No Mr. Morneau, You Do Not Speak For Small Business

The Liberals make a lot of noises about being pro small business but they're nothing of the sort. Which doesn't surprise me. Prior to the election I didn't think a party led by Justin Trudeau would be. Hence why did not vote for them and likely never will again.

The proof is in the pudding as the liberals broke several promises in the Federal budget.

As per the CFIB:

-The corporate tax rate will remain 10.5%. By 2019, it is estimated it will cost small businesses $900 million. Well, someone had to help pay for the Liberal party's wild spending budget, no? Projected to be $29 billion with no concrete plan to pay it back while heading into a lethargic economy.
-The government reneged on introducing an Employment insurance holiday for workers between 18-24 between 2016 and 2018.
-They will expand CPP/QPP. This one bothers me to no end. I just don't see how they can square wanting growth - which small businesses help contribute to - while taxing them further. Right, infrastructure programs will more than offset this because apparently more jobs and money or something.

None of this is attractive to me nor do I subscribe much to the liberal 'tax and spend' philosophy at this point.

So I wish Mr. Morneau could knock it off pretending yapping on about being for small business. I'm a small business owner and so far color me unimpressed.

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