The Dangerous Face Of Evil: Elizabeth Warren

"This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren bemoaned the fact that businessmen have “become accustomed to saying whatever they want about Washington policy debates,” and she is pressuring the Securities and Exchange Commission to file fraud charges against businesses that lobby against regulations that they believe would hurt them. Senator Warren charges that the businesses in question exaggerate the costs of regulations when lobbying against them in public and do not do so when communicating with investors and shareholders — which is to say, she wants to make a felony out of what amounts to at most hyperbole or political spin."

Sit back and think what this cunt is proposing.

If your brain is calibrated properly you should arrive at the conclusion that this is a horrific totalitarian mindset with all sorts of dangerous implications.

Once again, conservatives (despite their imperfections and inconsistencies on such matters) and libertarians are the ONLY group willing to face this outrageous outgrowth of authoritarianism head on.

Liberals and progressives, as lovers of coercive power, are too busy making excuses for this like the little, cowardly, sniveling, twirps they are.

Prove me wrong lefties.

Never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never, ever vote Liberal or Democrat or left-wing until they DEMONSTRATE they're will protect and defend freedom.

They will shove the full boot of totalitarianism straight into your sorry asses.

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