Excuses Abound For Bombardier's Bail Out; Iconic No More

Three excuses passing off as justification for Bombardier's $1 billion bail out. Its defenders go around selling the arguments presented with the dedication of a scientologist.

It will ensure it has cash flow until the C-series takes off!

When I took a few marketing, business and accounting classes in university professors would often emphasize the importance of making sure you have cash flow before you get into business. With no cash flow, you basically die.

Yet, that message is completely irrelevant when it comes to propping up the puppet we call Bombardier.

Since when is it the problem of the people that a private a company lacks cash flow? Do a simple exercise. Ask your local politician you lack cash flow and if only you could get that loan you could make it!

But when this simple fact is pointed out it moves to...

All companies in the industry are subsidized and we need to do the same to compete!

Everyone is doing it! Drugs and orgies! We're all incompetent and inept!

It doesn't say much for your business model if you constantly have to rely on the government to survive. Normally, any business that reaches this point either goes bankrupt or sells.

Yes, it's true their competitors are subsidized and it's true Ontario too gives to Bombardier but it doesn't make it right.

Alas, the great shining light of Bombardier must not fail because....

It's the pride of Quebec!

Mixing nationalism and business is rarely a good idea. It leads to poor decisions.

Decisions like handing over $1 billion of tax dollars to a company $9 billion in debt and with a market cap of $3.2 billion.

Quebec loves to talk populist bull shit until it comes to greasing their crony pals.

Surely we need to protect all these jobs!

Yet, Bombardier is cutting jobs in other divisions like Global Express. That is magically not mentioned in the media.

The government should never be in the business of picking winners and losers.


For the simple reason it's not a business and doesn't know jack shit about it. What about politicians who are businessmen! Well, by the time they make that transition into political life, they no longer are businessmen but politicians looking for votes.

It's absurd and utterly and inherently unfair to the vast majority of businesses who survive with government assistance.

We have to stop conflating the fact that Bombardier builds quality products with the need to bail it out whenever it misses. The more important fact is the government needs to stop enabling Bombardier.

DO YOU JOB as a company by making sound decisions and you won't have to worry about jobs.

Imagine if the government gave a bank $1 billion to 'save jobs'. How would the public react then? Or Wal-Mart? How are those jobs any different than those of Bombardier? What about big pharma?

I mention those three because they're often attacked in the media or by the public. Actually, in the case of pharma they may have a case since they manufacture pills we often need to survive or get healthy on. Bombardier manufacturers ski-doos and planes.

I stand by my assertion that Bombardier is not a symbol of pride or cares for jobs if it consistently mismanages its affairs and expects daddy to bail them out.

It's not my job to given them cash flow or make sure their pensions are safe or the CEO gets his fat salary.


An iconic company has pride in itself.

I'm not so sure Bombardier acts it.

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