The BBC Loves To Pump The Asshole Angle

Remember when Muslims blamed the Jews for 9/11 but at the same time celebrated it? Sorta like how Western intellectuals on either side, believed Jews to be the authors of both communism and capitalism.

My synopsis?

People are assholes.

Dumb fucken assholes.

Thank God for the Jews because we'd see just how repulsive our intellectualism can get to the point of moral bankruptcy.

Muslims, in the context of terror, believe in 1001 tales. It's a bizarre cognitive dissonance at play.

'Yeah it's bad to kill people in Paris BUT people die in Syria every day'

Such is the best they've got to excuse and justify murder in their name.

And now the media (of course, the BBC those left-wing 'tards) is out looking for monsters. Christian monsters of course.

"In Connecticut, authorities are looking into reports of gunshots fired at a mosque just hours after the Paris attacks. "killed Paris" found etched on an Egyptian student's dormitory door at University of ConnecticutEiffel Tower spray-painted on the wall of the Omaha Islamic Center in Nebraska one man threatened on social media to "shoot up a mosque" in Texas faeces and torn Quran pages found outside another Texas mosque two mosques in Florida received threatening phone calls

Soooo. Let's get this straight. A half dozen incidents which include some vandalism in a nation of 320 million one in which can't be confirmed and two were just empty threats?


What did I say up above?

People are just assholes.

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