
  • a person who must visit  a sick or injured parent;
  • a student who must participate in a face-to-face evening class or go to a laboratory in a recognized school;
  • a parent who must accompany his or her children to the home of the other parent who has custody of them;
  • a person who is going to take an inter-regional or inter-provincial bus, a train or a plane for final travel to the person’s destination;
  • a person who must go out so that his dog can do its business, within a radius of no more than one kilometre from the person’s place of residence or temporary residence;
  • a person who must travel in order to comply with a court judgment, to respond to a summons to appear before a court, or to exercise custody or access rights as a parent;
  • a person who must accompany to a medical appointment another person who is unable to drive;
  • a parent who must accompany a sick child to the hospital;
  • a person travelling to give blood under the supervision of Héma-Québec;
  • a parent who must accompany an adolescent to his work.

Police officers will continue to ensure compliance with health measures and can intervene when individuals are outside their homes during curfew hours. Offenders are liable to fines ranging from $1 000 to $6 000 if they are unable to adequately justify why they are outside the home. Young people 14 years of age and over are subject to a $500 fine.

To enable individuals who are travelling during the curfew because of their work to readily demonstrate that such travel is legitimate, employers are asked to complete the “Attestation de l’employeur – Déplacement durant le couvre-feu décrété par le gouvernement du Québec” (available only in French).'