Shiny Toy Governance: Rationalism Restored!

Not really. 

Bains could not say what the penalty would be for refusing to fill out the compulsory questionnaire, but said there will be a "robust" communication plan. The vast majority of Canadians understand the importance of this data and want to participate in the process, he said, noting that 93.5 per cent of the population filled out the forms last time.

Key phrase: 93.5% and all VOLUNTARY.

Chalk up to petulant babies acting like fucken assholes.

Yet, they still want to make it mandatory under the threat of a fine? Let's go after the 6.5%. Freedom of choice means jack shit to the Liberals.

Anytime you see the word 'mandatory' it's never a good thing. Ever.

If anything, the conservatives were correct to have scrapped the coercive aspect of the long-form census. They proved A) the country rolled along and B) people still filled it out anyway.

So what's the friggin problem?


Progressives are control freaks. They just love a good fine or threat for a good cause. They just talk nicer is all.

Again. Nothing new. Expect much more of this superficial governance from a government that lacks any real substance.

I look forward to what kind of nonsense the Minister of Environment and Global Warming will concot.

The Liberals are not governing for the people. They're governing according to a narrative; through progressive optics. That's it. They govern the same way they shrilled the conservatives for. 

Not a fan.

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  1. Those are what are known as "Invent-a-Law"s.
    Laws which are additional to the basic "Do not steal", "Do not murder", "Do not trespass without just cause".
    These are "surplus" laws concocted as either red herrings, favoring special interests, or simply as a front for satisfying "power-and-control" objectives (like a lot of the "crusader" type laws and such).


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