$650 Bought Me Peace Of Mind

Today I went for an MRI.

My doctor referred me to a public hospital but I declined and went to a private clinic.

And I don't regret a second or dime of it. My appointment was for 11:15am and my name was called at 11:15am. Who knows how long it would have been on the public side? And heaven forbid you ask them how long it could take lest they view your question as 'aggressive'. My time is just too valuable to be sitting in a waiting room.

By 11:50 I was done. My day wasn't shot like it usually is on the public side.

The whole process was so patient-centric, peaceful it made for a pleasant experience.

It's impossible to put a price tag on your time and peace of mind but today, it was $650.

That's how the Canadian system measures it anyway.


  1. I know what you mean by "view your question as 'aggressive'".
    Medical/dental professional types and their office staff can sometimes be a snarky bunch.

    1. It's far less prevalent on the private side. There, if I encounter a snarky person I can ask for the manager and hopefully something good comes of it. If the company or organization is a successful one, my chances of seeing a result is in my favor. On the public side you can ask for a superior but nothing will be done. It's ironic because, I thought anyway, you go into public service because you want to serve the public. With it, again this is just me being literal, one would think a natural affinity for customer service should be built-in. But judging the secretaries at my daughter's public school that ain't the case. And it's not about us being rude. I visit the urban planning department for my business and no matter how polite I am, their disdain for you is clear just by their 'fuck you that's why' responses. There is absolutely NO room to discuss with them lest you take it up a notch at which point they claim you're 'aggressive'.

      Fin run-on and rant.


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