Will Springsteen Boycott California Too?

The problem with boycotts and selective activism is it leaves individuals or groups open to criticism.

Take Bruce Springsteen who cancelled a show in North Carolina over its LBGT laws on transgender bathrooms.

Bruce is free to, of course, voice his displeasure over such an issue but I do find it unfortunate he made his fans pay the price for it. At the end of the day, in my opinion and fan of his art, Springsteen is a musician and probably should not lose sight of this fact.

Here's the problem - and it's a little like the whole anti-war movement's sudden disappearance under a Democrat administration despite its own penchant for war and violence in the last eight years - NC is not the only state to have this on its books.

California - yes, progtard state supreme - is one of those states. Consider:

Under the potty parity laws—first passed in California in 1987 and now implicitly incorporated into building code guidelines—public places are required to offer either an equal number of men's and women's "water closets" or, more frequently, two female toilets for each male toilet or urinal. Alaska has adopted a 2.7 to 1 ratio; Pittsburgh 3.75 to 1; Texas and Tennesee two to one.
Existing buildings shouldn't be forced into expensive renovations to desegregate gendered bathrooms; nor would I want new laws requiring all places to give up gender-segregated facilities. But doing away with existing laws that force bathroom segregation could go a long way.

Soooo. Can we expect Springsteen to cancel any tours in California?

Yeah. That sound you hear are crickets. I highly doubt it.

Much easier, much like in the case of tax agencies beating up on small guys, to push a small (southern) state around I reckon.


Know what else? It's easy for Springsteen to call for  'gender-neutral' bathrooms since, you know, he'd never be forced into one.

Personally, you're fucking crazy if you think I'd go take a piss next to a woman. It's literally immoral as it is barbaric.

Jesus Christ, is their no common decency where privacy is concerned?

I can just see the law suits. 'There's no need for a man to shake his dick so vigorously in front of women without a trigger warning'. Followed with a video showing how to piss properly in front of women as well as sensitivity training. Naturally.


In my view, musicians who claim to care about liberty should focus more on the huge problem of anti-free speech movements (oh I'm crazy, eh?) , just to cite one example, pushed by SJW destroying one protest at a time the very idea of freedom of expression on North American campuses.

After all, the art of music is but about expression, correct?

Please report for your Re-Neducation:

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  1. I'll sometimes use the women's bathroom in some places myself if it's a "one-hole" with a lock on the door.
    Always remember to raise the lid when you piss, of course.

    The larger multi-receptacle bathrooms, of course, require proper protocol when using.


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