We Told You: Freedom Of Religion Is Just A Title

Still believe the government doesn't own us?

Try this.

It's not like anyone with a 1/3 of a brain couldn't see this coming. When you involve the state, you get coercion. The idea that they now threaten religious organizations with jail time for not wanting to perform duties against their principles is frighening.

What part of 'we own your sorry asses' don't people get? Which is why it always blows my mind watching one set of citizens taking another set of citizens to court to force them to serve them.

For example, a gay couple taking a baker to court because the latter chose to not bake them a cake.

Rather than just go to the next baker they enter the realm of government. And when you do, you unleash all sorts of unintended consequences and sometimes they ironically go against you.

You can't compel someone to do something against their will. Would you like it? These same douchebag slimeballs would pull a scene if they were forced to do something they didn't want to do. 

People are not your personal slaves.

Don't do it.  Simple as that. 

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