Dividing Lines

This is just my 'snap shot' general view of how I perceive things based on how these groups debate, react to and intellectualize various issues (e.g. gun control, minimum wage, free speech etc.). Obviously this is just my personal take and rooted in my own assumptions. However, this is how I generally see how the philosophical tribes are divided.

Classical liberals, libertarians and conservatives: Skeptical and optimistic view of human nature. 

Still believe in the strength, wisdom and innovation of the individual and community. They accept man's imperfect nature and the vices and virtues that come with it. Their outlook rests on the notion that limited government is the best way to manage human nature whereas a large one is a threat to it.

Progressives (which includes socialists) and contemporary liberals: Cynical and pessimistic. They recognize man's imperfect nature but believe it can be regulated and managed. Man should behave in a certain manner they believe is conducive to the greater good. In this way, a government is never big enough because of the alleged complexities of the modern world. Freedom can never be threatened because government bestows liberties on the people.

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