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Back in the day, the Middle-Ages, alchemists were sly shysters profiting off the ignorance of people.

Today, the modern Middle-Ages, green activists have replaced the alchemists garnering wealth off the ignorance of the people.

Which reminded me of a comment I got from someone at Volkswagen. 'Before, the decision to buy diesel was an economic one. After, when the emissions scandal broke, they suddenly worried about the environment but when VW began to make financial amends, they straightened up, kicked Gaia aside and became rationally economic again.

Emphasis mine.


Don't buy the hype. Canada can't afford to join in on the climate-system change alchemy.

There's no such thing as finding 'solutions that balance the economy and climate change policy'.

Someone will pay a heavy price.


What makes libertarians and sometimes conservatives different from liberals and progressives?

I think the former when presented with a set of policies, rules or regulations tend to go look at the potential ramifications on the 'unseen'. Moreover, once those become law, they follow the results of such enactments.

Whereas the latter focus on the intent and rhetoric of the idea. The results don't matter much since their intent ensured success in their view. The narrative prevails over the actual result. What is seen is much easier than contemplating the abstract in the unseen.

In other words, libertarians and conservatives are better at spotting bull shit.

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