Cult Of Personality Forming Around Trudeau And Why Too Much Is Made Of His Cabinet

And so the 'we're not Harper' government is taking root.

The derp is coming fast hard from 'democracy was restored' (because an imposed affirmative action quota is democracy and equality) to 'I didn't recognize my Canada anymore.'

Funny. I come from the same Canada as the next guy and never felt like anything changed much. But then again, this narrow view is nothing new if you're from the Quebec-Ontario power base. In a way, the Liberals represent old-school, blue blood politics. For progressives (and let's face it, the Liberal party of Canada is basically left-wing now), romanticizing Trudeaumania Redux is 'Canada'.

Superficial to you and me, not so much to them.

But reality will set in.

Unless they kill reality.

And $145 billion in spending may just do that.

Get ready for Derek Zoolander.


Of course, they - mostly progressives - were hooked on the semantics more than anything when it came to Harper. For example, the hysterical hysteria around the long-form census was mostly focused on the government making it voluntary rather than mandatory. That 94% of Canadians filled it out anyway matters little. But the Liberals went ahead and made it mandatory again anyway. Because democracy or some shit. Or it was just an easy, early cynical move to signal a new 'style' of governance is in play now.

All theater.

In any event, the buses ran just fine and Canadian civilization remained in tact.

They also obsess over proroguing Parliament but on one of those occasions he was right to do so as the NDP and Liberals cynically tried to usurp the will of Canadians who handed Harper a minority by threatening to merge. Funny how they neglected to mention this to the electorate during the election.

Democracy in action. Or they want to bring Canada back so badly they were willing to undermine the Canadian public.

Nor did he stop scientists from scienting. He just didn't want them going rogue with dissenting (politicized) views from official policy. Chretien was equally as hard on this point if memory serves me right.

It's not different, I reckon, from how diplomats can't go off whenever the government doesn't implement their recommendations. Or, more to the point, how a boss of a company is not interested in watching one of his or her employees take their grievances to other clients.

And quite honestly, like his move to make the LFC voluntary proved to be a non-issue given that Canadians complied anyway, he kinda had a point.

Well, look.

If this is not the cult of the personality taking root like we saw down south with Obama, I don't know what is.

If Harper was not transparent, then he fairly faced criticism for such actions. The Harper government was taken to task.

But here's my worry and concern. Even The Northern Light Bringer was elected the media was fabricating the narrative. And with images like the one above in the link, it should leave you skeptical as to whether the media will critically cover this government.


His 'Because it's 2015' quip has already made an impact with those who like their empty platitudes and mediocre rhetoric with their Tim Horton's coffee, is already infiltrating schools.

Now I have to explain to my daughter - delicately - the potential pitfalls of such actions and how to read things critically by knowing history.

Lest she be a victim of it or be given something she didn't deserve.

It's not the values I want to instill in my daughter.

To wit I will have to deconstruct this mess:

"Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is made up of 15 women and 15 men (plus Trudeau). For the first time in Canada’s history, half (50 per cent) of the Prime Minister’s closest advisors are women. In contrast, just 30 per cent—one-third—of the members of Stephen Harper’s most recent cabinet were female.
Trudeau’s cabinet also includes people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of life. For instance, there is an astronaut, a person in a wheelchair, someone who used to own a campground, a Rhodes Scholar, a refugee, an athlete, an Inuit person, and a former soldier, among others."

One, cabinet ministers have always come from 'diverse backgrounds' so not sure why this was said.

In addition, who makes decisions in accordance to a quota? It's one thing if all criteria were satisfied, whereby in every single of those cases the best candidate was given the job and quite another if a nod was given based on gender, race or creed - which is a form of discrimination in of itself.

Two, the assertion about Harper having only 30% of his cabinet is pointless. It implies it had no diversity which is not accurate. Do Bal Gosal,  Leona Aglukklaq and Alice Wong, Lyne Yellich and Julian Fantino (Italian born who worked his way up to Chief of Police in Toronto and Commissioner of the OPP) not count? How about Shelley Glover, part Metis, was the first to police Sargent to become an MP? Or Steven Fletcher who is quadriplegic and an engineer. What, do they fail some 'diversity' definition I'm missing?

I guess the CBC missed it.

Seems to me it was already diverse. Just not in the "percentages" deemed acceptable by...well I guess progressives? Which automatically makes it ridiculous as it demeans Harper's cabinet who served this country. 

And spare the crap about them being 'corpses' because Harper controlled the message. If you think and say this you're an asshole.

Four, with 11 cabinet positions. Why? Because the province gave him over 80 seats. So let's keep things in perspective a tad shall we? Personally, this part doesn't bother me at all as it's always been the case.

BE INFORMED. Trudeau is not ushering in a Golden Age of anything. It's been done. I urge young Canadians to research an assertion made or heard. Don't take it at face value. Or else we, among other things, misplace or exaggerate praise.

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