Maine: This Is Getting Irrational

I think, just my impression, but I think people are losing their minds a tad too much when it comes to ebola.

Why, it's almost as if they're irrational.

Conservatives in particular are carrying the torch on this one in the case of Traci Hickox who is being quarantined by the state of Maine.

Problem? She is neither sick or contagious with a disease that is difficult to transmit. Hickox just came back from Africa working with Doctor Without Borders and, well, just for that she's being quarantined against her will. Conservatives are in over drive calling her, among other things, a narcissist and egoist 'who doesn't understand the concept of the greater good'.

Naturally, rather than just take the rational route, Governor LePage will 'seek force' to impose the state's will on her.


Oh, why can't she just shut up and be responsible even though she's fine?!

Let's just chalk this one up for the terrorists.

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