Shiny Toy Government: Justice And Equality You Can Believe in

Justin Trudeau announced his cabinet and true to progressive form he nominated 15 men and 15 women.

Nothing says equality like forced-faked equality.

Naturally, the media is eating this theater up.  

The brain dead fawning only further exposes their liberal bias. Truly is sad.

It would take a special kind of person to actually believe the appointments were entirely based on merit. 

Imagine if you worked for a company and were passed over because of political correct nonsense? It wouldn't be great for morale.

This sort of thing is frowned upon in serious companies and sports teams. And for good reason. You can't let a narrative rule your decisions lest you lose or fail.

In fact, I wonder about those Liberals overlooked who probably deserved a post ahead of some of these folks. They can't be too pleased. To be frank, I don't feel sorry for them.  They signed up for this.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near an organization that runs its affairs this way. There's nothing more corrosive than watching boobs and babs get undeserved promotions. But that's me.

Trudeau's emotional vapidity is only surpassed by the cynicism that grips modern progressivism. Rooted in this decision is the misplaced and misguided notion that somehow unfair practices based on gender was a common practice; that somehow he's righting a wrong.

Sorta like how the left-wing narrative in the USA and Obama. 

Utter bollocks.

Then again, I would not expect anything less from the Liberals.

They are the natural governing party of Shiny Toys.

To those of us who pull classical liberal. Saddle up. It's going to be one derpy ride with this bunch.


Watch what the Liberals do not what they say. It won't be pretty and Alberta is going to be a far different place in a couple of years.

It always stuns me how people vote NDP and then are shocked they want to spend their way into oblivion. You get what you vote for. The NDP will spend Alberta into oblivion.

While Trudeau is gonna make people swoon with his empty 'different kind of governance' talk, the actual politics a may affect us negatively in our pockets.

Style over substance will be the order of the day.

Just watch him.

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