Dangerous Narratives

As far as I can tell, defenders of the minimum wage act have a shallow if not dubious understanding on how business works.

Actually, I've argued they have no clue because the majority of people don't know what it is to run a business.

The breathtaking stupidity sweeping the United States and spreading across the continent of paying a 'living wage' is bound to end in failure wallowing in unintended consequences that, I believe, will hurt a whole bunch of people - mostly low income employees and youths looking to enter the labor force.

It's funny how the left just loves to pick and choose parts of the Scandinavian model to push their agenda. For example, Sweden and Denmark don't have minimum wage laws.

Politicians who decree - without much thought it appears - go forth and pay $15 /hr. are living in a dream world. You can't tell a business with a certain cost structure and margins to just pay employees what they think they're worth.

It just doesn't work that way and one is a fool to not expect serious consequences.

Of course, to the simpleton mind with no regard for business owners (I mean, they're swimming in cash right?) the premise (a faulty one of course) is they have the "profits" to pass on and if they don't that means they shouldn't be in business. Or they would 'gladly pay more' if it meant a 'living wage'. Highly doubtful and in any event those who irrationally think this way are a tiny precious few (just like the number of people with families working in a minimum wage job represent an insignificant fraction of the labor force) to have any meaningful impact.

Tell you what, you keep that track and people with capital willing to invest won't come. Which leads to another absurd piece of logic: Where stores close, someone else will take its place.

Never mind the cost to a community in the meant time when someone has to shut down because of government intervention. It's one thing to close down voluntarily (poor sales, death etc.) but quite another when a business is healthy. There's no reason to damage people in this way.

We are where we are in our evolutionary progress where capitalism is concerned.

We've never been more efficient, intelligent, wealthier, healthier and exact in our abilities.

This is a fact.

Tinker with it and you're engaging in deception.

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