We're All Authoritarian Populists Now

Sooo, questioning authority now is considered 'authoritarian populist' in the UK?

Well the UK can go screw itself because questioning authority is the healthiest thing a free people can engage in. 

 And let's get one thing clear. There is ONE group of people who are authoritarian populists: Progressives.

"They conclude: "The analysis shows that there is a coherent set of beliefs, held by a surprisingly large proportion of the UK electorate, which can reasonably be described as authoritarian populist."
But Anthony Wells from YouGov stressed the study did not reveal half the population were certain to vote for a Leave vote at the referendum.

Not all of those classed as authoritarian populists said they opposed the EU.
Mr Wells said: "The majority of people have views that can be categorised as authoritarian but within that there are degrees.

"This isn't half the country are dyed in the wool Ukippers who want to pull out of Europe straight away, who want to stop immigration."

Recall, Elizabeth Warren wants to threaten companies who lobby against government policies that affect their business or industry. Fake scienticians like Bill Nye want to imprison 'skeptics' of climate change. College campuses are filled with intolerant assholes and cowardly deans.

One day this blog will get in trouble for making fun of Obama and Trudeau or pissing on Sanders and his idiot ideas supported by his idiot base or Trump because he's the type or calling out Hillary for the - ahem - *criminal* she is. And so on.

Yeh. Laugh. You know it's coming.

Remind me who are the reactionaries and authoritarians again?

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