'What A Bunch Of Assholes'

Years from now, when the West experiences its Second Renaissance following Dark Age II, historians will look back on the issues with much amusement and sadness.

They will repeat the age old questions of how could we have been so stupid? Why is man so vulnerable to such inane fear-mongering and hyper social outrage?

They will read about micro-aggressions and climate-system change and wars on coal and women and misplaced economic spending and all the other nonsensical gibber-gabber idiocy spewed on the grounds of being progressive and compassionate and conclude 'what a bunch of fucken (control freak) assholes' they were.

And they will, like we do today, make recommendations on how to avoid another dark age but it will be to no avail because there's no such thing as peak derp.


Climate skeptic/Witch hunt language dichotomy:

Denier! Witch!
Imprisonment! Burn at the stake!

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