Bernie's America: Feel It!

Have you seen the latest Feel the Bern video? What are you waiting for?

What a miserable place the USSR was. I wonder how much more things have improved.

Yet, today while watching my daughter during her tennis lessons I watched a tattooed millennial waltz into the club with I kid you not a hammer and sickle t-shirt. Maybe next time I should ask the idiot for his email and send him this video.

Anyway, Bernie probably sees nothing wrong with this video, right? So long as he gets to rape the people's money to, whatever he wants to do with it. No one needs clean meat in addition to all those types of deodorants and sneakers.

I can't believe people take his utter banal and commie takes on economics seriously.

Are we that ignorant where finance, business, economics and capitalism are concerned? 


I just want to say. I'm confident in saying I was probably the first to call Justin Trudeau Zoolander. Now, I understand no one reads this blog but I did lay it on a popular site so it's highly probable it took off from there. And I do know for a fact people have ripped some of my thoughts off in the past (I feel so raped and abused) but since I'm a nobody, it's easy to, you know, bitch slap me.

Yeah, yeah, it could be a coincidence and I'm not the only one (Amy Schumer seems to have carved a career out of stealing jokes) but I'm putting my suspicion face on.

Also, I'm patenting right here and now, in an effort to protect my pointless rants more,  'Grandpa Gulag' in describing Sanders. And 'Belgium is the new Vichy.' And the word 'justifuckation'. And a new velvet condom...wait never mind.

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