Credibility Margins Are Fast Disappearing

You can count me in as one of those who is disturbed but not surprised by the revelations of an unholy relationship between the Canada Revenue Agency and KPMG.

None of these stories - from Hillary's corrupt and criminal emails to aggressive police to the Panama Papers to CRA and KPMG - we hear in the news that reveal the level of brutality, corruption and audacity should shock anyone who has been closely following current events.

In the end, whether it's $15 minimum wage or wars on drugs or anything else, it's the middle-class that will end up paying for whatever misdeeds and criminal activity our political masters engage in.

It's especially galling and unacceptable that CRA (and the IRS and Revenue Quebec - I still can't for the life of me understand how Quebecers accept paying to two tax departments. It's redundant. How much waste and corruption can one take? One government suffices) goes after the small guy and business.  They throw their weight around bullying defenseless tax payers but simultaneously work to undermine us by protecting and coddling powerful players.

But if they come knocking for your money (taxes are coercion) on your door, they will gladly ruin your life.

This is how systems fall apart and even revolutions begin. Once the process of eroding trust begins, it's impossible to reverse.

And be the fool if you think it will be cleaned up anytime soon.

The best you can do to exercise your rights is to join the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and/or the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. These two organizations speak on our behalf as one voice and do great work bringing our concerns to decision makers.

An active, informed and vigilant population is the only way to combat this.

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