Green Islam

This is new.

"See, honey. Why can't you come up with new spins on things?"

"...Seyyed Hossein Nasr, a professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, believes Islam is more disposed toward environmental stewardship than other faiths, and should probably be regarded as the "green" religion.

Ah. So we're clear he doesn't mean 'green' with envy, right?

Oh Lord, don't give Obama any ideas!

At the same time, he allows that Islamic governments have often put economic progress ahead of the environment, and many Islamic societies expect the West to find some technological solution to the woes of the planet.


Still, as Nasr told CBC Radio One's IDEAS, "Christianity in the West has had a tremendous problem: how to come to terms with the environment at a time when its most devout followers have not shown much interest in the environment."

What the fuck does that even mean

Yeah, yeah. We get it. Christianity is always bad. Very bad. Out cutting off heads, strapping bombs to belts, running corrupt, backward kleptocracies, and stoning women for adultery.

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