Misapplication Of Precautionary Principle Leads School To Take Walking Cane Away From A Blind Child

I'm working on a massive Daily Derp but in the mean time, enjoy the marvel of derp.

"A blind girl has been banned from bringing her walking cane to school for "health and safety" reasons.

Lily-Grace Hooper, who is seven, suffered a stroke when she was just four days old, which left her virtually blind.

But her school, Hambrook Primary School, has now told the youngster she can no longer use her walking cane, because it could trip up teachers and other pupils at the school.

A risk assessment by Gary Learmonth from Sensory Support Service – done on behalf of the school – said the cane caused a high risk to other people around Lily-Grace, and that she should instead have full adult support "100 per cent" at all times."

Hambrook Primary School's head teacher, Jo Dent, said they would discuss the situation with Kristy.
She said: "The school's mobility officer raised health and safety issues around the new cane following a recent risk assessment.

"We have to consider all of our pupils, so it is important that we have an opportunity to discuss the situation before we make any decisions.

"We are very keen to resolve this issue as soon as possible and have been actively seeking to engage with the parent to bring this to an agreeable conclusion.

"The pupil has not been banned from bringing in their cane, we have simply asked them to not use it around school as a temporary measure, until we have the chance to meet with the parent and discuss the situation."

She said this?

Mehtinks Jo has suspended her humanism for bureaucratic safety bull shit.
We live in a time where we look at inanimate object and determine it's dangerous without laying much context and common sense anymore.
People have lost their minds.
Hang in there Lily-Grace.

But the government organism that regulates safety cited by the school said it's rubbish.
"The Government watchdog for health and safety has rubbished a risk assessment which banned a blind girl from taking her walking cane to school.

Seven-year-old Lily-Grace Hooper was told by Hambrook Primary School not to bring her cane to classes because of 'health and safety' reasons...."
"Geoff Cox, who heads the HSE's public sector team, also works with schools on safety.
He said: "There is nothing in health and safety regulations that would ban a child using a walking stick in school, or anywhere else for that matter.

"In cases like these people need to sit down and work out sensible and proportionate arrangements that will work in practice. I hope common sense prevails here.

"This is an example of someone using it the wrong way. I've never heard of it before."

Geoff is a sensible guy, Jo. Better listen to him.

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