Quote Of The Day

"In a letter sent home to parents, North County Principal Julie Cares said: “Just as one could argue that the content of [the original] piece was ill-advised and insensitive, such is the case with the content of the student’s piece.”

Who can this SJW Principal possibly be talking about who would have penned such travesty?

Why, Jonathan Swift of course! That great satirist!

And this person is in a position of educating youth?

So what happened to cause such a kerfuffle? 

A Maryland high school student who obeyed the parameters of the assignment he was given is now facing widespread outrage because it wasn't politically correct—even though the point of the assignment was to write something inflammatory.

Basically, he did what was asked of him - with much ability apparently - and is being stupidly scorned for his skill. I would love to get a copy of what he wrote.

Slowly the left wants to pull a blanket over great pieces of literature that don't fit their narrow and ignorant contemporary narrative. A narrative that is good to basically wipe my ass with.

It's amazing how depressingly whacked out people have become when it comes to reading comprehension and their ability to understand the art of satire.

Freedom of expression. How does it work again?



  1. These modern-day "social architects" are, essentially, frustrated they can't retrofit classic art and literature into the current-day mind-set.
    Somehow this factor seems to interfere with some kind of despotic tendencies on their part.

    1. That's why it's a Dark Age. And all these people are playing their part.


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