Florida Is Bat Shit Crazy

Couple face 15 years for having sex on a beach. Not the drink, but the real thing.

Americans have lost their fricken minds on a bunch of things but this 'sex registry' thing is scary as it is evil.

I can totally see abuse with this. And now Florida is set to wreck two lives over it.

Eat shit Ed Brodsky.


  1. Dogma rules over reality, as usual.
    "Sex offenders" are essentially the modern-day "heretics" as countries are making "sex offenses" out of just about ANY candid displays of erotica desires of any sort.
    I realize some behaviors are "inappropriate" and "improper" ...however I also think one should not be classified on the same level as "rapists" and "molesters" simply for exhibiting a certain degree of candor about having certain normal human desires, even if they make the mistake of overreaching such to the point of committing an (especially essentially minor) indiscretion.

    1. There's no common sense in the USA when it comes to such matters it seems. It's just insane to do this to people. In fact, this does more to damage its civilization in the long-run making criminals out of people like this. It's, well, obscene and I wish they'd knock it off. Same with the cop worshiping.

    2. It's the idea of being "dutifully" unforgiving of those who openly express something they've felt like doing themselves but would never dare to due to concern for reputation, effect on their self-image and self-esteem, or of violating personal moral standards.


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