Wednesday Night Music: You Can't Do That No More

I went out to get some groceries the other day
From my neighborhood grocery store
And before I could open my mouth
The grocery man said "No! You can't get that no more"
That's what he said, you can't get that no more
He said, "I sold all I had the other day
It ain't me Mr. Jordan, it's the OPA
You just can't get it, you got to do with what you got
Ain't go have no more for the duration,
You got to be careful with your boots on"

The hip cats used to stand on the corner in their zoot suits
And them long chains hanging down all looking cute,
But things is very different now since Uncle Sam has got some Japs to shoot

You can't do that no more
You can't do that no more
No more standing on the corner day and night
Cause Uncle Sam says you got to work or you got to fight
So you can't do that no more
No you can't do that no more

You know the glamour gals stopped glamorizing
They working in defense plants wearing slacks
And some of them fine chicks is cutting out everyday
Joining the wave, the spas and the wax
Now fellas, you can't get that no more
I am telling you fellas, you just can't get it
You can't jive these girls like you used to do
Cause some of them is making more money than you
I am telling you boys, you just can't get that no more
No you can't get that no more

You know the girls used to wake up every morning
And say lord send me a handsome man
One that is physically fit
But uncle sam has got all of them now
And the gals is got to take just what they can get

You can't get that no more
Aint no need to be giggling girls
You just can't get it no more that's all
Girls you can't be particular
You've got to take what's left
Either them worn out 3A's or them beat up 4F's
That's all you just can't get it no more
No you can't get that no more


And as long as there are people like Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Schumer out there, this song will always be relevant. What's Chuck been up to? Fighting to stop the war on drugs? Rethinking how we view economic policies? Nah.

Caffeinated peanut butter.

"Caffeine is a powerful stimulant, unsafe amounts can cause adverse symptoms like increased heart rate and blood pressure and an overdose of caffeine can be fatal," Schumer said in a press release. "We must avoid exposing our families and children to the potential harmful effects that consuming caffeinated food may lead to."

 Maude Flanders couldn't have said it any better.
You keep fighting the good fight, Chuck. You keep eroding freedom of choice and saving consumers from themselves.

/throws plastic medal at Schumer's feet.

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