Adidas Goes SJW

Man am I getting tired of this shit.

"The German sports apparel company this week released a plan at the White House Tribal Nations Conference to encourage schools to change mascots or other symbols representing Native Americans in derogatory ways.

Adidas says it will give free design assistance for institutions agreeing to switch their logos and “who want to change their identity to ensure the transition is not cost prohibitive.”

 Not to sound shrill or anything but I'm definitely not buying Adidas gear. Not that I bought much but this certainly isn't going to help.

I know. I'm such an extremist not buying into the SJW cause.

I wonder how the Germans would feel if someone made too much of the fact Volkswagen was founded by Adolf Hitler. And that the iconic VW symbol is probably offensive to Jews.

They'd be right if they argued they shouldn't be penalized for something that happened 80 years ago or that the company's values obviously do not reflect Nazi ideology. Contemporary Germany is not Nazi Germany.

So why the fuck are they not applying this simple argument and logic to mascots and the Washington Redskins? Not to mention, often, it has in some cases become a term of respect and endearment for Native culture.

The hypocrisy is blinding.

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