The Conquering Of Rational Beings

The statues of emotions have come to life to claim our live common sense now gone.

Gotta love the picture in The Guardian. Implied is runaway industrialism in the capitalist age (a 150 year-old event on an organism billions of years old already accustomed to massive natural and even manufactured upheavals. Mother Nature is an omnipotent and powerful lady that can't be controlled or tamed) is the reason why there's climate change.

The whole cultist movement is filled with so many contradictions and even nonsense it's a wonder people continue to bow before it. Even those who manage to shake and break free from its grips still cling to some elements of it 'just in case'.

Which is doubly nauseating listening to actors read climate change poetry. All they're were missing was a t-shirt of Trudeau on a horse.

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