Krugman's Vapid Conscience

I accidentally fell upon Paul Krugman's blog. And boy did I regret it. I'd rather read Curious George.

What an insufferable and predictable bore and a snore he is.

Krugman has a knack for the opaque: 

"...Meanwhile, the Democrats had a bizarrely rational and well-informed debate. By today’s standards, that’s positively un-American."

 I thoroughly enjoy watching Democrats talk like Soviet-style commies and populist Marxists about who they're gonna 'go after' this and that.

Hillary is using the passage of time hoping people won't remember to rewrite her own history.

Not only is she a faux-populist she actually had the nerve to pull out the 9/11 card? I don't seem to recall Hillary's face anywhere in the streets of NYC on that day and in the aftermath. 

In fact, she was nowhere to be found. That was GUILIANI'S TOWN. 

It's not a first for such a liar. Recall she claimed to be under 'sniper fire' in Sarajevo which proved to be false.

And for kicks, it was her camp that started the whole Obama birth certificate thing. Funny how Democrats are glossing over this preferring to pretend it's the right-wing who started it.

It started as a rebuttal trying to defend her integrity but it ended with her revealing she has none.

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