Media: Do Your Jobs About Bombardier

A friend of mine is a mechanic in the Global Express division at Bombardier.

He informed me he's out of a job come January.

They were saying about jobs?

This is to say nothing of teachers striking like hobos while not getting paid to do so because they feel strongly about what the government is doing. It's much easier for the government to bully teachers though than it is Bombardier. A company that has blazed through more CEO's than the Cleveland Browns have with QB's and coaches.

The optics are just plain awful.

Now I hear the Shiny Toy government is serious about kicking in another billion. So much for Trudeau's faux-populist 1% gibberish and protecting the middle-class, huh?

The ROI on all these 'investments' over the years has been pitiful. A complete waste of tax dollars.

Note to Alain Bellemare. I'm glad you assembled a great team. It's not the first time I hear Bombardier does this. The last CEO was given a nice package while he split for Hydro-Quebec.

Cronies are gonna crony, you know?

The day I see Bombardier stop feeding incompetent executives rich pay outs and actually survive on its own as a company is the day I will accept it's on a proper path (which I don't believe will come) and earn my respect. At this point, teachers have more honor than they do.

Until then, Bombardier is a ward of the state in my eyes. By handing them money all you do is delay the inevitable because one day there will be nothing to give. Imagine being the Premier the day that happens!

And damn them to hell for making me side with unionized civil servants!

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