Quebec Liberals Are Bullies

Their behavior with the teachers is sickening.

And we've all seen what they've done to nurses over the years.

Tough guys with teachers. Not so much with the inept, corporate bums that run Bombardier.

Speaking of which, Caisse Depot (they deserve each other) has kicked in $2 billion bringing Bombardier's bail out (it's not an investment) to roughly $3 billion. The Feds have yet to announce (which I'm betting is a fait accompli) releasing the $2 billion asked of them.

Which would bring the total to $5-$6 billion. Therein lies the truth of the matter, Bombardier probably needed that much liquidity just to keep going. 

The cronyism runs deep because no one in their right mind would give such a company with such a dubious track record that much money.

Meanwhile, these paragons of business tighten the credit screws on small business. Suddenly business metrics like profits, earnings, sound management, sales and so on matter. Just to get a $10 000 loan is an ordeal. In my case, it's better to just pay with VISA, accept the interest and pay it down than go through the bull shit with institutions like Caisse and other banks. With Bombardier it's all based on bull shit projections in a company that continuously misses its targets.

You're off your rocker if you defend this garbage.

It's all so second world. 

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