Obamacare: Exercise In Deception

In the early days of Obamacare conservatives warned it was designed to fail in order to get Americans onto single payer. The theory was that Obamacare was not going to deliver what it promised thus leaving policy makers no choice but to scrap it and move onto single payer.

Liberals and progressives, naturally, scoffed it off as the usual conservative 'fear-mongering' because they couldn't handle a black president. In their minds, it all made sense. To the extent, sense as dictated by the state. I don't think, at least not from what I've read over the years. they ever really critically analyzed this 2900 paged monstrosity. I'm almost convinced there are recipes for Hungarian goulash in there somewhere. In any event, it's not like progressive have exhibited any substantial thought on climate change and economics. They just accept 'it's because so'.

I myself wrote Americans were screwed and were on a path to single payer because the mathematics behind Obamacare were incoherent. Stupid terms like 'revenue neutral' were thrown around and people swallowed it like zombies eating flesh and drinking blood to wash it all down.

It wasn't that hard to see folks.

What are you gonna so, right?

Even Democrats lashed out for daring to think this way and was proof conservatives wanted people to die. Or even eat babies.

Alas, here's that awful man Harry Reid on the issue. Basically, as he scratches his ass, he admits it to be true.

From the get-go Obamacare was an unmitigated disaster implemented poorly and clearly without much thought. See health-care exchanges.

And now everyone is seeing what piece of crap Obamacare really is and would rather be fined because they see no value in the cost to coverage.

Of course, progressives will just dismiss this as people being too stupid to understand what's good for them.

Naturally. Because they 'just know' better for everyone.

Now insurance companies are losing patience.

I have no skin in the game, Canada handed over its health independent to the government decades ago, and what we've got is truly a dysfunctional and mediocre universal system. It's, well, decidedly 2nd world.

I can't see how anyone, by now, would conclude otherwise.

So we're cooked. But America was wasn't. And this is why Canadians like me can't comprehend why in the world they'd vote for this garbage.

Premiums have shot up (remember people were supposed to save $2500?) and coverage is sparse (remember people could keep their plans and doctors?) to the point people have determined it's better to just pay the fine.

So in effect, all Obamacare has managed to succeed at is being a coercive collector of people's money through fines.

"The IRS fined more than 7.5 million Americans for not having health insurance in 2014. That was 1.5 million people more than the administration projected."

They knew all along what they were doing.

And it was an exercise in classic state deception.

For the, you know, greater good.

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