North Carolina: Celebrities Are Mobilizing!

But will anyone give a shit?

Probably not. Nor should they. I don't.

For one simple reason. Hypocrisy.

And celebrities gots lots of thats.

Michael Moore, well, that goes without saying. He's a gigantic pillow fart of hypocrisy. Didn't he open one of his films in the United Arab Emirates?

What about Bryan Adams? Dude, has extensively toured in the Arab world.

Do these two nitwits know or acknowledge the human rights abuses (particularly against gays and women) in Mid-East countries?

But you know. KA-CHING!

And then there's Bruce Springsteen who is, dagger in my heart, on his way to derpville.

From Bono to the singer of Midnight Oil (the Beds are Burning bald guy) to Di Caprio to whomever. The list of activist celebrities caught in acts of hypocrisy is long.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out each of these people do business with people or companies that operate in places that kill people based on their, say, sexual preferences.

Alas, to call those people out wouldn't get you invited to the next snazzy cocktail party and all round pats on the back and bums I reckon.

It's so easy to research their hypocrisy it's literally fricken embarrassing. 

The day I see celebrities stop being selective and apply the concept of freedom of speech and expression to all people including those they disagree with, is the day I'll take them seriously.

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  1. Just thought I'd mention that the new law that has upset these celebs affects maybe 1% of the population.


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