ESPN Is Full Of Shit

ESPN, like all organizations these days, adheres to the meaningless PC term 'equal opportunity and diversity'.

So whenever a radio host pushes the envelope and inevitably offends someone in the audience, ESPN is ready to fire them under such clauses.

The most recent incident happened with Colin Cowherd. Granted, he was already on his way out but it didn't stop ESPN jumping on it to show their PC cred.

Cowherd made some point about how the education system sucks in the Dominican Republic. A point that can largely be proven by facts. Nothing wrong in the comment but hey. It's 2015, as Sparkles Trudeau (with a glimmer of smug pride) said in response to his PC-appointed cabinet. So everyone needs to get outraged like it's 1999. Or something.

Naturally, they did go nuts and out went Cowherd. Now, I understand he can rub people the wrong way but rarely does he make a comment on social matters without much research. In any event, how in the world is he anymore or less offensive than Stephen A. Smith?

They tolerated his racial commentary but didn't Cowherd? Why? Because the former is black and the latter is white?

Right there ESPN showed they're disingenuous.

Worse, this is an organization that has a former football player with a violent past and was present at the scene of a murder. Is Ray Lewis the sort of individual ESPN is proud to have but a radio host who made an easily verifiable comment that hurt people's feelings is not?

Stew on that.

Not good.

Not good at all.

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