Government Interference Hurts People

Once again, the government is interfering and sticking its nose into something it should not be. E-cigarettes are the latest faux public health scare health officials are looking to ban.

And this time we know there is ZERO EVIDENCE for the panic because, well, it takes a long time to conduct such studies. If they've yet produced a conclusive study linking cigarettes to lung cancer, the probability of e-cigarettes causing it is next to zero.

Leave it to the government to take away something, if anything, that has proven to be quite beneficial for people trying to quit cigarettes.

In fact, they're flat out lying to you. Either they know the facts and they still lie - which makes them evil sons of bitches - or they lie because they're inner circle of experts don't know the facts - which makes them stupid.

Both are inexcusable.

In the end, if we're ostensibly free people, then we shouldn't be fighting government to not put salt and sugar bans or preventing us from using or consuming things like e-cigarettes.

My take?

Government bureaucrats are more dangerous to people than e-cigarettes.

The worst kind of person is one who tries to manage your vices and virtues or your habits by controlling, for example, what you eat and drink claiming it's for your own good without much proof to do so. All have

From plastic bag bans to minimum wage laws to e-cigarettes. Watch for the unintended consequences.

We wallow in a gigantic well of bull shit.

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