Quebec Needs To Grow Up

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoy watching Quebec nationalists lose their minds whenever a foreign business swallows up a Quebec business. In this case, the foreigners being Ontarians - shock! - from Swiss Chalet buying St-Hubert.

Nothing says a Canadian cat-fight involving Quebec nationalists like mediocre chicken.

How dare les maudits anglais buy a pure laine company! La bataille de poulet!

Le Journal de Montreal - that paper of "record" - blared on the front page 'Acheter par les Ontariens!' as if criminals bought the hallowed chicken place.

The whole episode is repugnant as it is third rate. 

Once again, Quebec's insecurities shoot right to the forefront with the reaction. Not too long ago they got their pigtails all twisted up because American company - shock! - Lowe's wanted to buy Ro-Na. Or witness the reaction when Guy Laliberte dared sell Cirque du Soleil.

In any event, maybe the acquisition will stop St-Hubert messing up our take-out orders.

Apparently identity politics must take precedence in Quebec over even business. It's irrational as it is dangerous for the progress of this place.

The CAQ under Normand Legault are especially disappointing for stooping to such inane, counter-productive, nationalism. For a party that claims to be pro-business they sure know how to show their colors as a pro-Quebec business party - which isn't that far off from being the PQ if you ask me.

Then they wonder why Quebec is sometimes referred to as Mississippi North.

Quebec needs to mature and change its mentality where its business model is concerned - fast. Lest it continues to wallow in nothingness getting worked up over the silliest of things they have no control over.

If culture is that important to nationalists, then ban all trade.

Otherwise, as Michael told Sonny, 'it's not personal. It's business.'

Conflating culture with business is unhealthy for enterprise. There is just enterprise in my view.

What are the options? To overpay for chicken because St-Hubert can't maintain its margins? To let Ro-Na fail or worse, become a ward of the state like Bombardier?

It's absurd.

And the CAQ should know this. Shame on them. If this is their idea of pushing Quebec forward, then all I can say is expect more of the same.

To think I almost voted for these yokels.

I mock because Quebec leaves itself open to mocking. I don't see how this kind of parochial populism in response to a buy out is any different than the rants of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.

All 'get off my lawn' nonsense.

Above all, and this is what I find distasteful, is it's perfectly fine for a Quebec business to buy companies outside its boundaries.

It seems turn about is fair play is not recognized among the nationalists.


Once upon a time during a debate, Legault brought awareness to what many of us outside the Quebec tribe already knew. That by all measures and metrics, Quebec lagged most jurisdictions in North America. We wallow near the bottom with Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

I was surprised a Quebec politician would be so blunt and frank. I thought to myself there could still be hope since we're finally acknowledging it.

Alas, Legault ended up displaying the very mentality that keeps Quebec persistently a laggard. Which, I reckon, isn't all that surprising given he is at the heart of it a former Pequiste and separatist.

And there it will stay.

Not even Mississippi or Alabama are backward places anymore as they're now attracting more and more businesses from across the USA and increasingly the world.

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