CBC Renames Itself TTC: The Trudeau Corporation

Well, that didn't take long. We all knew the CBC was and is in love with the emotional Trudeau era but, sheesh, could they at least pretend? For the children.

"Justin Trudeau begins his bold experiment in 'government by cabinet"

I didn't realize poo-pooing merit for forced egalitarianism was a legitimate "bold" action.


PM: "YOU! Yeah, you. You have a vulva? You're in!'

MP:"But I don't want to be in! I just want to have the flexibility to raise my child who has special needs!"

 PM:"Nonsense! That's what the government is for. You're in! We have quotas to fulfill, Debbie. QUOTAS! You don't wants disappoints quotas, right?'

MP:"Guess not."

PM: "Atta girl!

/waves her off. Continues...

"Dumba el-Labbody! Yeah you! You're in...." 


To those who are like me and watch all this rubbish with a raised eyebrow, all I can say is be prepared because we have four years of this crap on the docket.





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