Not Easy Time For Immigration Departments In North America

Let's get one thing straight. ISIS is not 'contained' and the Obama administration is not 'one step ahead'. Just wanted to mention this. I just don't understand how within days of a Russian airliner being shot down by ISIS Obama would go public with such an incredibly laughable statement.

But a mere four months earlier he said, “We don’t yet have a complete strategy,” Obama told reporters during a news conference at the G-7 summit of leading industrial nations in Germany. Since then, the administration hasn't really completed it either.

As for the refugees/migrants, here's the problem facing governments including Canada and the United States. We must avoid what Europe did in allowing over 800 000 people with little screening. It's hard to believe someone didn't warn national governments the potential of terrorists being among them. Unfortunately, the humanist aspect of helping people has to be weighed against the fact crazed fanatical murderous terrorists are among them.

The situation in Europe is so bizarre if not downright unbelievable, we have cases here the number of refugees/migrants exceeds the towns- as reported from Germany - their being sent into by the government!

We don't let convicted murderers (criminals) in so why should it be any different here? It has nothing to do with being anti-immigrant but protecting your citizens. Of course this sorts of stories bring out the xenophobes but in this matter, sensible people are not asking for any restrictions or closing of borders; and if they are it's temporary until things get sorted out, but want to ensure our public safety officials are vetting rigorously who is let in. The last thing you want is allowing a terrorist to slip in.

The most important objective of government as mandated by its citizens is national security. That's it.

All energies must be poured into this.

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