Old Versus New World

The Uber (and Lyft) wars versus established taxi services is fascinating. It shows us in the flesh how entrenched interests - especially those with monopolies - don't like competition and will do everything in their power to destroy it. 

If they can't ruin modern alternatives to transportation like Uber, they'll try to regulate and tax the crap out of it. Or as we see here in Philadelphia, impound the cars.

For the children.

These people are too funny.

It's a sickening display of self-entitled nonsense from a service industry too afraid to evolve and compete.

It's no wonder bringing education into the 21st century has been met with such resistance. Unions take their orders from Top Men. Not innovation and technology. Nope. People who think outside the box are the enemy.

The writing is on the wall indeed but in the meantime they (bureaucrats and unions) will make things a living hell for an innovative service people want and need.

For our safety.

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