We Want Shiny Toys!

I keep reading how "science is restored" now that the Liberals are in charge.

Got that?! Charles is in Charge now!

It's stupid as it is devoid of any reasonable and rational thought.

Science didn't go anywhere in the last 10 years.

What did disappear for a while was politically charged science. The Conservatives clamped down on that crap as was their right and rightfully so because it was done on the government's dime. It did give us some peace of mind and keep us out of the politics of climate change rubbish.

The charge he was anti-science was just hyper petulance on the part of the people who felt entitled to tax dollars to fund whatever it was they were studying. Hence the predictable narrative that pitted the conservatives as 'anti-science jesus freaks' against enlightened and rational people.

The only irrational forces were the ones pimping that narrative.

Like it is whenever you take away their toys. They react as if the world is gonna end. What? No research for global warming? We're gonna die! What? Long-form census is not mandatory? Kids won't get school buses!

Of course, Canada still stands as it always has.

Dumbass fear-mongering babies.

And that's the blunt truth of it.

Alas, now they have their Shiny Toy governance. They can suck on the tit of the state again and over shoot their importance.

All is well.

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