Quote Of The Day

And so the insanity against plastic bags continues.

Council Member Alondra Cano said the issue was simple: The human race managed to survive for a long time without plastic bags, and it can do so again."

I'll let you sit on that for a second. This is where we're at as a species.

And now think how this can apply to anything these irrational morons may hate to send us back to a more 'pristine' time.

This is not good and Montreal under Coderre is on board with this.

Let's drive the cost of everything up to make us feel better and have politicians brag at cocktail parties they were the "first" to be an idiot with such bans!


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  2. The human race survived for thousands of years without automobiles too, so what? What idiocy. This war against the free market and freedom of choice (cause that's what it really is) has to stop.


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