Satire No More And The Madness At Mizzou

When does satire become reality?

Regarding this whole University of Mizzou thing. I ain't touching this one. I think it's pretty safe to conclude most of what's being charged by the students is bull shit and likely never happened. It's a scourge we're seeing on campus and not a simple 'communication breakdown' as some have ridiculously asserted. Not to mention the story of communications professor Melissa Click scolding a journalist and preventing them from doing their jobs. Freedom of speech? Of the press? You mad, bro? Someone made a poo Swastika! Allegedly. But we're gonna stick with the fabrication because, er, social justice?

Everyone has lost their fricken minds.

For more on Mizzou Lies just follow Reason. The stories are coming in fast and furiously. I can't keep up; nor do I want to. Bunch of luniles.

This is not social justice. It's just plain tyranny of the mob.

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